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Disclaimer: I hate Hermione and Harry haters. I make no profit from this. Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, I am just contributing to her godly creation. All rights belong to their respective companies.

This story is not owned to me, Hary Potter And it’s fandom is owned by J. K. Rowling, all rights go to their respective owners. I make no Profit off this. So, I am starting a new HP&HG fanfiction, with my Friend, just FYI, I am a guy, so… Anyways, they are the ones editing grammar, punc. Capit., etc. I hope y'all like it, it is going to be very smutty in the future but will stay pretty straight at the start. It will be Harry and Hermione, and 2 OC’s. Hopefully, it will be regularly controlled by my editor. Leave reviews please, I want and need criticism, just not too much or I get overwhelmed. Thank you, let’s start

     When he awoke, he was tired and sweaty. He realized what day it was, and breathed a sigh of relaxation. It was all going to be okay. Then he remembered; Ron was dead.
     Ron, Hermione, and Harry, along with Gilderoy Lockhart, all went after, what we now know, the Basilisk. When it came time for the battle, Ron jumped in front of it, and then, to no one's surprise, was eaten. Gilderoy looked it in the eyes and died. Hermione tried to cast a few spelled but fell backward and hit her head rendering her unconscious, and Harry was now alone, left to fight the giant snake (The rest goes along with cannon). 
     Hermione and Harry grieved, but without Ron, Harry started doing better in school, soon Ron was just a faded memory.
Today was the anniversary of his death when Harry looked around, he remembered that he was in the Gryffindor Common Room, Hermione sleeping next to him on the couch, her head in his lap. She looked so peaceful as she slept, He brushed her hair away from her face with his hand and saw that even though she was sleeping she was still smiling. Then carefully he moved her head and replaced his lap with a soft, velvet cushion. 
He went upstairs to put on some clothes, and when he got down Hermione was getting up, her hair was messy and her makeup was smudged, but Harry still thought she was amazing, yet he smiled sadly, knowing she would never be his. Luckily she didn’t seem to notice.
“Hey Harry,” she said quietly, getting up. She came over and hugged him tightly, her head resting on his chest; until he realized his body was reacting, and carefully moved her off, whispering that he needed to use the bathroom. She let go of him, and he went to the bathroom. he washed up, dealt with his body, and got new clothes. When he got out, he saw Hermione was in the bathroom as well. He walked over and picked up the Daily Prophet, unsurprised when it showed a picture of him with the headline: Young Boy Saves School, Anniversary of the Chamber of Secrets permanent closing. He sighed, tired of the fact that they still thought he did it alone, and completely ignored Ron. Hell, if It weren’t for Ron's sacrifice HE might be the one in the Basilisks belly. Before he passed out, he cut open its stomach and pulled out Ron, But too late, for he was already dead. 
That was when Hermione came out, she was in her robes. She hugged him again, saying it was alright and that everything was fine. He hadn’t realized it, but he was crying? Whether it be from exhaustion or sadness, he could not tell. He looked around, and spied Hermione's sister lying on the couch, she had snuggled with Hermione overnight. See, here, the Golden Trio was actually the Golden 5, But Arya really kinda stayed out of the way, While Hermione, Ron, Harry and Trip all took it on. But now Ron was dead, and he had to wonder whether others would die as well.  He stopped himself mid thought. He would never let that happen. He decided to pour himself and Hermione some Butterbeer and gave Arya some water. At that moment Trip came down. (You already know Harry and Hermione, But Arya and Trip are new. Arya is roughly 5’5, Hermione being 5’7. Trip and Harry are both 6’1. ) Trip has Brown Hair, with silvery eyes, (a side effect of his mother getting hit with a curse while he was still in the womb.) His hair was relatively short, he was skinny, white and relatively muscular, and when you looked at him, you underestimated him, this Harry had learned the hard way; when you piss him off, you best have a coffin ready, because he hits harder than you could imagine. Apparently, he had played Football (Soccer), and he had done quite well.
Arya has a slight tan, Green eyes that looked just like Lily’s, and long blonde hair that reached the mid of her back. She was fit and strong, for she runs EVERY morning, but not so muscular as to put off men. In fact, she was the center of many male fantasies, but she had only eyes for one. She loved Trip but was too shy to admit her feelings. Hermione and Harry tried to talk to her about it, but all she did was look at them and say “hypocrites”. While Harry had no idea what she was on about, Hermione always understood. You see, she had developed a crush on Harry since she first saw him, but like her sister was too shy to act upon it. As Trip came down the stairs, he simply stated “morning”, looked around he saw their faces, and immediately went red In the face as realization dawned on him about what day it was. He had also felt slight embarrassment, for he was merely in his pajama pants and Arya was looking quite wondrously at him. He went and took a shower, and slowly the rest of the Gryffindors came in. 
Not long after they all were heading down the great hall, and sat down together. Hermione held Harry’s hand through the entirety of breakfast, giving him comforting glances every now and then. When they finished, Dumbledore stood up. 
”Students, as you know, today is the anniversary of a boy known as Ron Weasley, a very brave man, who had fallen trying to defend his friends. Today, all classes are called off for 3rd years, so that they might grieve for their friend”. A chorus of cheers flew from Slytherin, Hufflepuff, And Ravenclaw, along with some Gryffindors, But in general, the Gryffindor table stayed quiet. When Draco looked at Harry and smirked, Harry tried to curse him, but Hermione stopped him. 
“Let me”. She simply stated. A second later Malfoy threw up slugs into his cereal, along with the rest of the Slytherins. Everybody in the great hall laughed, and Harry looked at Hermione gratefully. They all immediately left the great hall, continuing to throw up slugs.
When Hermione finished, Harry left with her to sit on the beach. 
“You know, I really don’t miss him. I know it sounds wrong, but I really don’t. You are doing better in school, and we have grown closer than ever. Thank you, Harry”. Said Hermione.
 “Thank you for sticking by me, Hermione.” And together, they stay there in the warm sun of spring, waiting for school to be over in a couple weeks.
——————————————————————————————————————————-Thathis is where our story begins, and soon, they shall be… ah… “Working” together on his “Homework”;). Thank you, and Goodbye. Hope to have the second chapter up by tomorrow, please review. And yes, I know this goes by quite fast and is kinda short, but I am trying I catch up to where I wanna be, And this was more of an intro chapter in my opinion. Bye-bye.

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