Something Lost and Something Found

BY : Mansi Jain
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Title: Something Lost and Something Found

Summary: "Lucius." "Please... no." "Leave." "But my lord.. Draco.. my daughter. Please my lord. It was not her fault. Please." "Nevertheless, she must pay for it." The dark lord throws father out of the Riddle Manor and a trembling & sobbing Draco Malfoy is taken to a room by a terrified elf. Lucius seeks help from the only person who will help him.. Harry Potter who had requested Lucius to allow him to date Draco and marry her eventually. Lucius regrets refusing him now. Female Draco Malfoy.

Pairings: HP/DM



"It's all your fault." Narcissa hisses, tears flowing down her cheeks. Her eyes are red-rimmed and she has been crying for long now, "You didn't even let me know that he asked you if he could court our daughter, that he wants to marry Draco."

"Narcissa, please-"

"HOW DARE YOU?" She screams at him and he whispers, "Please calm down. Please."

"My daughter." She moans and slumps on the floor on her knees, sobbing frantically, "Draco. My daughter. Please save my daughter."

Lucius breathes hard to stop the tears that are threatening to flow down his eyes. He shouldn't have refused Potter. He is a good match for Draco and Luicus had known that he loves Draco. Just because he is a Potter- how could he have been so stupid.

"BRING MY DAUGHTER BACK, YOU BASTARD." Narcissa shouts at the top of her voice and then starts screaming loudly, "DRACOOOOOO."

"Narcissa please calm down. Death eaters are swarming outside." He murmurs, knelt on his knees in front of her. She doesn't stop screaming.

"I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK." Her eyes are crazed. She looks mad at this moment and Lucius has often heard the tales of mothers going mad after their children die. Not that Lucius is faring better. He made a horrible mistake, a mistake that he doesn't know how to correct.

"BRING HER BACK." She shouts and Lucius has cast silencing charms around the room. But he is afraid that they will collapse if she continues screaming like this.


Severus has been trying to find Draco for the past twenty minutes now. She is nowhere. He has searched the entire manor. Thinking that maybe she is in Lucius's room, he walks towards it.

When, even after knocking twice, no-one answers the door, he just opens it. The sight that greets him freezes his feet. They don't notice him and Narcissa is about to scream again. He closes the door hurriedly and murmurs, his voice alarmed, "What happened?"

Narcissa's face drenched with tears and Lucius's haunted eyes turn towards him and a dread settles down in the pit of his stomach. Narcissa crawls... she literally crawls towards Severus and kneels in front of him on her knees. That's when he realizes that something is wrong with his goddaughter, that Lucius has done something again.

He stares at Lucius menacingly. The man lowers his eyes towards the floor. It confirms his suspicions.

"What have you done this time?" He snaps at the man, his teeth gritted.

"The dark lord asked him take Draco to him and he left her with the Dark lord in his manor." Narcissa mumbles and Severus stares at Lucius whose eyes are turned towards the floor, "He refused to let that Potter boy date her and yet he left her with the Dark lord."

Narcissa continues crying frantically after this and Severus slumps on the nearest chair, staring at Lucius.

"I have no words." Severus whispers and finally Lucius looks at him before whispering, "He threatened to kill our entire family including you if I don't take her to him."

"Then we should have died instead of sending her to that beast. I asked you not to take that bloody mark and you still took it. I have had enough. Once I get my daughter back, I am divorcing you Lucius Malfoy, Malfoy, Black family or pureblood customs be damned." Narcissa hisses. Severus sympathizes with her.

Lucius looks at her with melancholic eyes before turning towards Severus, "I am ready to beg Potter. He is the only one who would care to rescue her. Please. I will do anything."

"I don't think that it will come to begging. Pack quickly. I am taking you to order's headquarter." Severus mutters and leans back before closing his eyes.

Damn you Lucius. Damn you for leaving my god daughter with that monster.


Harry is having a massive headache. The large number of people who have gathered in the Gremmauld Place are the reason of his headache. One of these days he is going to shift his things to the Godric's Hollow.

"Harry. Harry. You won't believe this."

"Bloody Hell, Ron. Can I rest in peace for a few hours at least." Harry snaps at the red-head and he glares at Harry, "All right. Suit yourself. I am sure that you don't want to know about the fact that Lucius Malfoy is standing in your sitting room with his wife and Snape."

Harry shoots up and sits straight, his back stiff before asking, "Is Draco with them?"

Ron grimaces and mutters, "Could you please not call her by her first name? To answer your question, no, she is not."

Harry opens his mouth to ask another question but an urgent knock interrupts him and he calls quickly, "Come in."

Snape comes in with the elder Malfoys and addresses Ron, "Leave us alone for a bit."

Ron nods and leaves the room wordlessly but not before looking at Harry. Harry is sure that Ron will stand at the door with Hermione to know what is happening.

Harry stands up after Ron closes the door and then sits on the edge of the bed, unsure.

When Lucius falls on his knees in front of Harry, Harry jumps in surprise because come on, this is Lucius Malfoy and now he is sure that this is somehow related to Draco.

That is why the first question that Harry asks, is, "Where is Draco?" When Lucius doesn't answer he looks at Narcissa who has started crying silently and asks again, "Where is Draco?"

His question is answered by Snape who slumps on a chair in front of Harry before murmuring, "She is at the the Riddle Manor. The dark Lord threatened Lucius with death in case he doesn't take Draco to him so Lucius left her at the dark lord's manor."

Harry stares at the man knelt in front of him in complete shock. It's like Harry's mind is collapsing. How could Lucius have done this. Draco is his daughter. Harry is not in a position to speak anything. His heart is thundering inside his chest and he is sweating in terror because there is only one thing that the dark lord might need from her.

His eyes are frozen into Lucius's. He can't believe it. This man refused to let Harry date Draco but he handed her over to Voldemort.

"Potter." Snape calls him but Harry is not ready speak yet. He doesn't know what to do.

"When did you leave her in his premises?" Somehow Harry manages to ask and Lucius murmurs, "Three hours back."

There is a lump in Harry's throat. He can't bear to imagine the vile things that that monster might be doing to Draco. How is Harry supposed to react to this? His heart beats have sped up and his eyes are prickling. How can this man be such a bastard? Harry wants to cry because merlin knows why but he loves Draco Malfoy. She is annoying and she keeps on snapping at him. She is never civil but he loves her.

"Potter." Snape mutters and finally Harry looks at him.

"Mr. Potter, please save my daughter. Please." These words belong to Narcissa. She is crying frantically. Lucius is still quiet, perhaps because he knows that Harry will rescue Draco.

"Potter." Snape snaps at him and Harry ignores the man. He ignores everyone in the room or in the house. He walks towards Sirius's room. He is sure that his godfather is still sleeping. He knocks it before entering. To his surprise, Sirius is having breakfast with Remus.

"Harry what's wrong?" Remus asks once his eyes fall on Harry.

Sirius gets out of the bed and walks towards Harry before placing his hands on Harry's shoulders, "Harry what's the matter?" His near escape from death at the department of mysteries has changed him a lot. He doesn't take rash decisions anymore and it's a good thing that the aurors managed to catch Pettigrew too. Sirius understands that he is not alone now, that he has a godson who needs him.

"Potter." He hears an urgent call behind him and knows just like that that it's Snape.

Harry doesn't answer anyone. He just stares at Sirius speechlessly.

"Malfoy, Narcissa, Snape. What's happening?" Sirius asks and Harry speaks in a hard voice, "Voldemort has Draco. I have to rescue her."

Sirius looks at Harry for a few moments. The tense silence is broken by Snape, "It's not that easy. You can't just go there and bring her back."

But Harry doesn't answer Snape. He only looks at Sirius. Remus walks behind Sirius and looks at Harry with determined eyes, "All right. But we'll need help to do this."

But that is not acceptable because it's not just rescuing that Harry wants because as long as Voldemort is alive, he will not stop hurting people Harry loves. Earlier it was his parents and then he tried to kill Sirius and now he has Draco and Harry knows that while they are talking that bastard is... it's unspeakable. He can't bear to think of it.

He pulls back and Sirius's hands fall from his shoulders.

"Harry." He whispers but Harry shakes his head before turning around. He is on the verge of running of when strong hands squeeze his shoulders. He turns around and finds Snape looking into his eyes with narrowed, dark eyes.

"His manor is warded. It's not a child's play. The horcruxes are destroyed but he is very powerful. He will need only a minute to call death eaters. You will need help. If he kills you, then no-one will be able to save Draco. He will turn her into a slave. He will destroy her. Do you want that?" Snape asks, his dark eyes boring into Harry's. His hands are digging in Harry's shoulders, compelling him to listen to the man. Harry realizes that he is breathing hard and that he is angry. He also realizes that his fingers are trembling.

He knows that Snape means well. It took time to adjust with the man but Harry understands Snape now. Snape has always meant well. The man has lost and sacrificed a lot. Harry knows that Snape loved his mother and he still does. No-one could understand Harry better than Snape right now and Snape might not say this but his eyes do.

"No. I want to finish this today." Harry mutters and he means each and every word.

"But we - I don't think that Dumbledore would agree." Remus murmurs. Harry can hear faint voice of sobbing that belongs to Narcissa.

"Harry, listen. Don't do anything rash. We will gather everyone and-" Sirius starts and Harry snaps at him, "Do you think that I have time to waste?"

Harry looks into Snape's eyes and murmurs, "You have to understand. I can't lose another second. I don't have even a single minute to waste."

Who would understand this better than Snape or Sirius who could have saved his parents if they had arrived a few minutes early.

"All right then. All right." Sirius mutters and walks forward to stand behind Snape whose hands are still digging in Harry's shoulders. They are keeping Harry grounded. Harry knows that he would have apparated by now if Snape had not stopped him like this.

"Look Potter. I think that Lucius, Black and I should come with you with aurors and half of the DA and Albus must stay at Hogwarts with aurors and the other half because the dark lord would ask his death eaters to attack Hogwarts. Lupin must gather werewolves if he can and follow us. You will head straight towards Draco under your invisibility Cloak and give a portkey to her. I got Lily and Potter's house in Godric's Hollow cleaned and furnished for you. It's warded and has protection charms around it. I have already sent three elves and Miss. Granger over there. They will help her. She knows the required healing spells and charms and potions." Snape murmurs in a calm and soothing voice. It calms Harry a bit. His fingers are not trembling now. They have a plan and if everything goes well, it will be finished today.

"As planned Harry, you will aim for his wand first and will break it and then you will duel him. With his wand broken and Horcruxes destroyed, he will be weak." Sirius continues and Harry can finally breath properly. He looks at Snape for one last time and murmurs, "Lucius will stay away from Draco if he wants to stay alive. He doesn't deserve to be a father."

Snape nods a little and Harry can see shame and disappointment in his eyes. Harry wants to tell him that it wasn't his fault but he has no time at all. Before he can even open his mouth, he hears Ron's voice, "Professor Snape, I have called half of the DA over. They have already started flooing over. Hermione has already apparated to the Godric's hollow. The other half is at Hogwarts. We are waiting for you in the sitting room."

Snape pulls back and Harry breathes deeply before looking at his godfather and then at Snape, "We can do this, can't we?"

Sirius grins and ruffles Harry's hair and Snape nods before muttering, "Summon your invisibility cloak Potter. Let's move."

Remus has already left the room and Narcissa is sitting by the window.

"You can send Narcissa to Godric's Hollow too." Harry murmurs and Snape looks at her, "Yes I can but I think that she might be able to help at Hogwarts. She had been practicing as a healer before the Dark lord came back. Granger is only starting so she can look after Draco but she can't look after more complicated injuries."

"I will leave for Hogwarts." Narcissa murmurs, her voice blank as she gazes out of the window. Harry looks back at Snape and Sirius and murmurs, "Let's leave."

Snape nods and whirls around. Harry follows him with Sirius and Lucius.



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