Lily's Misfortune

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Only James, Sirius, and Pettigrew know who the real secret keeper for the Potters is.


Chapter 1:


Lily Potter sighed as she stared at the perfectly symmetrical houses that lined Privet Drive.


Walking up to Number 4, she gently knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

She had called ahead last night from the hotel.


Gently cradling baby Harry to her chest, she thought back over the last few weeks.


The past month had been, without a doubt, the worst month of her life.


...James...The name brought tears to her eyes.


During Voldemort’s attack on Godric’s Hollow, she had been hit with a simple “Stupefy” as she pleaded for Harry’s life.


Why? No one was really sure, though she had a gut feeling that Albus knew.  


Once awake, she had barely been able to come to terms with James death and Sirius’s betrayal before Albus appeared and shuffled her to the Longbottoms.


The next few weeks had been unbearable. Coming to term with James death had been hard; however, with baby Harry at her side, she had pulled through.


She’d thought it was over…Voldemort had been defeated and Harry was finally safe.


That’s when they struck.


She had watched, hidden away with Harry and Neville, as the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr. tortured Frank and Alice to insanity.


That’s when it truly hit her. Harry would never be safe as long as they stayed in the Wizarding World.


And so here she was. Number 4 Privet Drive.


“Lily...come in, come in. We’ve been expecting you.”


She shivered in the cold as she watched Vernon eye her with a leer.


She had gotten used to the looks, especially since her pregnancy had increased her breast size and gave her what James called childbearing hips.


Shifting uncomfortably, she slowly cradled Harry as Vernon led her inside.


“Petunia is already sleeping. My boy, Dudley is quite the handful you see. She said you’d be arriving though.”


She followed behind Vernon as he led her upstairs.


Entering the guest bedroom, Vernon closed the door behind her so they wouldn’t disturb Petunia.


“I heard about your husband, James was it? I’m really sorry about his death.”


She nodded as she looked around. The room was small, with a queen sized bed, a simple night stand and a crib. Other than that, it was empty...which was fine with her.


She gently laid Harry in the crib, hoping he wouldn’t wake up just yet.


Turning around, she sighed as the events of the past few days were finally behind her.


“So what exactly is the situation?” Vernon huffed, slightly tired from climbing the stairs.


She slowly mulled over exactly how much to tell him.


“I tried looking for a job to support me and my son, however no one is willing to hire me. Especially since I don’t have a high school diploma.”


And she had tried.


She hadn’t been able to access the Potter family vault, as only Potters by blood could access it, and Harry’s trust account wouldn’t be accessible until his 11th birthday.


So, she had tried to look for a job, only for it to lead to a dead end.


“I need a place to stay… at least until I can go back to school and get a job.” She avoided looking at his eyes. She knew how truly hopeless she sounded.


“Hmmm… so there’s nothing you have that can help financially? I don’t know, we are already having trouble with Dudley…and now there’s you and Harry…”

She stiffened as she felt a meaty hand rest on her shoulder, “What can you offer me, Lily.”


She took a half-step back but it was useless. Vernon’s girth already dominated much of the free space in the room.


“What do you want?” She replied. Turning around to gaze at Harry as he turned in the crib.


She heard Vernon shuffle his way behind her, his hot breath coming to rest on her neck, causing goosebumps to rise on her arms.


“I will have to work twice as hard in order to support you and your son. So it’s only fair I get a little release from the stress,” Vernon replied.


His hands came around her, his stomach rubbing into her back as he hugged her from behind.


“And your promise that you won’t tell Petunia. She’s already stressed enough taking care of Dudley. Having her perfect little sister coming back to remind her of the past will not help. She might even force me to kick you out.” Vernon continued.


“You promise that you will let me and Harry stay here for as long as we want?”

“Yes, and in return, you will help me-” his hands lowered from her stomach to press against the cleft of her pussy, “- take care of my needs.”


Looking at Harry’s peaceful face, she slowly tried to rationalize what was being asked. Was she willing to do this to protect her baby boy?


The answer was simple


Yes, yes she was.


“When do you expect to start?”


“Tomorrow night,” he whispererd. Breathing in heavily as his moustache nuzzled her neck.


Continuing to look at Harry, she hardened her resolve. She would do it.

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