Book 3: Aliens In Order Of The Phoenix

BY : DamianTheSnowLeox
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Welcome To The Wizarding World Mirai







Bright lights…


An explosion…




Blood… so much blood…


So much blood and pain…


Darkness surrounds me…


If this is Death…




“Goku! Goku wake up!”


“Nn… Ten more minutes Geta…” Goku waves his hand sleepily then falls back asleep and snores.


The Weasley twins look at each other point their wands at Goku and shout in unison with huge grins plastered on their faces “Aguamenti!”


Water spurted out of their wands and hit Goku straight in the face “GAAAH!” Goku flailed and  put his hands out in front of him to block the water “I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE!”


The twins laughed hysterically as Goku flailed around. They stopped spraying him with water and grinned down at the dripping wet Goku. George piped up “We thought you needed a shower mate.”


Fred snickered “We were just helping you out.”


Goku sat up then grinned evilly. He sped up and hugged them both then rubbed his dripping  wet hair into their faces. “Take that!”


“Ah! Gokuuuuu!” Fred shrieked and tried to pull away.


George squirmed and angled his face away from Goku’s hair “Merlin’s balls Gokuuu! Not fair!”


Goku laughed heartily then put George and Fred into a headlock “Learn your lesson boys?”


The twins struggled then yelled “We did!”


Goku grinned then let them go and crossed his arms “Now, you two want to tag along for my morning routine?”


The twins shrugged “Sure,” George said.


Fred grinned “Can we throw things at you and cast spells again?”


Goku grinned back “I’d have it no other way Fred!” he chucked off his sopping wet nights clothes then pulled on his orange pants, blue top and tied his obi. Goku looked around for his wrist bands but couldn’t find them “You two see my weighted wristbands?”


The twins looked around then George opened a chest and dug around “Found them!” he tried to lift them up casually then widened his eyes as they didn’t budge “Blimey Goku! How much do these weight?!”


Goku reached down and picked them up with ease “They’re not that heavy are they?” he put them on and did a few test punches.


Fred and George looked at each other then Fred said slowly “Sooo… How much do those weight anyway?”


Goku shrugged “These are my lighter ones. I think they’re about… um…” he didn’t want to sound overly ridiculous so he said “I think fifty each?” they were closer to two-hundred each but he didn’t want to say that.


The twins gawked at him “Wow…” murmured Fred.


George crossed his arms “Bloody Hell Goku, anything else weighted?”


Goku tilted his head then sat down and pulled on his shoes “Um.. shoes?” Once again they were about two-hundred pounds each. He did say these were his lighter ones.


The twins stared at his shoes then ran their fingers through their hair at the same time. George sighed “You really are an overachiever Goku.”


Goku stood up then cracked his neck “So i’ve been told.” he walked over to King Kai and fed him a dried cricket treat. “Be a good boy K-Kai.” King Kai hooted at him then nuzzled his finger. He turned to the twins “Ima head down now.” Goku hopped down the stairs four at a time. Goku grabbed a ready plate of pancakes from the kitchen table and yelled to Molly “I’ll be out back!”


“Alright sweetie! Don’t train too hard Goku!” Molly called after him from the stove.


Goku gobbled down the pancakes as he walked into the backyard. He put down the plate and tapped his stomach then began his stretches.


Fred and George stood off to the side and collected their ammo for throwing at Goku; logs, rocks, fireworks and scrap metal balls.


Goku punched his hand then got into a fighting stance “Ready when you guys are.” Fred and George grinned then Fred threw a boulder at Goku with his wand while George throw a fireball at him. Goku strunk out his foot to the boulder and smashed it in half with a single kick then thrusted out his palm at the fireball and aimed it at the sky where it exploded after getting struck with a Ki ball. They did this for about forty minutes before Goku called for them to stop.


Fred smirked “Giving up?”


Goku shook his head “Nah, just wanted to try something.” he  pulled out his wand and pointed at the ground then as he drew a large circle he said “Gravitas Auget Ten.” the imaginary circle he drew formed a red glowing circle where he had drew the circle and he felt the gravity change slightly. Goku grinned then said quietly “Gravitas Auget One-Hundred.” the red circle’s glow intensified and he could really feel the gravity change now, it became slightly harder to breath so he knew he could work up a nice sweat. Goku rubbed his hands together “This is great! I need to thank Mephisto about this!” he looked at the twin “Whatever you do, do not enter this circle, it could probably kill you.” Goku then dropped to his hands and began his push ups. Five hundred pushups later he flipped forwards and began his one handed push ups. He licked a drop of sweat from his lips then glanced at the twins “Can you guys get my usual water ready?”


Fred and George looked at each other then sighed. George stood up “Fine, c’mon Fred.” the  twins walked back into the house to get Goku’s usual; four full five-gallon plastic jugs.


Goku called out “Thanks guys!” he furrowed his brow then stood back up and pointed his wand at the circle “Gravitas Auget Two-Hundred.” he jolted slightly then grinned as he started his handstand pushes again but on the other hand. Four-hundred and thirty seven push ups in and Goku frowns and stops “Something doesn’t feel right…” he muttered. He flipped onto his feet and dispelled the circle.


Fred and George walked up to him “You done Goku?” pipped up George.


“Something wrong Goku?” Ron, who had came out around one-hundred and eleven, said as Goku’s brow scrunched in confusion.


Goku looked around upwards “Something doesn’t feel right…” Suddenly a split appeared in the sky and something pelted out of it and landed two miles away from the house. Goku recognized this and looked at the Weasley’s “Get ready for company, make sure Molly had tea ready and a -hopefully not needed- medical kit.” He flew away with another word as the Weasley’s rushed into the house. As Goku got closer, he got more worried as the smoke from the crash site didn’t stop and turned a dark black. Goku landed near the wreckage and murmured “Trunks…” he rushed forwards and easily pried the top off of the crushed and crumpled time machine. He saw the lavender haired time traveller sitting in the chair knocked out cold. There was blood everywhere and a mangled piece of metal stabbed into his left arm. There was blood dripping down his face and he could guessed a concussion form the rough landing. He carefully tore off the metal but made sure it was still in his arm; he didn’t want to risk him bleeding out. He pulled Trunks from the wreckage then when he was a couple feet from the ship, he widened his eyes and quickly IT’s from the spot. He landed in the living room just as a loud explosion was heard outside. “Molly!” Goku called out urgently as he laid Mirai Trunks down on the couch carefully.


“Oh my!” Molly gasped then yelled out “Arthur! Come here quickly!”


Arthur rushed over, his wand in hand. “Merlin’s beard!” he knelt down then said “What happened?!” Molly started to clean up the smaller wounds while Arthur inspected the metal shard.


Goku helped Molly clean him up “Uh, his plane crash.” he wasn’t sure if he should say anything about a time machine ship since they didn’t have that technology here. He dabbed Trunks’ forehead with a wet cloth and said “His name is Trunks. He’s an old friend of mine.” he helded Molly get some of his clothes off to get at the wounds better. Goku ran a hand along a large scar across Trunk’s chest and murmured “What happened this time Trunks…”


Molly ran a hand over a scar on his leg and said “So many scars… what happened to him Goku?”


Goku bit his cheek then said “He’s had a rough life. He’s had to fight for his life at far too young an age.” he looked at everyone seriously “Please don’t ask him about it.” Trunks mumbled frantically, his brow furrowed and he tossed his head side to side. Goku pet his hair “You’re fine Trunks... Shh… You’re safe here...” Trunks leaned into his hand and sighed softly as his face calmed. “That’s it Trunks…” he continued to pet Trunks; hair then looked at the metal sharp Arthur was wondering how to deal with it. Goku bit his tongue then stood up “Oh!” he giggled “Kami I’m an idiot.” He put two fingers to his forehead and said “Be right back don’t do anything!” he then Instant Transmissioned to Piccolo’s position then yelped and covered his eyes. “U-Uh… S-Sorry son!”



(Brief 18+ Scene Ahead)



Gohan groaned in humiliation from under Piccolo. He glanced up at Piccolo who had shut his eyes and turned a dark eggplant color. “Boner killer?”


Piccolo groaned stiffly “Ah… Sort of…” he thought to Gohan ‘His surprise appearance made me… uh… finish…’


Gohan blushed as he felt what Piccolo ment oozing out of his ass. “O-Oh…” he glanced at his Father who was blushing madly at catching his eldest having sex. “Um... Otousan? C-can you leave the room for second?”


Goku nodded vigorously then opened the room door and closed it. Goku noted that they were the only ones in the house currently.


Piccolo hung his head down still and bit his lower lip so hard it dripped purple blood down his chin “Damn it Son…”


Gohan pulled Piccolo down and kissed his bloody lip then purred “Can I at least finish too?” he licked up the purple blood on his mate's chin.


Piccolo chuckled then carefully pulled out of Gohan and kissed down his chest. When he got to Gohan’s navel he smirked “Of course you can.” he then lowered his head and swallowed Gohan completely.


Gohan arched and cried out loudly, his hands automatically going to grab Piccolo’s head as Piccolo spread his legs apart “O-Oh Pi-Piccoloo!” he gasped loudly as his mate lapped at his head then teased his slit “Unn! F-Fuuuck!” Piccolo kissed down Gohan’s length then stuck his tongue into his leaking hole to clean up his mess “Oooh... Nnn...!” He tail flicked rapidly as Piccolo’s enlarged and elongated tongue started to viciously attack his prostate as his left hand came up and stroked him quickly. “O-Oh! Nngh! Y-YES! Pic! Ooooh fuuuck!” his hips jolted and then his back arched high off the ground as he moaned out his climax, cum spurting from his length and painted his stomach and Piccolo’s hand. Piccolo moved up then licked up the cum quickly. Gohan pulled Piccolo up to him and kissed him, their tongues entwined so he could taste his cum in Piccolo’s mouth. When they parted, Gohan murmured “We should probably get changed.”


Piccolo grunted then stood up and helped his mate stand. He pointed at both of them and clothed them in casual Gi’s without the shoulder pads and capes. Piccolo’s was his usual purple with red sash and Gohan had his blue one with a light baby blue sash.


Gohan called out after he waved his wand to get rid of the smell “You can come in Otousan.” Goku slowly peeked in then walked in, his face still a bright red. Gohan fidgeted when he realized his Father could hear him having sex. “So.. W-What is it Otousan?”


Piccolo raised an eye ridge “Why do you smell like blood Goku?”


Goku jolted “Crap! Piccolo! I need Kami! It’s Trunks!”


Piccolo suddenly turned serious and nodded “Take me there.” Piccolo and Gohan both grabbed  onto Goku. They suddenly appeared at the Weasley house and Piccolo rushed over to Trunks, shooing away Molly and Arthur. He closed his eyes then opened them a second later. “I’m just a Doctor to you people aren’t I Son Goku?” Kami glanced at Goku with a raised eye ridge.


Goku scratched the back of his head “Well, Piccolo can only do minor heals Kami. This is a lot more that a small scratch.”


Kami sighed then looked back to Trunks “Pull it out when I say Goku.” Goku rushed over and held onto the metal piece “On three Goku. One, two, three!” Goku pulled out the metal piece and blood spurted out of the wound quickly. Kami grabbed a towel and patted the wound then put his hands over the wound and started to heal the Time Traveler.


Gohan looked at Trunks and said “Why is he here? How did he even get here?”


Goku murmured “His machine crashed here not that long ago. I don’t know how but just after getting him out, his machine exploded.”


Gohan nodded then looked at Goku “I’ll go check the wreckage.”


Goku nodded back and patted Gohan’s shoulder “You do that, maybe there'll be something to help us understand why he’s here.”


“Right.” Gohan rushed out of the house and flew to the smoking wreckage.


Goku went back over to Kami and knelt down next to him “How is he?”


Kami removed his hands and the large wound was healed “The boy is fine.” He moved his hands over the rest of Trunks’ body to heal the other cuts, especially the head ones. Kami sighed when he was done “Poor boy. This is that Trunks boy right?”


Goku nodded then murmured “Don’t say any more Kami…”


Kami chuckled “I might be old but i’m not stupid Goku.” he stood up then patted Trunks’ head. Kami looked at Goku “He should awaken soon, make sure he is not in state of panic Goku. His mind is still fragile after all these years.”


Goku nodded then put a hand on Kami’s shoulder “Thank you for your help Kami.”


Kami smiled softly “It’s no problem Son.” he removed Goku’s hand then scowled “I wish you’d call on me for more that your own personal hospital Goku.”


Goku laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head “Yeah sorry Kami, I’ve been meaning to talk to Piccolo about that.”


Kami sighed “I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll take my leave now. Good day Goku.” Kami closed his eyes then his face darkened as he opened his eyes again. “Son,” Piccolo rumbled “How is he even here?”


Goku shrugged “Gohan is going to try and figure that out now unless he wakes up soon to tell us.” he blinked then looked at the Weasley’s who’s been staring at them with mixed emotions.


Piccolo looked at them and crossed his arms “This is a conversation we need to have in private. Excuse us.” he carefully picked up Trunks then floated up the stairs to Goku’s room.


Goku grinned sheepishly “Sorry but it really is something private.” he bowed then notice the tea he asked for sitting  on a tray and picked it up then floated up the stairs as well. When he got to his room and saw that Piccolo had put Trunks on his bed. Goku put the tray on the bedroom table then sat down on the edge of the bed.


Gohan entered the room empty handed and said “Sorry but the explosion destroyed everything.”


Piccolo nodded “It’s fine Gohan, you tried.” he motioned for Gohan to come to him “You should be the first for him to see, he’s more familiar with you.”


Gohan nodded then sat on the bed next to Trunks. He pet his hair and said softly “Trunks? Mirai?”


Trunks mumbled then shifted slightly. His eyes twitched then he slowly opened them. He blinked slowly so his vision cleared. His eyes widened as he saw Gohan face. “G-Gohan!” he jolted forwards and hugged Gohan tightly “Gohan! Oh I’ve definitely died if you’re here!” he grabbed Gohan’s face and and felt his cheeks and hair, tears running down his cheeks as he smiled.


Gohan’s heart ached at how happy Trunks was. He gently took Trunks’ hands and said “I’m sorry Trunks but, you’re not dead. I’m the Gohan from the other timeline, remember?”


Trunks’ face fall and he hung his head and pulled back his hands “I-I’m sorry…”


Gohan hugged Trunks and rubbed his back “It’s okay Trunks.” he leaned back and  tilted Trunks’ face to him. He smiled warmly “We’re here for you.” he motioned to Piccolo then to Goku.


Trunks’ eyes widened “Piccolo? G-Goku?” he  looked around then back at Gohan “Where am I? This doesn’t look like Capsule Corp or your house.”


Piccolo rumbled out “We’re in another dimension as part of a social experiment of Lucifer. Long story.”


Goku nodded and grinned “Here there’s magic and unicorns and lots of cool stuff!” he reached over and picked up a cup of tea then handed it to Trunks “Here.”


Trunks blinked to take in what he just heard then carefully took the tea “Uh…” he took a sip “Magic… Lucifer…?” he rubbed his face “Why does our families always do the weird stuff?”


Gohan and Goku shrugged. Gohan chuckled “Guess we're lucky like that.”


Goku tilted his head “We should probably call for Lucifer huh?”


Piccolo nodded “He should know.”


Gohan grinned at Trunks “Who knows, maybe he'll get Trunks to go to the school with us this year.”


Trunks jolted, almost spilling his tea “W-What? School?”


The door suddenly opened and there stood Vegeta in his usual pose; crossed arms and narrow eyes. “Boy.”


Trunks stood up right away and put down his cup “Fa-”


“Why the Hell are you here boy.” Vegeta growled as he walked forwards and shut the door “What have you failed at this time that you need our help? We've been away for about three days in our home demensions timeline.”


Trunks opened his mouth, closed it then scowled “I didn’t mean to this time actually. I was cleaning it then the damn thing went off.”


Vegeta smirked “Aw, did my little brat finally become a man?”


Trunked blinked then turned bright red as he realized what he said. He stuttered angrily “I-I’m not talking about my reproductive organs Father!”


Vegeta, Goku and Gohan loudly shushed him and Trunks jolted in surprise. Vegeta growled “Shut your mouth brat!” he looked at the door warily then back at his future son and sneered “You’re going to get us in trouble!” Trunks looked completely lost as Vegeta looked at Goku “You didn’t tell him what’s going on?!”


Goku stood up and put up his hands “I didn’t get to that yet!”


Vegeta huffed then flicked his tail in annoyance. Trunks widened his eyes “F-Father! Yo-You have a tail!”


Vegeta smirked “Oh good, his eyes are still working. Want to point out anything else that’s obvious to anyone with a brain? Perhaps that the other brat’s clothes are blue? Or that the Namekian is green?” Trunks paled then sat back down. Vegeta looked back at Goku “Where is Lucifer?”


Goku rubbed his arm “I was going to call him…”


Vegeta snorted “Then call him you oaf.” he noticed his mate looking sad at his tone so he sighed then walked up to him “Kakarrot,” he floated up a bit then kissed his forehead “I’m sorry Karo.”


Goku giggle slightly then kissed Vegeta’s lips and the shorter Saiyan blushed “It’s okay Geta.” when Vegeta floated back down and took a few steps back, everyone heard Trunks sputtering.


“Y-You… Vegeta… Ki-Kissing…. Go..ku..?” Trunks blinked rapidly then pinched his arm to make sure he was actually awake.


Gohan and Piccolo chuckled at Trunks. Gohan leaned in and smiled “Yeah, a lot has happened since you left.” he stood up then hugged Piccolo’s arm “Me and Piccolo are mated too.”


Trunks blinked then realized something “Too?” he stared at his other Father and Goku as the taller Saiyan pulled something out of his pocket. He looked back at Gohan “So… You and… Piccolo…?” Gohan nodded. Trunks gulped then pointed at the full-blooded Saiyans “Father and…. Goku?”


Gohan giggled and nodded “That’s right.”


Trunks rubbed his face “This is really trippy…”


Piccolo chuckled “You’ll get used to it.”


The three of them turned as a fire vortex opened a couple feet in front of Goku and a well clothed human-looking male climbed out. The vortex disappeared as Mephisto smoothed back his hair and looked at Goku with a smile “Soul Goku, how are you doing my friend?”


Goku shrugged “Pretty good, but I need your help.”


Mephisto nodded then noticed the extra person in the room. Mephisto raised an eyebrow ‘Another time traveller? This dimension is just attracting them like moths to a flame isn’t it?’ he walked over to Trunks and looked at him closely.


Trunks cringed away from the demon “Um… Hi?”


Mephisto leaned back then crossed his arms “You are Trunks from the future of this Goku’s homeworld yes?” Trunks nodded nervously. Mephisto raised an eyebrow “How did you get here? This is a different dimension altogether, not forwards or backwards in your normal timeline.”


Trunks blushed in embarrassment “I uh… It was on accident…” he rubbed the back of his head in a Son manner that made Vegeta twitch “I was cleaning my time machine before putting it into storage when my um… butt… hit the controls…” he looked away and his face flushed pink.


Goku and Gohan stifled a laugh while Vegeta just burst out laughing “Oh my KAMI! You are pitiful boy!” he cackled then wiped his eyes “I’m never going to let you live this down boy!”


While Vegeta continued to cackle, Piccolo was standing there looking at Trunks curiously. He was just wondering how the Hell Trunks’ ass hit the controls in the first place.


Mephisto rolled his eyes then said “Well, you’ve been living the life of living Hell, how about a break that wouldn’t affect your home world at all of you stayed here for a little while?”


Trunks looked at the demon in confusion as Gohan grinned then tugged on Mephisto’s arm “Oh please! Can he? I think he’d love it!”


Mephisto chuckled “Calm down Gohan, he has to agree first.”


Trunks sat cross-legged on the bed “Wait, is he talking about that school thing you were talking about Gohan?”


Gohan nodded “Yeah!”


Trunks crossed his arms in thought. He tapped his arm then said “But, I don’t know anything about this world, I wouldn’t fit in.”


Mephisto shrugged “That’s not a problem, here.”


The demon flicked Trunks’ forehead and Trunks yelped then rubbed his head “What wa-” he froze as images and knowledge was inserted into his mind. Trunks yelped “What was that?!”


Mephisto grinned “I just implanted everything that Piccolo, Gohan, Goku and Vegeta know about this world that would be useful to you into your brain.” his grin widened as Trunks sputtered.


“W-What? No that’s not how-”


“What is the name of the Potions Master?” Mephisto asked.


Mirai answered automatically “Professor Snape.” Trunks’ eyes widened.


Mephisto asked another question “What spell do you use when you want to levitate something?”


Trunks answered again “Wingardium Leviosa.” Trunks clasped a hand over his mouth, stood up and hissed “Stop that!”


Mephisto laughed then said “I’ve also made it so you speak and read the language here, you’ve been speaking Japanese before, now it’s English.” he smirked “So? You want to see what it’s like at a wizarding school? These four will be there too so you won’t be alone.” he looked at Trunks up and down then looked from Piccolo to Trunks “You’re about the right height for their year too… You’re twenty by now but you look much younger.” he nodded “Yes, you’ll do fine. I’ll age you down a little so you fit in a bit better.” before Trunks could protest, Lucifer lowered his head, closed his eyes then held out both his hands. He then drew some symbols into the air. The demon’s head snapped up, eyes glowing a lime green. In a Demonic voice, Lucifer rumbled out “Rewind” he flicked both hands to either side of him and Trunks shrunk slightly and his features softened. Mephisto blinked and his eyes returned to his persona’s normal blue. He nodded “Better.”


Trunks looked at himself then at Mephisto “Um… don’t I need clothes, supplies, and a... um… wand?”


Mephisto grinned “Yes, you do.” he looked at Goku and Gohan “Either of you want to accompany us?”


Gohan nodded “I’d love to. Got nothing else planned anyway.” he looked at Piccolo “You want to come along or stay here Pic?”


Piccolo crossed his arms “I’ll go back to Lovegoods, I have a book I have something to finish before the school year starts.” he looked at Trunk’s ripped and bloody clothing then pointed at him.


Trunks looked down and saw that his clothes were repaired. “Thanks Piccolo.” Piccolo just grunted in response.


Goku stepped up to the Namekian “I’ll take yah back Piccolo.”


Piccolo put a small kiss on Gohan’s cheek then murmured “Have fun Gohan.”


Gohan blushed then kissed Piccolo’s cheek “See you later love.”


Piccolo blushed purple then put his hand on Goku’s shoulder and the two of the disappeared.


Mephisto put a hand on Trunks’ shoulder then winked “You’ll like it.” he then turned to Vegeta “I’ll go down stairs with you guys when Goku gets back, let me do the talking.”


Goku then popped back and grinned at Mephisto “So? Downstairs?”


Mephisto nodded then led the four aliens down the stairs. When Mephisto appeared to the Weasley’s, Arthur stood up quickly “Mr. De Balan?” Arthur went over to him and stuck out his hand “It’s a pleasure to see you again Mr. De Balan.”


Mephisto chuckled and shook Arthurs hand “I’ve told you many-a-time Arthur, call me Meph or Mephisto.”


Arthur nodded enthusiastically “Of course Meph!” he took his hand back then looked at Trunks then back at Mephisto “So, who is this boy?”


Mephisto put his arm around Trunks’ shoulder “This is Trunks Iarim, he’s a friend of our little quartette. From what i heard, he was tampering with magic and accidentally teleported near here then crashed his plane.” he chuckled “He’s a genius but tends to try and mix magic with science too often.” he hugged Trunks a bit tighter “Hence then crash.”


Trunks smiled shyly then removed Mephisto’s arm from him and bowed to Molly and Arthur “Forgive my intrusion. I did not mean to cause you any trouble.”


Arthur chuckled then patted Trunk’s shoulder “You’re just fine son, you gave up quite a scare though with those wounds.”


Trunks blinked “Wounds?”


Goku nudged Trunks’ arm “When you crashed, you were banged up real bad. A piece of metal was jammed into your arm too.”


Trunks looked at his arms as if to see the big bloody hole he's expecting to see. Gohan chuckles “Piccolo, er, Kami healed you.”


Trunks nodded “Remind me to thank him when I see him again.”


Gohan smiled “Noted.”


The twins went of to Trunks and stuck out their hands then shook both of Trunks’ hands. They said together “Fred (George) Weasley, at your service.”


Trunks chuckled “Nice to meet you two as well.”


Fred grinned and leaned over to George “He's kinda cute ain't he George?”


George nodded “I agree, very ‘andsome indeed Fred.”


Trunks blushed and his shoulders moved up shyly “Uh… Thanks?”


The twins grinned widely then walked away to where they were standing. Molly came up and patted his arm “I'm Molly Weasley and this is my husband Arthur. Any friend of Goku is a friend of ours dear.”


Trunks smiled “Thank you Miss.”


Ron stepped up too and stuck out his hand “Ron Weasley, nice to mecha!”


Trunks shook his hand with a grin “Pleasure to meet you too Ron.”


Ginny walked forwards shyly “I'm Ginny…”


Trunks smiled warmly “Nice to meet you Ginny.”


Mephisto smiled at how well everyone was accepting Trunks. He patted Trunks’ back “Well, we need to get Trunks here to Diagon Alley, a lot of shopping to do before the year starts.”


Arthur went up to Mephisto with a serious face “Don't forget about tonight Mephisto.”


The demon nodded “Of course not my friend.” he nodded to the aliens “They can go too as well as Trunks here, they'll be under my watch. They're good kids so you don't have to worry about a thing. I've talked it over with Black and Albus already.”


Arthur nodded “Understood.”


Mephisto gripped Trunk’s shoulder “I’ll explain it to him on the way.” he looked at Gohan “Come on Gohan.”


Gohan nodded “Okay.” he grinned at Trunks.


Vegeta crossed his arms “I’m going home then.” he glared at Mirai Trunks then said “Don’t cause any trouble boy.” he then walked out of the room and to the backyard where he took of at high speed to the manner.


Ron frowned “Why does it seem like Vegeta doesn’t like you?”


Trunks sighed “We ahh… got off on the wrong foot when we first met. Not a story i’d like to tell.”


Mephisto nodded “And not one we have time for. Let’s go boys.” he smiled at  Molly and Arthur “Thank you for looking after Trunks. See you guys tonight.”


Arthur nodded “See you tonight Mephisto.”

The demon then guided the two teens outside then teleported them to outside Gringotts Bank. Mephisto patted their shoulder “Stay here boys, I'll be right out.” he then entered the bank.


Trunks put his hands into his pockets and looked around “It's so different…”


Gohan nodded “Yeah, I love it.” Trunks looked at Gohan and blushed at the happy look on his face. Gohan turned back to Trunks then tilted his head. “What's up? You look flushed.”


Trunks twitched then looked away “R-Really? Sorry…”


Gohan frowned the stepped in front of Mirai “Trunks, what's wrong?”


Trunks blushed more then sighed “Fine I'll tell you… Promise you won't laugh or freak out?”


Gohan raised an eyebrow “Okay…?”


Trunks took a deep breath then said “I never told you guys this before but… The you in my future and I were umm… lovers…”


Gohan blinked then blushed “Oh, I get it now.” he leaned against the wall next to Trunks. After a few moments he grinned and whispered “So were you the bottom?”


Trunks jumped away, blushing madly “G-Gohan!”


Gohan laughed “What? I'm curious! Was I at least a good Dom or something?”


Trunks blushed deeper “Dear Kami Gohan! What happened to my Chibi?”


Gohan chuckled “Oh that's Goten now.” Gohan smirked “I've changed quite a bit too over the years Trunks.” he winked and Trunks’ entire face was tomato red at this point.


Trunks covered his face “G-Gohan… Ca-Can you not do that please?”


Gohan laughed then patted Trunks’ arm “Calm down Trunks, I'm only teasin yah.” he then whispered “Between you and me though, I'm the bottom for Piccolo…”


Trunks bit his cheek and groaned into his hands “Go-haaaan!”


Gohan laughed loudly causing some passing witches and wizards to look at him funny.


This is the scene Mephisto walks out to; Gohan laughing hysterically and Trunks bright red, hiding in his hands. The demon chuckled “Causing trouble Gohan?”


Gohan wiped his eyes and grinned “You know it Mephi.”


Mephisto laughed “You damn trouble maker. Come on you two, let's get you some robes Trunks.” Mephisto led them to ‘Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions’. When they entered, Madam Malkin herself rushed forwards.


“Welcome welcome! Robes for school I assume?” The squat, grey haired witch asked with a smile.


Mephisto nodded and out a hand on Trunks’ shoulder “For this young lad here.”


She nodded then asked as she pushed him onto her stool “What house are you in dear?” she started to take measurements.


“Uh…” Trunks looked at Mephisto for help.


The demon smiled “Gryffindor, he's transferring in but he is one-hundred percent going to Gryffindor.”


Madam Malkin nodded “Yes yes, I see the qualities now.” he measured his muscled bicep then his forearm “Very strong boy. Are to going to try for the Quidditch team?”


Because of the memories Lucifer implanted, Trunks was able to answer with a shrug “Probably.”


The witch nodded again “You would do well my dear. They would love a boy with some muscle on their bones like you.” she measured his chest. “Where too after this dear?”


Mephisto spoke up “We’re heading to get his books and supplies.” he walked closer “I was hoping to leave him here in your care so I can do the school supply runs while you fabricate his robes in my absence.” he handed the witch a pouch of coins.


Madam Malkin waved at Mephisto “Go on dear! He’ll be fine.”


Mephisto nodded then walked past Gohan “Stay here Gohan.” The demon walked out the doors and headed to the shops.


Gohan crossed his arms and watched as Madam Malkin fitted Trunks with his school robes. Ten minutes later Trunks had all the clothes he needed for all the season’s at Hogwarts; from winter clothes to summer. Trunks looked at himself in the white short sleeve shirt with a black vest and gold with maroon striped tie. He smirked “I like this one.”


Gohan nodded and Madam Malkin said “Yes, this one is very popular with the boy these days. Especially in the hotter weather.”


Trunks took off his new clothes and straighten out his old ones’ jacket. He bowed to Madam Malkin “Thank you Miss.”


Madam Malkin put all his clothes into a bag and handed it to him “It was my pleasure dear.”


Gohan took Trunks’ arm and grinned “Come on, they’ve got a really good ice cream shop here.”


Trunks smiled at Gohan “Lead the way then.”


Gohan grinned wider and dragged Trunks to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Gohan got a chocolate strawberry peanut-butter sundae while Trunks got a simple vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Gohan paid for their treats with the money pouch he got from Mephisto then they both settled into chairs and dug into their frozen sweet treats.


They just finished when Mephisto walked up to them “Well, your books and supplies are in Goku’s room right now so we don’t have to carry them around.” They both stood up and Mephisto said with a grin “How about we get you a wand Trunks?”


Trunks nodded “Yeah, sure.”


They followed the demon to Ollivanders’ Wand Shop. Mephisto led them in and called out “Ollivander? You nearby my old friend?”


Ollivander scooted over to the edge of the shelf from atop “Ah! Mephisto! It’s so good to see you.” he carefully climbed down the ladder and stood in front of Trunks “Is this young wizard getting his first wand?”


Mephisto smiled “Yes, he sure is Olli.”


Ollivander rubbed his hands “Now young man, let’s find you a wand! Which is your wand arm my boy?” Trunks held up his right hand and Ollivander did his usual measurements. He then stopped and went over to his shelves and took out a box “Ten inches, Alder wood and unicorn hair, stiff.” He held out the wand to Trunks and as took as it touched his hand, it burst into smoke and vanished.


Trunks’ sweat dropped “I-I swear I d-didn’t…”


Ollivander waved his hand “The wand chooses the wizard young man, if the wand doesn’t want you; they make sure it’s clear.” he pulled out another box “Eleven and a quarter inches, Cypress, Dragon heartstring, fairly bendy.” When Trunks took it, the nearby vase exploded. Ollivander took it back then pulled out another box. Eight boxes later, and Trunks is feeling really awkward just standing there feeling hopeless. Ollivander pulls out a box slowly then says “I wonder if…” he carefully hands Trunks a wand.


Trunks takes it then waves it a bit. He widens his eyes as the air around him swirls. “W-what happened? Did it work?”


Ollivander took the wand back and nodded with a smile “Yes my boy it worked.” he examined the wand “Whenever I meet one who carries a cedar wand, I find strength of character and unusual loyalty.” he smiled at Trunks who blushed slightly “You know, my Father, Gervaise Ollivander, used always to say, “You will never fool the cedar carrier” and I agree: the cedar wand finds its perfect home where there is perspicacity and perception.” he handed Trunks the wand back  “I also find that the witch or wizard who is matched with cedar has the potential to be a frightening adversary, which often comes as a shock to those who have thoughtlessly challenged them.” he winked “I expect great things young man.” he nodded again “Dragon heartstring to, twelve inches, reasonably supple.”


Trunks looks at his wand closely with a grin. Its design was simple and pleasing; smooth woodwork with a small 3 lined twist at the bottom then four inches up from the bottom was another 3 line twist. Trunks gripped the wand then bowed to Ollivander “Thank you sir.”


Ollivander bowed back and smiled warmly “It was my pleasure my dear boy.” he spotted Gohan for the first time and grinned “Ah, Gohan my boy! Springy twelve inch Cedar wood with unicorn hair core yes?”


Gohan laughed “Yes Mr. Ollivander.”


The elderly man waved a finger at him “Have you been treating your wand well?”


Gohan nodded “Of course sir!”


Ollivander nodded back “Good good,” he looked at Mephisto and eyed him “Do you even use my wand Mr. I-Use-My-Hand-For-Everything?”


Mephisto laughed heartily and put his hands on his hips “Whenever I need to yes, I could never forget my first wand Olli.”


Ollivander hummed “Thirteen inch, Ebony, Dragonheart string, pliant… correct?”


Mephisto grinned “Right of course Ollivander, he’s served me well.”


“Good very good, a nice design too.”


Mephisto nodded in agreement “Yes, indeed.” he patted Trunks’ and Gohan’s shoulders “Well, i’ve got to get these two moving. See you around Vander.”


Ollivander waved and chuckled “Have a good year lads! Treat your wands with respect!”


“Will do!” grinned Trunks as he was pushed out the door. Trunks grinned at his wand then put it away “Where too?”


Mephisto hummed happily “I was thinking Magical Menagerie. Maybe get you a cat or something, the others except Piccolo have owls.”


Trunks nodded then grinned at Gohan who grinned back “This is a lot more exciting than i first thought!”


Gohan nodded and nudged Trunk’s arm “I think you’re gonna love Hogwarts, the architecture is beautiful!”


When they got to Magical Menagerie, Trunks was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of animals. He looked around for about three minutes then an adorable silver blue cat caught his eye. He rushed over and put his fingers through the cage and the cat walked over and nudged his fingers.


“Meow~” the cat purred softly and looked up at him with dark blue eyes.


Trunks smiled “This one.”


Mephisto patted his back then called over the store owner “This one here,”


The sales person carefully took out the russian blue cat and handed it to Mephisto who handed it to Trunks. “That there is a new one we’ve been getting in, the russian blue. Beautiful coat isn’t it? She’s a very laid back cat surprisingly.”


Trunks put her around his shoulders like a shawl and the cat just laid there and looked around. Trunks chuckled “I can see that.”


Mephisto scratched the cat’s ear then looked at the saleswoman “How much?”


“Nine Galleons Sir.”


Mephisto took out nine Galleons from his coin pouch and gave them to the lady. He then gave her a could more Galleons and said “For the travel cage and other supplies.”


The woman nodded “Of course Sir.” When Mephisto got the supplies, he discreetly teleported them to Goku’s room. He walked back up to Trunks and smiled “Got a name for her yet?”


Trunks nodded “Bura.”


Gohan pet Bura’s head and she meowed at him then licked his hand “She’s cute.”


Mephisto steered them out of the store “Come on guys, it’s getting late. I’ve got the rest of your stuff at the Weasley’s.” he led them into an alleyway then they vanished and reappeared at the Weasley’s front door. Mephisto knocked on the door then opened it “We’re back Goku, Molly.”


Goku rushed over to them and immediately saw the cat “AW! Kawaiiiii!” he rushed over, plucked the cat from Trunks and lifted it up “What’s your name buddy?”


The cat blinked at Goku and wiggled “Meooow…”


Trunks chuckled then took Bura back “Her name is Bura.”


Goku grinned “Bura! Nice to meetcha!” he handed her back to Trunks who put her over his shoulder.


Trunks pet her swishing tail then looked at Mephisto “Wait, you never explained that thing about tonight.”


Mephisto facepalmed “Uh, right…” he flicked Trunk’s forehead.


Trunks blinked “Oh, okay.” he then glared at the demon “Do you have to flick me like that?”


Mephisto grinned “Nope.” he waved to Arthur as he walked over “Are you guys all packed up?”


Arthur nodded “Yup, packed up and ready to go. Does Trunks have everything?” the cat meowed and Arthur smiled “And you have a new friend I see.”


Trunks patted Bura “Yeah, Mephisto got her for me. I named her Bura.”


A couple pairs of feet stomped down the stairs and ron yelled out “GOKU! KAI HAS GOTTEN OUT AGAIN!”


Goku yelped then helped Ron and the twins chase King Kai around the house then back up the  stairs.


Trunk laughed “He doesn’t change does he?”


Gohan laughed as well “Nope.” he looked at Mephisto “Is Damien attending this year?”


Mephisto hummed then nodded “Yeah, I think he is.” he then guided Trunks and Gohan up stairs where they heard yelling, running and loud hooting.







Authors Notes:


Mirai Trunks has joined the party! Let's see how our Time Traveller will fair in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardy!


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