...After Happily Ever After

BY : ~*LissaDream & snowblind12
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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling. I make no money off of these stories. This is just fun for me.

AN: I want you to all know that this Prologue is dark. This is rated Adult ++ for a reason. There will be erotica, adult language, and adult content. There will be a 2-4 chapter stint of this story that are extremely dark and twisted. I'm kind of iffy about writing them explicitly. I may or may not. I'm working at trying to screw my courage to the sticking point for it. I don't know if I'm a good enough writer to give them justice and at the same time, I don't know if I want to put into words what my thoughts are - I don't want you all thinking I'm some kind of a nut. This is an angst/drama, but much of the beginning of the story will be light and fun. The bulk of this story belongs to Snape and Hermione. There is one original character in this story - her name is Elizabeth Williams (Lizzie). Her story is going to center around Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, and Hermione and she's my solid co-story. There will be light stuff with other couples. I hope you enjoy. I beg you to review. I'll take positive and constructive alike! x~*LissaDream

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She woke with a soft moan of anguish, her head pounding. Although she was having trouble remembering why, anxiety filled her body. She slowly attempted to unfurl her cramped extremities. Where am I?! Her breath started coming in fast, hiccupping gulps; the oxygen not getting to her fingers and toes which were agonizingly cold and tingling. She realized she was bound and twisted painfully. Eyes flying open wide, her disorientation continued as she attempted to peer into the darkness that flooded her corneas. She could see nothing. Using her shoulders and knees to press into a low kneeling position, she winced as the tough skin surrounding her patella was pinched painfully into the damp, concrete floor. “Hello?” she whispered. Her throat felt like sand paper and she swallowed hard.

She felt a trickle of liquid over her lips and her tongue flicked out and tasted the metallic tinge of blood. I’m bleeding? Her heart started to thrum in her ears as adrenaline surged through her veins. Oh, my head, she groaned as her chin fell to her heaving chest. The sound of heavy booted footsteps came from above and she startled hard, attempting to curl into herself. The rough ropes knotting her wrists behind her back and to her ankles allowed no such movements. She made a pitiful puff of pain as she pulled and her right shoulder stretched uncomfortably. It was then that she realized she was completely naked. A sob broke free and her body started to tremor violently. True and unrelenting fear coursed through her body.

A door creaked and a small shaft of blue light dimmed through her surrounding, lighting unfamiliar and terrifying objects. Those heavy boots started on the stairs and she recoiled with a small squeak, frantically searching for someplace to hide. She closed her eyes when she realized it was futile and sucked in a deep breath to hold, trying to calm her frantic mind.

“Isn’t she a hot piece of arse?” a deep, gravelly voice came from behind her. “Look at those perfect, heart-shaped globes.” She froze, back going ramrod straight while her shoulders hunched in attempts to cover her nakedness. Her breath whooshed out of her in a rush of panic and she squeezed her eyes tighter – willing this to be a bad dream.

“I do see why you felt she could meet our…needs, it will certainly make him sit up and pay attention,” a softer tenor responded, oddly familiar in its lilt. “Do you think this was the wisest move, though? It may make him play much more roughly than we intended.” Two? She swore she hadn’t heard two people enter. Her breathing hitched to a more rapid pace and sudden rough hands came under her arms pulling her up awkwardly against his chest, making her thighs fall open. Another terrified yelp broke through her restraint as tears pricked behind her eyelids.

“Doncha think this is a wise move?” the gruff voice lamented. “Look at that slit, it’s fucking gorgeous. And her tits! Fuck.”

Hermione’s lips pursed tightly closed and whimpered a sound of pain out her nose as a rough, long nailed hand slapped her nipple with a sharp crack. A rolling chortle of breath fingered out over her breasts. A soft, surprisingly gentle, hand curled at her throat and another at her thigh. The second man. She opened coffee with cream colored eyes and stared, mouth gaping in surprised horror, into the ice grey eyes of Lucius Malfoy. “Doncha ya wiggle like that, witch, or I’ll give you something to wiggle on,” one of the rough hands that supported her to his chest slid down her arse, pinching it roughly.

She whimpered frantically, attempting to pull away as the soft hand on her thigh rose higher. Her stomach clenched in revulsion, she sucked in a breath and daringly spit at him, hard. It hit Malfoy just below the left eye. She didn’t even have time to take a breath before the open-handed blow snapped her neck back. She cried out in terrified agony as the blow made her head reel all the worse, but her sound was squeezed off as the hand at her throat tightened restrictively. She thrashed against her binds, desperate for life-giving oxygen. Seconds ticked by, she felt her eyes bulge. She met Malfoy’s eyes with pleading tears.

“She can’t meet our needs if she’s dead,” the gruff, thick voice came from behind her and the pressure on her larynx disappeared. She choked sobbing breaths into her bruised esophagus. I don’t understand, she wept internally, trying to force the tears that prickled her eyes to stay put.

“Well, well, well … Miss Granger,” came Malfoy’s silky voice as one hand returned to her thigh. His voice was laced with satisfied amusement. “What have we here?” Hermione turned her face away from his gaze, ashamed, as a crimson blushed its way up her torso, breasts, and across her high cheek bones. One of his perfectly manicured fingers delved into her soft, slippery fresh. The sob that broke from her chest was defeated as he flicked her clitoris and her body betrayed her with a shiver. “Perhaps you are happy to see me?”

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