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Disclaimer: I make no money off of this fanfiction. Harry Potter and its world isn't mine.Any and all resemblance is entirely coincidental. In celebration of the month of horror

 Harry Potter stood atop of the roof. The wind was rather chilly as the clouds swept in. A storm was coming.

His left forearm itched and burned. His emerald eyes stared disdainfully at his gray jacket’s left sleeve. He’d already been preparing for the hunt for Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Then the world promptly decided to go to shit all at once. The sound of gunfire brought him out of his festering anger. As jets flew overhead missiles destroying bridges. Parts of the city was ablaze.

He looked over the side. Muggles screamed and cried and ran. The military was falling back. As the tide came. The city was falling and it seemed to harry that the world was ending. The ministry had commandeered it and protected this shopping centre from muggles. His prison. There was a small bit of satisfaction that Trelawney had managed to cause significant changes to the propaganda. Muggleborns and half-bloods were to be welcomed with open arms. It was a small consolation that the magic stealing bit was buried. Harry chuckled bitterly at the thought.

The price of entry into the wizarding world was simple. Stay and hold a certain building to ensure that wizarding world wouldn’t be overrun. China had gone dark. Muggle cities were swiftly going silent. The muggles it seemed were not going down without a fight despite their greatest weapons proven useless. They were going to go into that good night with a bitter fight to the bitter end.

The cries and moans of the dead as they swept in like death.  The wind picked up the front page of the daily prophet. Trelawney’s Final Prophecy. The End Of Muggles Comes! The headline printed in massive black letters. It was swept out and drifted to the parking lot. Thankfully out of sight.  She had portended dire news before she died in the ministry’s custody.

Harry retreated from the near edge of the roof. Harry had seen inferi before. These things…

These were something different. Something much worse. as the groans of the dead grew.

They slept in the stairwell leading up to the roof. Voldermort had assured them that all the doors had been spelled shut.

No one trusted him. It was Hermione who personally spelled the door leading into the rest of the mall shut.

Harry shut the door behind him. He gratefully enjoyed the brief respite of silence. Hermione Granger’s brown eyes stared at him expectantly. Her hair pulled back. Her red shirt and jeans dirty

A lion predominately displayed on her right forearm. Marked just like they all were. Voldermort’s insult towards his house.

The world had gone mad.

“We need to investigate the top level of the mall” Hermione responded.

“Wands at the ready then. Oui, Out of the way!”

Harry commanded as the crowded stair well filled with wizards just like them let them pass without trouble as they descended the three flights of stairs.

The bottom flight was deserted. The concrete all but deserted. Thankfully alone.

“I hope Ron’s okay.” She whispered. Harry agreed as he rolled up his sleeve to display his lion.

“Bill’s weddings went off without a hitch. Molly put a lot of time into it.” Harry smiled the Weasley matriarch wasn’t about to let anything happen to her family.

“I’d rather be hunting horcruxes with my best mates” Harry admitted. Hermione hugged him.

“I’m frightened.” She responded.

“We are going to survive. Tom will be defeated and we are going to live long lives. So long that our grandchildren will be grateful when we finally keel over.” Hermione laughed at his black humor.

She let him go and gripped her wand. Harry drew his wand.

Alohomora” The grimy cream door abruptly opened. They quickly closed the door behind them.

It was eerily silent. The generically happy mall music contrasted horribly with the lack of movement. The lack of people.  She unlocked the double doors and the cautiously enter the mall proper.

A mall without people looked foreboding. Harry thought. Every store shuttered shut. The white linoleum that seemed to stretch out to the horizon. The openness of it. There weren’t many places to hide except behind the cream-colored doors that had bright red signs that stated Employees Only.

Colloportus” Harry pointed with his wand and the metal doors locked audibly.

Harry ensured every door they passed was locked with the locking charm just to be safe. They made a full circuit around the top level. The loud banging of the main doors on the ground floor was cacophonous.  Harry was grateful that the main entrance was double doored. So even if the main doors were breached they’d still be safe. For a moment at least as the second set of doors were mostly glass.

“I’ll place the Unbreakable Charm on that glass.” Hermione stated.

“We’d all sleep safer.” Harry acknowledged.  Hermione beamed.  There was a loud roar as a fire burst to life noisily. Spilling emerald light through shutter grates.

The shutter grates opened nosily as the glass doors flung open. The central fireplace that had never seen an actual fire since its construction suddenly became an actual one. Franklin’s Furniture store had inexplicably been connected to the floo network.

Bundles of Tarps and two wooden crates tumbled out of the emerald fire. A piece of parchment unfurled itself.

The parchment had the official stamp of the ministry of magic. The cool crisp letters informed them that they would be getting supplies from the ministry. Harry briefly perused it before he handed it off to Hermione.

Her brown eyes taking in all the information it had to offer.

“We’ll be getting supplies once a month from the ministry.” She surmised. The emerald flames died at once.

Harry Potter rolled his emerald eyes.

Harry stepped out of the warm brown furniture store and walked towards the food court. He peered around his wand at the ready.

There were three escalators that lead to the second floor. There only needed to be one.

“Hermione! How would you destroy an escalator?” He called out.

“One moment. Conducting inventory” She responded as she had procured a clip board and pen and was quickly jotting something down.

She exited the furniture store with her clip board. She looked up from her clipboard as she finished writing.

Harry thought she looked pretty.

“How would we destroy an escalator?” Harry repeated.

“Hmmm, it’s some sort of tread. Break that and the steps will fall.” Hermione looked at him questioningly.

Harry Potter nodded and aimed at the center of the escalator.

Reducto” A bolt of blue light raced hit the center of the escalator and the bottom half of the the escalator exploded with a resounding sound of screeching metal. The top steps clattered off the tread and fell. This escalator was impossible to climb with all the stair planks at the bottom.

Their ears rang painfully as the sound echoed across the empty expanse of the mall.

“Harry Potter, why on earth did you think that was a good idea?” She shouted.

Harry laughed as the ringing in his ear subsided. “Well, if we limit the entry points to the second level where we are to just one point it’ll be easier to defend.”

Hermione’s looked surprised. Her mouth making an impressed O.

“Oh, that’s smart.”

Harry was disconcerted that no one came to investigate. That they all still hid in the stairwell. There was a low resounding moan coming from the ground floor.

Harry had sealed all the doors topside.  Neither of them got to the mall’s ground floor They looked over the side.

There on the ground floor was a mall security guard. Dressed in a bright yellow jacket. White shirt and black pants. Or rather, the remains of one.

Most of his arm was bloody and ragged and nearly gnawed off.  

“Hermione! Destroy the escalator on the left side. He pointed. She dropped her clip board immediately and bolted towards that escalator. Her brown hair bouncing.

He aimed at the dead thing shuffling towards the escalator.

Stupefy!” A bolt of red light struck the shuffling thing. It didn’t even flinch. It didn’t even notice as it continued to shamble towards the escalator.

So much for a wizard’s bread and butter. Harry thought dismayed. He redoubled his efforts.

Expelliarmus”! He cried as a jet of scarlet light struck the inferi like creature. There was a sickening squelching sound as its mangled arm blasted off cartwheeled in the air and landed some distance away from it.

Harry chuckled despite himself. He had disarmed it. He laughed for a little while.  He needed something to laugh at. His signature spell was out. Unless one of those things was holding something of value.  The summoning charm would be better.

He calmed himself. If they were going to stop these creatures. Then he was going to have to find out which spells worked on them.

Impedimenta” The security guard shuddered and stilled for a moment or two at best before it resumed its single-minded shuffle forwards.

It was making impressive progress.

Hermione’s voice rang out as it echoed.


The escalator exploded downwards in a cacophonous crescendo of screeching twisting metal.

Harry Potter ran in the opposite direction. There was no way he was allowing any direct access to the second level. They were wizards. They could figure some way down to the second floor. He changed his mind.

Deprimo” He shouted as he aimed. The last escalator exploded downwards in a horrid screech of protesting metal. The metal steps slates whizzing through the air as shrapnel.

Harry Potter turned and raced toward Hermione.

Incarcerous” Hermione pointed her wand as ropes erupted from her wand and entangled the security guard. It promptly fell over entangled by the ropes entrapping it.

“Huh” Harry stupefied.

“Okay, well add that to the list of spells that do work against these things.” Hermione rolled her eyes

Accio Clipboard” she said. Harry grinned as he summoned a pen and handed it to her just as the clipboard sailed into her hands and she started writing. Harry relaxed a tad bit.

Hermione had something to set her mind to. Her studious mode in turn relaxed him. For just a moment he felt a small amount of peace.  Even if his left forearm burned and stung something fierce. It was nothing compared to the lion on his right.

“Don’t bother with a stunner, the disarming spell literally took off its arm and the impediment jinx was a joke. “

He summarized. Hermione frowned. “So much of a wizard’s arsenal is useless. Not good.”

“I’m glad the brightest witch of my generation managed to find something that could affect it.” Hermione’s smile blossomed at Harry’s praise.

It was an honest smile. They should have been horcrux hunting but this was the next best thing. Seeing her warm brown eyes smiling again.

“Inventory wise we all got enough charmed tents for all of us. Just enough potion supplies to keep us healthy, a couple cauldrons. Aguamenti gives us unlimited water so that’s why I suspect they didn’t bother. Food though is going to be a problem.”

Harry pointed to the food court which was comprised the middle of the second floor and ground floor.

“We won’t have to worry about that for a while.” Harry elaborated as he trotted to a directory. He perused it in quick fashion not really bothering to read all of it.

There was a gardening store on the ground floor. They’d be able to garden up. Harry was glad they wouldn’t have to worry about electricity when the power went out.

“Okay, Hermione we should post some rules.  No one goes anywhere alone that sort of thing.”

“Are you trying to drown me in paperwork?” Hermione asked with a half-smile.

“Are you complaining?” Harry replied


They both laughed. Laughter among friends was welcome always. She went to work writing. She’d compile a list in no time.

Harry put his wand in its holster and took his time picking up a bundle of tarp under each arm. They had been charmed to be easier to manage for which he was grateful.

She met him expectantly at the double doors.

He looked at the big red sign. They were the employees now.

Hermione helpfully opened both sets of doors.

“Everyone one on the roof.” Harry ordered. He didn’t know if it was because he was the boy who lived or because no one else wanted to be leader.

Harry passed no one. So, everyone had listened to him which was a relief.

Hermione brought up the rear.

Harry stepped out onto the roof and sighed as the over cast sky looked ready to start raining at any moment.

Hermione already had her wand out and was doing complicated maneuvers with her wand. The groans and moans on the dead abruptly vanished. As protective spells were erected. Hermione weaved her magic expertly.

It would take time to cover the entire roof but it worked for right now.

He dropped the tents.

“We each get our own tents. No one goes anywhere alone ever.” Harry Potter stated. As the boy who lived he never used his fame but it felt like he was tapping into it. For the first time in his life it seemed to be useful.

“We are going to survive. Any questions?” Harry felt like Mad eye would be proud of him.

“Why should any of us listen to you?” Someone in the small crowd asked.

“Simple. I have the most combat experience since the dark lord has tried on multiple occasions to end my life. As you can see I’m still very much alive.” There was uncomfortable silence.

The rain started. It was cold. Everyone shivered.

“Everyone down stairs, Follow Hermione she’ll point you a tent and we’ll start with preparing lunch. No one is to go to the second floor till then.” Harry opened his palm and Hermione nodded. There was twelve of them.  Not counting Hermione or him.

Harry let the icy rain cascade down him.

He took his time to find perfect spot for his tent. He’d probably hold up in one of the shuttered stores below later. For now

Close to the sky. He could pretend he really was on a horcrux hunt.

Erecto” He sighed as he at last found the perfect spot. The tarp and stakes found themselves where they needed to go. Away from all the edges. All the air conditioners and a short walk to the stair case. Most importantly it was away from the massive sky window this mall had.

His tent erected. He slinked in. The arrangements were quite spartan. It had a bed, a kitchen and more delightfully it had a tub.

He shed his wet clothing immediately in relief and when he finished filling the tub with the water charm he heated it with a warming charm until it was lightly steaming.

Harry sighed in relief as he basked in the lightly steaming water.

He closed his eyes and listened quietly to the sound of the rain.

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