Mudblood Fever and Lingerie

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A/N: This is an alternate HP Universe, Voldemort failed to rise in book 4. It is now year 6, for our main characters, and our story starts on a Friday in November.

Thanks goes out to my editor, Final, who's been assisting with the grammar, misunderstandings, and minute details that I'd seen in my head, but not remembered to put in. Thank you kitty~

“Careful Granger, don’t want to let everyone see your knickers.” Malfoy egged, to the mass chuckling of Slytherins, as Hermione landed on her rear, rather ungracefully, her stockings, and knees showing as her robes landed high on her legs.

“Shove off, Malfoy.” Ron Weasley replied on her behalf, as her cheeks flushed red, and she took hold of her friend’s hand, standing again. She brushed her robes off, ignoring the blond boy, and trying unsuccessfully to corral the hideous creature Hagrid had assigned to each of them.

“One day, Harry, I’m going to snap. And that git is going to be first on my list.” Ron was seething, still angry over the loss of the most recent Quidditch game, and every small annoyance made him grumble. Hermione tuned out their ranting voices, and put her focus on the slimy charge trying to pull her along, careful not to fall over again.


Draco stood, bantering with his three best friends, loudly bashing Gryffindor’s performance the previous saturday. They were all guffawing at his words, as he teased Granger for falling on her rear, displaying her pale legs, and he watched her straighten herself out, ignoring him completely, except for the pink washing her cheeks with embarrassment. He’d joked about her knickers, but couldn’t help imagining what kind she wore. Would they be granny sized, as Pansy claimed, in her high-pitched whine? Would a girl like Granger put much thought into her underwear at all? He imagined she was wearing something skimpy, black, and sexy. Something not at all like her, and even more embarrassing, had they shown. Perhaps a thong?

“Draco?” Pansy was staring at him, looking worried. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just lost in thought,” he admitted, keeping his tone cool, giving her his trademark smirk. “Imagining that giant oaf getting a piece taken out of him by one of his ‘beloved’ creations.” He lied smoothly, taking solace in the idea he’d conjured. It would be justice, for making them constantly look after monsters, and unnamable creatures he’d cooked up. Care of Magical Creatures was no one’s favorite class, though the golden trio seemed to put more effort into pretending they liked it more than anyone. Likely for the sake of their demented, hairy friend.

“I hate this class.” Goyle whined, something Draco detested.

“You hate every class.” Draco shot at his friend, putting the Mudblood’s knickers far from his mind. His dark, twisted fantasies could wait 'til later.


“Get away from me, Ronald!” Granger shrieked, pointing her wand at him.

“Fine!” Weasley shouted back, stalking away in huff, his clumsy footsteps retreating up the hall, stomping angrily away.

“Having a row?” Draco asked, stepping around the corner he’d previously been hiding behind.

“Not that it’s any of your business.” She replied scathingly, her eyes glaring daggers at him.

“Isn’t it?” He replied smoothly, checking his perfect nails absently. Her eyes widened, and she looked him up and down.

“I’m not sure what you mean, but whatever it is, I’m NOT interested.” She said turning her back on him, and taking a few step away. He caught up to her easily, taking her arm. She spun to glare at him.

“Don’t you want to experience someone who knows what they’re doing?” He asked suavely, before she could speak, placing a finger on her lips parting them gently.

“I don’t-” She began to argue, but he silenced her with his own lips, pressing them to hers, letting his hand tangle in her hair. She relaxed in his arms, a small sigh escaping her lips, as her arms wrapped around him.

He pushed her into an empty classroom, lifting her to a desk as their mouths clashed, his hands exploring her petite body. She was smaller than Pansy, thinner, and shorter. She felt girly, and weak, her hands brushing through his hair, her voice panting his name softly as he let his hands run up her legs, lifting her robes. She was warm, and wet, her underwear soaked through, the small strip of black fabric all that kept him from taking her. The lacy black thong was easy to move aside, and he stuck his fingers in her, making her gasp, and grab his shoulders roughly, her head falling back in pleasure.

“Please, Draco…” She panted, her eyes finding him, pleading with him to stop torturing her.

“You want me to fuck you?” He asked crudely, enjoying how her cheeks reddened, even as she nodded, suddenly shy. “Say it.”

“Fuck me, Draco.” He obeyed, pushing in, watching as her face twisted with discomfort, and she squeezed his shoulders, whimpering.

“Oh god, this is your first time?” He asked rhetorically, pushing past her maidenhead, and holding her hips in place, as she squirmed. She nodded, her eyes squeezed tight.

“Good.” He said, thrusting in and out, taking his pleasure from her. It wasn’t long before she was moaning, hugging his shoulders as he slammed into her over and over again, rocking her back and forth on the desk, her inner walls squeezing around him as she was forced to cum repeatedly.

He came, staying inside her, letting his seed go deep inside her, before pulling away, and opening his eyes.

He pulled out his wand, cleaning the mess from his stomach, and hand, muttering quiet spells, so his roommates kept sleeping soundly. He wasn’t too embarrassed about wanking, but if any of them knew the things he’d just fantasized, he would die of embarrassment. He felt dirty just thinking of touching the Mudblood. At least he could imagine she was an untainted mudblood, untouched by anyone else. He sighed, falling quickly asleep, feeling a mixture of satisfaction, and self-disgust.


Hermione lay awake, banishing the thoughts that kept trying to intrude, rolling restlessly around her bed. She couldn’t forget what Pansy had said about her underwear, and the shame that it’d been true. She hadn’t put much thought into what her undergarments looked like, too busy with studying, and spending time with her family. She wasn’t sure why it bothered her so much, it wasn’t as though she had a boyfriend to wear fancy knickers for. She wondered silently if her fellow sixth-year Gryffindor girls made fun of her knickers behind her back. She sighed, feeling a new wave of embarrassment, and resolved to take care of her worries tomorrow.


“Ginny?” She called, finding the fifth-year in the common room, and standing awkwardly by the plush chair the redhead occupied.

“Yeah?” Ginny asked, looking up from her game of exploding snap against her brother.

“Do you want to come up to my room for a minute?” She asked, giving her younger friend a look she was sure her female-challenged brother wouldn’t notice.

“Sure.” Ginny said, her eyebrows rising with curiosity at her friend’s I-need-to-talk-to-you look. She followed Hermione up to the empty sixth-year girls’ room, and sat on Hermione’s bed, lounging comfortably against her pillows, as Hermione sat on the edge, wringing her hands uncomfortably.

“What’s up?” Ginny prompted, wondering what could’ve been the cause for Hermione’s distress.

“I um…” Hermione took a calming breath, remembering how Ginny had never judged her. “I need new underwear, and I was wondering if you had any ideas?” She ended it in a question, her face flushing bright red.

“Sure,” Ginny said amicably, and rolled from the bed, heading toward the door. “I’ll be right back.” Hermione sat in silence, waiting for her friend to return, lost in thought.

“Here you go.” Ginny’s reappearance startled her, and she looked to the door, just in time to catch the fluttering pages that flew through the air at her.

“It’s a catalogue for just what you need.” Ginny said, sitting back on the bed next to her friend, as Hermione opened the glossy magazine. There were pictures of witches flaunting gorgeous knickers and brassieres. The colorful pictures went from one pose to the next, showing off front and back of the garments.

“It’s a witch-only company. You have to know someone who orders from them to get the catalogue,” Ginny explained, looking over her friend’s shoulder. “They’re inexpensive, so mum likes them, and they have a little of everything. They deliver by owl, with discreet packaging, so even if you get it at breakfast, it’s not embarrassing,” she seemed to know exactly what Hermione was going to ask before she could even ask it. “If you want to order, just write this reference number down, that’s next to each piece, with your name, and put in an envelope with the money. You write this address on the envelope, nothing else, and send the owl off. You can put as many reference numbers on a sheet of paper as you’re willing to pay for. They may come in separate deliveries if you order too many for the owl to carry,” Hermione gave Ginny a curious look, and Ginny laughed. “Some rich Slytherin girl last year ordered a bunch, and got five packages delivered at breakfast, all at once. Had to carry them all back to her dorm.” She and Hermione giggled, thinking about it.

“Thank you, Gin, you’re a lifesaver.” Hermione said, hugging her best friend.

“No problem. Every girl needs cute knickers,” she said, standing, and heading again for the door. “Unless you show someone the catalogue on purpose, or they’ve got their own, it’ll just look like a clothes magazine.” She added, opening the door, to leave Hermione to look it over at leisure.

Hermione took her time looking each piece over, before pulling out a sheet of paper, and writing a few numbers down. She ordered five sets of matching undergarments, in red, gold, black, white, and beige, and three extra pairs of knickers that had no matching counterpiece, but cute patterns. She wrote the address on an envelope, and put the paper, and the galleons in it, sealing it, and heading to the owlery to send it off.


Draco made his way up the steep stairs carefully, trying to avoid the majority of owl dung as he approached the owlery, clutching a letter for his parents inside his pocket. He entered the dim tower, looking up for his eagle owl as his eyes adjusted.

“There’s no name, just the address.” The lecturing voice caught his attention away from the rafters, and he looked across the dropping-strewn room to see a bushy mass of hair bent over a table.

“Sending for a wig, Granger?” Draco sneered, insulting the first thing he saw, feeling his chest pound at the memory of what he’d wanked to last night. Being forced into a room with her after imagining that was really too much.

“Mind your own business, Malfoy.” She said, turning her back on him to finish attaching her envelope to the owl’s leg.

“Only an address? Don’t you even know your wig maker’s name?” He teased, glancing up to find his own bird, and holding out his arm as soon as he caught its eye. She gave him a nasty look as he took a table of his own to attach his letter.

“Sending your dad a letter of everything you’ve whined about this week?” She shot back, sending the owl flying from the window, and turning to face him with a dirty look.

“For your information, Granger, I don’t whine,” he said, feeling his competitiveness rise. “And if I did, I doubt I’d send my father letters about Weasley’s non-existent manners, and Potter’s dwindling intelligence.”

To his absolute surprise, Granger laughed, the quick, single exclamation of humor surprising both of them, as she clamped a hand over her mouth, looking just as astonished as he felt. She faked a cough, covering her laugh, and continued to glare at him, as she swooped out of the owlery, hiding her disloyal humor in her escape.

“Have fun hanging out with those two gorillas.” He muttered more to himself than to her departing back, sending his owl gracefully out the window, and following her footsteps from the tower.

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