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Dear Readers,

Although no one may ever read this, it is my first piece ever. I generally am one to scroll the many pages of other authors work and absorb myself in their imagination. However, this idea has been swimming in my head recently, and where better to put pen to paper. Hopefully at least one person thinks this is worth a read! Enjoy and reviews are more than welcome!


She had meant to be taking a break, relaxing, letting the events of the past year, hell the past six years digest. However telling Hermione Granger's mind to "just relax" was easier said than done. She didn't fancy hanging around Grimmauld Place any longer than necessary, for fear of walking in on Ginny and Harry in varying levels of nakedness. Although she appreciated his hospitality and that it was significantly better than the alternative of her parents empty house or the now bleak and depressing Burrow, she felt altogether displaced. Her seemingly budding relationship with Ron had fizzled as fast as it began. He was in the depths of his grief and understandably couldn't emotionally handle anything more at the moment. They decided friendship was a much better alternative, and luckily it hadn't been too awkward since. As much as Hermione vowed to be there for her two best friends, she now finally felt that it may be time to focus on herself for a little while, without feeling like she was abandoning them. 


Thus Hermione found herself standing in Hogsmede, having just apparated in from Harry's place. Dressed in a lilac summer dress and cardigan, her tan bag slung across her body and matching sandals slung on her feet, she took a moment to look at how the village was returning to its previous glory. Giving anyone that saw her the impression that she may merely be there visiting, there was actually much more to it. All of her belongings had been shrunk down and they were all neatly allocated in the small bag resting across heR body. As she gazed around Hogsmede she recalled the letter she had addressed to Professor McGonagall only a week prior, inquiring if she could possibly lend her services in repairing the castle. Desperate to return to the place she once called home, the wait for an owl to return was daunting. Thankfully Professor McGonagall had conveyed that her presence was more than welcome, as there was still a lot to be done. The aim was to open for the following school year, so the offer of a more than capable witch would not be rejected. She was also quick to convey to Hermione that there was a lot of work to be done about the school, not wanting the young witch to be shocked of what lay ahead for her. What may have seemed daunting to some, sounded perfect to Hermione. The opportunity to have time to herself and feel useful left her feeling more positive than she had in months. Taking one last look around the village for now, Hermione took a deep breath and made her way towards Hogwarts. As the shadow of the once magnificent castle came into view, Hermione couldn't help but gasp. What had once been her happy place, a place of learning and her first experience of a world she could have never imagined, instead stood what was now essentially a shell of its former glory. Before she could stop it, a tear slid down her face, mourning her much cherished school, making her all the more determined to rectify the damage. The further she walked towards the gated entrance, the lone figure waiting at the gate became clearer. Expecting to see Professor McGonagall, or at least another member of staff waiting for her, instead was someone that she was hoping to not see in the foreseeable future;


Draco Malfoy

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