The Affair

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Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Harry Potter books which are owned by JKR. I make no money from this fanfic and these characters as well as the Harry Potter books and world belong to JKR!

As I was writing my most recent chapter of A Witch's Tale, the idea of this story came to mind. I won't say this is in any way related to A Witch's Tale, but I will say that the dominant Theo Hermione remembers is very much the same dominant Theo from A Witch's Tale.

This story is based off the wonderful work and imagination of JK Rowling. The Harry Potter universe belongs to her.

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She gasped as he grabbed her and bent her forward, ripping her panties with impatience. She let out a squeal and then felt the gag go over her mouth.

"Don't speak, Granger," the blonde wizard commanded. "Don't make a sound." Suddenly, he was inside her... pounding, claiming, owning, taking... It had been over a week since they had touched each other and he was ravenous for her. She felt the gag tighten and her head pulled back as he thrusted in her. She assumed it was his neck tie in her mouth and he was pulling her head back like the reins on a horse. It was desperate and urgent and most of all, heaven.

Six Months Earlier

Hermione was setting the table when Theo walked in. He walked over to his wife and kissed her cheek, patted her behind and headed to their bedroom to get changed. Hermione sighed as she watched his retreating form. She loved her husband. He was good to her and she didn't want for anything...except maybe the passion that had once consumed them. Before they had married, their sex life was perfect and it stayed that way the first couple of years after their marriage. But now, two weeks away from their seven year anniversary, Hermione felt unfulfilled. Every day was predictable. Every sexual encounter was practically scripted, or at least felt that way. First they would kiss, then he would go down on her until she came, then he would roll onto his back where she would go down on him before climbing on and mounting him where she would ride him to his completion and occasionally a second orgasm for herself. Although, when that happened, it was when she closed her eyes and her imagination took her to a far away place.

The days were always the same. Breakfast at 7:45, she left for work at 8:15 and he left at 8:45. She got home at 4:30 and would be setting the table when he walked in at 6. Dinner at 6:30, television until 10 and then to bed. Sex was on Saturday nights and occasionally on Fridays if they went out and had been drinking. They had fallen into this boring existence and she didn't think she could take it anymore.

She was putting linguine with shrimp on the table when he pulled his chair out and took his seat. She sat across from him and they ate in their usual, comfortable silence.

She watched him and tried to see the same, cute man she adored 7 years ago. His dark hair was now cut short but he still had the same beautiful blue eyes. She felt her heart melt a little as he looked up at her and caught her staring. He gave her the adorable grin that always made her heart race.

"What?" He asked, still grinning.

"Oh nothing. Just reminiscing with thoughts of us when we first started dating."

"That was a good time, wasn't it?" He asked with a wide smile. "I was in love with you after our first date."

She smiled. "It was that fast for me as well. It really took me off guard." She watched him as he continued eating. "Remember how we couldn't keep our hands off each other?"

He laughed. "It's a wonder we ever left the house."

Hermione decided to drop a hint. "I seem to remember you had a dominant side to you back then."

Theo just smiled and nodded as he continued eating.

Hermione internally felt deflated. Why had it all changed? He gradually went from being sexually dominant and insatiable to being this boring, predictable robot in the bedroom. Had she changed? Had she done something wrong? Had he become bored with her? She knew he loved her, but could he be sleeping with someone else?

She put it out there because there was nothing to lose at this point. "Maybe that dominant side of you wants to come out and play?"

"Oh kitten. Do you miss that? I can be that way if you want me to." He had put down his fork and was looking at her like he was studying her.

She suddenly felt self conscious. "Well I mean if you want to. Like I said, I was just reminiscing..just remembering."

He sipped his water and continued watching her. "If that's what you want kitten, I can do that. I just...I don't know. I guess I just lost that desire after I married you. It didn't feel quite right to treat my wife that way. It felt, disprespectful somehow and I guess I lost my taste for it."

Hermione swallowed. Oh! That explained it. She had to think about that. "I guess I never really felt like you were disrespecting me because it was pretend. It's not like you were really punishing me or hurting me." She shrugged. "Forget I mentioned it, like I said, I was just remembering." She started eating again but could feel his eyes on her. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable and foolish for bringing it up. He had outgrown it and she needed to forget about it.

"Mrs. Nott. Put down your fork and look at me."

Hermione felt her heart race at the sound of her long lost dominant Theo. She put her fork down and looked up at him, her stomach doing flips for the first time in years. His expression was what she remembered. Sexy, dominant, piercing blue eyes that demanded her compliance. Excitement was racing through her. This was it! Finally, the routine would be broken and their sex life would be exciting again.

Suddenly his face broke into laughter. He couldn't sop laughing. She smiled at him as she felt her insides die just a little bit. "Sorry kitten. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh. But, it just seems so silly me treating you like that. You don't really want you?"

"No, no..of course not. We were young and silly back then." She tried to make her smile look genuine and tried to look as amused as him.

Theo beamed at her. "I love you so much, Kitten and I think this is the best linguine with shrimp you've ever made!" He started eating again and the conversation came to a stop.

Hermione had lost her appetite and smiled softly at him as she watched him eat. She felt ill. He used to be so attentive to her. He used to insist she finish her dinner. He used not be able to keep his hands off her and she loved that he wanted to dominate her and control her. She felt like she was the center of his world..but now? Now she just felt like she was his companion to eat with and watch TV with and share the weekly orgasm.

When he finished eating he helped her clear the table and load the dishwasher.

Then he headed into the living room and turned on the TV to watch one of the many muggle shows that he now loved. Hermione wished she had never introduced him to muggle television. The muggle lifestyle had invaded the wizarding world and that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"I'm gonna go take my shower." He nodded and smiled at her in acknowledgment and she headed to the bathroom. She started the shower and let the tears fall down her cheeks. She wiped the tears away and scolded herself. She had no business crying about this. Theo was a wonderful husband and she had a good life. She had a husband who loved her and they had a lovely home. They had wonderful friends and she had no business crying because her husband didn't want to be dominant in the bedroom. She was pathetic. She scrubbed her skin and washed her hair and forced herself to put dominant Theo out of her mind and to acknowledge she had nothing to be upset about.

When she came out of the shower, Theo was standing in the bathroom. He looked at her adoringly. "You know I love you more than anything in this world, right?"

She smiled up at him. "And I love you the same, Theo. You are my world."

He gently pulled her to him and kissed her while gently sliding the towel off her. Hermione was shocked that he was initiating sex like this...especially on a Tuesday! He picked her up and carried her bridal style into the bedroom where he laid her on her back before kissing down her body, bringing her to orgasm orally. He then rolled onto his back where she went down on him before mounting him and riding him to his completion.

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