Smells like Amortencia

BY : LovelessHope
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Hermione looked at the shelf in front of her. So many options. It was rare that the young witch had any free time given her job as a professor of Dark Arts at Hogwarts, but when she did she either spent it with Ron or at Honeydukes, finding something sweet. And today Ron was busy. So Hermione looked up and down the shelves, she knew that whatever she bought would be eaten within an hour of her purchasing it, so to avoid a stomach ache from Hell, she limited herself to only getting 2 items. She already had the first item in her hand, a chocolate frog, that was her favorite, however the second item was always the trickiest to narrow down. After some consideration she had decided on either a talking tootsie roll that would state a random fact before consumed, or a firecracker dandy, a sweet little morsel that literally sent of fireworks before eaten. She stroked her chin, but a loud crash at the front of the store brought her attention away from the pressing matter of which candy she was going to get.

She walked toward the front of the store and gasped. There is no way She thought That can't be. From the back, if it were any other person observing, they might not realize that the blond head of hair, neatly slicked back belonged to the infamous Draco Malfoy, but Hermione was a perceptive girl. And upon seeing him, her grip loosened on the chocolate frog, and it jumped from her hand directly onto Draco's head. Draco was talking to the store owner with his back turned, the words Hermione wasn't able to make out. Draco's back didn't stay turned for long though, and he yelped spinning around and shaking the chocolate treat from his head. Then he paused and looked down at it with disgust. He bent down and picked it up, crushing it between his fingers, then his eyes, looked up to meet with Hermione. He smirked.

"Ahhh ha ho, who do we have here?" The wizard cracked a smile and Hermione stood frozen in her spot. Draco looked her up and down "Messy hair, crooked robe, and poorly cut bangs... can it be? It is... The brightest witch of her age, Hermione Jean Granger"

Hermione gulped hearing her name as it slithered out from between Draco's teeth, but she quickly returned to her wits and furrowed her brow at him before speaking "Wow, haven't seen you in years Malfoy, thought you might have finally realized that you don't belong here with us more civilized wizards"

Draco's expression changed and his grin faded "You're in no position to call me uncivilized with hair like that" he spat

Hermione gritted her teeth "One of these days you'll learn that appearance doesn't denote civility. In fact you should have learned that from your father, the deat-

Draco grasped Hermione's chin and pulled her face up to look at him "Finish that sentence, Granger, I dare you" and with his other hand, still covered in the chocolate frog he had squished he wiped the light brown goo across the witch's cheek, then pushed her backwards, looking her up and down. Tears filled Hermione's eyes and she tried to fight them as Draco started speaking again "You look good with that dirt on your face. Matches what is in your blood"

Hermione sniffled then wiped her face "You're a jerk Malfoy, I don't know where you came from but go back there!"

"Oh you haven't heard Miss Granger? I am the sole heir of my family's fortune, I can go wherever I want, and I have chosen here for the time being." He paused and smirked "You will most likely be seeing much more of me, but if you are so graced as to be in my presence again, I suggest that you atleast learn how to wipe your face properly"

"Oh go run home to Astoria, Draco she probably misses your wonderful presence and I would like to enjoy the rest of my shopping trip in peace"

Draco's nose wrinkled "I am not married to that little shrew anymore" his eyes narrowed at the young witch "Not that it's any of your business"

"What are you even doing in Honeydukes?" Hermione asked trying to hold her ground "I have known you for years and not once have you ever eaten a sweet". Hermione didn't understand why but her hands shook. It was something about the way Draco looked at her. His eyes were so cold, and they were grey like daggers, they cut into her soul. She had never noticed them before, but then again she had never really had a conversation with Draco that lasted longer than about 30 seconds. There was something about them though, those eyes of his. She expected when she first looked into them to see nothing but malice, unapologetic malevolence, the freezing cold that you would see reflected from the eyes of a spider. But while that played a part of what she saw in Draco's eyes, she also saw a softness and an almost childlike playfulness. It pained her to even think the thoughts, but a part of her wanted to poke at this playfulness, see where she could get with it. Besides it wasn't like she was flirting with him... ew... and Ron wasn't answering any of her calls, and this was her day off, so she decided to go with it. What could it hurt?

"I don't put this garbage into my body, however I saw the mangled mop of hair that had to belong to the only Hermione Granger and I figured I hadn't seen your dear face for years, so I came in wondering if you would even have the nerve to approach me, and apparently you do... You even had the nerve to throw a chocolate frog at me" Draco's eyes never left the nervous Hermione

"I didn't throw that frog at you... it hopped out of my hands... you do know that there is a spell put on every frog right?" Hermione forced a half smile, and she could have sworn she saw Draco relax a little before returning to his brooding, and cold demeanor.

"I actually wouldn't know" Draco said, the chill returning to his voice "Like i said, I don't eat this garbage". 

Hermione huffed and decided that this wasn't at all worth her time and started to push past Draco toward the door, but she felt him grab her forearm and pull her back into the place she was previously standing in. 

"I'm not done talking to you yet, Granger"

A switch flipped in Hermione at that moment and she went off on him. "How dare you grab me! I don't know what has gotten into you or why you are dead set on ruining my only day off in weeks, or why you even want to talk to me in the first place but you are not to touch me unless I specifically tell you that you can, or I swear to Merlin you will be on the ground shaking from a curse before you can even say you're sorry!"

Draco's eyes widened and he leaned back against the wall behind him, his grin slowly crept back up his face "You know what Granger, you wanna leave be my gues-

"And another thing, my name isn't Granger. It's Hermione. So if you are so insistant on talking to me that you literally feel like you need to grab at my body I suggest that you have the decency to call me by my damned name." Hermione paused "Which brings up the question... Why do you want to talk to me"

Draco didn't answer but instead licked his finger then wiped across Hermione's cheek, causing her to recoil in disgust


"You still had chocolate frog on your face"

"Which you put there!"

"Listen Gran-Hermione, I am back in this town looking for business, and by business I mean money. My father sold rare artifacts in this townfor money, large sums of money and I have a particularly valuable relic in my collection that I originally came here to sell. But then on my way to the consignment shop I saw a mess of hair that reminded me of my more innocent days and I had to come say hi-

"This is how you say hi?"

Draco grasped the witch by her hair and pulled her face so close to his that she could smell the sandwich he had eaten for lunch on his breath "Hermione, I suggest that you don't interrupt me again. I hope I make myself clear" Then he released her. It was the first time in a while that Hermione took a second to take in her surroundings. She and Draco were the only ones besides the owner of the store in Honeydukes, and the poor store owner was moping up a mess that some small kids had left when running through the aisles so he was not paying any attention to Hermione, or the distress that Draco was putting her through.

Hermione tried to regain her composure, and she decided to talk gently around Draco. They had been talking for no more than 15 minutes and in that time he had gotten physical with her twice. She knew she should have cast a spell on him, possibly petrificus totalus to get past him. But there was something so intriguing about him, however she had to be cautious, Draco was acting very unpredictable. "So you came to say hi?" Hermione restated.

"That's right"

"Draco, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but we weren't ever friends, and in fact I consider you one of my main bullies of childhood... so why-

"It's never too late to try to say sorry"

"But you haven't said sorry, all you've done is talk in circles, grab me and wipe a chocolate frog on my face"

Draco smirked "You're cute when you're confused, Hermione. How about this, I am in the business of relics and my business takes me wherever it needs to take me. And for now my empire is... I will give you this" He handed Hermione a map "These are specific instructions on how to find my office, usually only trading partners know how to find me, but I do like company so why don't you meet me for lunch tomorrow. Actually I have made the decision for you. You will meet me for lunch tomorrow 12 sharp"

Hermione took a step back in disbelief. Did Draco just demand that she have lunch with him? Hermione shook her head "I have class until 11:30 and just by strictly eyeballing these instructions it will take me no less than an hour to get to were you are... And who says I want to have lunch with you anyways, you'll probably just make fun of the way I eat and give me no answers and you'll talk in circles and wipe chocolate on me and-

Draco looked at his watch then back at the distraught witch "12 O'clock. Sharp" Draco said then in a second he had taken out his wand and completely disappeared into thin air leaving Hermione thinking this was all a confusing and twisted bad dream. 


"You're home late" Hermione heard Ron's voice as she entered their home. Ron was in his sweatpants and he held tea in one hand, TV remote in the other. Hermione glanced down at her boyfriend who was sitting on their couch before speaking 

"Yeah, I just got caught up at Honeydukes..."

"Well I don't see that you bought anything" Ron looked at Hermione suspiciously 

"I just decided against the sugar, it is getting late afterall, and besides I don't want to be getting chunky" Hermione forced a laugh, and Ron smiled along with her "Oh come on Mione, you're basically skin and bones, a few chocolate frogs might do you good". The redheaded wizard put down his tea and walked over in Hermione's direction, grasping her waist and pulling her close to him "But damn, you still are sexy"

Hermione blushed and grinded a little into Ron but stopped as he leaned into kiss her. She pushed him away forcefully. "You smell like alcohol" She stated bluntly

"I might have had a few drinks" Ron said and rubbed her hips trying to rekindle the mood

"Ron- you said you weren't going to drink anymore, especially after what happened with Lavender"

"It was a one time thing, and I was drunk" Ron pleaded "You know she is a bar junkie she's always there-

"Exactly!" Hermione said distancing herself from her lover "That is why I tell you not to go to the bar and drink, because you and Lavender might... Ugh I don't even want to talk about this right now. I just want a shower and to go to bed". Hermione stormed off to her bathroom and turned on the shower. She got in and starting thinking involuntarily about what happened with Draco. There was no way she was going to meet with him tomorrow right? That would be a bad idea right? 

Hermione shook her head under the running water. Why was she even considering this? Draco did not deserve her time or energy especially when she and Ron were still trying to work things out after he and Lavender had both gotten drunk and hooked up. It had been months but it still made Hermione's blood boil to even think about this. Hermione got out of the shower and looked in the mirror. would it really hurt to atleast go see what Draco wanted? He did seem pretty insistant on her going. In fact he demanded it. Hermione shivered a little thinking about how harshly Draco demanded that she go, but despite how he treated her, she couldn't help but feel like she needed to atleast go see what he wanted so desperately to talk to her about, and in the privacy of his office.

Hermione took a deep breath looked herself in the eyes and told herself not to go see Draco tomorrow, and at the same time made up her mind. She needed to go see Draco tomorrow.

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