Engineering Doll Making

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Here the Chapter Starts

Brown eyes watching nimble hands tinker away at the wooden product in her hands. Her pink lips curled into a small smile as she finally connected the two pieces. "Nearly done," she said softly, holding up the wooden limb in the air, looking past it to the man-sized wooden doll in front of her.

"How much longer, my dear one?" a male’s voice trailed into her ears as hands snaked under her arms and cupped her breast, pinching her nipple sharply between a couple strands of her pink fishnet tube top. "You know how impatient I am for this." Lips attached to her neck, suckling gently as his hands massaged the mounds under them, making her short of breath as she moaned gently under his ministrations. Something poked at her lower back, making her giggle slightly, knowing what it is. "You know watching you work gets me so works up."

"Patience," she whispered to him, placing the limb down. She leaned forward out of his arms, but his hands remained on her hips as he received a full view of her rear under her short black skirt, her cheeks plump with a thin string between them. "This will be one of my better inventions."

"My little Doll Maker, when are you going to tell me what this is?" he sighed, resting his chin above the crack of her plump rear, gently blowing air onto her fishnet covered back.

She giggled. "This will be a little present to that slut who thinks you belong to her," she told him. "She wants some cock? She will get some. Whether she wants it or not. And she will."

He chuckled, his hands slipping from her hips to her buttocks, groping her harshly before separating the cheeks. A finger slid under the strap of her thong, pulling it back before letting it snap back. The Doll Maker gasped in slight excitement. "If I didn’t know any better," he taunted. "I would say you felt threatened. You know my cock was made for your sweet, tight pussy alone."

"Just as my pussy is made to house your long, fat cock only, my Engineer," she stated, spreading her legs before setting herself down on his lap, feeling his member rub against her wet entrance through the thin fabrics. "Soon, though, she will learn that. And everyone will eventually learn what a slut she really is. Especially when my doll claims her in the middle of a feast for everyone to watch."

His member jerked at her words, grip on her hips tightening enough to bruise. "I can’t wait," he growled, his hands jerking down to his slacks, pulling himself out before thrusting into her slick entrance, completely avoiding the thin fabric thong that was previously covering her. She cried out as he pounded himself into her savagely. "And you shouldn’t make me, you tease!"

"I-I’m so-sorr-rry," she panted out as he pushed her hips up and jerked them down as he thrust up into her. "It-it w-w-will-ll be d-do-done b-b-by to-tomorroo-oow! Ah, Engineer! My pussy c-c-can’t ta-take much moo-oore!"

"Tomorrow for sure?" he grunted, quickening his pace.

"Yes! For sure! I swear!" she cried out, her hands on the ground to hold herself up. Her long fingernails dug into the stone as heat coiled within her belly. "Ah, Engineer! I can feel every inch of your cock! It’s so deep! You’re penetrating my womb! Ahh, cum inside me! Fill me with your man juice! I want your white cream to fill me until I burst!"

"Tell me more about your doll, my dear one," he ordered her, slowing his pace until he was nearly stopped.

"Please don’t stop!" she begged, looking at him over her shoulder while panting heavily.

With a smirk on his pale lips, the Engineer shifted his position until he was on his knees behind her, his bare chest laying on her back and his hands once again holding the hanging lumps from her chest. "Mm, I love playing with your tits, you know," he told her, his voice raunchy as his fingers rolled her nipples between them. "Tell me what I want to know, and I’ll give you what you love so much."

"Please, fuck me and I’ll tell you," she begged him. "I’ll tell you as you pound into me! I’ll tell you as you cum inside! I swear! Just please, fuck me hard! Fuck me strong! Fuck me fast!"

"As you wish," he complied with a grin, pulling out until only the tip remained inside then shoving himself back in quickly. "Now, tell me!"

Next Day – Hogwarts

Ginny Weasley pouted as she walked down the empty hallway. Another failed attempt to get Harry’s attention. She noticed him staring at her chest after purposely leaving enough buttons undone to show off some cleavage. Her breast were practically about to pop out! But he huffed and turned away, starting a conversation with Neville about Herbology. She didn’t understand it.

It seems as though she would have to take different measures. More forward measures. In time, he’ll see that she is his, just as he is hers. They are meant to be together! As soon as he realizes that, they’ll marry after he kills Voldemort. She’ll bear his heir, securing her place as Lady Potter. Then when he meets his ‘tragic accident’, she will be the mourning, but wealthy, widow of the Hero of the Magical World. She’ll want for nothing.

A sound startled her from her thoughts. She looked up from her feet, seeing a strange figure against the wall. She smiled. Maybe she can practice her bed skills with this one as well. After all, if she wanted Harry, she would have to really impress him with her sexual knowledge in order to keep him. But first, luring this one in. It will be easy, like so many others before.

"Hello," she meekly called out to the figure slumped against the wall. "Are you okay?"

Creaking was heard as the head turn, starting Ginny once again. "Hi, I’m Woodrow!" the figure called to her.

"Are you okay, Woodrow?" she asked, stepping closer. Then she gasped when she finally got a look at the mysterious Woodrow.

He was made of wood, wearing a school uniform with the Ravenclaw crest on the robe. His large blue, possibly glass, eyes reflected the light of the torches, focusing on her and holding her gaze. His mouth didn’t seem to have a hinge like she would think, instead it appeared to have a pair of lips. "I’m fine!" the wooden man told her before his head dropped. "No, I’m bored."

"Are you a enchanted puppet?" she hesitantly asked. She remembered her father coming home with one before, it had tried to turn its owner into a puppet. Thankfully, the charms and enchantments that operated it were removed, so it was safe for him to bring home and study. This one seemed to have strong enchantments on it. It spoke as though it were a real person, or at least had some level of intelligence.

"No, I’m a doll," Woodrow told her. "Hey, wanna play a game?"

"What kind?"

Woodrow’s head turned to look down both ends of the hallway before he rose to his wooden feet. "Not out here, silly!" he scolded her playfully, grabbing her hand. "I play this game with my mistress all the time! I think you’ll like it! But she says it’s private!"

Ginny started to believe that she accidentally stumbled upon someone’s sex toy. And she wasn’t looking forward to pulling out those splinters. "Maybe later," she told the doll, trying to pull her hand out of its grip. It didn’t give an inch.

"I promise you’ll like it," he told her, pulling her towards a door. Opening it revealed an empty classroom, the desk and chairs all stacked against a wall. The door closed behind them with a gentle click before Woodrow spun Ginny around until she was in front of him. "Here’s the game! Ready to play?"

"Uh, what game?" she hesitantly asked.

"Let’s see…Which would you rather find you? A centaur, a vampire, or a werewolf?" Woodrow asked, pointing at her.

Ginny blinked, surprised by the question. Maybe it is just an innocent doll wanting to play a question game. "I would have to say a centaur," she answered. "I may not survive being found by a vampire or werewolf."

"A centaur?" Woodrow repeated, his head spinning around completely. "Centaur Mode found. Shifting Mode." Suddenly, his hands shot out, grabbing her clothes before ripping them off of her front.

Ginny gasped in shock, watching her shredded clothes fall to the ground. A shadow loomed over her. Slowly, she looked up. Woodrow’s upper half was the same, but his bottom half was a wooden horse, the hooves being made of metal instead. But then she caught sight of what was hanging from underneath. It was long and thick, hanging low and looked to be made of flesh, not wood or metal. Pink with splotches of black skin covered the hanging horse penis, a strange clear liquid dripping down the flesh.

"Mode change successful. Current mode: Centaur." Reaching down, wooden hands grabbed her shoulders then dragged her to a desk that wasn’t stacked. Woodrow dropped her in front of the desk, pulling off whatever clothing she had left that was still covering her, then forced her down onto the desk, her back to the wooden centaur. Metal hooves clunked as they appeared beside her head. She felt the blunt tip press against her, trying to force inside. It didn’t just looked like flesh. It is flesh!

With that realization in mind, Ginny remembered wondering what it would be like to actually lay with a centaur. A fantasy she had tossed aside after first meeting the creatures. Now, though, she can.

More pressure was applied to her entrance before she opened her legs. The horse penis slid in easily once she granted it entrance. It stretched her beyond anything she ever felt before. She was sure to be bleeding from such a rough entrance. It pulled out then shoved its way back in, Woodrow’s pace quickening as more time passed. Ginny was soon as moaning mess, gripping the edge of the desk as the doll with the flesh cock sexually pleasured her. One of her knees landed on the desk, giving the pleasure doll more room between her legs for an even faster pace. Despite the owner being made of wood, the cock swelled to fullness within her, burying deep inside with each thrust.

Above the strange coupling, hiding in the shadowy rafters, watched the Engineer and his Doll Maker. "She truly is a little whore," he commented, watching his dearest’s creation make an mess of the Weasley female. "Dare I ask how you got a hold of actual cocks for your doll?"

"Relax," she told him soothingly, running a hand through his hair until her fingers found the knot of the blindfold he used to cover his eyes. "The centaur cock belonged to a rogue centaur in the forest. I killed him then removed his penis, scrotum, and testicles. They soaked in enough preservatives to hold well enough for a long while, at least so long as the spells don’t wear off. If everything went right, my little Woodrow will even cum."

"I’ll admit, I’m curious how you did that one," the Engineer chuckled as Ginny Weasley screamed her climax. Woodrow, on the other hand, only pounded faster and harder. Soundlessly, the doll suddenly stopped, buried as deep as possible. Ginny’s face was frozen in a silent scream as white fluid started to pour out of her even before the doll removed itself. "I would say that was a success."

"Too bad she didn’t choose vampire or werewolf," Doll Maker sighed. "At least those have a chance at her getting pregnant. Can you imagine the shame her family would feel if they found out she was carrying a dark creature’s child?" She snickered at the thought.

"So I’m curious," Engineer said as Woodrow shifted back into Doll Mode, then shrunk until he was no bigger than Ginny’s forearm. "Who did you use for vampire and werewolf?"

Doll Maker snickered again. "The vampire was the hard one to find, but he was no one important," she answered. "I will admit to some difficulty removing his equipment, but I did so, by not killing him until I was done. His screams were delicious." Engineer growled at her warningly. Her eyes landed on the tent he was currently pitching. "The werewolf, on the other hand…let’s just say we don’t have to worry about Fenrir Greyback anymore. But should Woodrow’s Werewolf Mode get her pregnant, Greyback will have an unknowing heir."

The Engineer had to bite his tongue so he wouldn’t give them away with his laughter. Ginny down below managed to find her robe intact, covering herself with that. "Your mind, my Doll Maker, is such a dark, devious thing," he complimented. "Even more shame to her and her family. At least, the ones that deserve it."

"I have other ideas for more dolls," she suddenly said, twirling a strand of dark hair around her middle finger. "I need parts."

"Whatever you need," Engineer told her with a wave of his hand. "I will get you everything you need, want, and more."

Ginny stared at the doll, then reached down and picked it up. She admits, she’s a little curious about what would happen if she chose either of the other answers. Though the semen was a shock, she doubted it was real. After all, what would a girl tell her parents? ‘My sex doll got me pregnant’? "Yeah, right," she whispered to herself. "You are coming with me, Woodrow. Whoever lost you, too bad."

"Hmm, successful penetration without degeneration, successful mock blood flow and erection, and very successful ejaculation," Doll Maker noted, watching the girl gather her torn clothing. "I may have to adjust that. There are no spells to replace the semen Woodrow loses. At least, not one I found yet."

"You’ll think of something," Engineer said as Ginny left the room, her torn clothes wrapped around the doll and her robe covering her. "I don’t feel like sex in the same room that slut used." He turned his head to Doll Maker. "I suggest we go elsewhere. I must reward you properly for your wonderful invention. And you must tell me more of your ideas."

Doll Maker giggled, fingers lightly on her lips. "Oh, I’ll tell you all about them," she whispered. "Especially the one I think the Dark Side would enjoy."

Next Morning – Great Hall

Harry Potter yawned silently, shaking his head a bit when his mouth closed. "Rough night, mate?" his friend, Ron Weasley, asked him as he shoveled eggs into his mouth.

"Honestly, Ron, that is disgusting!" Hermione Granger huffed, turned her head away so she would not have to watch the red-haired boy eat. "Learn to chew with your mouth close."

The dark-haired boy chuckled as Ron’s sheepish look. He knows how much Ron likes Hermione, not that the boy himself would admit it. Ron swallowed his food with a loud gulp before looking back at Harry. "So?" he asked.

"Just the usual nightmares," Harry told him. "I think Voldemort’s figured out how this link works. I can’t see anything of importance anymore."

"Maybe you could go to Dumbledore," Hermione suggested. "He may have some ideas for you to get the advantage for the link."

"Maybe," Harry sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Or maybe I can ask him to help me block out the images of Voldemort torturing his Death Eaters every night."

"You tried that, already," the bushy-haired girl pointed out, pulling a book from her bag.

"Snape hates Harry," Ron shot back. "If anything, he most likely made it easier for You-Know-Who to get into Harry’s head."

"He’s not a Death Eater."

"He was, too, and still is!"

"Dumbledore trusts him-"

"Doesn’t mean I have to!"

"Morning, everyone!" a chipper voice broke through the argument.

Harry tensed before turning around as everyone else gave the newcomer their greetings. Once again, Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister, stood behind him with her cleavage clear for all to see, straining against the confines. Her skirt wasn’t even half way down her thighs and her socks didn’t pass her ankles, showing off most of her smooth legs. Her robes, of course, hid all this from the teachers view, otherwise McGonagall would definitely have something to say about the female Weasley’s state of dress.

"Hi, Harry!" Ginny greeted him again.

"Morning," he replied, turning back to his breakfast. Damn his hormones.

Ginny sat next to him, across from Hermione after shoving Neville Longbottom to the side enough for her to squeeze in. Harry kept his eyes from her breasts, not wanting to incite Ron’s wrath for checking out his little sister. Speaking of which, why wasn’t Ron reacting badly to her current state of dress? Uncomfortable with his current situation, Harry quickly finished his breakfast then stood. "I gotta run back up to the dorm real quick before class," he told everyone. "I left my bag!"

"You would forget your head if it wasn’t attached," Hermione joked with a smirk. Harry shrugged as he left the table.

A few minutes after his departure, Ginny stood as well. "Now that I think about it, I left mine, too!" she gasped before running from the Hall. Harry was a floor ahead of her when she caught up. Ginny smirked as she quickly approached him. "Harry, wait up!" she called.

Harry jumped at her sudden shout, then turned to look at her. "Something wrong, Ginny?" he asked.

"No," she panted, out of breath from the run. "I left my bag, too, and thought to just walk together."

Swallowing thickly, Harry nodded. "Okay," he replied, turning to continue towards Gryffindor Tower.

"Harry!" someone else shouted for him.

Ignoring Ginny’s scowl, Harry leaned over the banister to see Hermione down below, holding his bag. "You already had your bag with you," she pointed out, holding it higher for him to see.

Mentally thanking his friend, he smiled at Ginny. "Sorry, Ginny, I’m a little scatterbrained," he said, walking past her and back down the stairs. "You may want to hurry and get your bag. Don’t want to be late for class." With a huff, Ginny marched off.

As soon as his feet touched the floor, Hermione was right in front of him. "Even with Woodrow, she still throws herself at you like she owns you," she hissed at him as he took his bag from her hand.

"When do you plan on having your doll humiliate her for all to see?" Harry asked in annoyance, placing his bag strap on his shoulder.

"Woodrow progresses depending on how often she uses him," she explained, looking around to make sure they were alone. "Use him enough, and he won’t be able to get enough of her. Even going as far as raping her, should she deny."

"I can’t wait," he chuckled, hand going to Hermione’s chin. Pushing her chin up a bit, Harry’s lips descended upon hers. Without asking, her lips open invitingly, allowing his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers. His hand grabbed her hair, pulling her closer to him and molding their lips together. With a growl, he separated from her before dragging her to a shadowed corner. "On your knees," he ordered as he unzipped himself.

With a smile, she kneeled in front of him, pushing her hair back and out of her way as Harry pulled himself out of his pants. The cock throbbed in front of her, the head already red. Grabbing the shaft, she rubbed her nose and tongue along the vein underneath, earning a groan from the other. Her other hand pulled his pants down enough for her to reach in and grab his testicles, squeezing and tugging them one by one. "Such big balls you have," she moaned as she continued to lick him, covering the organ with her saliva as though marking him. "So full of cum just waiting to be inside me."

"It’ll go down your throat this time," he told her, his hand still in her hair as he pulled her head upwards to pull her from his scrotum. "Now suck."

She swirled her tongue around the tip before taking him into her mouth. He groaned at the wet heat of her mouth, her teeth scraping the sensitive skin. Each time she sucked on him, she swallowed more until he was sheathed in her throat, her moans vibrating him as she started to bob her head. Slowly at first, then faster. Harry started panting, his other hand grabbing her hair as well as she sped up, taking in as much as she could with each descent. He started to thrust into her mouth, earning more vibrating moans from her that pushed him even closer to the edge. Her hands left his sack, instead grabbing his waist to support herself against him as he took over the act. With a low groan, he pushed himself deep into her throat before finally releasing. As he thrust into her mouth lazily to ride out his orgasm, Hermione grabbed his shaft again, not wanting to let any fluid escape her mouth as she swallowed the load. When he pulled away, she followed, milking him of his salty seed.

Feeling the flesh soften, Hermione pulled away with a pop. Her tongue darted out to lick around her lips, getting a final taste of what Harry gave her as he tucked himself away, fixing his clothes to look decent. Panting softly, Hermione got to her feet, blushing lightly when she felt the wetness that was her release from the blowjob. She didn’t even touch herself, and she still came. Her body reacted so well to him.

Harry tilted his head back against the wall, peering around the corner. The hall was still empty, everyone still eating their breakfast as long as possible before being submitting to the torture of the classrooms. He looked back to Hermione, who was straightening her shirt before running her fingers through her hair to try and look neater. "I don’t think you have much to worry about concerning her," he told her, reaching out and brushing his finger against her cheek. "My seed is for your body only, my Doll Maker."

Here the Chapter Ends

So who saw that coming after the first two parts of the chapter? I think I made it pretty obvious. 

I may do an explanation chapter as to how they became the Engineer and the Doll Maker. Or I may have them tell a victim out of boredom before torture.

I am going to go ahead and say it now: no, not all of Hermione’s dolls will be of a sexual nature. Woodrow is because of his purpose. I may end up explaining more about him later. Or have Hermione do it. All in all, I like how this turned out.

Tell me what you think! This is basically my first hereosexual sex fic and I really wanna know how I did.

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