Love in the ruins

BY : Mansi Jain
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The second Escape

"You lost him. What do you exactly mean by that Lucius? How can you loose Draco?" Severus asks Lucius who is sitting in front of him with Narcissa beside him.

"He just apparated away. I noticed some money was missing from my wardrobe and Narcissa's as well. There is someone he has been meeting for the past few months. He said that she doesn't have any family or anything to eat or drink and that he doesn't want her to live alone." Lucius mutters, his back stiff and his eyes annoyed.

"You have to do something Severus. Find my son." Narcissa murmurs after leaning forward, her hands on the table.

"So that you can make him a junior death eater. He will make a life for himself." Severus lies. Of course he won't let his godson just disappear. He knows a way to find Draco and he will find him. It won't take more than ten minutes but he won't let Lucius do this to Draco.

"He is my son and-"

"He is my godson. I can sue you for his custody, claiming that you are trying to turn him into a death eater." Severus mutters, leaning backward, his arms crossed. He is looking calmly at Lucius.

"This means that you can find him." Lucius murmurs, his body still and his eyes sharp.

"That is not your concern. Please leave my office." Severus mutters and waits for either of them to say that they don't want Draco to become a death eater. They don't. The dark lord is still at large. He is searching for Harry Potter. So is Severus along with Black and Lupin. Albus is trying to locate the girl as well. In fact Potter has been searching for the girl too.

Now that Draco is out of danger's way, he could just locate the boy and ensure that he is safe. He wants to finish the dark lord by himself. After that he will begin his search for Harry again.

He has tried everything to make Petunia spit out as to what she had done to Harry. The woman refuses to say anything except that Harry is alive.

He taps his table a few times and then stands up to retreat to his lab.

"Severus." He hears as he walks in. Without replying, he walks in.

"How will you find Draco?" Lupin continues, his figure frozen on the entryway. Severus ignores him and opens his closet to find out the locator potion. It's his own invention. He has been selling it to the ministry for some years now.

Lupin walks forward and sits on a chair.

Severus opens the vial in which he had kept a strand of Draco's hair and drops it inside the potion.

The trouble is that Draco is just thirteen years old. Had he been a bit older, Severus won't have been worried. The child has nowhere else to live and he has no relatives.

Severus places the potion on the table in front of Lupin. A few seconds later, a bubble emerges out of the potion. Slowly, it enlarges and a cottage appears in it. Severus stares in shock.

"But, how is this possible?" Lupin murmurs, his eyes wide and startled.

"He is in Lily's old house. What is he doing there. Last I went there, it was empty and nothing was in a working condition. How does he even know about that house?" Severus stares at the cottage in the bubble. Draco is pointing his hands towards the dirty stairs and concentrating hard. A girl who looks Draco's age is standing beside him, her hair curly and long. She is thin and is saying something, her hands pointing animatedly towards the stairs.

"Severus, who is this girl? I visited the cottage a month back. No-one had been there. Everything had seemed untouched." Lupin murmurs and Severus looks at the girl with narrowed eyes, wishing that she would turn around.

"Do you think that-" Lupin mutters and just then the girl turns around and Severus shoots up from his chair, staring at the girl. She has green eyes, Lily's green eyes.

Lupin gasps and leans forward before whispering, amazed, "Harry... she is in Godric's Hollow. But- but I visited so many times. She wasn't there."

"Perhaps she doesn't want to be found. Lucius was talking about some homeless girl whom Draco has befriended and that he fled from the station because he didn't want her to be alone. I had never even imagined that she could be Harry." Severus whispers and stares at Lupin when the bubble disappears.

As if on cue, Black comes in, his eyes tired and Lupin fills the man in while Severus freshens up. He will have to pay a visit to the kids after all. What is Draco thinking. He is thirteen not thirty. How will he take care of himself as well as Harry.

"Come on. We are going." Severus mutters blankly and walks out of his office. Lupin and Black follow him, talking about Harry. He wonders how Lily will react when she realizes that Severus has found Harry, not that she is in a condition to understand anything or even respond properly to anything he says. Potter has been searching for Harry for years now.

One thing is decided though. He will not let Potter take Harry. The man has no right to have her custody after how he abandoned his daughter and drove Lily to insanity.



"It doesn't work. I tried to repair it." Harry mutters.

"What is this?" I ask the girl, staring at the broken contraption in surprise.

"It's called a microwave. It's used to heat things up and bake cakes." Harry answers. We stand there, staring at the contraption.

"What should we do with it?" I ask. We have cleaned the house now. It looks clean and nice and just the kitchen is left.

"Just vanish it." She whispers and points her hands towards it before focusing hard on it. The contraption vanishes and so do other contraptions. Everything is broken and there is no point of storing old, broken things that we don't even need now.

"Done." She whispers and turns towards me. She looks a bit healthy now. I had brought some cooked vegetables with myself. I had brought money too and some fruits.

"What are you thinking?" She asks him, her eyes studying me.

"The food I had brought has finished. I couldn't take more. I have money but other than that, I don't have much." I mutter, my eyebrows creased. She looks at me for a few moments before replying, "You could just go back."

She looks unhappy at the thought. I know that she doesn't want me to go. I had already known that she didn't have any friends.

"Really. You keep on asking me to leave. Should I go away?" I mutter, my lips pinched together.

She opens her mouth to say something, her eyes wide but I turn around and walk towards the door, murmuring, "I am leaving. Apparently, you don't want me to stay here."

"No no no no. Draco, don't leave. I will get bored without you." She runs towards me, mumbling softly.

I snicker before swirling around, "So I am here to entertain you."

"No." She shakes her head, her eyes elated as she mumbles, "You are my best friend." I breathe hard and stare at her. She doesn't know that her words really mean so much to me. I have never had a best friend. I have not even had a true friend.

I am only thirteen and it seems silly to think so but I want her to always stay my best friend.

"I go to teach a few kids. I teach maths to them." She whispers, her hands at her back and her eyes on her shoes. I stare. She had said that she doesn't know maths.

"But you said-" I start and she cuts me off, her voice small and soft, "I liked it when you taught me. I make some money by teaching them and sometimes I make paintings and sell them for some money. I don't like stealing."

I don't understand why she doesn't eat then.

"Why don't you eat properly then?" I ask. She looks at me before replying, "I save money so that I have it when I really really need it. I keep it in the wardrobe of my room."

"You have to stop lying to me now." I mutter seriously and she stares at me, her teeth biting her lower lip nervously.

"I won't lie now. I promise." She murmurs and I smile at her. She smiles back and we walk inside.


Two days pass in the same manner. I go to teach the kids and now Draco comes with mr. He teaches French to them. I like living with him. It's fun. He is my best friend and it's nice to have someone who doesn't bully me and who cares about me.

Sunlight streams inside and I sit up, rubbing my eyes. He hates waking up early. I have always been an early riser. We had split the bed that is in my room into two parts. I took the one beside the window.

I stare outside the window. Sometimes, I wonder why my parents had abandoned me. It's not like no-one visits this house. They come sometimes. One of them is stern looking and has dark eyes. One has warm eyes and the third one is always sad. I flee away from the house when they visit. One day dad had visited too. I had hidden in a corner and watched him. 

I don't want to go with them. What's the point. They had abandoned me. It meant that they had never needed me. I don't need them now. I have survived so far and I will live somehow.

I know that I have a brother. He is a year younger then me. I read about him in a newspaper. They live in France. While I was stealing to buy a loaf of bread for myself, they were living a luxurious life in a manor in France. I have never read anything about my mother though.

I don't understand how can anyone be so heartless.

Sighing I place my head on my knees. Now that Draco is with me, I don't feel lonely any more. It's nice to have him around. He teaches magic to me and I enjoy reading his books. In fact, I had shrunk his old books and kept them in a pouch so that they stay safe.

They were basic and easy. My stomach grumbles and I hear a chuckle. My face turns red in embarrassment and I glare at the blonde.

"Let's eat something." He mutters and sits up before crossing his legs. I lick my lips and stare at him before murmuring, my eyes sad, "We don't have anything to eat Draco."

"Mrs. Marice paid me yesterday. Lets buy something." He murmurs, his eyes thoughtful.

"We must save some money. I have a few paintings I drew a few days ago. I will sell them today. Let's go out." I murmur. I paint really well. I loves painting.

"But they are yours and I don't like-" He starts and I cut him off, glaring at him, "You care so much for me. Am I not allowed to care for you at all. Besides I draw them so that I can sell them. I like selling them. I want to be a painter. I don't have enough money to purchase a big canvas otherwise-"

"Let's save some money and buy a big canvas for you then. We can eat few biscuits and bread we still have for a few days." He interrupts me. 

I think about it. It's a good idea. I will get more money if I sell a big painting.

"I don't want you to suffer." I murmur quietly. He smiles at me. I stare. His smile is so optimistic that it never fails to calm me down.

"You know what we'll do. We'll sell your big painting and then have a large feast." He says and I smile at him. My heart clenches when I look at his face. He has become weak. We have less money left now and we make very little by teaching kids.

"I can make some basic potions too and can sell them. Uncle Severus taught me but I don't have a lab or apparatus to brew." He mutters sadly, "I love potion making. I want to be a potions master when I grow up."

"Instead of having a feast, we will purchase apparatus for your lab then. We'll have a feast once we have saved a lot of money." I murmur and he looks at me, his eyes amazed.

I concentrat  and summon the money and food we still have and places it on Draco's bed before sitting opposite him. I summon my paintings and place them in front of him too. I  sign my bname at the bottom of each painting. I put my real name there. I want people to know that I am a painter.

I summons my pouch and his books and keep it there too. These are the only things that we have.

I open my mouth to say something when I hear the front door open.

I swivels around and stare, gob-smacked as three men enter the room. I have just a single second to flee so I do what comes in my mind. I gather the things in one hands and holds Draco's shoulder with the other and closes my eyes, concentrating on the first place that comes into my mind.

The last thing I watch is their faces. The stern one looks shocked and sad. The other two are looking at us with pained eyes. Draco holds my wrist just before we vanish away.


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