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This was something that I had posted before but was taken down because the disclaimer wasn't correct. I have since fixed that problem and am reuploading the story. I really enjoy this one shot and I am already working on the next little bit. I welcome questions and hopefully, I will asnwer reviews. I suck at remmbering to do that so please don't hate me. I love and read every review that yall give me, I just so happen to be one of those people that suck at communicating. Thank you all so much and enjoy. Lemme know what you think. 


Ron had done it a prank really, something to just lighten the mood of the week. They were on the quidditch pitch, the boys were on their brooms and Hermione was in the stands studying. It had never been a secret that Ron loved the curly haired witch and he was forever looking for a way to touch her and make her notice him as a ‘man’ worth her time. Of course, with how she ignored his attempts all their friends believed she was a naïve innocent and never thought to inform her of Ron’s affectionate feelings towards her.

She had just stood up and had her back to the pitch, reaching for a book she had placed on a bench a row behind her. Ron had been looking for just such an opportunity and had swept in while she was turned away and lifted her onto his broom. It was a widely known fact that Hermione was terrified of flying on anything magical, creature or otherwise. So, as Ron pulled her onto his broom and left the relative safety of the stands it was with no surprise that the other members of the outing heard Hermione begin to scream, loudly. She struggled and Ron still continued to rise in the air, shouting at her to calm herself. They had reached a rather high altitude when Hermione’s arm pulled back and her elbow landed square on Ron’s nose. Shocked and in pain, his grip slipped and so did the woman in his arms.

She began to plummet towards the ground, her limbs flailing and the others looking on in horror. It was Harry, with his amazing broom that saved her. He flew in fast and low and scooped her from the air. Gently, he deposited her on the ground, where she collapsed, shivering. Everyone landed around her, mostly members from the quidditch team and a few of their friends. They began talking to each other and shouting at Ron as he landed.

“We should put her in bed, let her sleep it off,” Seamus insisted, trying to not get anyone in trouble and hoping that she was okay.

“No, idiot, she’s in shock, she’ll stay that way unless she gets help,” It was one of the team members.

“Ron, you’re an arse, how could you? What the fuck were you thinking,” Ginny demanded answers of her brother as he touched down beside the group.

“It’s not my fault, I told her to calm down, she just kept on struggling,” Ron shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, unwilling to accept the blame. Ginny was halted in her answer when they heard a familiar burr shouting at them to move out of the way. The headmistress came rushing towards them and quickly knelt beside the shivering girl. She covered the girl in her own rob and glared at the surrounding students.

“Potter, Weasleys, to my office, now,” She levitated Hermione and moved back up to the castle.


Hermione was sat in a chair next to the warm fire, she was still shivering. The three students were lined up in front of the large wooden desk, their heads lowered in shame. It was made worse because it looked like the headmistress wasn’t going to talk to them for a while yet, she just stared at them. A knock came at the door, demanding and firm.

“Enter, Severus,” She flicked her wand and the professor glided through the door. He held a vial in his hand and surveyed the room slowly. His hair was out of place and his faced had lines that looked like they were carved from granite. When he saw Hermione he let out a small noise like a growl and the curly head lifted instantly.

“Ooomph,” his breathe was forced out of him as the little creature rammed herself into his arms. He quickly closed them around her still shivering frame and led her back to her seat. Settling her quickly, he began to look her over. Her pupils were dilated, her breathing shallow, and she was trying to cling to him. “Shhh, little one, it’s alright, you’re okay now.”

“Sev, don’t go. I was up and… and I didn’t want to be. Where were you, I called and called, I couldn’t get down. Then, the ground it was coming so fast, where was he? Neither of you were there,” She had started to cry by this point, her shoulders shaking with sobs, and she didn’t see him flinch when she asked him her questions. He continued to pet her hair and stroked the back that wouldn’t calm down.

“What in the bleedin’ hell? Hermione, what are you doing? That’s the bat you’re attached to,” Ron thought it important to point out that the girl he loved was currently trying to wrap herself around their most hated potions professor. Said professor glared but didn’t answer him, instead he addressed Minerva.

“I would think that he should be arriving any second, you might want to open the floo, else buy a new gate for the school,” The lady nodded, and activated the floo, not five seconds too soon. As soon as she stepped back, it flared a bright green and an enraged man exited the large fireplace. His hair was worse than Severus’, his face drawn, lines etched deep, his clothes were not straight, and his eyes blazed. Lucius Malfoy looked feral. That is until the same little distressed creature shot herself into his arms as well. Her sobbing just increased and his face fell. He knelt and encased her in his arms. Severus came to stand in front of them, guarding the two vulnerable beings.

“What in the hell is going on here? Get the bloody fuck away from my girlfriend,” Ron began advancing on the group, prepared to push aside the two older men and remove ‘his girlfriend’ from their clutches. That is until Snape growled at him, literally growled at him, showing off sharp teeth in the process. Ron backpedaled quickly then, moving his body far from the enraged professor.

“Severus, calm yourself, you’ll do her no good this way. Now, from my understanding, Weasley thought it a good idea to pull Mrs. Malfoy-Snape onto his broom and fly high into the air with her. When she began struggling to be put down and calling for her mates, apparently, he did not listen and continued to rise into the air. Here, he lost control of her body and dropped her. If it wasn’t for Mr. Potter’s quick flying, she would not have made it to the ground in one piece. Isn’t this right, Ms. Weasley,” Here, Minerva looked at Ginny and the girl was quick to bob her head in agreement.

“I’m going to kill you boy, the minute she is calm enough to let go, I will scatter your least important body parts in the forbidden forest, letting the wolves eat your arms and legs. Then I will take your ‘broom’ and mash it, then I will feed it to you, the only sustenance you will receive for the rest of your pathetically short life. I will begin to remove your innards, I’d offer them to Severus for his work but I know of no potion that requires lung of swot. It will be a slow, merciless death, and know that it will hurt. Be assured, you will live till I cannot keep your putrid heart beating any longer,” Malfoy’s words floated over to the group and sank into the teenagers’ bones like a chill. It was all the worse because he’s used his hands to cover Hermione’s hearing, ensuring that the traumatized girl wouldn’t be bothered with such gruesome detail. He smiled triumphantly when he smelt the piss that Ron released at the end of his words and laughed aloud when Ron looked to Minerva for protection. But the woman’s head was turned away, causing all three teens to gasp in shock that she would ignore a threat to her students.

“I am sorry, Mr. Weasley, but you threatened the life of their mate, by law they can do whatever they like with you and bear no punishment,” She gave the teens sad eyes but her eyes were hard as well.

“Professor, what? I don’t… this isn’t…” Harry was the most baffled and confused.

“She’s our mate Potter, ours, this means her protection is our responsibility, and he endangered her!” Here, Snape snarled. His eyes took on a feverish look and the only thing that stopped him from charging was Hermione’s small hand on his calf. She slowly began to pull herself up, using his body as leverage and the support of Lucius’ hand. Severus’ arms went around her body automatically and he began to make small animal sounds to calm her, though she was no longer trembling.

“Sev, don’t, don’t kill him. Please?” She lifted her eyes to him and pleaded softly. Lucius was now standing as well, holding her shoulders, his face buried in her hair but his eyes were still trained on the redheaded wizard.

“Don’t ask that of us, it’s cruel, it would haunt us that we didn’t hurt the one that hurt you, Hermione don’t, please,” Severus’ voice was soft and tender, his hands stroking her face.

“What if you didn’t kill him, just hurt him a little?” She turned this time to look at Lucius, her eyes a deep chocolate. He gazed at her a long moment, considering and weighing choices. Finally, looking at Severus, he nodded.



They had tucked their little mate into Severus’ big bed, settling her in with a calming draught, and leaving her to sleep. Together they walked back to the Headmistress’ office and found the other teens dismissed and Ron standing there, still in the same disgusting clothing. The teen was shaking by now, and both men they knew they wouldn’t gain pleasure from killing him and were grateful Hermione had asked them not to.

“What are you going to do to me?” He was slowly backing into bookshelves and shivering even worse than before. His hands were twitching towards his wand every now and then but he never drew it.

“We will be going to the dining hall and dealing with all this there, do you understand? And you may defend yourself, it won’t make a difference. You will regret your actions, a hundred fold,” Severus whirled about and moved out the door, Lucius waited till the idiotic child followed the professor before he too fell into the line.


Severus easily sidestepped the hex aimed at him and danced back, Ron giving a low groan of despair as both older men remained unharmed yet he had small cuts up and down his body. He almost cried when Lucius let out a low chuckle and nearly screamed when a burning hex hit his forearm.

“You thought…that you could…take her from us,” Each pause was punctuated by a chuckle or a thrown spell. Lucius began taunting Weasley “You idiot child, why would she turn to you, when she has us? WE provide for her, care for her, give her pleasure beyond all imaginings, and yet you thought she wanted you?”

“Yeah, well, where were you when she was screaming your name, didn’t seem like you were protecting her then? That’s the real reason I dropped her, you know. She yelled Lucius at the top of her lungs and she sounded like she thought you would really be there. And did you see how she defended me, wouldn’t want me to die, we know she has some feelings for me, do you know how easy it is to turn a teenagers feelings?” Ron was goading them right back, undermining them, angering them, and failing in his protective stance. He ended up with a confundus charm hitting him directly, and became dizzy…

When he woke, he was tied to a chair and his clothes were gone. Malfoy stood in front of him but Snape was to the side of the room, pounding his fists into the wall, over and over again. The man moved with ferocity and rage, completely demolishing the wall. This frightened Ron like nothing else, because he knew that the same rage was supposed to be directed at him. His focus was forced onto the blonde when a punch threw his head to the opposite side.

“Stupid boy, you have no self-preservation. Severus suggested we bury you alive, that way we wouldn’t really kill you but Hermione wouldn’t see it that way. So, here we are,” Malfoy was snarling and he was leaning into Ron’s face. He sniffed and turned away to gag when Ron’s piss dripped onto the floor.

“We will be leaving you here instead, under a spell that will ensure you feel the pain our mate felt, fresh every time. You will never become accustomed to the feeling and it will only end until we decide,” Severus had straightened his clothes and was slicking back his hair. “You are lucky we trust our mate, otherwise you’d be dead.”


The tall men walked into their rooms later, after leaving Ronald Weasley writhing and screaming. They were not pleased. Hermione had felt fear and they felt her calling their names. It destroyed something fundamental inside them to be unable to reach their sweet little mate when she called for them in need. They would not be letting her away from them for a very long time, anything to ensure that she was safe and unharmed in their arms. Eventually, she would forgive them but they would never forgive themselves for not being there for their mate.

They moved into the bedroom and stripped their clothes. Climbing into bed, Severus pulled Hermione partially onto his chest while Lucius wrapped his arm around both of them. They didn’t move an inch all night, too frightened to let one bit of their mate’s skin go untouched by theirs.


In the middle of the night, Hermione shifting brought both men out of their silent thoughts and they watched her as she attempted to stretch. She frowned as she realized that both her mates were so wrapped around her that she couldn’t move. Moaning, she forced her head up despite Lucius’ arm and looked at them both. Blinking her eyes widely, she burrowed her head into the crevice made by their bodies and whimpered.

“I missed you both so much,” She whispered into Severus’ arm pit and snuggled deeper between the two.

“Hermione, you screamed in terror and all you can say is you missed us? “Lucius glared at the back of her head and cocked his head when she shivered.

“I don’t know what else to say. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have screamed like that but it was so high and he wouldn’t put me down. I shouldn’t have bothered you both but I was so afraid and all I could think of was you both,” She whimpered when Lucius thrust a hand into her hair and pulled her head up and forced her to look into Severus’ eyes anyway.

“We would have felt your fear and been even more upset that you didn’t let us know. We love that you trust us, we’re hurt because you felt such fear in the first place and we could not get to you. Our inner creatures are destroying us, reminding us that you are our mate, are most precious in this whole world.  They’re sending visons of what could have happened while we weren’t with you and it destroys us inside,” Severus dark eyes bore into her brown orbs and she trembled. Tears started to leak out of her eyes.

“No, no, no, not my mates, don’t be in pain, I’m here now,” She took a hand from each of them and placed it somewhere on her body, pressing them into her flesh. “No pain, it was Ron’s fault and you shouldn’t take the blame for that, please?”

“Hermione, we logically know what happened, that does not stop the feral part of us,” Lucius rubbed her thigh where she had placed his hands. “From now on we’re going to need you by us, as reassurance that you’re ours and alive. We won’t be letting you out of our sight. No more of this hiding, all ours, no holds or limits.”

“I love you too much to even want to deny you,” Hermione laid back down and pulled them back to her. They all fell asleep, secure in the knowledge that they were there and together.

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