Make Me Bleed

BY : Insatiable_Fox
Category: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Draco
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When he was six he knew fear. How it licked through his body; the paralysis that took root in his limbs and kept him frozen like a marionette, just as much a puppet on a string. Curled fetal-like in a dark corner he cowered, head hidden and eyes shut as his father yelled words that he couldn't distinguish. If only he was brave enough to protect his mother; courageous enough to do something other than fervently wish he could close his ears as easily as he could shut his eyes. Even in the safe clutch of darkness, fear found him. Although, it wasn't the threat of the boogieman which made him sleep hidden in his closet, blanket held close.


When he was ten he knew discipline. How to stand, how to sit. How to mask his face so as to not betray the pain. Duties and expectations, the threatened consequences of failed perfection. The mind could not be a slave to the body as much as the body could not rule the mind. A cool facade to be worn; the master of control.


When he was eleven he knew rejection. A spurned handshake, a sneered retort. The tracks it burnt in his psyche, unused to the sting of dismissal.


Eleven also happened to be the year he knew punishment. The abuse his mother took nothing compared to the bite of a whip or the sting of a hex; failure to be perfect had its consequences. Rules and regulations no joking matter as a Crucio was cast.


When he was seventeen he knew desperation. To please. To do what was expected. To do what was right.


When he was seventeen he learned that the pain of punishment carried far beyond the walls of his home, or even past the dank filth of the streets where he had been cast. That it wasn't contained to the beatings, the jeers of other, the agony of degradation.


When he was seventeen he found out that the worst pain, the worst fear, the worst rejection, came from within.


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