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SERIES TITLE:   Harry Has Fun!

STORY TITLE:  After Winning the Quidditch Cup

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AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (red.jacobson@gmail.com)
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SERIES SUMMARY: A Series of (mostly) unrelated one-shots, showing Harry having fun with one or more of the women. Most of the women will be from the Potter-Verse, but there may be occasional crossovers with the Buffy-Verse or other sources.

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Harry and Cho have done just about everything together, and as a result of losing a bet, Cho is about to experience losing her last virginity.

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: These are basically PWP, but I'm sure that at least some plot will show up between the bodies slapping together GRIN


Gryffindor Locker Room

After the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Match

Harry's 6th Year


Harry sighed as the hot water soothed his aching muscles.  The game had gone on longer than usual and, by the time he had finally caught the snitch he was practically falling off his broom he was so exhausted.  Fortunately, he’d had a stamina potion in his locker, otherwise he would have fallen asleep before he even got his Quidditch uniform off.  He certainly wasn't going to allow that to happen, especially with the wager that he and Cho had agreed to!


He grinned in anticipation, knowing that, whatever Ron and the rest of the team might think, he hadn't been busting his arse for the last 3 hours for the 'Glory of Gryffindor', he was determined to win the wager he had made with his girlfriend the week before!  They had been relaxing in the tub in the Prefects Bath, soaking their tired muscles after spending the afternoon in bed and Cho was claiming that, with her new broom, and the extra practicing the 'Claws had been putting in, she was going to get the snitch before he did!


Ordinarily, he would have just laughed off her boasts but, being incredibly relaxed after the events of the day, he just grinned in a way that would have had Snape comparing him to his father, and said,


“Would you be willing to bet your arse on that Cho?”


She hesitated for a few seconds, and nodded, “Yes, I am!  If you get the snitch before I do, I'll let you bugger me but, if I get the snitch first....” she paused, smirking at him.


“Okay, I'll bite. What do you get if you win?” He asked her, not liking the way she was smiling.


“Well.... I'll still let you bugger me, because, I'll admit I'm curious about trying it, but, the catch is, I'm going to bring one of my toys with me, and bugger you first!”


Harry laughed, “Okay, I wasn't expecting that!  But, fair is fair, if you get the snitch before I do, I'll let you use your toy on me, but, for now, why don't you tell me who else you've used your toy on?”


Cho reached down and wrapped her hand around his stiffening cock and started stroking him, “Well, I'm sure you are aware that Marietta and I were together a few times, right?”


He nodded, she had told him that right after they had gotten back together the previous summer, and it did help him understand why she was so willing to be forgiving after the whole DA mess.


“What you didn't know, is that she wasn't the first girl I'd been with.  That was actually Fleur, the Beauxbaton Champion during the Triwizard Tournament.   It was after the Yule Ball, and her date was practically drooling over her, which was really annoying her, and Cedric had already gone back to the Sett for the night.   I could see that Fleur was on the verge of transforming and tossing a fireball at Roger to stop him trying to paw her, so I invited her up to see my room.  I hadn't planned on anything happening but I did want to keep our Quidditch Captain out of the infirmary.”


Harry chuckled, remembering the way that Roger had been behaving that night.  Of course, he certainly wasn't any better.  Fortunately, both Parvati and Padma had accepted his apology when they returned after the holidays.


Cho's hand started moving a bit faster as she continued, “Well, I might not have planned on anything happening but Fleur had her own ideas!  No sooner had I closed the door behind us when she put her arms around me and was kissing the back of my neck.  I'm not going to lie, I'd wondered what it would be like to be with another girl but I'd never done anything before that night.”


Harry shut his eyes, picturing the scene as his girlfriend described her introduction to the joys of another girl's touch. Cho was starting to breathe heavier as she got caught up in the story.


“I remember turning around in her arms and she looked at me, a little worried, but I smiled and leaned up to kiss her.  I'd kissed a few guys before but this was something completely different!  Merlin, that girl could kiss! The next thing I knew, we were both fumbling with our dresses and stumbling toward my bed.  Fleur moved me until I was flat on my back on the bed and she smiled down at me, and told me to relax and let her make me feel good.  She certainly did that!  She started kissing my throat and made her way down my body, all the while her hands were stroking me and touching me all over!  By the time she was licking my nipples and her fingers were rubbing between my legs, I thought I was going out of my mind with pleasure.  And then she moved down and put her mouth on me....”


Harry groaned as he struggled to control himself, making Cho giggle.  “Oh, you like that, don't you? Maybe I'll write Fleur a letter and invite her to come visit me over the summer.  I'm sure she would enjoy spending time with me, and I'll ask her if she minds you watching us.”


Harry's eyes shot open and he saw Cho shiver, it wasn't often she got him that worked up, but he needed relief now!  Lifting her up, he had her kneeling on the bench and gripping the edge of the tub as he shoved his cock in her soaking pussy.  Cho moaned happily as he filled her and moved one of her hands between her legs and started rubbing her pussy as he pounded into her.  He reached around and cupped her breasts in his hands, rubbing her nipples with the palms of his hands, making her tighten around him.   


He leaned down, bending over Cho's back, and breathed in her ear.  “What did you think was going to happen, Cho?  I was already thinking about being buried in that tight arse of yours and you go and start telling me about your time with Fleur?  Of course, I was going to get worked up!  If Fleur were here right now, I'd be watching you lick her pussy as I shagged you and then I would do the same thing to her!  Picture it, Cho, you're lying on the tile, using a folded towel for a pillow as Fleur puts your legs over her shoulders.  Her tongue sliding out and licking your soaking pussy, tasting the way my cum is mixing with your juices, knowing that you’re going to be doing the same thing to her very soon....”


He smiled as Cho's walls tightened around his cock and she cried out his name as she came, pushing backward to get him even deeper inside her pussy.  Harry relaxed his control as he felt her hit her peak and let loose inside her, filling her with his seed.  He held still, his arms around Cho as she rode her own climax, waiting until she came back to herself before moving again.


When Cho's breathing calmed down, he pulled out of her, drawing a small whine of disappointment from her,but he lifted her up and set her on his lap as he settled back into the water.  Cho looked up and smiled, “Damn! That was amazing! I'm going to be sore in the morning, but it's so worth it!”


Harry laughed lightly, “You aren't the only one, but I'm not complaining!”


* * * * *


The next day, Cho sat down next to him at lunch and told him that she had written Fleur a letter, inviting her to come and visit over the summer and it took all of Harry's self control not to take her right there at the table!  Ron and Hermione had looked at him strangely when he stood up abruptly and pulled Cho from the Great Hall, but he didn't care and neither did Cho when he had Dobby pop the two of them up to the seventh floor and Harry opened up the room of requirement.  They missed dinner that night.


* * * * *


It was two days later that Cho told him she had heard back from Fleur, and the French Veela was extremely eager to see her again, and Harry as well. It was a good thing that she waited until after dinner was finished, because they both used up a lot of energy that night, barely making it back to their dorms before curfew. But at least, they didn't have to worry about being caught by Snape since he’d died the same night his master did, along with all the other marked Death Eaters. No big loss.


* * * * *


The sound of the door opening pulled Harry from his memories, and he smiled widely, seeing Cho slipping into the shower area. She looked around nervously, making sure that they were alone, and then she released the grip on the front of her robes. Harry whistled softly in appreciation of her nude body, and she looked up and smiled, letting the robes slide off her body. She struck a pose, her back straight, arms at her sides, and her legs slightly spread, letting him admire her for a few seconds, before she hurried toward him.


Something about the way she was moving didn't seem right. She seemed to be moving stiffly as she walked and he held up a hand to stop her. “Did you hurt yourself during the game, Cho? If you are hurt, we don't have to do this right now. We can get you to see Madame Pomfrey.”


She blushed and shook her head, “No, I'm not hurt, Harry, but thank you for checking. I, well, I was a bit nervous about what we are going to be doing, and, well...” She didn't say anything, but turned around, and he could see the base of a butt-plug nestled between her cheeks. Harry smiled softly and went to her, pulling her into a hug.


“You wanted to make sure you were ready for me? Is that it?” He asked gently. Cho nodded her head against his chest and he rubbed her back soothingly, “I understand you are nervous because you've never taken anything back there before but it really wasn't necessary. You know I've done this before and I know how to get you ready so you enjoy the experience.”


Cho lifted her head and looked at him, “I know, I was there when Parvati decided to go into detail with Padma and she couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it when you buggered her. She was heartbroken when her father wrote her that he had negotiated a contract for her and Padma both.”


Harry frowned, “I was rather unhappy about that myself, and I'm seriously thinking about doing something about it. You know that I have to marry at least two women plus the Multiple Marriage Requirements so how would you feel about having to share me?”


Cho gasped, “Are you asking me to marry you, Harry?”


He blinked in surprise and then looked her in the eyes, “Cho, I realize that I'm not the most eloquent guy but do you honestly think that I would have been with you this entire year, doing everything we have done together, shared as much of my past as I have, if I didn't want to spend my life with you at my side? Merlin, Cho! You know things about me that even Hermione doesn't know and she's been my best friend since we were firsties!”



Cho laughed lightly, “No, I guess you wouldn't, would you? It's just that you had never said anything, and, well, a girl does like to be asked, after all.”


He grinned down at her “Very well, I'm asking, Cho, will you marry me?”


Cho smiled widely “Of course I will! And if you are serious about getting Parvati and Padma out of that contract, I've got a few ideas we can discuss later but talking about other girls when you've got a naked and eager woman in your arms is really bad form, Potter, and I think you should pay attention to me!”

Harry laughed and leaned down, capturing her lips with his own, and there was very little talking after that.  Lifting his lover up, Harry made his way the benches and, with a brief wandless spell, made the wooden bench much wider, and cushioned.  Laying Cho down on her back, he climbed on top of her, still kissing her, his hands stroking her body and making her shiver in delight.

Kissing his way down Cho's body, he took his time at her breasts, knowing from long experience just how much she enjoyed the feelings. Moving his mouth between them, he licked and sucked at her nipples, drawing a sigh of pleasure from her mouth.


When he put his hands on her thighs, she eagerly spread her legs, giving him easier access, and Harry ran his fingers through the moisture in her dark silky hair. His fingers teased her lips, rubbing her, and making them swell with excitement. Sliding a finger inside her, he was rewarded with a gasp and Cho jerked her hips off the bench. Working another finger into her grasping pussy, he pumped slowly, rubbing against her walls. Cho was moaning softly now, moving against his hand as he added his thumb and lightly brushed against her nub, releasing a bit of his magic into his lover.


Harry smiled softly as Cho jerked again. She’d told him once that it felt like lightning bolts of pleasure flashed through her body whenever he touched her like that and she loved it! He was careful not to let too much magic out because they’d found she could easily get overwhelmed and he wanted her fully aware of what was happening now.


Releasing her breasts, he moved down until his face was right between her legs, and pulled his fingers from inside her. Spreading her legs wider, he gently blew on her hair before running his tongue along her entrance.  He gathered her juices on his tongue and savored the taste as he let them run down his throat. Harry loved the way Cho tasted and she never had any objections to him drinking his fill! Of course, Cho loved to return the favor and had even gotten to the point where she could take him into her throat without gagging.


The first time she’d managed that, Harry was so shocked and turned on that he nearly passed out from the pleasure! If he hadn't been leaning against the door to his room, he was sure he would have fallen over which would have broken the mood completely.  When Cho pulled away, she grinned up at his shocked look and said that she had been practicing. Could he tell?


That was when she mentioned her 'toys' to him for the first time, and led to a very interesting evening where she demonstrated just how she 'practiced'. It's was a very good thing that neither of them had a game the next day, because they didn't get any sleep at all that night.



Cho was writhing under him as his tongue did its work and her hands were gripping his head, holding him in place. He started humming while his tongue was moving and the moans and sighs she was giving out got even louder, telling him that she was getting close to peaking again.


Wanting to push her over the edge, as well as to prepare her for what was going to happen soon, he put his hands under her bum and lifted her off the bench enough to be able to grab the base of the plug stretching her arse. Wrapping his fingers around the rubber handle, he tugged gently making the plug shift inside Cho's rear. She cried out in surprise as her fingers tightened in his hair and she flooded his mouth with her juices, babbling incoherently.


Harry kept licking softly, letting her come down from her visit to her Happy Place, and slowly removed the plug from her arse and set it aside. Raising up, he moved so that he was above Cho, bracing himself on his arms as he looked into her eyes. When he saw the awareness return and she smiled up at him, he lowered his head and kissed her firmly, his tongue sliding into her mouth, letting her taste herself on his tongue. She eagerly sucked on his tongue, her arms wrapping around his back and holding him closely.


Breaking the kiss, Cho looked up at him and whispered, “I'm ready, Harry, take my arse, make it yours!”


Harry smiled and kissed her quickly, before reaching out and concentrating, summoning his wand from where his clothing was piled by his locker.  When his wand was in his hand, he lifted Cho's legs up and placed the tip at her hole, casting the preparation spell. Cho looked up at him curiously as the spell did its work. “What was that, Harry, it felt.... strange?”


“I told you that I knew how to get you ready. The spell cleaned you completely out and stretched you. The strange sensation was your inside being coated with lubricant. From what Parvati told me, it completely removed any pain. I would never let you be hurt if I could help it. You should know that by now, even in something as minor as this.”


She looked a little embarrassed, and nodded, “You're right, you wouldn't, would you? You proved that by stepping in front of Draco's curs that night. But we can talk about that later. Right now I want you to slide that beautiful cock of yours up my virgin arse! I've been thinking about it for days now and I'm ready to feel you buried inside me, please, Harry?”


Harry didn't say anything but he leaned forward, pushing her legs back toward her shoulders and rubbed his cock along the cleft in her arse. When the head was pressed against her rosebud, he pushed forward slowly, stretching her around him. Cho breathed in sharply and let it out slowly and he felt her relax against him as he slipped inside her ring. Shifting his hand, he started fingering her pussy, letting a trickle of magic tickle her inner walls, relaxing her further.


Holding still, he looked in her eyes, searching for any discomfort at all and, not seeing any, pushed forward, feeling her walls stretching around him. He moved slowly at first, letting her adjust to the feelings and concentrating on not losing control of himself as the heat and the pressure was amazing around his cock. When he was fully inside her, the sensations were almost overwhelming but he managed to gather himself and asked, “How does it feel, Cho? Am I hurting you?”


She looked up in surprise, “Feels... weird, very... full, I guess, is the best way to describe it, but it didn't hurt at all!”


“Good,” he breathed, “are you ready for more?”


She nodded and he let out his breath and pulled back slightly before pushing back in. He kept his strokes short until Cho started moving against him, the pleasure building inside her.


He hadn't been lying when he told Cho that he wasn't going to hurt her. Parvati had been his first lover and she had taught him the preparation spell the night she offered him her arse and she hadn't experienced anything but pleasure from the experience. He really hoped that Cho had an idea for getting Parvati and Padma out of the contract because he really didn't want to see her trapped in a marriage that made her unhappy. But that was a thought for later! Now, Cho deserved all of his attention.


He lowered himself until he was almost on top of her, kissing her fiercely, claiming her mouth as he kept pumping into her. He could tell almost instantly when the strangeness she was feeling turned completely to pleasure. Her hands had moved from his back to grip his head and she kissed him back passionately and her magic was wrapping around him, mixing with his own, and feeding him the feelings of pleasure she was experiencing.


He was almost overwhelmed even though he'd experienced it before, and sent the feelings of pleasure and love for her that he held into his magic as it wrapped around Cho's magic. Cho gasped as the feelings washed over her and she pulled her head back, moaning as another, even stronger orgasm hit her.  Feeling Cho's release triggered his own and Harry buried himself in her arse and let his own control go, flooding her with his cum.


They clung to each other for several moments, catching their breath, and Cho smiled up at him, “Wow! Just wow! That was nothing like I expected and feeling your love at the end? That just made it even better. I'm going to want to do that again!”


Harry chuckled tiredly, “Me too, but can you give me a few minutes? I'm not quite ready to go again.”


She looked up at him and started laughing, “Not right now, you prat! I need a shower and you could probably use one too, and I'm starving. Let's get cleaned up and get some dinner.”


* * * * *


The two of them had gotten cleaned up and dressed, with a lot of touching and kissing in between, and had finally left the locker room. Neither of them noticed that the door to the Captain's office was slightly ajar, or the silencing spell that had been cast on the door, they were way too wrapped up in each other.


When the locker room door closed behind them, the door to the Captain's office opened; and the flushed face of Katie Bell looked out, making sure the room really was empty. Stepping back into the office, she took several deep breaths and licked her juices off her wet fingers before pulling her knickers up and putting the rest of her clothes on.


“Bloody hell, that was amazing! I wonder if Cho is willing to share?”


With a giggle, she cast a quick freshening charm on herself and her clothes and headed for the door. “Ang and Alicia are never going to believe this!”


Shutting out the lights, Katie locked the door behind her and headed for the castle, careful to take a different route than the one she could see Harry and Cho taking.


The End



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