Hogwarts Reunion

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Harry breathed in the steam while the perfectly hot water fell over his body. He had forgotten that the showers in the Hogwarts Quidditch changing rooms were quite simply the best in existence. There was no magic at use here, when wizards had embraced muggle plumbing in Hogwarts they had simply copied it and yet had somehow managed to perfect the art. Then again, maybe it was the clear, pure water of the Great Lake that made all the difference.

When Harry had received the owl from Neville, now Professor, Longbottom inviting him to a school reunion during the summer break he’d been unsure. His last day at the school had been the Battle of Hogwarts and he wasn’t certain what those memories would do to him. Besides, he’d done everything he could to put the years of being “The Chosen One” behind him even as he climbed the ladder in the Auror’s Office.

As a teenager he had found his fame to be both isolating and quite exciting but now he found all the excitement had gone. The last thing he needed was to spend several days being gawped at by his former classmates. He’d said all this to Ginny, but she was set on going and he knew she was right that this would be good for him. So he’d filled up his old school trunk and, one bright morning in late July, boarded the Hogwarts Express.

Harry sat down in the shower, leaning back against the ancient but clean tiles. He remembered all the times he’d spent alone here, using the privilege of access to the team showers, along with the ability to sneak out late under his invisibility cloak, to get some time alone. And heaven knows a teenage boy needs some time alone quite frequently. Actually any teenager, Ginny and Hermione had disabused him of any notion that shared dormitories were only a problem for the boys in this area.

So many times he’d sat in this very spot, the water trickling over every part of his naked body, wishing he hadn’t been there alone. But at school he could never have been sure if those who came onto him hadn’t just been looking for the thrill of scoring with the famous boy who lived. Ginny said he had just been overly noble about it and perhaps she was right. Still, nothing he could do about the past now – short of stealing a time-turner but he could hear Hermione’s voice explaining why that was a terrible idea.

Still, Ginny had helped him make up for lost ground in the past few years. His amazement at discovering her polyamory had been surpassed only by the discovery of his own. Nothing made Ginny happier, or hornier, than hearing him recount his exploits in graphic detail while her hand moved ferociously under the covers and her face got that deep red glow that both clashed horribly with her hair and made her look more beautiful to Harry than ever.

From some of the things Ginny had whispered to him on the train, not only was she planning to make up for a few missed opportunities while back at Hogwarts, she was certainly hoping he would as well.

He felt a familiar stirring between his legs. He looked around but he and Ginny had been some of the first up to the castle and he doubted anyone was rushing to visit the Quidditch changing rooms. Back in the day, the only person he’d ever caught spying had been Moaning Myrtle which he could only now admit to himself he’d found weirdly exciting; although he’d only ever told her leave when she’d been really obvious.

He moved his hands slowly down his body and took hold of his hardening cock. He thought back to the memories he’d use to help him along when he used to come here. Remembering the team showers after a game or practice session. Sneaking glances at the incredible bodies of Oliver Wood, and Fred and George Weasley, trying to stop himself getting a boner. Knowing the girls were just round the other side of the wall showering naked themselves. His hand started to move firmly along his shaft as a small gasp escaped his lips. He hadn’t thought about this in years and the memory seemed hotter than ever.

His eyes closed as he remembered the fantasies he used to have about the whole team in the showers, celebrating a great win over Slytherin, everyone wanting to give a special thanks to their seeker for snatching the golden snitch just in time…

He was so lost in this, and the feeling of his cock harder and thicker than ever between his fingers, that it must have been a full minute before he realised someone had turned on the shower next to him.

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