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Severus rose his glass and saluted to his old friend – “Here’s for us, Lucius. I cannot believe it’s been six month since the war. Can you?”

– “Time flies, my friend.” He gave Severus a concerned look “What have you been doing?”

– “I’ve been running this damn school, what else?”

– “Ha, that I know. I meant what have you been doing besides that? You know, to relax.” – “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

– “Exactly my point. Look at you, you look like a man in his forties.” – “I am a man in his forties, Lucius” he leaned fully into the back of his chair.

– “I know, isn’t that unfortunate? You’re getting old, my friend. You need to do something about it.”

– “I’m pretty sure no one invented a remedy for that. If they would, I think you’d be the one to try it first.”

– “Oh, don’t be bitter like that. I know I don’t look a year older than thirty five and as a matter of fact I do have a remedy for that.”

– “What, not enough people around to commemorate you, so you’re paying compliments to yourself now?”

– “No reason to get nasty, Severus. I was only concerned about you.”

- “Fine, I’ll play nicely. I assume there’s something specific that’s keeping you in such a good shape?”

Lucius raised his glass with a wicked grin – “Sex. Lots of it”

– “Ah, how could I forget? Wasn’t it what has gotten you in trouble with Narcissa in the first place?”

– “She knew what she was getting herself into. And I did tell her that I was never going to change my habits. She was the one who chose to be with me, against all odds.”

– “So she did.”

– “Screw it, I don’t feel like talking about her. When was the last time you got laid?”

– “Not that it’s any of your business…” he threw the blond an irritated look “But knowing that you care about my well-being so much… I suppose it has been a while.”

– “Let’s go out then.”

– “Out?”

– “Yes. We’ll choose a good club to go to, pick up some young witches, bring them to the manor and have fun, what do you say?”

– “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

– “Come on, Severus. Have you forgotten how much fun we used to have before?”

– “Entirely too much, if you ask me.”

– “Nonsense. There’s no such thing as too much fun. Come on, for the old time’s sake. I hate to see you wasting your life on homework and cheap alcohol.”

Severus shook his head, thinking about his friend’s proposition. It’s been six month since the war. After Potter’s revelation about his hated potion’s professor, Severus’ name has been cleared of all charges and he got all the recognition he deserved, he resumed his duties as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. After all the praising of the heroes that were still alive and respects for the ones fallen had been given, everyone had returned to their own lives. Almost everyone that is. With no mission to serve, no plans for the future and no family to return to, Severus’ life became even more secluded. Few people that still kept reaching out to him were Minerva and Lucius and that would be enough to get by if the golden trio wouldn’t decide to go back to school and finish their damn education. He had no doubt, it was Hermione’s idea to drag them back for their last year.

The worse thing of all was that from an awkward bushy-haired know-it-all bookworm she managed to grow into a beautiful young woman. Her honey-brown locks were no longer looking like the hissing snakes of Gorgona Medusa, her personality got much calmer after she stopped trying to shove her knowledge down everyone’s throat and her big hazel eyes accompanied by a plump bow tie lips were just asking for the things Severus didn’t even want to start talking about. For some annoying, stupid reason, the girl was miraculously popping up at his every corner, as if purposely trying to stir up things that were better left unstirred. To be quite truthful, that little slip of a witch managed to get into his head more than he cared to admit. Occasional wank or two didn’t help anymore. His long neglected member was asking for some real attention and threatened to make itself known at the worst possible moment, if that attention would not be provided in the shortest time.

- “Fine, I see your point. I guess an occasional evening out would not hurt.”

– “Excellent. Go change then and we will be on our way.”

– “Right now? You want to go right now?”

– “Why wait? Do you have some better things to do at the moment?”

– “I suppose not, but I do need to make sure everyone is in their dorms and there’s nothing fishy going on.”

– “You’re not going to drag yourself around the castle this time of night, do you? That would take at least an hour if not more.”

– “You have any other option to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be?”

– “As a matter of fact I do. How do you think I keep an eye on all the businesses that I own?” He waived his wand and muttered a quick spell. A three dimensional hologram of Hogwarts appeared before their eyes.

– “And what is that supposed to be?”

– “This my friend, is an exact replica of your precious school.”

– “And it should help me… how?”

Lucius looked at his friend with a sigh – “Twenty first century Severus, you have to keep up to date with modern spells. Even muggles are being more educated these days.”

Severus raised an eyebrow, took another sip from his drink and looked at Lucius without saying a single word.

– “Fine I’ll show you, look…” he pointed at the room of requirement and when it popped out, enlarged it with his fingers

– “See? This shows you that there’s no one in there.” He shrunk it to its original size and inserted it back into the hologram. Severus nodded his head in approval

– “I have to give it to you Lucius, that is convenient.”

– “And saves you a ton of time.”

– “How accurate is it?”

– “I can assure you that it’s hundred percent accurate. It will show you exactly what is going on in each corner of the school.”

Within the next ten minutes their virtual tour of the school was over and Lucius grinned wickedly at his friend – “All kids are asleep and daddy can finally go out and have fun.”

– “Fine” Severus said, taking one last look at the hologram. Suddenly, one of the rooms in Gryffindor tower lit up.

– “What is that?”

– “Late night book reading?” Lucius offered dismissively. “It’s a head girl’s room, what do you care what’s going on in there?”

– “I care about everything that’s going on in this school” Severus threw, trying to hide his obvious interest behind a scowl.

– “Then by all means, go ahead.” Severus pointed his finger at the head girl’s room and enlarged it.


Draco reached into the inner pocket of his robes, conjuring a bottle of Chetau Margaux – “I believe it’s my turn to bring alcohol today.”

Ginny let out a squeak taking the bottle from his hands – “Oh my God, Draco. You didn’t have to bring this kind of alcohol.”

– “And why not?”

– “Are you serious? It costs almost a thousand pounds per bottle.”

– “Only the best for my girls” he grinned, receiving a playful nudge in the ribs from his boyfriend.

- “Show of”

– “Am not. You didn’t expect me to bring that cheap thing that we drank last time, did you?”

– “That cheap thing costed me almost a hundred pounds per bottle, you insolent prat.”

– Entirely too much if you ask me, for what I had to go through the next morning. And don’t even get me started on the headache it gave me. Thank Gods I had you to remedy that” he purred with impish smile.

– “Good save” Harry drawled, pulling his boyfriend for a kiss.

Ginny threw Hermione a mischievous look – “Ooh that gives me some good ideas for tonight’s game.”

Hermione laughed, conjuring an empty bottle from under the table – “Shall we, then?” she said, giving it a good spin. Bottle turned around a few times and stopped, pointing at Draco.

– “Truth or dare?”

- “Dare, but no roof climbing. Last time I had to explain to Mcgonagall that I was under a spell that had me dancing naked on the roof of the Astronomy tower and that was not pleasant.”

– “Fine” she turned to her friend “What do you think, Ginns? Should we start with something mild?”

– “Fuck mild. I wanna see some action. Why won’t you two take your shirts off and start kissing.”


Severus looked at Lucius, a state of pure confoundment written all over his face – “What in Merlin’s balls is going on in there?”

– “Kids are having fun, what else?”

– “You call this debauchery fun? Did you know Draco was shagging Potter?”

– “Don’t be absurd, Severus. Of course I knew.”

– “And you’re ok with that?”

– “I don’t see anything wrong with that. Come on, don’t be a hypocrite. Didn’t we try to… experiment with each other when we were young?”

– “Once. We experimented once and then I told you I never wanted to see you naked ever again.”

– “Please, you saw me naked plenty of times.”

– “That was different. We each had a witch in our hands.”

– “True. Still, we had our fun, why should we say anything about theirs? I mean all of them are at the age of consent, which technically makes them adults, so I really don’t see a reason to deprive them of their little games. Unless…”

– “Unless… Unless what?”

– “Unless you have a specific reason to not want them to have fun.”

– “Don’t be daft, Lucius. It’s completely inappropriate and you know it.”

– “I do, I just chose not to react on it. At least not the way you’re reacting. – “Next thing you’ll tell me is that you want to join them.” Lucius gave his friend an inscrutable smile.

– “Fine, if it matters so much to you let’s see if anything more inappropriate then kissing is going to happen and then if you insist, we can go and end it” he said, pouring Severus some more whiskey.


Draco pulled out of his boyfriend’s hands, his eyes flushing with lust

– “Was that good enough for you, ladies?”

– “Good God. That was so fucking sexy” Hermione said, taking another sip from her glass.

– “Our turn” Harry drawled, smiling devilishly, as he spun the bottle one more time. It spun around and stopped, pointing at Hermione.

– “Ha, payback. Truth or dare?”

– “Truth, but nothing stupid. I hope you know better than asking me if I know the answers to our Monday’s Arithmancy test. Which I think I do, but I’m not going to tell you, so forget it.” – “Fine. What do you think, Dray?”

– “Huh, let’s see. Ahm… Oh I know just the question. If you could shag any wizard, or witch of your choice, who would it be?”

- “What kind of question is that, Draco?”

– “You had your fun watching us snog each other, it’s only fair that you answer it.”

– “Please, that is not even a real question” Ginny shook her head, pouring herself some more wine “Everyone knows that she’s been lusting over Snape since her fifth year.”

– “Ginny!”

– “What? That’s like a common knowledge” she giggled, turning her face to Draco

– “Haven’t you ever seen her daydreaming in potions? I bet she would just die for some naughty detention in the Headmasters office.”

Hermione’s cheeks blushed crimson from the sight of pure shock on Harry’s face. – “You’re shitting me. You and Snape? I can’t believe that. How come you never told us?”

– “How could I tell you? You hated the man back then.”

– “Shite… I guess I did, but he was a dick to me and I didn’t know the whole story with my mom and all. Did you ever try to make a pass at him or let him know about it?”

- “Of course I did. I’ve been trying to make him notice me for who knows how long.”

– “Aaaand?”

– “And nothing, the man is like a flint rock.”

– “Wow, bugger. I mean I don’t know what you see in the old wanker, but you’re my friend and I feel for you.”

– “I think the bad boy look works out for him” Draco said, nodding his head in understanding. “My godfather might be one mean son of a bitch, but he does have this sexy vibe going on.”

– “Oh trust me, I know. The man is brilliant and have you ever seen him brew? It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine what else those talented fingers can do.

– “Wow, you got it bad for him, girl. I could talk to him, you know. I mean he and I are kinda close.”

– “As much as I’d like that love, I don’t think it’s such a good idea.”

 - “Scared of a little rejection, Granger?”

– “Not so much the rejection itself, it’s the awkward stage that comes after. How will I ever look at him again?”

– “What makes you think he’ll reject you? I mean my godfather is anything but daft. Think about it. My offer still stands.”

Hermione reached out and gave him a kiss on a cheek – “Thanks. I appreciate that.”

Harry turned to Ginny – “Your turn. Truth or dare?”

– “I’ll go with truth.”

– “Fine, then the same question for you.”

– “Ahm… I can’t answer that. Not with your boyfriend around anyway.” Draco leaned forward, taking her chin in between his thumb and forefinger

– “Don’t worry love, you won’t be the first witch who dreams about having a piece of that” he took her hand, brushing her fingers over his perfect abs. “If you ask nicely, maybe we’ll consider letting you do something other than just watching.”

– “Ha ha, very funny. Don’t flatter yourself, Malfoy. It’s not you I’m dreaming to shag.” She turned to Harry and threw her hand forward before he could ask the next question “And not you also. I love you Harry, but in muggle words: been there, done that.”

- “Wow, bugger. If it’s not one of us then who is it?”

Ginny bit on her lower lip and shut her eyes tightly – “It’s… it’s… Oh my God, I can’t.”

– “Just say it already”

– “Fine… It’s Lucius.”

– “As in… my father?”

– “Yes Draco, as in your fucking unbelievable, incredibly hot father.”

– “Shot the front door!!! You’d prefer my old man to all that? He pointed to both his and Harry’s half naked bodies.”

– “Fuck yeah. I’d prefer him over anything any… given… day. And don’t you three look at me like that. You were the ones who asked.” Draco came out of his shock stage first and gave Ginny a wicked grin

– “On the other hand, I can see your point. We Malfoys are irresistible, we can’t help it.” He batted his eyelashes at Harry, making everyone burst out with laughter.

– “I can’t believe you just said that. You’re a right prat” Harry chocked out, trying to control his breathing.


Lucius looked at the stunned expression on his friend’s face and downed the remainings of his drink – “Fuck the club, Severus. We just had a change of plans. And don’t even think of telling me that you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

– “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lucius pulled out his wand and muttered an incantation, sending Severus’ robes flying off of his shoulders and falling on the floor like a black puddle, leaving him in his shirt and trousers that were now sporting a full salute. - “Aha, and that one hit wonder of yours is there, because you’re just so damn happy to see me?”

– “Fuck you, Lucius. What do you think we’re supposed to do, just come over and invite ourselves in?”

– “Of course. We go there, I turn my charm on and we’re off to the mansion for a night of fun, or perhaps even longer.”

– “And you think this is going to work?”

– “When didn’t it? Don’t worry, you can stand there and be your broody mysterious self, while I work out all the details with the ladies.”

– “What about Draco and Potter?”

– “They can join or stay, it’s their choice.”

– “And what if we make a complete fools out of ourselves?”

– “After all we just heard, I seriously doubt that it’s even a possibility.


Ginny spun the bottle and watched as it rotated and stopped, pointing at Harry. She looked at Hermione and both of them clapped their hands cheerfully. – “What will it be, Harry? Truth or dare?”

– “I wanna say Truth, but you already know who I’m shagging, so I’m not gonna be an arse and spoil the mood for you, ladies. I say Dare.”

– “Good boy” Ginny chirped blithely. “What do we want, girl?” she threw her friend a mischievous look before both of them yelled out

– “Strip”

– “You must be kidding me, snogging in front of you wasn’t enough?”

– “Strip! Strip! Strip!”

– “Fine, you impudent witches.” He downed his wine and got up “Can I at least get some music here?”

– “I have just the thing” Hermione waived her wand, turning on her music player and amplifying the volume to the highest level “I knew this thing would come in handy when I took it with me.”

- “Oh, I love this song” Ginny chirped, giving Harry another round of applause.

– “Why don’t you join in and not let me embarrass myself all on my own” he asked, pulling his boyfriend’s hand.

– “Fine, but you better make it up to me, later.”

– “Deal.” They started moving their hips rhythmically, slowly unbuckling their belts, pulling them out and throwing them away to the far corner of the room. Then undid the zippers, letting their trousers slide down to their ankles and stepped out, throwing them to the girls who were singing as loud as they could “It’s raining men, Hallelujah! It’s raining men, Amen!” Both witches made an ear-splitting wolf-whistle, swinging boys’ pants over their heads. Shoes and socks went next, leaving both wizards only in their underwear.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door, made everyone freeze for a second. Hermione turned off the music

– “Shite, I think we were too loud. I hope it’s not professor Mcgonagall.” She took a second to regain her composure and proceeded to open the door.

– “Miss Granger, how awfully nice to see you. May we come in?” Lucius said, smiling charmingly. – “Mr Malfoy, Headmaster what… what are you doing here?”

– “Oh it’s an interesting story, I’ll tell you in a second” he said stepping into the room, with Severus following behind. “Hello son, Mister Potter”

– “Dad? Uncle Sev? What are you doing here?”

Before Lucius could say anything, Harry blushed deeply, and jumped to grab his pants from Ginny’s hands, trying to put them on, as quick as he could. Draco on the other hand, didn’t move a muscle and just kept standing in his underwear waiting for the answer.

– “Mister Potter, I assure you that impersonating a jumping beetroot, will not make us unsee what we have just witnessed” Severus sneered, trying his best to suppress a large grin and making both witches burst out in giggles.

Draco looked at his boyfriend, whose skin color, by the way, did remind one of a beetroot, and rolled his eyes before turning back to the older wizard

– “What are you doing here?”

– “Well you see, your Headmaster and I recently made a few amazing discoveries and in the light of that, we thought to invite you and your friends with us to the mansion for a bit of fun. How does that sound?”

– “Fun?”

– “Yeah, there’s a pool that we never use in the east wing, Jacuzzi too. What do you say?”

Draco smiled in agreement – “Wicked. I’m in. Love?” he turned to Harry again, who was still trying to wrap his mind around the suggestion of Snape having fun.

He could swear, for many years he believed that his potions master’s idea of having fun, was torturing kittens and the whole concept of it was unsettling to say the least.

– “Ahm… Professor, are you sure?”

– “Yes, Mister Potter and there will be no point deductions for this. Contrary to your beliefs, I too like to take some time off and relax. So, what will it be?”

– “Count me in.”

- “Wonderful” Lucius smiled, turning his attention to the girls.

– “What about you, ladies? What do you say about our little pool party idea?” Both witches looked at each other, silently thanking Merlin for his perpetually lasting miracles.

– “Sounds good”

– “Perfect” he purred, extending his hand to Ginny, while Severus offered his to Hermione.

– “Shall we then?”

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