Submissive Mate to the Dark Lord

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Voldemort's POV

As my loyal death eater file in the room I hold back the need to sigh in bordem. Nothing fun or intresting has happened lately, it's just the same ol' thing one after the other, day after day. They come in bow, suck up and kiss ass then i tell them to rise and report, of course once again today its boring.

My most loyal, Lucius Malfroy steps forward and bow," My lord I have excellent news."


"We have managed to capture Harry Potter my lord."

My eyes widen slightly then a smile spreads across my face," well were is he? Bring him forward."

"Yes, my lord, but there is something else i must report."

"And what is that?"

"He claims to be your submissive mate, my lord."

My eyes widen and i stand up fast," WHAT?!"


all chapters will be short.

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