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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. This story is created purely for entertainment purposes and not for personal profit.

I will be as freaking honest as I can here. I have no clue where this came from. It just popped into my head and it won’t get out.

Maybe it was because I was remembering another story kind of like it, but now I can’t find it and my brain is coming up with something to replace it. Only making it a lot worse. You’ll see what I mean.

Warnings, because they need to be posted : yaoi (duh), mpreg (another duh), father-son relationship (but is it actually incest in this story? To be revealed later on!), Manipulative!Dark!Harry, not sure how to say this, but also Sex-Hungry!Harry, Alive!Potters, and Free!Sirius.

Disclaimer: Don’t own Harry Potter. Just whatever the hell my sick mind comes up with.

Here the Chapter Starts

Most desire things they cannot have. Sometimes it is for material things. Sometimes it is for forbidden fruit. And sometimes, it is something that they just can’t get their hands on until another hands it to them.

For one Harry James Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, what he desires is a man. Not just any man, no. He desires the one known as his father. Where such a desire came from, he wasn’t entirely sure.

It could have happened when he was hitting puberty, when he walked into the bathroom when his father was taking a shower and saw the impressive package the man was stroking, ignorant of his watching son. Maybe it happened before that, when he fell asleep on couch with his father and woke up in the man’s arms, feeling safe and loved more than anyone else in the world.

He wasn’t quite sure. All he knew was that he has a desire for someone that he cannot touch. At least, so long as no one is aware.

When he started school, he excelled in at least two courses. Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. As he grew older and his desire more powerful, he dove into the art of potion making until he could brew in his sleep. Even his professor, Severus Snape, could find no fault in his brewing skills.

It was all for this. Lily was in France on 'Order' business that may take her a week, at the least. Nine days at most. Meaning his father will be without anyone to satisfy his needs. Not that his wife was doing such work. He catches his father masturbating more often now than he did two years ago, roughly the time puberty smacked him in the face with a incestuous want.

Lily had been pushing James away more and more. Denying him release. Denying him touch. He’s even caught her denying the man she married a kiss. Denial. Denial. Denial. More than a river in Egypt, most definitely.

But with her gone, maybe Harry could coax James to him. His desire for the man feels insatiable. His body aches for the man to relentlessly lay claim on it. Just the idea of his father fucking him until his throat is too sore to yell and his belly bulges from being overfilled with semen made his cock jump in excitement.

But for now, he’ll settle for this.

A drugged drink. Nothing too powerful, the man will wake in the morning. But he is in a deep enough sleep that Harry could do whatever he wished without worry of his father catching him and rejecting his lust.

James, after getting enough of the drugged drink in his system, had passed out on the sofa, one leg dangling off the side while Harry pushed the other up on top of the furniture’s backrest. Settling between the long legs, he smirked and giggled eagerly, trembling hands undoing the belt and pulling down the zipper. He tugged the pants down just enough for the bulge under James’ underwear to be fully exposed, as well as the hairy thighs.

Chewing on his lip with a wanton moan, he pulled the underwear down until the soft meat between his father’s legs was completely free, then the sagging scrotum of full testicles. Even soft, the organ was magnificent. Oh, how he wanted to get it rock hard and ride it until it exploded deep inside his ass. But that has to wait. He has to coax his father into that. He doesn’t want their first time having sex to be with one of them unconscious.

Quickly removing his own pants, forgoing underwear tonight in preparation for this, he scooted back on the couch and lowered his head until his nose was buried in the thick public hair. His tongue lolled out, trailing along the muscles on the man’s abdomen. He felt the cock jerk up, bumping his throat. He wrapped his hand around it, giving it gentle strokes to coax it into a harder state.

With his hand busy on the thickening organ, his mouth trailed down to the hanging balls. He licked at the blue-tinged skin (when was the last time he managed to find a good release?), exhaling hot breath onto it, before taking one testicle into his mouth and suckling on it, rolling it with his tongue. The cock in his hand hardened more. Giving the ball a final strong suck, it popped out of his mouth, red and swollen from his actions. Licking his lips, he treated the other in the same fashion.

Once done with the second testicle, his hand released the thick meat as he started licking and nibbling at it from the base to the head. It was fully hard now, accepting another’s touch that it had been denied for so long. Tongue out, Harry moaned as he licked the head, picking up a bead of salty precum. The flavor was so much better than he imagined it being and he couldn’t wait until he could taste the full climax.

James moaned in his sleep, causing Harry to freeze as the man turned his head and bucked his hips, causing the head of his cock to bump against Harry’s lips. Like he was inviting his son to open his mouth and take as much as he could handle.

‘Come on, son. Open your mouth and suck my cock. Take it all the way down your throat so that I can fill your stomach with my cum.’

Though his mind supplied the words, they came to him with the voice of James. "Oh, Daddy," he moaned, licking the cock’s underside. "It’s so big, how will it fit in my little throat?" He wrapped his lips around the head, giving it a hard suck that caused James to buck his hips again.

‘Take it all, Harry. All of my cock. I know you really want to. You know you will love it. Let me fuck your beautiful face.’

"I want to, Daddy. So badly." His tongue circled the head, taking up more leaking fluid. "You’re so big. I want it in my ass, Daddy, but I’ll take it in my throat. I’ll make you feel so good. And I’ll swallow every drop you give me."

He took the throbbing organ into his mouth, managing to fit a third of it before pulling back with a hard suck. His hand was stroking what he couldn’t fit into his mouth, fingers squeezing tightly. Each time his head lowered on the organ, he managed to suck in more. Soon, his hand left the organ and his lips were soon at the base, the head of his father’s cock deep in his throat.

Moaning loudly, which caused vibrations hard enough for James to moan as well, he started bobbing his head, swallowing down the full length of the member. He tightened his throat and hollowed his cheeks each time he pulled back and opened his throat as much as he could to swallow the large organ. James’ hips were bucking without rhythm, causing Harry to try and hold him down one hand (his other hand was pumping his own dick) before he choked.

The act proved to be in vain, the thrusting hips too strong for his one hand to hold down. He didn’t even bother tightening his throat, leaving it open so that it was easier for the cock to slide in and out. His teeth scraped against the sensitive skin, tongue rubbing the pulsing vein.

Then the hips stilled, cock throbbing. Harry swallowed as far as he could, all the way to the thick hair, breathing in the scent before his throat was suddenly flooded with thick, hot, salty semen. His eyes rolled back as the fluid shot down his throat, spilling into his belly. He swallowed a couple times, throat tightening around the organ to coax more cum out of it.

He soon could not handle anymore, pulling away and letting the cock slip from his mouth. It shot forth a couple more ropes of seed to land on his face, one across his nose and the other on his chin to trail down his neck. Moaning lowly, his tongue darted out to bring in what it could reach.

"That was good, wasn’t it, Daddy?" he asked lowly, bringing up his own hand covered with his climax. "I bet you never had your dick sucked like that before. Have you?" Giggling, he crawled up his father’s body until his softening cock was rubbing against the larger, still half-hard organ. "Did you like it? You spilled a lot in my mouth, and even some on my face. Sorry I couldn’t catch it all." His tongue darted out, running along the man’s jugular to his lips. "You taste really good, you know. So delicious."

Gently opening James’ mouth, he slid his tongue into the lax cavern, his lips pressing against the other’s as his tongue explored. The man was, of course, unresponsive, but Harry was content with just this much. For now.

Here is a line!

"Morning," James yawned as Harry came into the kitchen.

"Morning," Harry greeted in return with a bright smile. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah," his father answered. "I haven’t slept that well since before the war. I felt great when I woke up."

"Good. You’ve been looking really ragged these past few days."

"Have I?" James asked playfully, gently pushing his son’s shoulder. "Well, I'm so sorry your old man has looked like a mess for a while. Things get tough, even in times of peace."

"You should really try and find some way of relaxing," Harry suggested as he grabbed some bread to toast. "A hobby or something to relieve some stress."

"Trust me, it’s not that easy," the older Potter pointed out, taking a sip of his morning tea. "So, how’d you sleep?"

"Pretty good," he replied with a smile, thinking back to the previous night. He was sure that there is still semen in his stomach, especially since he swallowed two more loads after the first. Briefly, he wondered if his father noticed the smaller size and normal coloring of his scrotum and got suspicious. Since he hasn’t said anything –why would he, to his own son?- he assumed that he hasn’t.

"You know, I may sleep on the couch more often," James announced suddenly, as though he had a epiphany. "I never thought it was so comfortable to sleep on, but I slept better than ever."

"Wouldn’t Mum wonder what you’re doing, though?" Harry asked, fighting back his smirk. The only reason James slept so well was because of the potion he drugged him with. "She did get that couch because you complained its uncomfortable to sleep on. She said that you wouldn’t really be punished if the couch was comfy."

Playfully, his father lifted his finger to his lips and shushed him. "I won’t tell her if you won’t."

"Don’t worry," Harry told him with a grin and nod. After all, that isn’t the worst secret he could keep. "My lips are sealed."

Here is a line

Another day gone by. Another evening. Another drugged drink.

Another night of an unconscious father laid out on the couch. James, after making sure it wouldn’t make Harry uncomfortable, thought that the night was too stuffy for him to be wearing slacks, so he walked around in his boxers. It was so distracting to the teenager, who couldn’t help but constantly steal glances to the small mound between his father’s legs. Even soft, it left a small tent in his underwear, like it was teasing Harry so try and do something while James was awake.

But he’s not that crazy. Trying anything with a conscious James before his body fully responds to Harry’s touch would be like adding gasoline to a fire. It would only make things worse. Once his body accepts him fully, however, James’ mind will follow soon enough.

For now, though, he is content with these secret nights. After all, he got to touch his desire, taste him, and touch him anywhere and everywhere. But he still has to be careful. If he leaves a mark on the skin, even a little red spot, James would start suspecting something. Which is why he tries to leave spots where James can’t see them.

Nose buried into thick pubic hair while his tongue darted out to lick at hardening flesh, he occasionally lowered to suckle at the skin holding precious jewels. Even after twenty-four hours, the sack was heavy with swollen testicles, itching to be released. How did James produce so much semen so quickly? Doesn’t matter, it only meant there was more for him to take.

His hands trailed up and down the man’s side, careful not to dig in nails as he teased the thick meant standing proud for him to swallow. Bringing his hands back down to be placed on his father’s waist, he took the heated flesh into his mouth, moaning deeply as he swallowed it as far as he could. Almost automatically, the hips thrust upwards, shoving more of the cock into his mouth.

Eyes closing, he accepted the organ being pushed into his mouth and down his throat, moaning as it slid in and out of the wet tunnel. One hand cupped the testicles hanging below, rolling them in his fingers with the occasional squeeze and tug. A moan slipped out of James, the hips thrusting into his face harder.

It was when fingers clutched his hair that Harry’s eyes snapped open, looking up with the hard cock still in his mouth. Hazel eyes looked down at him, clouded with lust as a pink tongue flicked across drying lips. "Sorry," he panted. "I would let you do what you want, but you look so damn sexy. Where’d you learn to suck a dick like that?"

Harry tried pulling off to answer, but his father pushed his head back down, making him swallow the cock once more. He shivered, his eyes locked onto his father’s as he started sucking once more. The hand gripping his hair guided him up and down while hips pushed up to meet him, James taking control. Harry moaned, scraping his teeth on the hot skin, which caused James to groan deeply.

"You want this really bad, don’t you?" he asked. "I wonder how long you’ve been fantasizing this, your old man buggering your sweet little mouth. Did you think I wouldn’t notice, Harry? Think that I didn’t know you watch me in the shower? That you’re standing there under my cloak touching yourself while I’m jacking off. That I don’t hear you fingering your ass and moaning my name in the middle of the night, begging for ‘Daddy’ to fuck you deep. You’re such a little dirty thing, but I find it so hot."

The teenager finally managed to pull off the cock, the hand gripping his hair yanking back hard enough to earn a yelp. "I thought you would be disgusted and mad," he panted out past swollen lips.

"A little, at first," James admitted with a shrug. "Then I got turned on, more and more as time went on. Bet you don’t know that when I hear you masturbating at night, I’m outside your door jerking off. I pump a load out just for you, Harry. A load I really wanted to release once I'm in your ass."

"Well, I’m here right now," Harry chuckled as his father’s hand released him. Lifting himself to his hands and knees, he slowly crawled up the larger body until he was laying on the man’s chest. "Do you dream of fucking me like I dream of being fucked by you?"

"I hope so," he replied, lifting his head to lock lips with the younger. Harry dove into the kiss, tongue shooting out and into James’ mouth. But James is far more experienced, able to wrestle down the eager appendage and take full control. Harry’s legs shifted until his knees were bent at the man’s waist, their hard and aching cocks rubbing against each other.

Separating from the kiss, Harry lowered his head and whispered, "Fuck me, Daddy. I really want your big cock in my ass right now. I want to be filled with cum. Breed me like a bitch in heat."

"You’re so dirty," James chuckled, but grabbed hold of Harry’s butt cheeks and spreading them. Harry reached down, grabbing the larger dick and pressing the tip close to his puckered hole. "Already that eager? I haven’t prepped you at all."

"I’m ready for it, Daddy," Harry panted, pressing the tip against his tight entrance. "Shove it in. Take my virginity and fill me with semen."

James shrugged, lifting his hips to rub his cock against the pulsing hole waiting for his entrance. "If you say so," he said, reaching down to guide himself into Harry’s ass. The teen threw back his head as he entered, gasping and moaning loudly as he slid deeper inside. "Relax. You’re too tight. I might cum just from entering you."

"You have more to give," Harry panted, rocking his hips back to take in more of the invasive flesh. "I saw how swollen your balls are. You’re so full of sperm, but now you have my ass to empty into. You can pour as much as you want into me, too. Whenever you want sex, you can just pull my pants down and shove this fat cock into me. You can hump my tight ass anywhere you want, even on the dining room table in the middle of supper. I’ll always be ready for you, Daddy." He pulled back, sitting on his father’s waist in order for his hole to take James in until he was sitting on his father’s balls. Moaning loudly, he looked down at his father while pinching his perk nipples. "You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Daddy?"

"Very much," James replied, taking in the sight of his son sitting on him. Harry looked like he just got an early birthday and Christmas present. And damn him to hell and back for enjoying it. It was so wrong, but right now, he couldn’t care.

Lily had not been as accepting of him as she used to be. Even when they got married, she didn’t want sex that often, no matter what he did. Wasn’t ‘in the mood’ or ‘had a headache’ or whatever excuse she could come up with. Even when she was pregnant, and he heard that pregnant women can get really horny, she refused his touch in case he ‘hurt the baby’.

Yet here is that baby now, nearly seventeen years old and bouncing on his dick. Taking in every inch of him as though he was a man dying of thirst in a desert, spotting his first oasis filled with water. He wasn’t sure where this desire came from, Harry watching him or his own sexual denial accepting any hole that is willing to take him. But here is his son, his baby boy, riding his neglected cock.

Who was he to complain? Lily denies him sex almost every time he turns around. If he even shows signs of wanting her, she brushes him off and tells him ‘no’. He didn’t want to cheat on Lily, and he knows that this counts as cheating in the worst way possible. He’s committing incest for release, cheating on his wife with his son.

"Stop that," Harry panted, ceasing his bouncing as he leaned forward and placed his hands on James’ cheeks, making the man look at him.

"Stop what?" James returned.

"Stop thinking of her," the younger growled, rocking his hips to entice a moan from James. "She’s not on you right now. She’s not riding your delicious cock, wanting to be filled to the brim with your seed. I am. I’m the one you’re fucking right now, Daddy. My ass is accepting your huge dick. My ass is what’s bringing you pleasure. Not her. Me!"

Chuckling, James looked at him, wrapping his arms around Harry’s waist as he managed to pull himself up to a sitting position. Placing one hand behind him for support, he started thrusting his hips up, causing Harry to gasp and moan, dropping his head onto James’ chest while his hands flew to his shoulders and gripped tight. "I know that," he said, lowering his head to lick at his son’s neck. "I just can’t believe that the one I’m fucking right now is my son and not my wife."

"Forget your wife, she’s neglecting you," he growled, yelling out as the tip jammed into his prostate. "Right there, Daddy! Fuck me right there! Shove your big fat dick into your son’s prostate! Let your son’s ass squeeze you and drink your cum!" He yelled out in pleasure as the thrusting became more frantic, without rhythm as the cock inside him started throbbing. "You can come in me, Daddy. You can fill my ass with your wonderful semen. I want it so bad. I want you to fill me. Please, Daddy, fuck me and fill me!"

"I’m coming, Harry," James exclaimed, teeth gritting as he bent forward, arms snapping around Harry’s waist. "I can’t stop. Fuck, Harry, I’m coming inside you!" He pulled Harry closer as his load erupted from his tip, shooting a load he has been unable to rub out since he was a teenager. None of his moments of jerking off, even with Harry watching, ever made so much semen shoot out of him as it is now, emptying his sack into the body on top of him.

Descending from their sex-high, both sagged down onto the couch, the older still buried inside his son. "That was amazing, Daddy," Harry giggled, lifting his head to lick along James’ jawline. "Even better than I ever dreamed it to be."

"You realize we’re going to have to be careful, right?" James pointed out. "Lily is smart. If she suspects anything-"

"She won’t," Harry reassured, pecking a kiss onto the man’s lips. "Promise. So long as we act normal around her, she won’t have reason to think anything is going on." He nuzzled James’ neck, planting another peck on his throat. "You’re really okay with this?"

"Yes," James sighed, hands sliding up the teenager’s perky ass then lightly trailing up his spine. Harry shivered against him. "As much as I can’t believe I am saying this, I am fine with this." He bit back a groan as the muscles still surrounding his penis flexed, causing his cock to twitch in anticipation. "Harry, you’re being bad."

Giggling, Harry slid off his father’s lap and went to the floor. He lowered himself until his shoulders and head were on the carpet, but his ass was still in the air with his legs spread. "Maybe I need Daddy to punish me," he tempted, chewing on his bottom lip.

"You know, after surviving Voldemort breaking into our house and trying to kill us, I never imagined this happening," James mused as he shifted until his feet were on the ground. "My son on the floor with his legs wide open, my cum dripping from his ass while he begs for my cock." He smirked, slapping the butt in front of him. "I said ‘begs for my cock’."

Harry moaned, pushing his hips back to the hand rubbing the sting away. "Oh, Daddy," he pleaded, feeling the cock tip rubbing against his still stretched hole, teasing him. "I really want your dick back inside me. I really want you to pound my disgustingly perverted Daddy-wanting ass with your big, fat cock. Please, Daddy. Please, stuff me with your meat. Fill my ass with your cum."

"Good boy," he chuckled, standing up in order to place his legs at Harry’s sides. Bending his knees, he buried his stiff organ into the waiting hole, groaning deeply as he was sucked in. He shoved in as deep as he could, his scrotum hitting the teen under him before he pulled back and slammed back in. "Merlin, I never knew fucking my baby boy would feel so good."

"Your baby boy loves your cock, Daddy," Harry panted as the man sped up, the hanging sack slapping against him as his father rose and dropped on him from behind. "Every inch of it. Every drop from it. Your baby boy loves the taste and the feel of your big dick."

"You know something, Harry," James panted, pulling the slim up upwards to meet with his thrusts. "I’m so glad you sucked me off last night. I didn’t know if you would accept me like this, but I didn’t want to spook you. I knew the drink was laced with a potion, so I didn’t drink it. I was awake the whole time, enjoying the feel of my cock in your throat. Fuck, if I knew it was this good, I would have started fucking your ass last night."

"I wish you did, Daddy," Harry returned, tongue lolling out as saliva dripped from his mouth, smearing onto the carpet. "This feels really good. I love being fucked by you, Daddy. Please go faster! Harder! More! More! More! Oh, fuck, Daddy! I’m gonna cum!"

"Do it," James growled, grabbing Harry’s hair as his started to erratically pound into the willing ass under him. "Cum for me, Harry. Cum from my dick in your sweet ass. Cum from your Daddy fucking you."

"Daddy!" He threw his head back, body tensing as he released onto the rug, his hole squeezing another large load from his father buried deep inside. He gasped and moaned as more hot fluid was shot into him, feeling the skin of his abdomen tightening from the two massive loads inside.

James leaned over him, holding himself up by his elbows as his hips lazily pushed into the teenager. He kissed Harry’s shoulders then his neck. "You’re on some kind of protection, right?"

"Kind of late asking that with two loads in me," Harry chuckled.

"Harry," he demanded.

Snickering, Harry rolled over, moaning lightly as the softening cock slid from his leaking hole. "No, I’m not," he answered with a smirk, hands on his belly. "I want to have Daddy’s baby."

"Harry, you can’t," James told him firmly. "Having my baby means having your own brother or sister."

"I know," the younger chuckled, his arms wrapping around James’ neck to bring him closer for a kiss. James did not argue the kiss, accepting it as he lowered his hips to rub against Harry’s. "Daddy?" he called softly when they separated, James kissing down his neck.

"Yeah?" the man replied, traveling lower until he was at a erect nipple.

"Want to impregnate your son in your bed?" he suggested, opening his legs so that James could situate himself more comfortably.

"As hot as that sounds, you need to be on protection," the man denied, getting up to his knees. "And I, due to lack of sex, am not currently stocked up on condoms." Because what was the point with a wife denying him whenever he tries to even propose sex.

"No condoms," Harry whined with a pout, sitting up to hug James by his waist, resting his chin against the other’s stomach. "It won’t feel as good if you wear a condom."

"Then start using protection."

"One more time without it," the teenager pleaded, kissing at his father’s stomach. "Please, Daddy. Fuck me one more time without protection. In your bed. Doesn’t it sound sexy as hell knowing there’s a risk of knocking your son up with his sibling? I think it’s one of the hottest things ever."

"Protection, then sex," James firmly informed as he tugged Harry’s arms off of him and rose to his feet. "I should have asked about that before."

"You’re mean."

Here the Chapter Ends

O_O So yeah, that happened. Harry and James are having an incestuous affair.

Or is it really incest? Maybe there is a secret to Harry that no one really knows. Maybe he isn’t James’ son. Maybe he isn’t even Lily’s son. Maybe he’s a child they adopted when he was a baby and raised to think they’re his real parents. Maybe he was placed with them and their minds altered to believe he is their son.

Or maybe it really in a father-son incest relationship. Either way, let me know what you guys think about this… thing that my mind created. I am probably very sick in the head right now. Excuse me, I need to see a therapist.

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