Love me or Hate me

BY : Mansi Jain
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Authors note: This is a Draco Veela fic. I hope you enjoy it. As in many other fics, Harry rejects him and not without consequences but it has a happy ending. It will have Scorbus as the secondary pairing. The primary is Drarry. 

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Torturous Love

Scorpius Malfoy was furious.

Fucking Bastard.

I should reject him outrighly.

Payback is a bitch, eh Harry Potter?

He could reject Potter but the mere fact that his father would be disappointed in him and would have stopped him is preventing him from doing it.

It would be the perfect revenge on Harry Potter though.

But, as much as he wanted to punish Potter's father for what he did to his dad, it would be completely wrong to punish Albus Severus Potter for Harry Potter's mistakes.

"You have the audacity to ask me to accept you, Potter when your fucking father destroyed mine so ruthlessly. Why should I accept you? Why should I not ruin you? Why should I not make you beg me to stay with you during your heat?" He hissed angrily and Potter's flinch did not go unnoticed by him.

Albus stared at Scorpius "Scorpius-"

"DO NOT and I have asked this a thousand times before and I am asking you again. DO NOT CALL ME BY MY FIRST NAME. After everything your bastard of a father did, I have to wonder how can you even face me. Is your family so bloody shameless?"

Albus stared some more "But, what exactly has dad done? " He could not fathom as to why Scorpius was always so angry with him. A week had passed since his birthday, since he had come into his veela inheritance. Two days later, he had realized that Scorpius was his destined mate and it did not come as a shock to him. He had always held a soft spot for the slytherin. And now when the stoic blonde stood in front of him, his blue eyes burning with anger and pain, he still did not understand the cause of both. He had never done anything to deserve this kind of hatred from him.

He had never heard a word about Draco Lucius Malfoy. No one spoke anything about the man at all. Albus did not know whether the man was dead or alive.

"YOUR FAULT! YOUR FAULT Potter is that you bloody EXIST. I am tempted to just reject you outrightly, you know."

"Malfoy, look-" Scorpius glared at the youngest Potter child. Lily Potter stood in front of him, her red hair flowing behind her. To everyone's surprise, Lily Potter had been sorted into Slytherin. He still remembered how the great Hall had become totally silent when she had been sorted and he also remembered how unconcerned she had been. He still remembered that she had been happy to be sorted into the slytherin house. But the fact that Lily did not hold any prejudices did not decrease his pain. It did not change the past, the fact that in spite of sacrificing so much, his father had suffered and he had grown fatherless. It was true that Uncle Sev and grandfather Lucius were more than just grandparents to him but no-one could have ever substituted his father and it was all because of bloody Harry Potter.

People called Harry Potter a saviour but Scorpius thought otherwise. Harry Potter was a bastard who deserved to be punished and who was still enjoying his freedom because Scorpius's family did not have any other option. They were completely helpless.

"Shut up, Lily. I do not want you to intervene." Scorpius glared at her menacingly.

It did not stop her from speaking her next words, though.

"So you will reject my brother just because he is a Potter, in spite of knowing that we do not hold any prejudices against the Malfoys or anyone for that matter."

Scorpius sneered "Your elder brother-"

"Leave it Lily. He is a moron." The said elder brother stood beside Albus now. Albus had not even noticed James's presence at all.

"Shut your trap, Potter. You have no right to interfere. You were the first one to ignore Lily when she was sorted in Slytherin, in spite of her being your real sister. What right do you have to preach me?" Scorpius sneered at James and Albus couldn't help but flinch. He remembered how James had boycotted Lily, how his mother had spoken to all three of them and James had apologised after that. Albus had not changed his attitude towards his little sister. The fact that she was sorted into Slytherin was completely immaterial. But James's reaction had really hurt Lily. James had always been the one to pamper her and play with her the most. She loved him more then she loved Albus and it had hurt her when James had boycotted her and insulted her.

"I was a child. I was immature. That was years back and I am not like that now." James yelled at them defensively.

Albus was glad that he had not chosen a crowded area to ask Scorpius. It would have led to a bloody scandal. He had chosen headmaster Snape's office and no-one except his siblings had been invited.

"Oh! So it does not matter just because it happened years back. Lily's depression does not matter. I found her in Astronomy tower when she was deciding whether or not she should jump to her death just because HER BROTHER WAS NEGLECTING HER SINCE SHE WAS SORTED IN A HOUSE WHICH HE DETESTED. But it does not matter because it has already happened and Lily is alive. The fact that she has still not recovered from your betrayal does not matter. For a complete year, she watched her friends visit their siblings and I saw the pain and longing in her eyes but it does not matter to you because you are AS SELF CENTERED AS YOUR FUCKING FATHER is." Scorpius had shouted the last words and he did not stop speaking. He continued in a hissed whisper and his words cut James apart, which was obvious from his elder brother's gradually whitening face "Oh! Yes, you don't know, do you? I will tell you what happened that night in the astronomy tower."

Lily protested "You promised Malfoy."

"He needs to know, damn it." Scorpius addressed his angry eyes towards Lily. When she did not reply, he looked back at James "I was completing my Potions project when I saw her coming out of the dorms and walk towards the exit of the common room. She did not notice me and continued walking. I followed her because it was after curfew and I had a bad feeling about it and as it turned out, I was right. She was contesting whether or not she should jump to her death when I reached there."

Albus knew James won't speak. He knew because his brother had turned completely pale and was staring at their little sister, whose face had lowered towards the floor. She seemed ashamed of herself.

"When did this happen?" Albus asked and though Scorpius answered his question, he did not look at him. It was like Albus did not even exist for Scorpius. The pain that this thought brought in his heart shook his knees but he stood upright, trying not to reveal any of his feelings.

Scorpius looked straight at James's face "The day he slapped Lily in the great hall for hugging him at the Gryffindor table at lunch because she was so happy to score the highest grade in potions. Bloody bigots, that's what Potters are." "

James's recoiled and looked horrified as he stared at Lily "Lily." He whispered "I am sorry. I-"

Lily was never the one for emotional bouts and sentimental apologies "Save it James. We have important matters at hand. "She spoke in a deadpanned voice, her eyes on Scorpius. James left after a nod and a murmured sentence "I am in the gryffindor common room if you need me."

"You can't reject my brother." She said bluntly and Albus stared at her.

"I know." Scorpius replied, gritting his teeth furiously.

"He will die." Lily continued.

"I know. What about my father. He-" Scorpius said again, his eyes burning with both fury and pain at the same time and it hurt Albus so much to witness that pain, but he could do nothing about it, not now, not ever, not when Scorpius held so much hatred for him.

"What happened was not Albus's fault." This time Lily stopped and took a deep breath before continuing "Will you be able to face yourself, knowing that you destroyed Albus for dad's sins."

Scorpius looked at Lily in shock wondering how she knew. He had not told a single soul.

"How do you even know?" Scorpius looked at her in shock.

"I have my means." Scorpius wondered if she had been told by her mother about the truth. But James and Albus did not know and it confused Scorpius. Why would Ginny hide it from her sons.

"Whose fault was it then?" Scorpius asked her and Albus interrupted impatiently this time. They were ignoring him. How dare they ignore him like this?

"Will someone tell me what's going on?"

"Look, I need time to digest all this. Why should I accept to bond with a boy whose father-" Scorpius ignored him again, directing his sentence towards Lily and this made Albus furious.

"Do not bloody ignore me." He yelled, though it did not do any good.

Ignoring him yet again, Lily addressed Scorpius "Look, you can take time and figure it out. Just promise me that-"

Albus coughed and tried to catch their attention "Please tell me whatever you are trying to hide from me."

"All right Malfoy. Just promise me that the history won't repeat itself." Lily's voice was deadpanned and her face was emotionless. She looked older than her age. For a moment Albus stilled and wondered what exactly had matured Lily so much. She was supposed to behave like a normal fourteen year old.

Albus turned towards Scorpius who was staring at Lily with his hands crossed "All right. I promise that the past won't repeat itself, that I would be a better man than Harry Potter."

Albus expected Lily to shout, to yell, to defend their father somehow but to his utter shock, Lily simply nodded and walked off, leaving them alone in the Headmaster's room. That was the moment Albus realized that he had been always been wrong about Scorpius Malfoy. He had always thought that Scorpius's prejudice against Potters was the reason he despised Albus but apparently, he had been wrong because Lily was also a Potter and why would Scorpius call her by her first name if he hated her.

"Potter, shall I leave if we are done here." Scorpius sneered at him and Albus's heart clenched. How he craved to hear Scorpius address him softly, just once but that was just his wishful thinking.

"You will just keep me waiting" Albus whispered. "because of something I don't even know about.

Scorpius, who had reached the door and was about to unlock it, replied back "Do you want me to reject you?"

"Won't you even try? You have never tried to know me. I have never been rude to you. What is even my fault? I don't know what you were talking with Lily about."

"I don't want to tell you about anything." Scorpius replied to Potter and the sadness on Albus's face was causing a strange heaviness in his own heart.

"Why?" Potter asked him and he couldn't help but stare at the boy's face.

Scorpius sighed deeply "Why do you want to know?" He asked Potter and he expected some absurd answer so he was surprised head Potter's next words.

"I would like to know the reason of your pain so that I can try to reduce it, even if I cannot remove it completely."

Scorpius searched his face for lies or deception but he found none.

"Ask Uncle Severus. Tell him that I want you to know everything." This being said, Scorpius swiveled around and left and Albus wished he could follow the blonde and wrap him in his arms but he held back because now was not the time. Instead, he waited for headmaster Severus to come back.


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