The Wooing Of Draco Malfoy

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This is a sequel of LMHM 1- Love me or Hate me.


Truth revealed

"Mr. Jenkins, you have to do something. I can't-" Draco cleared his throat and spoke after recovering from another coughing fit. Prolonged distance from his mate was really taking a toll on him "The effect of Potter's imprisonment on me is evident. I mean, there must be something at least. It is completely unfair. Why am I getting punished for his mistakes? Surely I can plead for justice-"

"I understand your point, Mr. Malfoy and to represent your case in the court, you will need a Veela to represent you and prove that Mr. Potter's punishment is punishing you too."

"You know very well that I do not have any contact with any Veela except Potter's son and he cannot represent me because he is Potter's son." Draco replied for the thousandth time and held his head in both his hands in frustration.

His hair had started turning grey and his hands had started trembling and it was just third day since the sentence.

"Find a Veela, Mr. Malfoy. You don't have much time, considering your condition….." Mr. Jenkins crossed his arms and looked at him worriedly. He must be sixty years old and had been representing Malfoys for as long as Draco remembered.

Mr. Jenkins broke the silence that ensued subsequently, after clearing his throat "Fleur Delacaur nee Weasley is a Veela and Weasleys are no longer on contact with Mr. Potter so she cannot be considered biased."

Draco stared at the man for a few seconds "Why would she help me? Everyone is still under an illusion that I was responsible for the break in in Hogwarts that day, the break in in which her husband was injured permanently."

"Well, then clear the illusion. There are people who can vouch for you. What is stopping you?" Mr. Jenkins frowned and Draco sighed in irritation.

"The only person who can vouch for me is…."

"Severus Snape."

"Well, his word counts but they won't believe me just because one man says so. There is another man who can vouch for me. He has always known that I was just playing my part that day." Mr. Jenkins's frown deepened as he asked "Who is it?"

"Albus Dumbledore."

The silence his words had caused was deafening.

"I thau- well, no one knows where he is." Mr jenkins eyes had become completely wide.

"Of course I know where he lives. After all, it was me who had transported him to his manor. Everything that happened that night was an act. The death eaters were let in by Zacharias Smith and had I not been there, he would have been killed by Smith. I captured him on time. I had to shift the allegiance of the Elder wand to me so that Harry could use it. Being my mate, he could use any wand that belonged to me. I had cast a cushioning charm on the ground which had saved Dumbledore. He was placed on medicines and constant medical care in Dumbledore Manor until he recovered."

Mr Jenkins was gaping at him in shock.

"Why has he not returned to the Wizarding world."

"He does not desire to return. He spends time teaching muggle children and is happy. Well, he was happy when I saw him the last time and that was fourteen years ago. I had taken a promise from him to never reveal my part in the battle unless I wish to reveal it."

Mr Jenkins took a deep breath and composed himself. He spoke after a couple of minutes "Why do I have a feeling that that you are concealing many more things….."

"I am." Draco replied bluntly.

"You will have to reveal everything if you want Potter out of prison. You will have to bring Dumbledore and ask him to reveal everything. Only then will your word carry some weight in The Wizengamot. Even if Mrs. Delacaur nee Weasley accepts to support you, I don't think they will listen to you."

Draco sighed deeply in annoyance "Is there no other way?"

"I don't think so, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco coughed again and this time he was quiet alarmed to see blood drops on his hand.

"You really need to see Mr. Potter. They can't stop you from visiting him at least."

"I will not visit him. I don't need his pity. I will not ask him for anything at all. I won't commit the same mistake twice."

Mr. Jenkins sighed in exasperation "Then I suggest you to pay a visit to Albus Dumbledore."

"You are quite right. I will meet you day after tomorrow then. I will visit him tomorrow. He sleeps early and it's quite late."


Harry was sleeping and it was the first time he had been able to sleep at all. There was no way to count the days that had passed. He had not eaten anything at all initially. The food that had been provided to him was not meant to be eaten at all. The bread and porridge were always stale and the water was never clean. Even the air was stale and dead. But when hunger and thirst started taking a toll on him he started eating and drinking, even though only a little.

The sudden change in the air indicated the arrival of the dementor and Harry huddled into himself, his head between his knees and his hands on his head, trying to protect his memories from the creature.

Try as Harry did, the dementor did succeed in bringing his worst nightmares to the forefront of his mind and he screamed again. Harry had thought that he didn't mind dying. He had thought that dying was fine. He would be able to meet his parents after death but now he thinks otherwise. He doesn't want to die and he doesn't want to become an empty shell too. He wants to remember for what will he be but an empty shell without his memories. 

A blood curdling scream escapes his mouth when the dementor stops in front of his cell and he tries to keep his memories intact.


Draco knocked once and then twice but received no reply so he knocked again, impatiently this time.

Finally, someone opened the door and he found himself being received by a house elf. He did not remember his name. It had been fourteen years after all.

"What can Gritty be doing for Mr. Draco Malfoy?"

"I want to meet professor Dumbledore." Draco told the elf and the elf nodded "Mr. Draco Malfoy is being following Gritty. Master Albus Dumbledore is being in his study, writing his tenth book on transfiguration."

"Ok, lead the way then. I will follow you."

Twenty minutes later, he found himself sitting in front of a concerned Albus Dumbledore.

"You need to meet him Draco."

"I won't beg him again. It didn't work the last time and it won't work now." Draco replied in a monotone.

"People change and Harry-"

He interrupted the aged wizard "I don't intend to take the risk again. I just want him out of trouble so that I can lead my life with some semblance of peace. I want you to return to the wizarding world and reveal everything that we have hidden for the past fourteen years."

"Okay, Draco, as you wish."


Severus had resigned from his position in Hogwarts. Four days had passed since Harry's sentence and he had started brewing again. Potions had not just been his favourite subject. It was his passion and he had never wanted to leave the profession. He was happy to return to his brewing. Presently, he was having breakfast with Lucius who was reading the Daily prophet.

Suddenly, Lucius's cup of coffee dropped from his hand and fell on the floor. Alarmed by his rather unusual behaviour Severus asked him "Lucius, what's the matter?"

"Did you read the Daily Prophet today?"

"Not yet."

"Well, you must read it then."

Severus picked up his copy of the newspaper and almost dropped his own cup in shock when he read the headlines…..


My dear friends, today I am going to deliver rather shocking news to you. I was having lunch in peace when a man who had disappeared years ago knocked on my door. You can imagine the shock I underwent when the Great Albus Dumbledore himself walked into my office and requested me to write this article.

Of course, I agreed. The facts that he revealed were surprising, to say the least.

I am going to write his confession in his words for you just like he had requested me to.

"Yes, I am very much alive and the entire credit for the same goes to Draco. I was on the brink of death when Draco removed the curse and gave my life back to me. He sacrificed so much for the wizarding world and it saddens me that all he got was humiliation and injustice for it.

That fateful day, the day I was declared dead is one of the most regretful days in my life. That day, I condemned a child to a life of misery. I should never have agreed to him. My agreement makes me a partner in the crime, I guess. He wanted me to keep my silence and I did. 

The break-in in the Hogwarts had been caused by Zacharias Smith and if it hadn't been for Draco's quick cushioning charm, I would really have died. As it was, I was just injured and Draco apparated me to my family manor where he took care of me until I was healthy and well.

Not only this, but he was the one who saved Harry too.  He had done a sacrificial ritual which was responsible for keeping Harry alive even after Tom had cast Avada Kedavra on him. Harry did not carry his mother's protection any more. It was Draco's sacrifice of an enormous amount of blood that had saved him, not Lily's.

So you see Draco contributed to Tom's death.

When I read that people simply stood by and watched his humiliation unfold as if it was entertaining them, I was speechless, for I had not wanted to create a world in which people idolize those who commit such crimes, in which they stand by and enjoy others being dishonored.

I realized that Tom Riddle was not the one who was destroying our world. It was the people who live in it. They are responsible for their own destruction. I fought against darkness my entire life and it was a shock to realize that the fight is still not over, that in fact it has just begun. However, I am but a man and I can't change the world when it doesn't wish to change.

All of you, whether you are an auror or minister or a healer or anyone, I mean even a normal person, you want things to change, you want children to walk on the right path instead of the path Tom walked on but you don't want to contribute towards that change. 

When you watch a teenager being assaulted and take pictures instead of stopping it, that's when you should accept that this world will never change, that the darkness will only increase. That's all I would like to say. I have wasted enough of my time already because it's not like anything is going to change at all." 

At this note, the aged professor stopped speaking and his eyes brimmed with unshed tears as he stood up silently and left my office.

I am very ashamed to claim to be the one to publish Draco Malfoy's pictures all those years ago for everyone to see. My face was red with mortification by the time he finished because he was my headmaster and I respect him a lot and well, Draco was my friend. Today I feel rotten when I relive my own contribution to his dishonour.

I tried apologizing to him after Headmaster Dumbledore left but my firecalls and owls went unanswered.

So I have decided to give a public apology to him.


I am sorry for what I did. I agree to compensate you as you wish, though I know that no amount of money would bring your lost dignity back.

 I am thankful to you for what you did for me and the world.

Pansy Parkinson

My dear readers, I promise not to repeat the mistake I did years back. I will not publish false articles that cause harm to anyone's dignity.

It remains to be seen that how many of you have the courage to apologize…?

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