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Hi all,

So here goes nothing, my first FanFic. There will be mistakes and a whole lot of stuff I will probably have to re-edit, but I'm giving it a shot. I have most of this story already written...chapters vary in length but have no fear, the good ones are nice and long!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read, and why not, review and let me know what you think and what I need to work on.




Chapter 1: A year later


Sitting on the stairs in front of the Three Broomsticks at the end of her seventh and last year at Hogwarts, Hermione couldn’t help but feel disconnected from the reality that surrounded her.

Loud music came blaring from the door that opened behind her. Ron had apparently discovered a great passion for DJing and was putting the party through his new “Techno” phase.

“Let’s hear it for the end of our years of homework, students of ’99!” he shouted using his wand to amplify his voice and be heard over the awful noise that he seemed to describe as music.


Hermione smiled to herself. She felt happy Ron seemed to be having a good time. This past year was hard for the Weasleys…with their loss. Molly did what she could to make sure happiness never left her home but Hermione couldn’t help but notice that when no one was looking, Molly resembled a shell of her old self, sad and broken. The younger witch knew only too well what that looked like because it was the same think she saw in the mirror for it was a look, one only gets after having lost a loved one.

Hermione had been able to locate her parents in Australia during the summer following the battle and with the help of Professor McGonagall and some books on memory charms she succeeded in countering the obliviate spell she put on her father the year before. She had then proceeded to explain to him what had happened and why she had chosen to such a drastic measure. However, his reaction had been as harsh as unsuspected. He had been so upset that she had resorted to magic instead of trusting him with taking care of himself and her mother. No matter how she tried to explain her reasons, he remained unmoved but angry with her. He had always been quite the temperamental person, but Hermione was always able to discuss problems easily with him. Not this time too. And it crushed her. She needed him. She needed her mother. Being called “selfish” and “destructive” was too much for Hermione to handle coming from her father at that point in time. That is why, in the end, she didn’t even try to break the spell on her mother. Fortunately for her, Ron had come to her rescue. He obliviated her father back again and had portkeyed Hermione and him back to the Burrow.


Speaking of which, the first months after the battle, things had gone very well with Ron and their new relationship. They spend a lot of time in silence just enjoying their own company. Having been friends for the past seven years, they knew each other so well and enjoyed the comfort of simply being around one another.

Physically however things were quite different.  After all they had gone through. Hermione felt that she had aged beyond her years and was no longer the little girl who wanted to “wait” to get physical. So the night before their return to Hogwarts that fall, Hermione crept into Ron and Harry’s room, convinced Harry to head on over to Ginny’s room whilst she went to seduce her boyfriend.  Although that was the night Hermione Granger lost her virginity, it was also a huge deception. Naïve as she still actually was, she expected the passion of their first kiss to ooze out of each of their intimate moments, especially their first time. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite, and frankly could only be described as anticlimactic. 



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