The Forest

BY : Mansi Jain
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Title: The Forest

Summary: Harry flees from Privet drive to a forest when she is ten. She lives there for six years until Draco goes camping in the same forest searching for some very rare ingredients. She leaves with him as a cat. A mock duel between Lucius and Draco compels her to change into her human form. Female Harry Potter/Male Draco Malfoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter characters and related material. I do not make any money from writing this story.


A strange friendship

Harry wipes her body with a leaf of a banana tree and ties few others she had borrowed from it around her upper body and hips. The leaf covers only half of her thighs. It doesn't matter though. There is no-one in this forest except her and the animals. If someone comes, she transforms into a cat and hides somewhere. Being a cat is nice. She doesn't get tired and can cuddle in small places very easily. Her fur prevents her from getting cold.

She walks towards an apple tree and plucks a juicy looking apple from it. After washing it in the river and wiping it properly, she starts eating it. Many years have passed since she came here. She doesn't even remember the last time she talked to another human being.

Life is hard in this forest but it's good. Animals in this forest are not harmful and there are plenty of fruits and vegetables. When she feels lonely, she transforms into a cat and plays with other animals. At-least she is not subjected to cruelty of her relatives here.

She sits down and leans against an oak tree, eating her apple. She is quite hungry and she knows that an apple is not enough. She will have to collect some more fruits.

"Bloody Severus." She freezes when she hears the voice. It seems a bit annoyed.

"Why did he have to send me?" The voice continues softly.

She gets up and transforms. The transformation is swift and quick. Over the years, she has done this a lot. Slowly, she walks towards the voice.

She peaks at the boy the voice belongs to, hidden in some bushes. He is blonde and tall. He seems her age and is setting up a tent, grumbling all the while.

She walks slowly to get a good look at him but her paws slip and a groan escapes her mouth. Of course, he hears it.


Draco hates no-one more than Severus right now. The man just had to send Draco to this big and cold forest when he could have given an easier and a less messy task to him. How is he supposed to-

A soft 'meow' breaks his train of thought and he whirls around to come face to face with the most beautiful cat he has ever seen. It's completely white in color except for her eyes. Her eyes are dark green. It's not very short and not very large either. She is about 9 inches tall and so very beautiful that he can only stare at her. She is just standing there looking at him.

He wonders if she is frightened because she is backing off very slowly.

"Hey. It's okay. I am not going to hurt you." He whispers and kneels down on his knees. She stops backing off and murmurs 'meow', her eyes at him.

"Are you hungry?" He asks and she starts walking towards him. Just when is in front of him, she gives him a barely perceptible nod. He stares. She understands him. He murmurs if she is some kind of a magical creature.

"I have set up a tent for myself just over there. I was about to prepare some porridge for myself. Will you like to eat it?" He mutters and she looks at him before saying 'meow' again and walking towards the tent.

He gets up and chuckles incredulously. For a cat, she is quite intelligent. Maybe he is right and she is a magical creature. He has never seen such a beautiful cat.

Slowly, he walks towards his tent. It's quite spacious and he has made a makeshift kitchen in it. He brought an oven for himself and some utensils. He will have to use fire to cook food of course but he knows how to. This is not the first time he is camping.

The cats walks towards the oven and looks at it, as if surprised. Then it walks towards his couch. It climbs on it and cuddles, staring at him once again. He is standing at the entry of his tent, wondering whether this is real or just a dream.

"I will have to cook outside. Do you know where I can get a few logs of wood? It's quit dark outside." He asks, testing the waters and she lifts her head, as if thinking about it before nodding and murmuring, "meow' again.

He will have to write to Severus about this. If she is some kind of magical creature then they need to protect it. She looks vulnerable and so soft.

She gets off the cushion and walks towards him.

"You can sleep on the couch after we eat. Do you have a family?" He asks and she stops in front of him, lifting her small head to look at him. Her eyes are so mesmerizing. Draco has always been against keeping pets. He doesn't understand the concept of binding a living being to himself.

He wonders if she will become his friend. Draco has no friends. Slytherins are jealous of him and other houses are either angry at him or scared of him.

It would be nice to have her around to talk to. He doesn't want to bind her though. He would set it free and if she really thinks that he is her friend, then she will come back.

He shakes his head. He is getting ahead of himself. He doesn't even know if she will want to leave this forest.

"Meowww." She murmurs and he mutters, "Coming coming."

He follows her quietly at first but then he asks softly, "Have you always lived here?" There are beautiful trees around them and Draco has always liked forests for this very reason. He loves greenery.

She turns her head towards him and nods before resuming her walk.

"Alone?" He continues and she looks at him again, nodding slowly, her eyes as mesmerizing as ever.

"I bet you get bored. I don't have any friends you know and it gets boring sometimes. On the top of it, I don't have nay girlfriend. They only want to be a Malfoy. They don't want to fall in love with me. My name is Draco by the way."

She stops and he stops with her, looking at the logs of wood in front of him. Yes, these will be sufficient.

"Thank you Liz." He murmurs and she looks at him, mumbling, "meow." as if confused.

He smiles at her and mutters, "I can't keep on calling you 'cat', can I?"

Not even bothering to reply, she starts walking ahead of him. He picks up the logs and hurries towards her.

"They are bloody heavy. I hate my godfather you know. He sent me to this forest, asking me to bring red Ferocia's leaves and flowers for him. I mean, I like camping but I am always alone so it gets boring. He could have accompanied me but no he had to brew potions." Draco grumbles and Liz says, "meow' again.

Soon they reach the tent and Draco places the logs together before lighting the fire with the logs. Liz settles down beside the stone he sits on.

It's nice to have someone with him, even if it's just a cat who can only listen to his rambling.

He eats the porridge and gives it to her too. He invites her inside and she settles down on his couch. He opens his couch cum bed and lays down on it before mumbling goodnight.

"Meow." Liz murmurs and tiredness catches up with him forcing him to fall asleep almost instantly.


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