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A/N: I'm back, and so, so glad! This has been brewing all summer and I'm finally ready to start posting. This is the sequel to my first ever fic Say My Name. If you've clicked on this and haven't read the first fic yet, I highly recommend it. This stands on its own plot-wise, but the characters and relationships in it were established in SMN and it will be less confusing if you check that out first.

You will notice I have done things a bit differently here, though. As I started formulating it became clear that it was going to be more than just a Drarry fic. This fic will follow the stories of multiple main characters: Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Vesper (an OC). The pov will rotate between these four characters with each chapter, and while each character has their own thing going on, you will see that all of the stories overlap in important ways.

This does mean, however, that this fic isn't purely slash. There will be both M/M and M/F smut. I realize that's not everyone's cup of tea, but I hope it won't deter you from reading. The smut is just a small part of the overall story, and I will give specified lemon warnings with each chapter so you can avoid anything you don't like.

Also keep in mind this story will be a couple of shades darker than its predecessor. It's not much, but it will contain some violence and heavier topics, as well as a couple of minor character deaths (but no MCDs, I promise!). If you know me as a writer at all, you know I like balance, and I don't do dark and depressing just for the sake of it. I will always have fluff, humor, and WAFF to counteract the harder stuff. And I am a big, big believer in happy endings.

So, I hope you're willing to come along for the ride, and to be a little patient, because this story is designed to delve into the characters and what they have going on. It's going to be longer and more ambitious than SMN, hopefully in a good way. We're beginning with Vesper because... well, that's just where the story begins. But if you're craving Drarry don't worry, it's Harry's pov next chapter.

And, it never goes without saying, please review! It makes such a difference to us writers. We would be nowhere without it. For those kind enough to review Say My Name after the epilogue was posted, I've written responses at the bottom of this chapter.

Chapter 1: Academia



“Oi, Little Kitty,” a familiar voice whispered behind her. “Psssst.”

There was a tap on Vesper’s shoulder but she ignored it, trying not to flinch at the touch. She heard the chair behind her squeak.

“Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.” The voice was closer now, only a few inches from her ear, and it made her shiver unpleasantly. Her hand tightened around her quill, but still she didn’t turn around. Instead she bent forward over her desk, focusing on the words in front of her.

Name the three common ways to disguise one’s identity.

She knew this. She knew this one. She began writing out the answer: Polyjuice Potion, glamour spells, and… what was the third thing? It was right there in front of her, if only she could-

“Come on, Little Kitty. Don’t ignore me. I just want to know what you got for question 3.”

“Dempsey!” barked a voice, making the presence behind Vesper jump. “Eyes on your own parchment, or I’ll give you a zero for your very first day. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?”

Vesper smiled and looked up. Ron Weasley loomed over them, his muscular arms crossed over his broad chest, a dangerous glint in his blue eyes as he stared down at Chadwick Dempsey, the snot-nosed little shit who had been giving Vesper a hard time since she’d arrived at the Academy to begin her Auror training that morning.

Dempsey reminded her uncannily of Jack Hewett, a boy she’d known at Ilvermorny who used to toss little pieces of balled up parchment at the back of her head during Transfiguration. But they had been thirteen then, and now that she was an adult she’d thought she would never have to put up with his kind again. Apparently, though, some boys never grew out of being absolutely obnoxious.

“I’ve got my eye on you, Dempsey,” Ron went on. “This isn’t bloody First Year History of Magic. You have to actually pay attention.”

“Yes, sir,” Dempsey said, sounding chastened, though Vesper felt confident that the remorse was feigned.

She glanced up at Ron again and saw him give her a wink. She smiled gratefully and silently thanked whatever divine power had intervened to give her Ron Weasley as an instructor. It was nice to have a friend around here. Especially since so far the experience hadn’t been what she was expecting.

She was the only woman in the class, for one thing. This surprised her immensely, since she’d heard countless stories from Harry and Ron both about female Aurors they’d known over the years, particularly Nymphadora Tonks, little Teddy Lupin’s birth mother, who had been exceptional, by all accounts. Vesper had readily assumed that the Auror Corps would be an equal opportunity employer, since magical skill and pure nerve were much more important than physical strength when it came to success in this line of work.

But no, she was a lone woman among a sea of men. Not even men, really. Boys. Most of them were eighteen or nineteen, twenty at the oldest. There was only one other trainee who appeared to be around her age.

Not that she didn’t get along with those of the male persuasion. In fact, she usually had more in common with men than women, for the most part. But these were alpha male types, constantly preening and posturing and trying to outdo each other for how macho they could be. Dempsey had chosen to show his supposed “manliness” by giving Vesper a demeaning nickname within five minutes of meeting her. She could only assume that his thinking behind this was that by picking the “weakest” trainee among the group to torment, he would be less likely to have to endure any retaliation.

She couldn’t wait to show him what a huge mistake he’d made. Little Kitty had claws.

But now was not the time. They were still in the classroom portion of the day, much to Vesper’s chagrin. It wasn’t that she’d done poorly in school, but she’d always been more athlete than bookworm. She liked doing things. She liked to move. She’d heard Auror training was physically demanding, and that’s what she was really looking for. If only the morning would go by just a little faster so she could get to that part.

“Five more minutes, everyone,” Ron warned the group from the front of the classroom, where he was watching everyone carefully.

Shit. Vesper returned her attention to her parchment, deciding to skip the question about disguises and move onto something easier. She was able to fill in hurried answers to two more questions before Ron called time and collected all of their parchments with a non-verbal Summoning Charm.

“These will be graded this afternoon and your scores will be given to you by the end of the day,” Ron told the group. “Now, this little quiz was just the first of many, so if you failed, you didn’t fail out of the course just yet. But anything under a seventy percent, and you should be worried, because it doesn’t bode well for your future here. The tests will only get harder.” His eyes scanned the room, his face inscrutable. “We’ll take an hour for lunch. Make sure you eat. You’ll need your energy for the afternoon when we head into the training room.”

Finally, Vesper thought. An arena in which she could excel.

She began gathering her things and suddenly felt a presence beside her. Assuming it was Dempsey back to annoy her some more, she didn’t bother looking up. But then the presence spoke, and the voice was unfamiliar, soft, and a little musical.

“So, what did you get for question 3, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She looked up into a face she knew by sight but not by name. He was olive skinned, with well-etched forehead lines and a strong jaw that seemed to sport a permanent five o’clock shadow. It was the older guy, the only other trainee that wasn’t practically fresh out of school. She stared at him.

“I’m just stumped, is all,” he went on. “I think I got the rest right, but that one really threw me for a loop. And I’m not about to ask one of these tossers about it.” He looked dismissively around the room for a moment, indicating the other trainees. “I thought you might know.”

Vesper hesitated, then wondered why. He was perfectly nice. She had no reason to be suspicious of him. Dempsey and his cohort just had her on edge, for some reason. She reached into her bag and pulled out The Auror’s Handbook, the text they’d been given in preparation for the training course. She opened it to page 53 and handed it to him, pointing to the relevant paragraph.

He took it and read it to himself. “While in the field an Auror should always know his or her exact Apparition coordinates,” he quoted aloud, after a minute. “This allows for a speedy rescue from backup in times of distress.” He looked up at Vesper again. “That makes… complete and total sense.” He handed the handbook back to her.

“I know,” she said, stuffing it in her bag. “That’s why I remembered it.”

“Well good on you. You probably got a better score than I did.”

“I doubt it. I couldn’t remember the third thing we use to disguise ourselves.” She ticked off on her fingers. “Polyjuce, glamours, and…”

Confundus,” he filled in for her. “You don’t disguise yourself, really, you just confuse the people around you into thinking you’re someone else.”

“Right… Confundus.” Why hadn’t she remembered that?

“Hey, it’s no big deal. At least you got two out of three.” He was smiling at her, and she couldn’t help smiling back. “I’m Declan, by the way. Declan Ross.” He held out a hand.

She shook it. “Vesper Kemp.”

“You’re American.”


“So that’s why I don’t recognize you. I figured if we went to Hogwarts together, I’d know you at least by face. It’s not that big a place.”

“Nope, no Hogwarts for me. Ilvermorny.”

He nodded. “I worked with a guy up until recently who went to Ilvermorny. Maybe you know him. Aaron Massey?”

She thought, then shook her head. “Doesn’t ring a bell. But Ilvermony’s a much bigger school than Hogwarts. What house was he in?”

“Horned Serpent, I think it was.”

“My older brother was Horned Serpent, so they probably crossed paths.”

“I see,” said Declan. “But that wasn’t your house.”

Vesper shook her head and grinned. “Nope. Thunderbird, all the way.”

“Ah, the adventurers, right?”

“You got it.”

“Sounds a bit like Gryffindor.”

Vesper made a deliberating noise. “Sort of. Like a mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, so I’ve heard. We like to do and see and know everything there is to do and see and know in the world.”

He laughed. “Sounds great.”

“Yeah, it’s the best house, hands down,” she said, noting the amused twinkle in his eye as he looked at her. “You’re a Gryffindor, I take it?”

His brow furrowed in surprise. “How’d you guess?”

She shrugged. “I can just tell.”

“Well, you’re right.”

“So you must know Ron pretty well then.” She cleared her throat suddenly. “Excuse me, I mean Auror Weasley,” she corrected with a knowing smile.

He laughed again. “Not all that well, actually. I was a few years above him in school. I knew the twins, Fred and George, a lot better.”

She nodded. She was acquainted with George, but she had never gotten the chance to meet Fred, of course.

“But you must know him pretty well then, if you’re on a first name basis,” Declan continued.

“Yeah, he’s a good friend.”

Declan was suddenly eyeing her carefully. “You’re one of the Contingent, then, aren’t you?”

Vesper resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The so-called Potter-Malfoy Contingent was what the press decided to dub the group of people that spent a great deal of social time with wizarding Britain’s most talked about couple. The group included, but was certainly not limited to, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Pansy Nott, née Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Hannah Abbott, Neville Longbottom, and her.

And Blaise Zabini, of course. But she tried not to think about him, if she could help it.

“We don’t really think of ourselves that way,” she said. “But yeah, I’m friends with them.” Whenever someone referred to her friends in such a way, she always got the unfamiliar feeling of being part of some exclusive club, someone with a reserved seat at the “cool kids’ table.” But that’s not really how it was. It wasn’t exclusive. Harry and Draco weren’t like that. They were just good, friendly people who liked to spend time with other good, friendly people. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn’t grown up constantly hearing Harry Potter’s name, but this obsession with him and his partner and everything they did always struck her as odd. Yeah, Harry had saved the world and all, and Draco was an all-around awesome guy, but to her they were just Harry and Draco, her two closest friends on this side of the Atlantic. They were just… people.

She looked at Declan, hoping he wasn’t going to start treating her differently for some reason. But he just nodded and said, “That’s cool. Potter always seemed like a decent bloke to me.”

“He is,” Vesper said simply. “Anyway,” she pointed to the door, “I’m going to go grab some lunch from the food cart.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Declan said, stepping aside to let her pass. She was about to when he spoke again. “Listen,” he said, then paused. She waited. He scratched the back of his neck. “Would you… like to grab drinks tonight? Not like a date,” he said quickly, accurately reading the reluctant look on her face. “I just think… well, I could use a friend around here, and we old people have to stick together, with all these toddlers running around.”

That made Vesper laugh. “That sounds fun. I’m not dating right now, but I could use a friend, too.” He smiled. “I can’t do it tonight, though. I have plans.” This was sort of true. She had promised Harry and Draco she would floo call them in the evening to tell them about her first day at the Academy, and she found she was really looking forward to it. That, and getting to be home on her own for a few hours. “Maybe later in the week?” she offered.

He nodded knowingly, and Vesper wondered if he thought she was blowing him off, and then wondered if that was exactly what she was doing. She didn’t always know, in the moment. “Yeah, all right. Cool.”

“Cool,” she replied, then took her leave with a soft smile.

At the food cart on the second floor she purchased a pastrami sandwich and a raspberry flavored fizzy water. Since the end of the war, Muggle carbonated beverages such as this had become more popular, and Vesper was thankful. She was a bit sick of pumpkin juice.

She looked over at the dessert tray and decided she deserved one. She asked for a cauldron cake, then had a sudden idea and ordered two.

She knew that most, if not all, of the other trainees were gathering in the designated rec room for lunch, where there were tables set up, encouraging them to get to know each other. Vesper didn’t feel much like heading there, though. Instead, she thought she’d track down Ron.

Thankfully she’d been to his office before, so she knew where it was, and thankfully he was there, and alone. There was a half-eaten roast beef sandwich and a bag of potato chips next to him, and he was looking over some papers while sipping on a butterbeer. It took her a moment to realize he was grading the trainees’ quizzes from that morning.

“Hey, catch,” she said from the doorway, and waited for him to look up and register her presence before she tossed a cauldron cake at him.

He caught it deftly and smiled. “Hey, thanks. What’s this for?”

“Apple for teacher,” Vesper joked, before realizing he might not get the reference. “Just wanted to say thanks, you know, for looking out for me with Dempsey earlier.”

“Just doing my job, Ves. No need to thank me. Not that I’ll say no to sweets, when they’re provided.”

She laughed. “Can I sit?”

“Sure.” He cleared some space off of his desk for her to place her lunch.

She sat down, then twisted the cap on her fizzy water, watching the bubbles rush to the top. She took a sip before saying, “I know you were doing your job. I’m just grateful. He was giving me shit all morning, but it seems like you’ve shut him up, at least for now.”

“Yeah, for now,” Ron echoed. “He’ll resume soon enough. I know his type.”

“Get a lot of those, huh?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” said Ron, popping a chip into his mouth. “Want some crisps?” he asked her suddenly, offering her the bag. She took one. “They’re not usually so determined to be arseholes as he is,” Ron went on, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands behind his head. “He seems a special case.”

Vesper nodded. “Yeah.”

“What was that bit he was doing, about calling you Little Kitty?”

Vesper gave him a look while she chewed on a bite of her sandwich. She swallowed, then replied. “I can’t be sure, but I have a feeling it’s an indirect reference to a certain part of my anatomy, if you catch my drift.”

Ron thought about that for a second or two, then made a face. “That’s pretty gross.”

“Yes, it is,” Vesper agreed. “I might be wrong, though. But what does it really matter?”

“If it’s any consolation, he could very well fail out. More than a third of you will, if the numbers hold as usual.”


Ron nodded. “Roughly a third don’t pass the course. Another third don’t make it past first year. Only a handful of you will make it to Senior Auror, three or four, probably.” He leaned forward in his chair and took another bite of his sandwich.

“I hadn’t realized that,” Vesper said. She wasn’t sure if she found the statistics comforting or worrisome.

“Turnover’s high,” Ron said between bites. “Most people aren’t up to the job. Why do you think we recruit so much? We don’t have enough positions to fill to keep on fifteen to twenty new recruits a year. But we have to start with that many, to weed out the weaklings. And we are always hurting for manpower.” He smirked. “It’s ironic, really. We’re a highly exclusive club that’s constantly in need of new members.”

Vesper smiled. “You made the cut, though,” she said.

Ron shrugged. “My class was different. It was only a year out from the war. There was a smaller recruitment pool, and there weren’t that many of us. And we’d all seen action of some kind. We were coming in a bit more prepared, and we understood the reality of violence.” He reached for his cauldron cake, opening the packaging. “Now, five years out… most of our recruits are old enough to remember the war, but not old enough to actually have fought in it. They don’t appreciate… they don’t understand the reality of it. They see it like a game, or something.”

“Little boys playing Cops and Robbers,” Vesper said. Ron furrowed his brow at her, confused. “It’s a game Muggle children play," she explained. "In the States, at least. I don’t know about here. But it’s a play pretend sort of thing.”

Ron nodded. “Yeah, something like that.” He took a bite of cake.

“So when they see what it’s really like, they bail?”

“Some of them,” said Ron. “Others step up when you least expect them to. People can surprise you.”

“Even people like Chadwick Dempsey?”

Ron looked at her, frowning. “Most likely not. But you never know.” They ate in silence for a minute.

“So, how’s desk duty treating you?” Vesper asked.

Ron shrugged again. “It’s all right. Could be worse. I’m glad I’m teaching, rather than stuck doing paperwork. And it’s only another four months.”

Vesper nodded. She knew the transition had been hard on him, at first. But she also knew that he was aware it was necessary. He’d received an injury in the field, a really bad one, and had nearly lost his left arm thanks to a curse from a criminal he and his partner had been tracking. Hermione had been especially distraught over it. Vesper was having dinner at Harry and Draco’s the night it happened, and was witness to Hermione’s frantic, tearful arrival by floo. It had shocked Vesper, because Hermione was usually so collected and reasonable. But she was shrieking and babbling that night, something about a flare-up of an old splinching wound that had happened during the war. She seemed to think it was her fault. Harry and Draco had gotten her to calm down, but it had taken some doing.

“There are a few upsides,” Ron was saying now, bringing Vesper’s attention back to the present. “I’m home pretty much every night, nowadays. Sometimes I even get there before Hermione, which never used to happen.”

“She must like that,” Vesper said.

“I sure hope so, otherwise I’m in trouble,” Ron said with a grin. “It’s no good having a wife who never wants you around.”

She smiled. Ah, yes. The wedding. “Speaking of which, how’s the planning going? Any progress?”

“Some,” Ron said. “It’s tough when you have two highly opinionated mothers in the mix. Everyone’s got an idea about how it should be.”

“Mm,” Vesper agreed vaguely. She knew a little something about having an opinionated mother-in-law. Well, not quite mother-in-law, really, since she and Blaise were never married. But still. It was close enough.

“My advice? Not that you’ve asked for it,” Ron qualified. “But my advice, if you ever decide to get married…? Elope. Save yourself the trouble.”

Vesper laughed. “Hermione would be all right with that?”

“At this point, maybe,” said Ron. “She pretty much only cared about the dress, and she found that early on. The rest… well, she was planning on leaving it up to our mothers so she wouldn’t have to spend her energy on it.”

“Yeah, she doesn’t really seem the type to obsess over flowers and color schemes and the rest of it,” Vesper observed.

“Why do you think I’m marrying her?” Ron said with another grin. Of course, Vesper knew better than to take the joke at face value. She had never seen a man more devoted to a woman than Ron Weasley was to Hermione Granger. “No,” he went on, wiping his hands on a napkin, “the real problem is now, instead of just handling the details ourselves, we have to handle our mothers, which is infinitely more difficult.”

Vesper nodded. “I can see how that would be harder.”

“And with our jobs and everything else…” He sighed. “Honestly, I’ll be glad when it’s over. I just want to be married. I really don’t see how one day is worth all this stress.”

Vesper took a sip of her drink, silently agreeing with him. Most women wouldn’t, she suspected. But then, she had never been most women.

“Anyway, what will be will be, on that front. I won’t bore you with the details.” He gave her a sly smile. “I’m sure you’d much rather talk about something more interesting, like what score you got on your quiz just now.”

“You have it already?” she asked, surprised.

Ron nodded. “I marked yours first.”

“Do I want to know?” She grimaced at the prospect, making Ron chuckle.

“Yes. You got a ninety-three. Not bad. You skipped one question, and I could only give you partial credit for the one about disguising your identity. But you got the rest right.”

Vesper absorbed that. “Could be better, though.”

“Yes, but could be much, much worse. And you know the academic portion is only one part of your overall marks. The physical fitness and field training portions make up two thirds of your total score, and you’ll have no problem with those.”

“Did I do better than Dempsey, at least?”

He gave her a mildly admonishing look. “I haven’t scored his yet. But even if I had, you know full well I couldn’t share it with you.”

“Oh come on, Teach,” Vesper said in jest. “Don’t I get any special treatment?”

He laughed and shook his head. “No. Mainly because you don’t need it. You’ll be great. It’s these other clowns I’ve got to keep in line.”

Vesper sat back in her chair and nodded.

“And I will keep them in line, I promise,” Ron said, his expression sobering. “Sexist, harassing behavior isn’t tolerated here. We expect professionalism, and I’ll make sure Dempsey realizes that.”

“Thanks,” Vesper said, feeling a bit better. “If he doesn’t shape up in that department, will it affect his score?” she added hopefully.

“A part of the grade will include overall conduct throughout the course, so I will factor it in, if necessary.”


“I do have some advice, though, on that front. I’m not sure you want to hear it, but…” He trailed off, his eyebrows raised in a question.

“Sure, go ahead,” she said with a sigh.

“I know they’re a bunch of right prats, but it might not hurt for you to make an effort anyway. You may end up working with a few of them, so it would be better if you could get along. Use some of that natural charm of yours, get them on your side.”

Vesper snorted. Everyone always thought she had natural charm, something she had never fully understood. “What if I don’t want them on my side?”

“I understand the feeling,” Ron said gently. “But, keep in mind they may not always be like that. This job… it changes you. It makes you grow up. Most of those guys, they won’t be like that forever.”

Vesper nodded, taking that in. Ron had a point. Some of those boys just had more growing up to do. Still, did that mean she really wanted to make nice with the likes of Chadwick Dempsey? “I’ll keep that in mind,” she said.

“Good,” Ron replied.

They finished their lunch with more pleasant small talk, until eventually it was time for Vesper to get ready for the afternoon portion of the day. She changed in the women’s locker room into her usual workout clothes: tight fitting lycra pants, a sports bra, and a matching top. It was what she always wore in the days of her training as a professional duelist, because it allowed her coach to see every aspect of her form and make corrections. Yes, in competitions she did duel in robes, like everyone else, but she didn’t rest on her laurels, and the way such clothing could hide poor technique. She strove for perfection, always.

She entered the training room to see that she wasn’t the only trainee to be sporting more Muggle-oriented workout gear. Still, being the only woman, her outfit was by far the tightest. Every man she passed looked in her direction, and she felt their eyes on her like little insects crawling across her skin. Why did she feel like this? It had never been this way during dueling training.

Whatever, she told herself. In ten minutes time she’d be showing them what she could do, and leaving them in the dust. Then they’d forget she was a woman and realize she was the one who was going to outdo them all.

She spotted Declan across the room and gave him a smile and a wave as she limbered up, bouncing on the balls of her feet to get warm, then stretching her arms, back, and legs.

“Sweet Merlin, would you look at that arse,” said a voice behind her, a couple of yards away. It wasn’t Dempsey, she knew that much, but he had the same vulgar tone.

There was some sniggering, which she did her best to ignore as she cracked her neck and shook out her shoulders.

“Juicy,” said another. Definitely Dempsey, this time. She was sure. “The kind you can bounce sickles off of.”

She clenched her jaw as she clasped her hands and stretched them behind her back.

“That’s not the only thing I’d bounce off it, if you know what I mean,” a third voice contributed.

Ignore them. They’re just compensating for their tiny dicks and the fact that they’ve never been laid, she told herself, to make herself feel better. It didn’t work.

Men were visual creatures. She knew this. They ogled; they gawked; they drooled. She didn’t usually mind so much, honestly. But she expected them to keep it to themselves, and she certainly expected them to keep it under control in a workplace environment.

She had options. She knew that. She had choices. She could move away. She could stand in the corner of the room and deny them a view of her “juicy” butt. Or she could take Ron’s advice, and find a way to ingratiate herself, undermine their expectations of her.

But how would she do that? How could she make them like her? Was she supposed to just bend over for them and let their imaginations run wild? The thought made her sick.

Ron’s advice wasn’t bad. It made a lot of sense. She would have to work with some of those guys, in all likelihood, and it would be better if they liked her. If they knew her, they might even learn to respect her.

But Ron didn’t know this feeling. He didn’t know what it was like to be salivated over like meat at a market. He didn’t know what it was like to be automatically rendered “less than” simply for sporting breasts and a vagina.

So instead she made a different choice, the only one she could live with. Instead she twisted around, just enough so that they could see her face. And she looked at them, the men clustered behind her so they could get a good view of her ass. She looked at them, and narrowed her eyes just a little. And then she smiled. That small, dangerous smile she gave all of her opponents before she took them out.

She was gratified to see Dempsey’s smirk falter. It was only a second, but she had caught it, and she knew what it meant.

That’s right, little boy, she thought at him, knowing, somehow, that he could understand her. You should be scared. Because this is the part where I kick your ass.

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