Love Conquers All

BY : Mansi Jain
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A/N: Hello again, this is the first chapter of the sequel to LMHM 2- The wooing of Draco Malfoy.

Title: LMHM 3- Love Conquers All


Red eyed Trouble From France

Kids were home for summer vacations and for the first time, Harry and Draco were able to pay attention to them. His kids had alternated between him and Ginny and sometimes Ginny had come to his home to visit them. Draco had sold his apartment over his shop and they had purchased a new place which was spacious enough to accommodate there family.

For the past few months, it had been peaceful. They had made peace with their past and were happy with each other. Hermione had made a brilliant discovery. She had finally discovered how to break the Veela bond, which she confessed to have been trying for the past many years. With her help, they had got rid of the bond between them. Draco is still a Veela and they love each other but he does not have any heat or any compulsion to have Harry near him. The ritual had been painful, though worth it and it couldn't be conducted before the participants turned fifteen.

Soon after breaking the bond, they had tied the knot in a very private ceremony.

Following their example, Scorpius and Albus had also broken the bond and the kids were not even on talking terms now, though most of the anger and disagreements emanated from Albus. Though Harry and Draco were upset to see the growing distance between their kids, it had been fairly peaceful and happy and they were revelling in it.

Of course, it couldn't last long. Happiness never did.

The trouble arrived in a carriage from France along with a friend this time and both Harry and Draco found themselves involved in yet another battle.


He looked out of the carriage, his eyes as red as ever. This was the country his father had wanted to reign over. Father had been destroyed by Harry Potter and his Veela Draco Malfoy and he had grown up fatherless due to them.

They had destroyed his father and now he would destroy everything that had ever brought a modicum of happiness in their life.

"What are you looking at?" His red haired companion asked "You seemed rather intense."

"Britain is beautiful, isn't it?" He asked sweetly.

"Yes it is." After a few moments he asked "Do you think returning to Britain is a mistake?"

"Of course not." The red eyed boy answered and got back to his staring at the sky. "It's a much awaited opportunity."

He had promised himself to make his father proud by carrying on what he had started and time had finally finally arrived to fulfil his promise.



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