Of Parenting and Wings

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Harry let out a frustrated whine as the body behind him shifted and uncurled from around him, leaving him cold as his mate left the bed.


“I’ll be back soon, Love.” Lucius assured him. “Why don’t you order something from the elves? We can eat before we go back to bed.” He suggested.


“Fine.” Harry grumbled, rolling out of the comfortable bed.


The island was warm already, and the open windows were letting in the bright morning light, making the small bungalow seem bright and airy.


Harry ordered Rubika fruit, since he could have it while he wasn’t on the potion, and sat at the table waiting for Lucius to emerge from the bathroom.


They ate, keeping a light conversation going through the bond, feelings of contentment, love and a faint arousal passing between the two like water through the bond, beginning at one end and being picked up by the other person, who returned it almost instantly.


“When we do succeed in getting you pregnant, who will we tell first, and how long do you want to wait before letting the public know?” Lucius asked, breaking the silence.


Harry hummed. “Well, Draco deserves to know he’s not alone, and I’m close with Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. I’d like them to know. Honestly, the whole Weasley family should be told. And Remus. Poppy will have to know, since she will be treating me until the end of the year.” He mused.


“I took the liberty of looking up a Healer that has experience with different inheritances and their birthing processes, and she has assured me that she has attended a Fae birth, as well as two High Elven births, both with the same male, so she should be well-equipped to deal with any eventualities that come about during your pregnancy and birth, if you decide to employ her as your midwife.” Lucius said. “You and she will set up a time to meet if you want to talk to her. You may suit, you may not. But I feel it’s best to have a solid plan in place.”


“Does she know how to handle a Faurae birth?” Harry asked.


Lucius chuckled. “She will have after dealing with Draco’s birth.”


“And you got him to agree to use her?” Harry asked.


“Honestly, Severus was the most reticent about it. He trusts so rarely, and he seems willing to go the entire pregnancy drawing solely on his own and Poppy’s healer training. I know my son, however, and that simply will not do for him. He will need a specialist, as he gave himself over fully to his instincts once he fledged. He dove headfirst into searching for a mate, and you saw how he handled that. The boy was born to be a Faurae. He’s happier now than I’ve ever seen him. He’s always been dissatisfied with some aspect of himself, but now, he is in his element. He’s not as stressed, now that he can just be, and trust in his mate to protect and coddle him.” Lucius smiled fondly, and Harry smiled back at him. “He was the most difficult child, but the young man he has become made every tension headache he gave me worth it.”


“He really is a great person, though he’s a right prick to those he doesn’t like.” Harry added wryly.


Lucius snorted. “I didn’t raise the most tolerant son, but with the crowd I ran with, I couldn’t afford to. He would have been a liability if I had raised him to be a soft-hearted champion of the weak.”


“I guess that’s true. Well, I’ll meet the midwife; we’ll see how it turns out. I still have to get pregnant first.” Harry pointed out.


“True.” Lucius’ smile turned predatory. “Let’s get right on that, shall we?”




Harry sat up, grabbing his wand and turning it off.


Lucius groaned. “Is it Saturday already?” He rasped from behind Harry.


Harry smiled fondly as his sleep-roughened voice. “I’m afraid it is.” He sat up and rubbed at his eyes.


“Well, it looks like we’re staying until tomorrow, after all.” Lucius said in satisfaction.


“What? Why?” Harry asked.


“Look at your wings.” The man said in amusement.


Harry drew one wing around and watched as several feathers dislodged and floated down onto the bed. “Oh!” He smiled widely. “I’m pregnant!”


Lucius hummed. “Yes, you most certainly are.” He purred. “Shall we try for twins?” He asked, pressing Harry back into the pillows.


Harry laughed. “You can’t get me more pregnant, Lucius, it doesn’t work that way.” He chastised teasingly.


Lucius narrowed his eyes. “Well, I can certainly try. Who knows, I may succeed.”


“Mm, well, I’m definitely not going to turn down celebratory sex, at any rate.” Harry murmured, baring his neck for Lucius to lick and suck at his mark, sending shivers down his spine.


Lucius hummed against his skin, reaching down to work first one, then two fingers into Harry’s body. “You’re pleasantly pliant right now.” He commented.


“That’s because you—mmm—kept waking me up for another go-round last night.” Harry reminded him.


“Oh, yes, I did do that, didn’t I?” Lucius added a third finger and twisted, and Harry let out a sharp cry. Lucius chuckled. “I do so enjoy the sounds you make for me.” He leaned down and let his lips brush Harry’s ear as he added, “It’s so rewarding to hear what I do to you.”


Harry mewled. “Please, put something in me! The fingers are such a tease!” He begged.


Lucius withdrew his fingers and slicked his cock, then slid into Harry and began to move.


Harry grabbed two handfuls of Lucius’ hair and the man sighed softly. “My hair…” Lucius began feebly, giving in when Harry used the hair to pull him into a heated kiss.


“Fuck me, Lucius.” Harry demanded.


Lucius smiled and complied.

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