A World Not Fit To Live In

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Chapter One

Hermione shuddered with fear and disgust as the menacing grip squeezed her upper arm, forcing her to stand. "Stand up and move, little Princess."

She turned and looked up into the leering, amber colored eyes of Fenrir Greyback. Her legs were weak with disuse, her bladder full to bursting, and her stomach empty. The strong werewolf shoved her forward, towards the dungeon door, unconcerned with her plights. Waving his wand, the heavy door opened with a loud and screeching creak. Hermione cringed at the sound on her sensitized ears, it was akin to nails on a chalkboard. After so much time in silence, it was deafening and overwhelming. He pulled her through the door and into a long, dark hall dimly lit by small sconces that were scattered down the walls and popped and cracked faintly. More muted was the sound of dripping water in the distance, the air smelled moldy and damp.

"Where are you taking me?" Her voice didn't sound like her own. It was meek and desperate, husky with disuse, and trembled slightly.

"Never mind you that, little Princess. Best you don't concern yourself with what you have no control over." Suddenly, she was shoved into a small, lighted room. "Be quick, you're expected."

Hermione rubbed her arms and looked around the small room...if you could call it that. The walls looked like planks of wood, scarcely attached. She could see through the large cracks between the planks into the hall she had just come from. Her eyes scanned the dank space, spotting a toilet and a sink. Unable to resist, she stepped to the filthy toilet and slid her jeans down. As she squatted over the bowl, her eyes were met by those of a large rat staring back at her as it perched on its hind legs in the corner. Too exhausted and numb to react, she relaxed her muscles and let the relief of her bladder emptying wash over her. Her eyes darted around the space and, seeing no toilet paper, her attention was drawn back to the rat who was watching her as it chewed and gnawed on what remained of what had been a roll of toilet paper. Of course, she thought bitterly.

"Hurry up, Princess. No need to try to look pretty," the werewolf whispered and then chuckled. The sound of his laugh made her feel dirty.

After letting herself drip dry as long as she could, she stood and pulled up her jeans, zipping them as she considered the sink next to her. It had cobwebs in the basin and mirrored the filth of the rest of the room. She attempted, unsuccessfully, to turn the knob. It had rusted closed...probably long ago.

Closing her eyes and letting out a deep breath, she opened the door. Fenrir was waiting impatiently and grabbed her arm with the same force and brutality as earlier. "Come on, we're late."

He dragged her up a flight of stairs into a small room with no furnishings. There was a wall with small hooks where large keys hung as well as some chains and shackles.

The gruff wizard yanked her again, forcing her into another hallway and through another door which led to a larger, grand hallway. This hallway was decorated with wall coverings, tapestries, and portraits. The sconces were silver and seemed to move. Upon closer inspection, they were modeled after snakes and clearly charmed to move along the walls. She shivered with revulsion.

She was led into a large foyer with a huge, crystal chandelier. There were ornate and obviously antique rugs throughout the room that covered the dark, hardwood floors. Hermione gazed up, noting the picture railing molding along the walls, close to the ceiling. More portraits were hung about the room, their occupants watching her, some with disgust, but more with what appeared to be trepidation. She wondered who these portraits were. It was an intimidating room and was probably designed to be just that. A large set of double doors to her right opened. Hermione whirled, hand to her heart, to find herself looking into the grey eyes of Draco Malfoy. A sneer on his face as he scanned her form up and down. His eyes then skimmed the various portraits around the room before he said with his condescending drawl. "Come on, Granger, time to pay the piper."

Hermione hesitated only briefly before following Draco into a large sitting room. "Ah, Lucius. Your little prize is here." Hermione looked from the serpentine face of Voldemort to the arrogant gaze of Lucius Malfoy and back to Voldemort once again. Abhorrence continued to build in her and she grasped at it, it was so much better than the overwhelming fear that was trying to suffocate her.

Voldemort kept his steady gaze on Hermione, his red eyes glittering with…bloody hell, humor? "Tell me, Mudblood, are you finally willing to accept your fate? Have the past six weeks of captivity weakened your resolve?"

Six weeks. Is that how long it had been? Hermione had lost track. She had been moved from cell to cell and to different dungeons in what seemed liked many Manors. Always in the dark. Always in silence. This was the first time she had been out of a cell and not blindfolded since her capture.

"Just kill me, already. Why are you putting it off? You know I will never do what you ask. Not ever."

Voldemort smiled gleefully. His humor unnerved her deeply. "You see, Lucius? She still chooses death over cooperation. Such resolve, such mental strength."

Voldemort stood and walked towards her. "Kneel, girl." He demanded as he approached.

"No." Hermione spat. "Kill me. I know you're going to eventually, just get it done with."

With no warning, horrifying agony filled her body and she collapsed to the floor because of it, twisting unnaturally as screams were ripped unwillingly from her body and tears pulled without permission from her eyes. It was over in seconds that felt like hours and she was left panting with the pain. She forced herself to her feet as quickly as possible to regain some dignity, defiance clearly emanating from her eyes. She glared at the snake-faced man before her eyes flitted around taking in the surprised and wary looks of the two Malfoy men.

Voldemort looked at her with a tinge of respect before answering her. "Kill you! Oh, you silly little Mudblood." He shook his head and smiled at her. "I have big plans for you. I have big plans for England! And you, my dear Mudblood, will play a large role." He nonchalantly flicked his wand, forcing her to fall to her knees.

"No. I told you! I will die before I help you." She winced with pain as her knees landed on the hard floor.

Voldemort turned away from her and walked back to his chair. "You will do as I say, Miss Granger. Lucius, and dare I say Draco, as well, will help you understand." The ugly megalomaniac looked from Lucius to Draco and then back at Hermione, an evil smile on his lipless face.

"It's that or you can be a house whore to the boys of Slytherin at Hogwarts." He leaned towards her. "Would you prefer that, Miss Granger? Hmm? Having boy after boy fucking you, rutting you day in and day out?" He leaned back. "I mean, I'm merciful, am I not? I'm giving you a choice."

Voldemort smiled viciously at her as a tremor of fear violently wracked her body. "Lucius has been lonely since the death of our dear, dear Narcissa…and Draco needs a toy. You will keep them happy, and if you cooperate, great things could be in your future. A respectable marriage perhaps?" Voldemort glanced up at Lucius. "A Malfoy marriage? Maybe? You could be the mother of future Malfoy sons, Miss Granger."

He said it as if it should be a reward for her, but her stomach contracted violently at the thought. It was apparent that she wasn't the only one who felt this way. Lucius could not contain the look of shock and utter disgust on his face, and Draco looked as if something smelled bad. The look Voldemort shot the elder Malfoy was withering and Lucius quickly regained his composure and nodded in subservience. "If it would please my Lord."

This haughty man's easy acquiescence to his master, knowing he found the idea revolting, ruffled her deeply. She was unable to contain herself, even knowing there would be more pain. "No!" She screamed. "You're a vile, disgusting, pathetic piece of a shite, Tom Riddle. I'll never..." Her words were cut off with a gurgle as she collapsed under the Cruciatus Curse once again. Expecting it this time, she was able to contain her screams.

"You bore me child." He snapped after he lifted the curse, then towards the blond wizard to his left. "Take her, Lucius. She is yours."

Hermione was unable to quench the sob that bubbled in her chest as strong hands once again forced her against her will. She just wanted them to kill her, she wanted it to be over. "Come on, Granger. Let's go." Hermione looked up into the tired eyes of Draco Malfoy. He met her gaze, registering the hatred infused in them. He whispered, his sneer still present and accounted for. "Yeah, yeah, you hate me. I know. Come on."

No will to fight anymore, tears streamed down her cheeks as she was dragged out of the room, clenching her teeth as the residual curse pain hummed through her body.

"Draco, now!" The unmistakable voice of Lucius was pointing into another room. The voice whispered, urgently. "Quickly, before he changes his mind again."

Draco walked briskly, dragging her to where Lucius led them. She felt them both step close on either side of her and the sudden pull of side along apparition almost made her throw up. The supporting hands gripping each of her elbows were the only reason she didn't fall to her knees.

"Tinny!" Lucius said loudly. The house elf entered with a crack.

"Master calls for Tinny?" The small, young, female house elf looked at Lucius reverently, expectantly.

"Take Miss Granger to her prepared suite. Bathe her, stay with her. Do not leave her side. Clean her yourself if you have to. Dress her and then bring her to the master suite."

Hermione's exhausted voice still rang defiant. "I'm right here, you know. I can bathe myself, I don't need any help."

Lucius simply looked down his regal, aristocratic nose at her before turning to sweep out of the room, Draco in tow.

Forty minutes later, a scrubbed-so-clean-she-felt-raw Hermione found herself led by the house elf into an elaborate and airy bedroom suite. A look around the room revealed a lit fireplace done in darkly stained hard wood with a sitting area. A large, dark four poster bed was covered with a light gold spread with hue's of red and burgundy woven through. The bathroom suite entry, that they had just emerged from, was connected to the bedroom with a massive dressing room. Across from the bed French doors that apparently lead to a balcony that overlooked the gardens and a lake. The tapestries were crimson, heavy, and pleated and the rugs were oriental and stunning done in floral patterns of reds and green and golds. Soft Tiffany lamps littered the surfaces glowing with flickering candle light. She walked into the closet where there were dresses, robes, and shoes. All in her size.

Hermione turned to Tinny, eyes wide. "Tinny, whose room is this?"

Tinny looked up at her. "It's your room, Miss." Hermione stared at the elf with shock on her face. "My room?"

"Yes, Miss. Come. We must get you dressed. Master will not be pleased if we delay." The tiny house elf dashed into her closet and came back with a beautiful, soft green gown. Hermione slipped it on and looked at her reflection. She hardly recognized herself. The gown made her look taller than her five-foot four-inch frame. The gown dipped low in the front, amplifying her cleavage, which was assisted by the accompanying silver silk lingerie set the elf had already dressed her in. She was utterly aware of the fact she was being done up in Slytherin colors. Upon closer inspection, Hermione felt she resembled a princess from a King Arthur fairy tale. The dress was snug along her torso and then flared out at her hips. The sleeves began just below the tips of her shoulders, leaving her chest above the swell of her breasts, her collarbone and her shoulders bare. The house elf snapped her fingers and Hermione's hair was instantly tamed into a long, soft braid draping down her back.

"Come, the Masters await." The house elf took Hermione by the wrist and Apparated them to another suite. Hermione swallowed heavily as she took in the space around her. The suite was huge, at least three times the size of her own. The paneling on the walls was dark, the colors deep greens. A brown, leather chesterfield sofa and two wingback chairs faced the intimidating stone fireplace where logs were crackling ominously. An ornate, deep wooden coffee table with marble top in front of the sofa had several books strewn across it. There were bookshelves along the walls, hundreds and hundreds of books. She looked around, noticing the door for bathroom suite and a dressing room, similar to the room she had just left behind. Another balcony with French doors, however the doors were closed with heavy fabric draped over them.

Standing next to the fire were Lucius and Draco. Lucius looked tall and haughty, scrutinizing her as his gaze moved up and down her form lasciviously. She suppressed a shudder and raised her chin defiantly. Draco's eyes stayed on hers, a knowing, smug sneer on his face. Somehow Draco came across more threatening, despite the obvious leering of the elder Malfoy. Both wizards were in dress robes.

Lucius sighed at her insolent look. "You must be hungry. Come." He gestured towards a table with three place settings to this side of the room.

Hermione was actually quite famished, weeks of eating bread, gruel, and water will do that to a person. She slowly walked over and the sight of the elaborate dishes made her stomach growl audibly. It probably should have embarrassed her, especially after the two men exchanged haughty looks. Draco held out a chair for her with sarcastically over-done propriety. After she sat and her seat slid forward, both wizards took their places.

Tinny served each of their plates and filled their wine goblets before disappearing with a pop. Hermione studied her serving while both wizards waited for her to begin eating. The meal was probably plain for them, but she hadn't seen meat in almost two months. Dinner was a beautiful, baked breast of chicken that was accompanied by rice pilaf and sprigs of freshly steamed asparagus. She picked up her knife and fork and slowly cut into the chicken breast to find it was stuffed with mozzarella cheese and seasonings. She would have moaned with the first bite if two sets of eyes weren't watching her avidly. She wondered what was up with all the pomp and circumstance – the bedroom, the bath, the clothing, the meal – when she knew they were probably going to rape her after dessert.

That thought gave her pause, and she stopped chewing for a moment, her eyes still avoiding her hosts. To think she had saved herself, had stayed a virgin all through Hogwarts and while on the run, because she wanted to be sure she was truly in love with her first man. She didn't want to lose it to a hormone-crazed teenage boy, and that included Ron. Thoughts of her dead best friends caused a small sob to escape her lips. She quickly picked up her goblet and took a swallow, willing herself not to cry. Lucius rolled his eyes, Draco simply ignored her, more interested in the food on his plate. Her stomach turned, and she put down her silverware. She was finished eating. The food was almost too rich, anyhow.

"Stop your crying, girl. It will change nothing. All three of us are pawns in the grasp of the Dark Lord."

Hermione's eyes shot up to him. Hatred laced voice. "You have not been held prisoner, Lucius. You have not been threatened with rape at every turn. You haven't slept with rats crawling all around and over you. You haven't lost everyone you loved to…"

"Enough!" he bellowed, and she was stunned into silence. "You know not of what you speak, Miss Granger. We have each of us at this table paid a price." He took a deep breath and then a sip from his crystal goblet. She could visually see him relax. "Suffice it to say, none of us here have control over our futures. We best keep our noses down; do as we are told and try to stay in his favor. Believe me, Miss Granger, you do not want to be on his bad side."

"Hmph," she snickered. "The sooner I'm on his bad side, the sooner he'll kill me."

Lucius sneered. "Did you not hear his threat, Miss Granger? Do you, in all your naïveté, truly think yours would be an easy death?" He leered at her breasts and then at her face, she felt herself shrink slightly, her shoulders rounding to try and prevent him from looking at her. "He meant what he said about sending you to Hogwarts. Do you know what happened to the last young Muggle-born witch who was captured? Hmm?"

She swallowed, her eyes wide, and shook her head slightly. "She was sent to Hogwarts, Slytherin house to start. She was raped and tortured over and over again by young boys and adolescent teens who fancy themselves young men. First year all the way to seventh year boys, Miss Granger. After a week or two – after they had had their fill - she was sent to Ravenclaw, where she was assaulted all over again. Can you guess where she went next?" Hermione didn't answer, didn't look at him. "Hufflepuff, Miss Granger until she finally ended up at Gryffindor." He leaned back, watching her. "And don't think for a minute any of those boys in Gryffindor were too noble to resist the temptation. The Dark Lord instructed them that it was their right as pureblood wizards to use filthy little Muggle-born whores. The Dark Lord was so pleased with the improved attitudes and cooperative behavior of the Hogwarts boys, that he has promised to send fresh stock as able."

Hermione shivered and sunk back in her chair, her eyes now on her plate. As she thought about what he said, a smirk crossed her face. "I would kill myself, I wouldn't let that happen to me."

"Oh, would you now, Miss Granger?" He looked at her until she lifted her eyes to his, hatred burning hot. He jabbed a fork filled with chicken at her. "Not if you were consistently Imperiused and charmed with lust potions you wouldn't."

"That's just...that's just...vile."

Lucius chuckled and put the bite in his mouth. After a short silence while he chewed and swallowed he continued. "Draco here can testify first hand to the delights of the Dark Lords gift, can't you my boy?"

Draco sniggered. "The Dark Lord had me take her first. You know...show the boys how it's done." He smiled, his eyes moving to her breasts openly.

Hermione stared at Draco and swallowed. Throwing subtlety to the wind, she brought her arms up in front of herself to shield herself from their deviant leers. "This world...this world is not fit to live in. Not anymore," she said despondently as she looked at her half-eaten dinner. "Why me?" she asked so softly it was almost a whisper.

Lucius snapped his finger for the house elf. "Why what, Miss Granger?" He asked with obvious impatience.

"Why has he...given me to you?" She almost choked on the words. "Forcing you to take me?" She watched as Tinny appeared.

Lucius studied her as Tinny cleared their plates. "The Dark Lord appreciates many qualities besides just blood status. Despite your...unfortunate heritage, you are a brilliant witch. Potter would have never made it as far as the Battle at Hogwarts had it not been for you. The Dark Lord feels that despite your tainted blood, your children will be worthy, if you are bred with a proper wizard." A look of disgust crept across his face. "I am, that is to say, Draco and I are to...help you see the right of things. If you come around and are cooperative, he has suggested the possibility of you becoming a Malfoy wife. He will sully the name of Malfoy for what he says is the greater good of Wizarding England." His look of disgust was barely contained.

Hermione turned her eyes to Lucius, pleading. "Just let me go! Say that I...say that I escaped! I'll run to America, live as a Muggle if I have to. You won't be stuck with me. It's clear you don't want to marry me! You don't want Draco to marry me, either."

Lucius shook his head. "For such a bright witch, you are ignorant of many things, Miss Granger. You would never get away. What's more, the Dark Lord would know that we released you. It would mean our deaths..." Once again, his eyes draped down her body, leeringly. "Besides, just because I don't want to marry you, doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you."

So, this was her fate. Hermione closed her eyes, willing herself not to cry, not wanting to give the Malfoy men the satisfaction of her hopelessness. She collapsed back into her chair wishing she could sink into nothingness. Then a thought came to her. She would kill herself. It was simple. She just had to get through tonight. Just lay still and let them have their way with her. When Tinny returned her to her suite, she would simply break a mirror or a frame. A sharp object and this could all be over.

Realizing she had to get through this hell before they would leave her in peace, she picked up her wine goblet and drank it down in four large gulps. The glass refilled itself at which time she picked it up once again and gulped it down.

Lucius placed his hand over hers, fingers tightening over her wrist painfully. She let out a puff of surprised discomfort. He was preventing her from bringing the now refilled goblet to her mouth once again. "Now, now, Miss Granger. If there's one thing I can't abide, it's sloppy, drunken fucking. I prefer my witches to be cognizant and aware of every touch...every sensation." He spoke slowly, drawing out each syllable and drawing out the torture of his words and their unwelcome promise.

The older Malfoy turned towards his son. "Wouldn't you agree, son?"

Draco smirked, throwing his napkin on the table and leaning back in his chair. He watched Hermione for a minute and then looked at his father. "Oh, I don't know about that. I find that a little alcohol loosens their inhibitions. They tend to let me do things they might not otherwise allow. Besides, Granger is a frigid bitch and always has been. I doubt she could even begin to relax and let go...let alone enjoy herself without the aid of a lot of alcohol."

Lucius smiled at his son. "That's a good point, my boy. However, in this case we hardly need concern ourselves with her comfort now do we." He looked at Hermione to drive the point home. "After all, if she doesn't please us, and can't be swayed to make us happy, the Dark Lord will simply send her to Hogwarts where her fate will be far worse."

Draco leaned forward. "You hear that, Granger? You really don't want to know what became of that American Mudblood, Jessica." He sneered at her, then let out an evil laugh. "Oh, alright. I'll tell you," he continued, maliciously, enjoying her misery. "After the boys of Hogwarts, a few professors (Filch and parents as well, I might add) were finished with her…" He paused for effect. "After they had no more use for her, she was given to Fenrir. You remember him, don't you? The werewolves raped her...in their wolf forms. Needless to say, it killed her. So yes, she did eventually die. I would guess she eventually found peace." He leaned back in his chair, a triumphant glare as he watched her blanch.

Unable to hold back any longer, silent tears streamed freely down Hermione's face.

Lucius smiled maliciously. "Look at me, Hermione. It doesn't have to be that way for you." When she refused to look at him, he sighed. "The answer lies right in front of you. Please us. Reform your way of thinking. Join the cause and your life could be very easy." A heavy sigh from Lucius and then dreaded words. "Enough talk, let's fuck...shall we?"

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