The Burning Malfoy manor

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Title: The Burning Malfoy Manor

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Forced And Horrifying tasks

Draco had never known that death eaters were supposed to torture people, not that they were supposed to consider muggles human but Draco had not known this.

His godfather had warned him, of course and his father had tried to warn him as well, though he had always stayed away from father. He had never understood father or his intentions at all.

Today, when he was sitting before a very hideous dark lord on his knees for his supposedly honourable marking ceremony, he couldn't help the frustration and anger that he was feeling.

He was so furious with himself. Severus had tried to keep him away from this fate and he had been a fool to think that the other man had wanted to steal his glory.

There was nothing remotely glorious about being a death eater and he would never understand why Severus or his father had wanted to become one. The death eaters seemed to either torture muggles who were unfortunate to come in their way or grovel in front of the dark lord who was so disfigured that one could hardly work out his features any more.

Severus had asked him to keep his head bowed before entering the haunted room and so he followed his advice. He had decided that he would never ever disobey his godfather again.

Had he complied with his godfather's wishes, he would never have returned to the Manor and Potter would not have followed him to save him from his inevitable marking ceremony.

Potter is another wizard he would never understand. Why the green eyed git would follow him to the Malfoy Manor just to prevent his marking was really beyond him. He had never respected the boy or his dead parents or his friends.

He had made Potter's life so difficult.

But Potter had had some vision and had followed him when the train stopped and had got bloody captured.

Stupid Potter and his stupid people saving complex.

Draco couldn't leave now because the Dark Lord had planned something very horrible for Potter and he couldn't let it happen and Severus won't let it happen and even mum won't let it happen. She had told him in very clear terms that Potter is Sirius's godson and is their family and they never abandon their family. Not that Draco wanted to leave Potter to such a horrible fate.

Stupid Potter and his stupid ideas and his stupid bad luck and his stupid, noble heart.

"Draco, this day will bring great honour to you. How do you feel?" The Dark lord asked. His voice always spooked Draco.

"I feel honoured, my lord and look forward to being marked as your loyal servant." What Draco felt was like puking at the dark lord's face. But he couldn't look into his eyes. Severus had warned him that the Dark Lord was an excellent Leglimens.

"My Lord, can I please say something?" It was Severus who spoke and it was always his godfather who came to his rescue, who had the audacity to speak in front of the dark lord for Draco. The man should have been a Gryffindor.

"You may."

"My Lord, Draco has not proven himself yet. He does not deserve such an honour. Each and every one of us had been tested in some way by you. I only beg you to be just and test Draco before accepting him as your loyal servant. You could give... that task to Draco. He despises Potter and would be perfect for it."

There was a moment's pause after which his mother spoke "If I could say something, my lord."

"You may." The dark Lord replied in a very creepy voice.

"Severus is right. Lucius proved to be a failure and I am afraid Draco will too. He couldn't even kill his owl. I don't think he deserves to be your loyal servant, my lord. He has always hated that Potter boy and would do anything you want, to make that boy's life miserable. Of course, if you think otherwise-"

Draco was surprised to hear his mum's voice. When had his mother grown a backbone? He wondered what task were they talking about? What did they want him to do?

"What do you think, Draco? Are you ready to prove yourself?"

"Yes, My lord. Anything-" Draco spoke like a perfect servant, eager and loyal to a fault.

"I have a perfect task for you, young Draco."

Draco shivered when he heard the Dark lord's voice. There was a smugness in it that Draco was really afraid of.

"Yes, my lord. Anything." Draco begged so nicely. Behind him, his mother and godfather were also sitting on their knees.

The dark lord had claimed this room as his own. It reeked of dark magic and evil.

"Tell me Draco, what do you think of Harry Potter?"

What do I think about Potter?

Potter was chained in the cellars of the Manor. He deserved a beautiful and luxurious room in the Manor after how he had attempted to protect Draco but the boy was trapped and was beaten senselessly and he had suffered and all that while Draco had been sitting ideally in his room.

Draco did not appreciate it. It was unbearable. Malfoys did not treat their guests like this. They did not treat anyone like this. Father had always taken utmost care to entertain their guests properly. They did not chain innocent muggles in their cellars and torture them like animals.

"I hate him, my lord. He is a smug bastard who deserves to be hurt and tortured and killed mercilessly." Draco sneered and it BURNED his heart to say so because he did not hate Potter.

In fact he did not hate anyone as much as the Dark Lord himself. He just wanted OUT of all this mess. But now he couldn't just leave Potter like this so he lied through his teeth. He was not raised by his parents to become a selfish monster.

The dark Lord laughed and laughed and the sound, Merlin, Draco had never heard such a horrible sound in his entire life.

"You are the perfect man to accomplish this task, Draco. Severus will explain everything to you. Get ready in an hour. Consider this an early Christmas present from your master." The Dark lord laughed again and murmured "Dismissed. Explain everything to him Severus. Narcissa, you will get Potter ready for Draco. You have an hour. I want a beautiful and entertaining show."

So they left and Draco had a hunch as to what he was supposed to do and he would not do it. He just won't. They would have to murder him before forcing him to do it. He would absolutely not do anything that the bastard Lord desired him to do.

I refuse to fulfill his sick fantasies. 

Nevertheless, he followed his godfather to his lab silently, for he had promised that he would never disobey his godfather again, at least not before listening to him. His godfather always had Potter's and his welfare at heart.

So he followed quietly, though he could feel dread settling in his stomach as the seconds turned into minutes.


Harry would never understand why he felt the urge to prevent Malfoy's marking ceremony. He had not even sought his friends' help. Why had he been so stupid? Why had he followed Malfoy at all? His recklessness had got him into a huge mess this time.

Bloody Malfoy and his bloody marking ceremony and his bloody silver eyes.

He had had a dream and then a vision. He did not remember a lot about the dream other then Malfoy's bloody silver eyes but he did remember the vision. Voldemort had decide to mark Malfoy today and Harry had followed him. Again, why had he not even spoken to Ron and Hermione about this.

He had been chained in the Malfoy manor's cellar and had been beaten to a pulp by different death eaters. He was thirsty and hungry and in pain and all because of Malfoy's bloody silver eyes. His friends had always warned him about his unhealthy obsession for Malfoy. He had really taken his obsession to another level completely. Malfoy had not even come to thank him.

Bloody selfish git.

He had not even attempted to protect him. Harry knew that he was being unreasonable and that there was no way Malfoy could have prevented Harry's unfortunate beatings but the pain and thirst and hunger were making him unreasonable and mad.

A click interrupted his brooding and he saw Narcissa Malfoy entering the cellar.

She was avoiding his eyes by looking everywhere except at his face.

"I am supposed to prepare you for Draco."

Harry narrowed his eyes. Years of living with Severus had taught him how to read between the lines. It seemed that Narcissa was trying to convey something to him.

"What do you mean by prepare?" He sneered at her.

"I am not here to answer your senseless questions Potter. I will unchain you now and it will be better for you if you comply with him silently."

Harry wondered what she meant by complying exactly.

"What do you mean by complying?"

"Don't ask senseless questions, Potter?" She stared at him now. Her eyes were a little desperate so he stayed quiet.

She unchained him and he struggled a little "Don't struggle." She snapped at him.

"Now, I am going to take you to Draco's room and you will come silently with me."

He nodded and searched her eyes for some sort of anger or hatred but found nothing except fear and a little guilt. The guilt alarmed Harry. He wondered why he was being taken to Malfoy's room.

"Why exactly are you taking me to Malfoy's room?"

"To get you ready for him."

"Ready for what exactly?"

"Must you ask so many questions Potter? Just follow me quietly." She snapped at him, though there was no anger in her voice. He nodded and followed her to the selfish git's room.

Malfoy manor was very large and would have been beautiful, had it not been defiled by Voldemort and his bloody death eaters. Still, Harry found himself looking around the house in awe. It was truly mesmerizing.

They were at the door of a room when Narcissa spoke very softly, so softly that even Harry barely heard her voice "For all its worth, Mr. Potter I am sorry for what you will go through, though I know that my son will make it as painless for you as he can."

The words alarmed Harry and he found himself sweating. What did the woman mean? What new ways had Voldemort devised to torture him that would require Malfoy participate.

He entered the room with Narcissa and she gave some clothes to him, directing him to Malfoy's bathroom. He took a moment to look around the huge room, though. It was really beautiful. The walls were painted in simple cream and the bed was extremely big. Their was a table in the corner of the room that consisted of some books and some potion vials.

He finally took a look at the clothes that were handed to him and noticed that there were no trousers in them. The shirt had no buttons. How was he supposed to wear it. Green boxers were given to him and why were their no trousers. Was he supposed to just dress in a shirt and boxers. The words escaped his mouth before he could stop them.

"Their are no trousers and their are no buttons on the shirt." and Harry shut his mouth after that. The woman's cheeks coloured and she lowered her head "Just go and get ready, Mr. potter. Leave the shirt unbuttoned and wear the boxers. I am ordered to dress you in an unbuttoned shirt and boxers for my son."

Harry understood at once that she was being forced to do so but exactly why was he being dressed up and why was he in Malfoy's room. His instincts screamed at him. He was so alarmed and terrified that he was sweating profusely. Nevertheless, he nodded and went into the the bathroom to take bath that he really needed. Their was sweat and blood all over his body.

He took his sweet time to shower. The bathroom had everything.

Bloody pampered Malfoy.

Harry was trying to keep his mind on his bath but Malfoy's commanding voice made it impossible for him.

"Come out Potter. I don't have all day."

He fumed internally.

How dare he order me like this?

He snapped back at him "Wait for another five minutes, you selfish git."

He took five minutes to get ready. Honestly, there was not much to wear. He wore the green boxers and the unbuttoned shirt.

The sight that awaited him in the room was enough to turn him white. He found himself three-fourths naked in front of the Dark Lord who was sitting on a conjured throne, smirking at him, Malfoy who was glaring at the ceiling, a very red and angry Severus Snape and a very guilty Narcissa Malfoy. It was good that Severus was not standing beside Voldemort. The vengeance that the man was swearing against the slimy git right at this moment was clearly written on his face. The Dark Lord would clearly not appreciate it.

"Draco, don't you think Mr. Potter here deserves to be punished for snapping so rudely at you."

"Yes, my lord." Malfoy sneered at him but his eyes spoke something else. He had never seen Malfoy guilty before. Malfoy's eyes spoke volumes even though his mouth remained shut.

"How would you like to punish him, Draco?" Voldemort drawled, his eyes staring smugly into Harry's.

"Any way you wish, my lord."

"I want you to bend him on your knees and spank him. Mr. Potter needs a good spanking."

Spanking won't be enough for Voldemort. Harry knew this and waited for him to continue.

"I want you to spank him in front of Severus, me and Narcissa and I want you to do it now."

Harry stared at the bastard. Severus should not be forced to go through this. Malfoy was glaring at him accusing him for making it even more difficult for both of them. Harry should never have snapped at him. Narcissa had asked him to comply with Draco quietly.

Malfoy conjured a chair and sat on it, waiting for Harry expectantly. Harry realized that his feet had stuck. He did not want to go through such a humiliating act. Voldemort laughed loudly and Malfoy snapped at him impatiently "What are you waiting for, Potter? Bring your tight arse over here.."


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