Fun in the Library

BY : Lalani
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Fun in the Library


AN: Just a quick little One-Shot!

It was the middle of the night and Severus was making his rounds, having taken over for Remus because it was a full moon. He snarled at the thought, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had gotten the order from Dumbledore and he had to follow it. Why ever there was a Werewolf allowed to teach children, he would never understand. Severus shook the thoughts off, remembering that this was his last year at Hogwarts. He had handed in his resignation at the beginning of the year, after Voldemort had died of the Chicken Pox and he didn’t have to serve the Order any more.

It was funny, really. For a while it had seemed as if the Dark Lord would be able to unite everyone and start a new era of Purebloods. But the Order of the Phoenix had dealt his forces some severe blows and Severus had seen early on that without some additional power, the Dark Lord would never reign. So, he had cut his losses and joined the Order as a double agent and helped the ‘light’ wherever he could. Not that he believed their bleeding heart reasoning for why Voldemort was such a bad wizard. It didn’t matter to him if Muggles and Muggleborn weren’t treated well and the blood-lines were supposed to stay true and that meant death to Muggle-born. What did matter to him, though, was being forced to participate in murder and outright rape. Especially the murder and rape of children, pregnant women and babies. Everyone had a line they wouldn’t cross and that was Severus’. Although, he did miss the orgies and the women, the dominance… well, never mind.

It had helped his cover, too. No one ever suspected him, since he never missed one of the orgies. He was the first to arrive, to be honest, just so he could have his pick and no sloppy seconds. His refusal to attend the revels where murder was on the menu was well known. Everyone knew you couldn’t get Severus Snape to kill an innocent, no matter how many times he had been tortured by the Dark Lord. Killing innocents and fucking under-aged girls, those were his absolute hard lines. That, and when the woman was truly so terrified, nothing could make her enjoy it. That had happened often over the years. He usually just pretended to want some privacy, take the woman somewhere else, obliviate her and send her on her way. His desires and fantasies weren’t about really hurting a woman. He just liked the dominance, the control. It was a twisted set of desires he had. And if it hadn’t been for the revels, he probably would have lived a Vanilla Sex-Life until the day he died.

He let out another sigh. He was so contradictory, sometimes he gave himself a headache. And it didn’t help to have all of those teenaged girls swooning over him, because they saw him as some kind of ‘hero’. Lily Potter, the stupid woman, had accidentally let it spill that he had helped the fight against Voldemort because he had been so in love with her, he couldn’t fathom a world without her!

If he had known that this would be the result of his kidnapping the Potters so the Dark Lord wouldn’t get to them, he would have never done it. It had been a lucky happenstance that he had heard Peter Pettigrew spill the location of the Potters. He had immediately hauled ass and gotten them out. There was no way he would stand by and watch a little baby be killed because Voldemort was scared of a prophecy. He didn’t know who had tipped off the Longbottoms, but that kid had survived the night as well. And then, two days later, the Order of the Phoenix had attacked the Headquarters of the Death Eaters and killed nearly half of them. Whatever Dumbledore did t Voldemort had weakened him so much, he had run and hidden for years, not even letting his followers know where he was. Ten blissful years they had had peace and then wham! He had returned. Just to be struck down by something as trivial as Chicken Pox.

He walked along the hallways, towards the library. He knew that the Gryffindor Chit would sneak into the library to study. He didn’t mind her so much, if he was honest. She might be a bushy haired know-it-all, who annoyed him with her incessant arm waving, but at least she had the brains to back it up. And truth be told, she reminded him of himself during his Hogwarts years. As a girl, she still had friends, unlike him, but she had still been the butt of more than one joke. Adding to that, he knew that Weasley and Potter were sniffing after her and for some reason he didn’t like that. He wouldn’t dwell on that too much right now, just make sure the girl would have some relative peace. He didn’t think a threesome was really on her To-Do-List for her last year at Hogwarts.

Just then he turned into the library and he could already hear hushed whispers.

“Come on, Mione, just once. You know you drive me crazy!” he heard a male voice whisper, before a startled moan could be heard. Severus felt his fists clench tightly at the female sound of satisfaction.

He walked closer and rounded the corner of some shelves and walked straight into the restricted section, the place where he knew she wold be studying.

“Ron, please don’t! I don’t want this, stop it!”

“Don’t be such a prude, Mione! You let me make you come two times, I want some in return!”

“B-but, I don’t want to have sex with you in the library! Please, doooooo….” He heard the sentence trail off into such a deep groan, he started grinding his teeth.

“And why not? We are the only ones here!” he heard the boy whisper back. That was when Severus decided to make his presence known. He billowed around the corner, his sneer firmly in place. But what he saw made his pulse skyrocket, in anger and desire both.

Hermione Granger was leaning over the table, her hair wild and her face flushed. Her eyes were glassy and passion-filled. She was in only her bra, which had been pushed up over her breasts leaving her breasts swinging enticingly with her struggles. Her skirt was flipped over her ass, leaving it bare. She was bend over in profile to him and he could see her lacy panties around her ankles. She had her legs pressed together and was trying to buck of the Weasley boy, who had his hand between her legs and was working it, while his other hand was holding her wrists at the small of her back, limiting her ability to defend herself. He knew what the boy was doing, he himself had done it more than once.

He pulled out his wand and Pointed it at the Weasley boy, before blasting him against the wall and tying him up with magical ropes. He quickly shed his billowy robes and put them over Ms. Grangers shoulders. She had scrambled to her feet after he had blasted Weasley away and quickly pulled up her panties and pulled down her bra. Now, the only thing visible from his robes was her bushy hair and her face, the flush of desire replaced with the blush of embarrassment.

“W-whaaaaaat?” Weasley groaned, before locking his eyes on his Potion’s Master. He saw the kid go pale and start trembling in fear.

“Ms. Granger, are you alright?” he asked, not taking his eyes off of Weasley.

“Y-yes, Professor.” She answered quietly.

“Good. Now, Mr. Weasley, for what you have done, it will be 300 points deduction for Gryffindor and a conversation with the Headmaster and your parents, tomorrow. Now, be gone.” He said, with an obviously fake calm. He released the boy and Weasley was smart enough to hightail it out of the library as fast as he could.

He turned back towards Ms. Granger and sneered at her.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You have been a naughty, naughty girl, Ms. Granger.” He said, before crowding her against the table and ripping his cloak away from her.

“P-professor, please, I didn’t do anything…” she stammered, but Severus was beyond caring. He hadn’t had sex in nearly a year and the way her breasts had been swinging… He grabbed the girl by her shoulders and turned her around, right back into the position she had been with Weasley. He quickly kicked her legs apart and stepped between them, putting his hard cock right against her arse. Drawing his wand, he cast two quick ‘Divestoes’ and a ‘Muffilato’. Now, they were both naked and Ms. Grangers quiet sobbing couldn’t be heard.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Granger. Since you orgasmed twice already and I know what I am doing, you will quite enjoy it.” He sneered, before aligning his cock with her pussy, grabbing her breasts and shoving himself in in one push. He groaned aloud at the feel of her slick pussy and he dimly heard the girls groan. He smirked at that. Apparently she didn’t care who gave her pleasure.

He really started giving it to her right then, letting one of his hands drop between her legs. He started stroking her, stoking her fire and just enjoyed the pumping and rippling and her wetness and hotness…

He had barely started before he felt her shake and have her first orgasm. He started laughing at that, overshadowing her moans and groans and shrieks. She was one of the easy ones, he could see.

“Weeeell, Ms. Granger, it looks like you are one little slut!” he chuckled at her back, pumping her through the orgasm, relentlessly.

“P-professor, please…” she moaned, pumping her ass back at him. He had known she was a highly sexual young woman, but this was ridiculous. She had barely finished her first orgasm, before he felt a second one rippling over his cock, making her almost too tight. He pulled out in the middle of the orgasm, ignoring her moans of protest. Grabbing her, he rearranged her on the table, on her back and her legs dangling down. Pulling them over his shoulders, he bent her in half, before ripping into her pussy again. He fucked her hard and fast, wringing another shattering orgasm from her before he let himself finally go, pouring his seed into her probably unprotected womb.

He groaned out loud when he pulled out, letting his flaccid cock flap down, wet with their combined juices.

“That was immensely satisfying. Thank you Ms. Granger.” He chuckled, before dressing both of them with a flick of his wand. He smirked at the still shell-shocked young woman, who was moving almost sluggishly to her feet, staring at him in wonder.

“Y-your welcome, Professor Snape.” She answered, before impulsively throwing her arms around his middle and hugging him. He felt himself stiffen in surprise.

“What do you think you are doing?” he asked scathingly.

“I really needed that, Professor. Can I...when I need to...” she stammered against his coat.

Severus felt his eyebrows rise to his hairline and started grinning evilly. So the chit wanted more. Nice.

“Anytime, Ms. Granger, I will fuck you when you need it. Now, pack your back and get back to your dorm, before I deduct points from you as well.” He answered, before disentangling himself from her and waltzing out of the library, satisfied and happy.

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