Sound of Submission

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A/N- I know some of you have been waiting for this one for a while, so I hope everyone enjoys!  I would like to thank Eclectic Pet my awesomely awesome beta for helping me to revise this story!

Harry looked down at the hand linked with his.  It seemed so small and frail wrapped in his large and rough hand.  By just looking at it one could think it belonged to someone weak and insubstantial; one couldn’t be more wrong.  His Treasure was one of the strongest women he knew, even if she really didn’t understand that yet.  He could see it inside her.

“We’ve held hands before Harry.”  She said when she noticed him looking.

Harry frowned slightly at the name, but they were in public, and not everything was quiet as it had been.  Well at least not yet.

It had only been a few days since he had removed the enslaving necklace from her lovely neck, and he begrudgingly understood her hesitation to wear his collar so soon.  So after much talk and negotiation they decided to ‘date’ like ‘normal teens’.

Harry rolled his eyes at even the thought of ‘normal teens’, but he would give her time.  He wanted her to give herself to him completely, and these things could not be rushed.  Now that all other distractions were out of his way it was only a matter of time.

“Can’t I enjoy being able to touch you again?”  He asked as he looked up into her whiskey eyes.

She flushed at this turning her head down to let waves of hair fall into her face.  “Don’t look at me like that.”  His Treasure told him softly.

“After much research into the subject I’ve found this is the way a normal teen looks at the woman he desires.”  He countered keeping as much of the sarcasm out of his voice as he could.

She huffed at him elbowing him in the side as she rolled her eyes.  “Harry I thought you were going to at least try this… For me?”

He took in a slow breath as he eyed the offending elbow.

“I’m keeping up my end.  I’m here and I have no demands around your… people.”  She said sounding stiff.

“I know you're trying m- Hermione.”  He said taking her hand again.  “I just don’t understand why you of all people think we should strive for mediocrity.”  He added then shook his head.  “But…”  He started before she could say anything.  “Today I will try as promised.”

“Thank you Harry.”  She said as she leaned into him a bit.

“That being said, I am still allowed to look at you with desire Hermione.  It is perfectly normal.”

She blushed a little hiding her face once again.  “Okay fine yes you are allowed to look at me like that.”  She said and he could hear a bit of pleasure in her voice.

They walked in silence till they got down to the main road going through the small town of Hogsmeade.

“Did you have any idea on what you wanted to do on our first real date?” Hermione asked as she looked up the road.

“I thought I would take you someplace special.”  He told her with a smile and led the way.

She made a face and eyed him carefully.  “You know I’m not a Madam Puddifoot kind of girl right?”  She asked worriedly.

Harry stopped and looked back at her with a chuckle.  “Oh yes, I know exactly what kind of girl you are.”  He told her with a slight squeeze of her hand before leading her further up.

“Then where are we going?”  She asked moving to walk beside him once again.

“Your happy place.”  He told her before turning off the main street.  Harry had snuck out of the castle the night before so he could make sure he knew his way to the little shop.

“My what?”  She asked unable to keep the laughter from her voice.  It was a cold and snowy day and Harry was leading her through the back paths of Hogsmeade.

He didn’t answer again until he stopped in front of a small and very cramped looking book store.

“Your happy place.”  he said with a grin as he opened the door.

“I didn’t even know this was here.”  She said as she stepped inside, her voice full of the wonder of a child walking into Santa’s workshop.

“Madam Pince told me about it.”  Harry said softly as he followed his Treasure inside. “Look around all you like; I’ll get you whatever book you pick out.”

“Oh Harry.”  She said turning suddenly and wrapping her arms around him.  “You do know me.”  She told him with tears in her eyes.  She leaned up and kissed him happily on the lips before disappearing into the teetering stacks to find a treasure of her own.

“And then he actually got it for me!”  Hermione was telling a smiling Luna and a confused Ron as she stroked the beat up book on the table like someone would pet a cat.

“It looks used.”  Ron said making a face.

“That isn’t always a bad thing.”  Harry pointed out as he thought about his current Potions book.

“I guess…”  Ron said looking unconvinced.  “But this is just a muggle book right?”  He asked as he took a drink from his glass.

After the shop, the group of them had met up at The Three Broomsticks and were enjoying the winter day crammed in with the rest of the Hogwarts students.

Hermione looked up at Ron with an expression that could have peeled paint.  “This isn’t just a muggle book.”  Patting her new friend as if it needed comfort from the insult.  “This is a first edition Dorian Gray!”  She explained as if this should mean something to her friend.

“We got it for a good price only because the wizard in the shop didn’t really know what he had.”  Harry tried to explain in terms Ron could understand.  “Like finding the first printing of the Rules of Quidditch for only a few sickles.”  He added.

Only then did Ron’s face clear from one of confusion to understanding.  As the discussion continued Harry looked around the room.  The cold winter day had brought most of the students into the warmth of the inn.

Among the crowd he started to pick out members if his Order.  Many of them were giving him no attention at all or they would glance over in his direction every so often with no real focus.  It pleased him that most of them seemed to be enjoying the Saturday as much as he was.  That was until he spotted Draco trying to give him meaningful looks with no one else noticing.

“I’ll be right back.”  He told his friends, giving Hermione a quick kiss on the cheek and making his way towards the loo, making sure he was clearly visible to Draco.

Once inside he checked each stall to make sure he was alone before Draco made his way in as well.  With a glance around he made sure no one was in view then locked the door.

“What is it?”  Harry asked with a deep frown.  The Order was meeting tomorrow night, so it would have to be something important to risk a public meeting.

“I got a message from home today.”  The blonde said looking grim.  “The Dark Lord isn’t happy with my results so far.  He wants to know what is taking so long.  I’m getting desperate Sir.”  He said shaking his head as he started to pace.  “You know it even crossed my mind to just poison the old fool, or maybe I could send him a cursed object?”

“Do you know how many ways those plans could go wrong?”  He asked patiently.  “Your current plan is a good one, and we need the time it will take.”

“I know, but I have to do something so he knows I am at least trying!  He has my mother and I am stuck on the cabinet.  I have no clue what to try next!”

“Well that is something I can help with.  I’m going to send my Treasure to help you with it.  It’s time.”  Harry said in a tone that couldn’t be argued with.

“You’ve told her what I have to do?”  Draco snapped, worry clear on his face.

“No.  The only one of the order that knows that is Severus.  But maybe it is time to bring Ron and Treasure in, they could help.”  He said more to himself than Draco.

“Or they could turn me in!”  The Slytherin threw his hands into the air.

“They won’t do that Draco.”  Harry said firmly.  “Having you as a spy is too important to mess that up now.”

The other boy took in a slow breath before nodding.  “You’re the boss.”  He said with a frown that clearly said he didn’t like the idea.

With their conversation over Harry unlocked the door and pushed his way back out into the crowd.


It was time for his second lesson with Dumbledore and Harry was very curious on what the old man would show him this time.  He had heard the Headmaster was away and wondered if he would be back in time.

As he wasn’t told anything to the contrary he showed up at the Headmaster’s office at the appointed time.  When he knocked he was told to enter.

The old man sat in his chair looking even more tired than the last time Harry had seen him.  His hand was black and as dead looking as ever, but he smiled when he motioned for Harry to sit down.

The Pensieve was already out and sitting in the middle of the Professor’s desk.

“You’ve had a busy time while I’ve been away,” Dumbledore said.  “A confrontation with the Slytherin team?”  He asked looking at Harry with a bit of disappointment.

Harry looked down in a guilty gesture as he tried to keep in mind what his old self would be doing now.  “Yes, sir.  But I had to do something.”

“Harry, the Slytherins are not your enemies.”  The old man said wisely.

Harry started at this unable to hide his surprise at the statement.  He had lived under the impression that the Headmaster really knew everything that went on in the castle for so long, he couldn’t help be shocked at how much he didn’t know now.

“I know it seems that way now, but there are good among them, just as there are bad among other groups.”  He said misunderstanding the source of Harry’s shock.

“Yes sir.”

“Now let us turn our minds to the lesson at hand.”  Dumbledore said as he poured a silvery veil of memory into the Pensieve.

“You will remember, I am sure, that we left the tale of Lord Voldemort’s beginnings at the point where the handsome Muggle, Tom Riddle, had abandoned his witch wife, Merope, and returned to his family home in Little Hangleton.  Merope was left alone in London, expecting the baby who would one day become Lord Voldemort.”

Harry frowned at this and tilted his head.  “How do you know she was in London?”

“Because of the evidence of one Caractacus Burke...”


“For some reason Dumbledore feels the fact he liked to collect things as trophies was particularly important.”  Harry told his two best friends with a frown later that night.

The three of them sat alone in the Gryffindor common room discussing what the Headmaster had shared with Harry in their meeting.

“I feel like he is trying to tell me something in code.”  He said with a sigh.  “Why doesn’t he just tell me straight out?”  He growled getting to his feet.

“Maybe he thinks you will understand the importance of the information if he gives it to you slowly.  Or maybe he isn’t even sure what he is trying to tell you.”  Hermione suggested as she watched him with wary eyes.  “It isn’t like you are being completely honest with him either.”

“I can’t be, there is too much at stake to have him trying to get in the way of my plans.”  Harry said turning on his friends.

They both looked at him with wide eyes and he almost hesitated to tell them the next bit, but he had waited too long already.  These two were the only ones he could trust with everything, and he had to start remembering that or he would get into real trouble.

“There is something that I have to tell you.  And before either of you freak out, I am eighty five percent sure the Headmaster already knows everything.”

“What?”  His Treasure asked leaning forward and taking Harry by the hand to lead him to sit back down next to her.

“It is about Draco’s mission for Voldemort.”  Harry started looking into the amber depth of Hermione’s eyes.  “It’s a suicide mission.  They have asked him to kill Dumbledore.”

“WHAT?”  Both his friends were on their feet, their faces mirror images of horror.

“It was to punish Lucius for failing, he wants Draco to die for his cause, but we’re not going to let that happen.  Draco actually has a pretty good plan in place if we can pull it off.”

“Wait, wait, no, wait.”  Ron was shaking his head like something was stuck in his ear.  “Wait, you want us to help Draco kill someone, kill Dumbledore?  Do you know how crazy that sounds?”

“I don’t know if we are actually going to help him kill Dumbledore, but I do want it to seem like he is making headway in his plan.  We want Draco as a spy there as well as Snape.  We need as many Death Eaters as we can on our side when it comes to the final fight.”

“And you are willing to sacrifice Dumbledore for that?”  Hermione was looking at him with a new kind of frown.  “Who are you?”  She asked wrinkling her nose.

“You two can stop looking at me like that and help me come up with a better plan.  Honestly as I said from the start I think Dumbledore already knows.  Snape implied it anyway.  Dumbledore has his own plans and he isn’t stopping Draco either.”

“But he isn’t helping him.”  Hermione said putting her hands on her hips.

“I think he is.  I think he has sent Snape to actually help him.  I’m not suggesting that we kill Dumbledore.  I just want it to seem like Draco is on the right track.”  Harry said looking back at them.  “I want to keep you two in the loop on every move I make.  I trust you both more than anyone else in the world, but you’ve got to trust me too.”

Ron and Hermione exchanged a look before sitting back down on the couch.  “So what do we have to do to make it seem like Malfoy is making headway?”  Ron asked doubtfully.

“Well Draco’s plan is to use a disappearing cabinet that is in the Room of Requirement to bring Death Eaters here and have them help him kill Dumbledore.  The problem is the cabinet is broken and he’s been working alone to fix it.”

“You want me to work on something with Malfoy?”  His Treasure said as she was always the quicker of the two.

“Yes, you are the two smartest students in our year.  I have confidence in you.”  He said touching Hermione’s hand.

She looked down at the hand and sucked her top lip into her mouth as she thought.  The fire made soft popping sounds for several minutes before she responded.

“But before we actually use anything remotely like his plan we are really going to think of all our options.”  She said but it sounded much more like a question.

“Yes.  Guys just because I’ve grown up a little, and I’ve started making hard choices, it doesn’t mean I’m ready to kill people to get what I want.”  He reassured his friends and squeezed Hermione’s hand gently.  “I didn’t kill McLaggen after all.”  He added with a cruel grin.

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