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Dedication: For anyone who read Changes and decided to come along for part two. Most especially, for Thunderbird, as your review after chapter 21 of Changes made me actually want to write this!


This doesn't follow Deathly Hallows (book) as closely as Changes follows HBP. The small change I made has now begun to have some large ripples. And had I thought of that earlier, that is what this would have been called! Anyway, Advances works as it has many different meanings.

Oh, character deaths that are confirmed don't change (with a very few alterations), so don't hold out hope that a character you liked in DH is going to survive. And, if I jump over writing a scene, that essentially means it happened as per the novel, so I could not be bothered to re-write it.


Summary of Changes, if, for some reason, you decided to read this before reading the first one (seriously, go read Changes – it's up on AFF and complete):

September 16th, 1996 – After having had his first few weeks as per Half Blood Prince, Harry is turned into a werewolf. This gives him enhanced hearing, sight, sense of smell, and a desire to be alone and in the dark. Because his friends are annoying him, Severus steps in and calms Harry down. Soon after, Harry moves into Snape's rooms as the dungeons are the quieter part of school. Harry has to learn how to get a handle on his wolfy side.

October 15th, 1996 – Harry has his first change in the Shrieking Shack. Remus is with him to 'help' However, Remus rapes Harry (numerous times) to 'dominate' the new werewolf. Distraught afterwards, Severus comes looking when Harry doesn't return and attempts to heal some of the damage done.

It's learnt that Severus was raped whilst at school (by James Potter), and Harry desires Severus. Werewolf Harry has sex with Severus when Remus shows up on November 14th, and starts to get a handle on his wolfiness. Snape, trying to do the right thing, tells Harry he has to leave and stop staying in the dungeons. Harry goes to Dumbledore and ends up back at the rooms. Snape is less than pleased as he does not want to have sex with Harry, not when he (Severus) thinks Harry is messed up from what he is going through.

There is more to-ing and fro-ing and Harry learns about the horcruxes, and the need to get Slughorn's memory. He tries to have sex with Severus but Harry's passage is scarred and sex hurts. They get hold of a lotion from St Mungo's and Severus heals Harry's channel. Remus turns back up at school and wants to torment Harry. He is captured (Remus, not Harry), and Lupin is killed by Severus, who creates a horcrux at Harry's request. They have (much awaited) sex (chapter 22 of Changes).

Harry is much calmer and has lots and lots of sex with Severus (much of which I wrote). He knows he needs to get Slughorn's memory but thinks the only way to 'tweak' the circumstances is by using Felix Felicis, and the last time he used that (September 16th) he thought it hadn't worked. Snape realises that actually Felix did its job and tweaked the circumstances to bring Severus into Harry's life and create a means for Severus to survive the war (and the desire to). So, Harry follows FF's guidance, overhearing a conversation on how to cure Sectum Sempra, gets the memory and tells Dumbledore.

On June 30th, 1997, Harry and Dumbledore find the locket (as per the book pretty much) and return. Draco has let the Death Eaters into the school. Severus kills Dumbledore. Harry had been told about Albus' illness so knew that Snape was no murderer. However, he watches the man he loves flee and decides, with his wolf's help, to save Severus. Which brings us to here...


Chapter 1 – Let Out The Beast That You're Trying To Hide

Harry sat on the single bed in Arabella Figg's spare room and tried not to miss Severus. It had been less than ten days since he had last seen the man. In fact, tonight was July 9th, and he had last seen the teacher on June 30th. And yet he couldn't get the other man out of his head. All the things they had done together rolled around his head, especially at night when Harry tried to sleep, but it wasn't just the sex he missed, it was the man himself. In fact, if it hadn't been for his inner wolf, he would probably have gone insane with loneliness. As it was, the wolf was surprisingly good company when it wanted to be, and had spoken seriously to Harry of the true nature of the world and how to be a good werewolf.

It was starting to make a lot more sense now. If only being back at Privet Drive wasn't so damned dull.

And hadn't that been a horrifying conversation to have with his Aunt? Dumbledore (god, how can he be dead?) had written to her and said that Harry had had an accident at school and would need to stay with Mrs Figg for one night. He had neglected to mention exactly what had happened, perhaps figuring that had she known, Petunia would never have allowed the Boy Who Lived back home.

A wolfish grin came over Harry's face as he remembered the conversation.

“Well, that man said you'd had an accident, but you don't look any different.”

A sniff had punctuated her speech. How Harry had always hated that sniff. He decided on the direct route.

“I'm a werewolf, Aunt Petunia.”

That had stopped her. Dudley, who had been sitting at the kitchen table tucking into a large burger, had stopped chewing and had gaped at his cousin, mouth open, disgusting remnants of half chewed beef and bread showing.

There had been one of those silences.

“A werewolf? Oh, don't talk nonsense!”

Like Harry would have made something that insane up! And surely his aunt, after so many years' awareness of the magical community, would have at least been willing to listen, rather than reject his statement out of hand!

Dudley, who after all his video gaming, was at least familiar with the concept of a werewolf, had chipped in, “So, can silver bullets kill you?”

“I don't know,” Harry had admitted, never having taken the time to find out. His one ear had twitched. “But, I change once a month at the full moon, like in all the myths, and I can't control my actions.” He had taken in his aunt's worried face and quickly added, “But Se – Professor Snape makes a potion for me that means I'm safe to be around.”

“Well why are you being removed if you're so safe?” That had been his aunt, voice sharp and suspicious. Her eyes had narrowed at the mention of Harry's mentor.

“You want me here?!”

There had been no need for her to answer; they both knew what she would have said if she was being honest.

“Dumbledore,” again Harry's heart had clenched as that loss had washed over him, “Dumbledore said that to be doubly safe, I should go somewhere separate to all of you. One of the Order is going to stay with me and make sure I don't get out. Once I become human again I'll be completely fine.”

“And what about Dudders?! What if you lose your temper, or just take it into your head to -”

“You think I'd bite him? You honestly think I'd turn him? After everything that has happened to me this year – the shit I have been through because of this sodding thing, you think I could do that to someone else?!”

Harry was still fuming about his aunt's last suggestion, even now, nine days later. But she had been taken aback at the vehemence and pain in his voice, and perhaps she had seen a glint of amber in his eyes because she had made no more comments suggesting he was making things up, and she had let the subject drop.

It had been Dudley who had approached him the following day asking for further details. As gently as he could, Harry had explained his turning, and had glossed over the gruesome events of his first change. The older boy had looked thoughtful and Harry had taken the opportunity to slip out of the house.

But sitting here now, having drunk the potion for the previous seven days (Severus had made a large batch at the end of June and Harry had made sure he had plenty of it), idly toying with the fake galleon, he wished with all his heart that Severus could be the one looking at him. Not Tonks.

Her usually bright hair was still a dull brown and the light that had always made her seem such a cheery person seemed missing from her soul.

“Not worried are you, Harry?” she asked. Although not knowing all the details of Dumbledore's death, she had accepted Harry telling her that Snape was not a murderer (well, not for that death, anyway). But her eyes had narrowed every time they had landed on the drunk potion. And, for some reason, every time she looked at Harry, her eyes filled with tears.

“No,” he lied.

She was looking at him with watery eyes again.

“Tonks, what is it? Why do you cry when you look at me?”

Wiping her eyes, she got up. “I just feel sad you have gone through this, Harry. You're so like him, like Remus; you have the same soul...” she stopped and tears began to trickle over her cheeks.

“Remus?” Harry said, voice toneless. “I make you think of Lupin, is that it?”

“I – yes, Harry.”

He was so offended and angry he didn't know what to say. How could he tell her that making that comparison was cruelty itself? Without going into the rape he had suffered at the hands of that monster, the deliberate turning of him, how could he hope to make her understand why he didn't want to be like the older man at all?

“I miss him,” she went on quietly. And then, as though a tap had been turned, she started speaking quickly, “All last year I hoped he'd see me and want me, but he didn't. He was … different last year and I thought he'd finally decided to give us a chance, but then he vanished and died. And I never got the chance to say good bye! I never got the chance to see if we could make it. I only have rumours and hearsay to go on, but everyone seems sure he's dead. But how do I know? Maybe he'll come back one day, if I just wait long enough for him!”

Wishing he could have been anywhere but where he was, Harry admitted softly, “Dumbledore found his body, Tonks. He showed me Lupin's grave. He's dead. I'm sorry you're hurting, but he really is dead.”

Her breath caught. “His grave? Dumbledore never said anything about finding his body and burying it!”

Harry was about to speak, but his nose twitched and his face swung towards the window. He could see the moon. After so many changes without seeing it, the wolf in him rejoiced at the large white globe that was becoming visible. Green eyes faded and became yellow. His ears twitched, and they were moving, shifting, lengthening, becoming covered with silver or black fur. He took great gulps of air, breathing in the moonlight and feeding off it.

Tonks stared as Harry changed. She'd never seen a werewolf transformation before and was enthralled. There was something so different, so dangerous, and so attractive about the animal emerging. She admired the long, lithe form, the glossy silver coat, the oddity of the ebony ear, and wished she could have seen Remus in his wolf form.

Altered, torn clothes hanging off his frame, Harry turned around and dropped onto all fours. His gleaming amber eyes fixed on Tonks. He looked at her for a long time, padded closer, face close to hers. For a long moment he didn't move, eyes fixed on her face. There was no threat in his posture, just curiosity at this new person, this new smell he was unused to during a full moon. Those glowing eyes stared into hers for a long time, apparently seeing into her soul. Finally he sniffed, sneezed, and padded away. It was clearly a dismissal. Shaking his head in a very dog-like gesture, he curled up on the bed, swirling around and around to make the indentation he wanted. Yawning, white teeth glinting in the white light, he settled his great head on his front paws and dropped off.

Tonks held her breath, keeping totally still. She had been afraid when Harry had prowled over to her, but she had had her wand ready. Not knowing why he had turned away from her, she was glad he had. Although, she flushed, his dick had looked like it could have provided some pleasure.

Now, though, she watched the beast sleeping, moonlight shining on the silver coat, making it seem almost white.


When morning came, Harry stretched and blushed, realising his nakedness. Without looking at him, Tonks handed him his clothes, which she had repaired during the night, knowing that he still had the Trace on him.

“Th-thanks, Tonks,” he muttered, feeling his entire body flame with embarrassment.

“No worries,” she said, a smile clear to hear in her voice. “I'll go put the kettle on. I imagine you're not in any hurry to get back to your relatives' house.”

“Not in the least,” Harry replied grimly. Already he could feel the tension growing back in his muscles at the thought of returning to Privet Drive. Especially now that he had changed and his Aunt would finally have to accept that he was a werewolf. Maybe now she would kick him out; not that he really cared, but he did need his mother's protection for as long as possible.

He watched as Tonks left the room and then hurriedly slid into his clothes. He felt better with his wand once again tucked into his jeans, even if it was illegal for him to use it. And if using it would probably bring Voldemort and his cronies flying down to him.

Dressed, and feeling slightly less vulnerable, he smiled when she handed him a cup of tea. “Tonks,” he said softly, seeing the distress in her face, “please don't cry. I know you miss Remus, I get that,” he didn't want to be trying to comfort someone who was missing his rapist, but he hated seeing her in pain, “but he is gone. Please, find yourself someone else. Someone who understands how great you are and who doesn't ignore you. Please.”

She nodded, tears pouring down her cheeks. She gave him a wobbly smile. “Ta, Harry. Now, all we need is You-Know-Who turning up and our morning will be complete.”

Let him, Harry thought brashly, I have some way of defending myself now. And maybe, if I do use magic, maybe Snape would be the one to come looking for me. Harry's hand tightened around the length of wood, having to fight the urge to cast any simple spell. Any thing that might bring Severus to him...


Sitting at the table in Malfoy Manor, Severus tried not to check the time constantly. He knew the previous night had been the full moon; knew it was Harry's first change with a woman watching over him; knew that he missed the other wizard dreadfully; and knew, finally, and most importantly, that he could do nothing about it. He could say nothing. The Dark Lord could not know that Harry was a werewolf. No-one could.

He allowed his head to lift and his eyes to stroll across to the ridiculously ornate time piece standing in the room. It was nine o'clock. Harry would be completely human again, and safe from his wolf side for a whole month.

But was he safe? Now, without Severus to help, without sex to keep the wolf at bay, was it safe for others to be around the youngster?

He forced down his concerns and focused on the Dark Lord. There was the usual grand-standing, the humiliation of the Malfoys, and what was this? Snape gave the dark wizard his attention.

“With Dumbledore gone, I can finally begin ensuring that the young wizards and witches of our world are properly educated. Amycus, Alecto, you two will teach at the school. Show the traitorous brats who would argue how they should behave. And you, Severus, you will head the school. After your action in killing the previous headmaster, this is the least I could do.”

As expected, Bellatrix began protesting that Snape wasn't to be trusted, that he would be soft.

Severus tuned her out, knowing the Dark Lord would deal with her bitching soon enough. Privately he wondered if this was one more test from the dark wizard. Ever since Voldemort had been re-born and Snape had been called upon to explain his actions over the years, Severus had felt as though he was constantly being tested, constantly being called upon to prove his loyalty. Just look at the debacle at the end of last year when he had had to kill Albus.

If this was a test, if somehow Voldemort was probing Snape's devotion, he would be shit out of luck. Severus was far too good an Occlumens to allow the sneaking nose-less freak into his head any more. Obviously he was, otherwise He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (and honestly, what a fucking ridiculous name that was!) would have killed him on the spot for not sharing the news of Harry's condition, nor the fact that the Boy Who Lived (another ridiculous title, but slightly less so than 'HWMNBN') preferred men, and that he had been raped by the werewolf who had turned him. If all of that would have got him punished, Snape was in no doubt what the truth of his physical relationship with Harry would have got him. It started with 'A' and ended with 'vada Kedavra'!

Mind abstracted, Snape none-the-less made the expected responses to the Dark Lord once the wizard had finished threatening Bellatrix. He was returning to Hogwarts. If only Harry could be there with him, safe and sound.


CH1 AN: Hope this is okay. I've had to twist Deathly Hallows a lot to get our characters to have sex. I hope you pervs appreciate that! And again, the titles all come from a Disturbed song: 'Violence Fetish'. The reasons are simple: 1) it is the next song on the album after 'Down with the Sickness', 2) the lyrics again fit rather nicely.

I'm aiming for around 2000 words per chapter, which is roughly what Changes had. That's a lot of writing! So, as always, please review!

Us poor hard-done-by writers pour hours and hours of work into these stories (when I have a shit-ton of stuff I should be doing instead – I'm looking at you fence panels I need to take to the tip) and although we write because we love it, sometimes it's nice to get some confirmation of that, ya know? And as this is the sequel, presumably you're here because you enjoyed the first one. Come on, don't make me totally grovel! SP


CH2 Preview: - It might be nice if someone did come. You, for example. -

Harry groaned, trying to tune out the wolf's silky voice. It was impossible, given the animal was speaking in his own head. “Not yet,” he murmured, “later.”

- Why wait? - The voice was so persuasive. - I bet he's touching himself, thinking of you. -

Knowing who the wolf meant, and seeing that mental image, made him groan again. You're not helping. You know how much I want Severus. You want him too.


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