Grangers Apprentice *COMPLETE*

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Hermione stood about fifty feet above the Amazonian rain forest floor on a tree branch watching, with narrowed eyes as a giant and poisonous tarantula crept closer to her fingers. It was a very rare glowing tarantula whose every body part and all liquids within its body from blood to poison could be used in loads of potions. It had been two weeks since she and Harry, her expedition partner, received the letter from the ministry containing the information about their next 'mission'. Hermione spent the first two days studying, next two days informing Harry about the spider, its dangers and uses, then they studied different tactics to trap it still alive and then the next two days traveling to its nesting and hunting grounds. Three days were spent studying its habits and two days in the trees waiting for it to come out. One long, hairy tarantula leg touched Hermione's little finger and her heart picked up speed, one wrong move and it would bite her and kill her instantly, if Harry missed with his stunning spell then it would attack her and kill her instantly. The red stunning spell hit the spider in the back and it seized up and fell, Harry cast another spell so that it floated gently down and landed with a soft flop in the magical box that it wouldn't be able to get out of. Hermione climbed down quickly and jumped the last three branches and joined Harry on the ground looking at the disgusting thing now just waking up from the spell and trying to attack them through the box.


“I can't believe that you are leaving me for the summer!” Hermione exclaimed as she wiped sweat off her forehead “I am going to have to break in someone new...”


“If anyone can do it, it's you” Harry promised “Plus, it's only three months and I have to go back...Petunia is really sick and Vernon left her last year so she's still really depressed and Dudley and his wife are finally on their honeymoon after being married for two years...”


“I know” Hermione sighed, then playfully punched his arm “You are too good, you know that?”


“I've only been hearing that since I got to Hogwarts” Harry laughed “I know that of all the people to help out, my aunt isn't the person I should be helping but...”


“She's family, Harry” Hermione said “I understand that and she's alone so she needs you. You never know you and Ginny may rekindle that love you once had” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and he shook his head “Or not”


“I highly doubt it” He snorted “Ginny made it very clear after the rebuilding of the school that we were never getting back least, I think she said something along those lines between sucking off Zabini and having her pussy licked by Pansy Parkinson”


“Thank you for sharing that” Hermione said with a horror filled expression “Now that image is stuck in my head for a lifetime”


“Sorry” He laughed “So, did the ministry tell you who they were sending in my place?”


“No” Hermione growled as they finally came to their campsite and Harry twirled his wand over the box containing the highly poisonous arachnid so that it was sent to the ministry of magic “All they said was that as I am unwilling to come back and work in an office for three months they have found an office worker willing to go in to the field”


“So no name?” Harry asked as they got a fire lit and started to get some stuff for dinner ready “Just some office bloke?”


“Yeah” Hermione shrugged “He joined the office about two months after we went in to the field with hopes of entering the field too but until recently they'd been unsure of how he'd do out there”


“So they're sending a complete newbie” Harry surmised.


“Basically” Hermione agreed “However, he does know what he's doing, he had good grades in school and has been office employee of the year for the last four years so there's something to work with thankfully”


“That's good” Harry watched her walk around the campsite and frowned to himself, he was worried that the new person might be a creep and attack her, she was very beautiful and the time spent in the jungle made her skin tanned, her body more toned and her hair look like a wild lionesses mane “You know I could just hire a nurse to look after Petunia while she goes through radiation”


“Harry” She gave him a disapproving look “I'll be fine, promise”





Draco leaned down with his hands on his knees and took deep soothing breaths to keep the nausea at bay. He hated apparating from one short distance to another and doing it while jumping continents was even worse than that. He lifted his head and looked around the forest setting before pulling out the map they'd given him before he took off and he smiled brightly at the hot humid air, the sun burning his pale skin and sighed happily. He'd been trying for years to get out in the field and now that one of the members of the top expedition teams was taking a personal leave for the summer he was getting his chance. His father had offered to have whoever it was fired or otherwise contained in London so Draco wouldn't lose his new position but Draco informed him that he'd merely make it so the ministry saw how great he was in the field and send him to another place with a new partner or maybe they'd make a whole new group just because of him.


He followed his map and hoped his new partner wouldn't be some stupid little pansy of a girl that would scream at the mere sight of a mouse. He knew that in order to be labeled the 'best' expedition team it meant that both members were strong and everyone wanted to be like them but Draco had problems with envying anyone let alone people he didn't even know. He had asked who they were but either no one knows their names or were unwilling to tell him or anyone he knew, why there was so much secrecy he didn't know. Two miles in to the woods and he looked up, the map claimed his new partner should have a camp set up around where he was standing but he couldn't see anything. Walking a little to one side nearest the medium sized river he finally saw her, well he assumed it was her because who else would be in the middle of the rain forest alone?


“Hello?” He called out and the beauty before him slowly turned around. She had wild, brown and blonde curls, wearing tiny shorts with long tanned legs, a tight tank top which showed off strong arms and as she turned he could see nice, perky full breasts and then he saw her face which was no happier than his.


“Malfoy?!” Hermione gasped “You've got to be fucking kidding me!”


“Granger” He said it not really angrily more resigned because it made sense, if anyone would be the best at anything it would likely be Granger, Merlin-forbid she allow someone else to have such an honor “Of course”


“Please tell me you're here to introduce my new partner” She almost whined, it had been such a nice five years without seeing the annoying self-loving pure-blooded prick.


“I am your new partner” He informed “The ministry sent me”


“Shit” She turned her head and looked away from him and then sighed loudly “Fine, come on. The camp is this way, I told the ministry to lead you to a spot near the camp but not in it in case you were followed by competitors who want to steal my finds”


“What if they follow us anyway?” He asked, looking around.


“Impossible” She answered as she started towards what had been her and Harry's camp “About a mile back you walked through a charm that made you invisible to any on-lookers and it stretches all the way to and around the camp, but still I had to be certain right?”


“I guess” He answered “Is there a huge problem with people trying to steal from you?”


“Last year Harry and I were caught by some thieves” Hermione told him as they entered the camp “Held for a week before we managed to outsmart them and use wandless magic to get away. It was intense and I have to say I considered retiring from the business but I really do love the insane adventures”


“So...” He looked around but Hermione turned on him piercing him with her eyes.


“Look Malfoy” Hermione snarled “The entire basis of this job is trust and I don't trust you. I know that you're smart so the fact that you're working in the office doesn't surprise me but the fact that you've never been in the field also doesn't surprise me in the least. No one trusts you and they have no reason to trust you, I need you to either take this job seriously and prove to me that you are trustworthy or I need you to leave and I will do this by myself”


“Me?” Draco looked disgusted “What about you?!” She scoffed “I saw you and I could have turned and walked away but I didn't. I am willing to give this a try but I really don't need your fucking attitude the whole time I am here!” She opened her mouth to speak “I have been trying to get out of that damn office for five years now, please Granger, please don't mess this up for me”


Hermione stood there and looked at the man before her. He was just as handsome as he'd always been, his hair was short again much like it had been in their third year just barely brushing his high cheekbones, his body was still tall and lean but there was definitely muscle tone and his eyes were pleading with her. She looked off, a part of her wanted to ask him why she should give him a chance to prove he could work in the field when he never gave her the chance to have a normal year in Hogwarts. She wanted to ask him why he never gave Harry a break, never stopped picking on Ron and never stopped making people feel like shit for stuff they had no control over. But even as those thoughts went through her mind she knew that she'd never say that because she had to be the bigger person and had to let bygones be bygones...for a while anyway.


“I was told that you'd have our next mission” She said, it was the only way she could say 'okay' to him without actually saying the words “Do you?”


“Oh” He said tapping his pockets for a moment before pulling out an official looking form “Yes, right here” Hermione took it from him and looked it over for a few minutes.


“The Amazonian Screeching Flower” She announced “Have you heard of it?”


“Yes” He answered as he inspected the tent that they'd be sharing “It's used only in Medical Potions, spits a paralyzing venom if startled, blooms two nights a week for only two hours and only two weeks out of the month which vary. It also only blooms in the same place twice before the seeds actually move themselves under the ground to a new location which can be a few feet away from it original spot or up to a hundred miles away from that spot” Hermione looked at him clearly impressed with his knowledge because even though Harry was a great partner she usually had to read up on what they were investigating and then teach him about it. Which meant that they usually had to take a week out just for the teaching lesson before they could set out to find it. A case like this with Harry would have set them back at least three weeks before finding the bloom spot and then the waiting game until they managed to collect “Oh” He added “And the first bloom is always the strongest”


“Very good” Hermione said, she clenched her teeth and raised her chin a bit feeling a little threatened because even though she knew a little about the blooms she would need to read up a little more and he appeared to know more than her “We will take tonight to read up on the flower so we have no surprises and then tomorrow we can consult the map and pick out places it is likely to grow” She frowned at the paper for a moment “This is going to be a longer mission than usual. We'll want to take the first bloom but we have no-way knowing if we are witnessing the first bloom or not which means we're going to have to place a tracking charm on the seeds once we know where they are and we'll have to follow them to their next bloom spot”


“Okay” He looked a little worried “But how exactly are we going to watch all the possible plant sites?”


“Muggle/magical technology” Hermione answered “And splitting up. There is likely to be at least four sites, I'll take two and you can take two, we have an extra tent so you'll go to the site you want to camp at and set up with spells around the area so you're safe and then you'll set up charms and spells around the site you aren't staying at and place muggle cameras that Harry and I charmed to work with magic and they will capture what happens at night when we're not around” He looked apprehensive and a part of her was pleased that he was nervous “I'll do the same and we will send notes back and forth to one another with our finds”


“So...I'm going to be camping, possibly for a month and a half, by myself in the Amazon rain forest?” He asked.


“Yes” Hermione answered “Everything will be fine, the first time is always nerve-wracking and my first time camping by myself was at the base of an active volcano”


“Okay” He looked unsure “I guess...”


“Don't worry too much, there's the possibility that there are only two sites in which we can camp together and leave camera's on the second” Hermione soothed, she knew and assumed that he knew that the likely hood of there only being two sites were slim to none.


“So how long do you suppose we'll be in the Amazon?” He asked as he worked on the fire and she grabbed some books from the tent “How long have you been here?”


“Oh wow” Hermione stopped and looked at him a little confused “I've been here for at least five months” She shrugged like that was nothing “You're the first person other than Harry I've seen, we could leave after this mission or we could be here for another six months”


“Bloody hell” Draco muttered more to himself than to her “Potter's been living like a bloody Monk” Hermione snorted a little and he gave her a sly look that caused her to glare at him “Or have you and he...”


“My sex life is not of your concern” Hermione snarled “Keep those thoughts to yourself, pervert!”




A/N: This was inspired by Naked And Afraid but also my friend went to her ten-year anniversary at her high school and talked about how everyone had awesome adventure stories and it sparked this idea LOL. I hope you like it and will comment on it, it will be rated for later chapters and the characters are a little OOC but its been years since they've seen each other and they are adults.



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