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Title: Irreversible

Summary: Harry marries Draco secretly, with only Severus and Lucius as witnesses. Draco becomes a spy to help Harry. Harry wins the war. During the trial, no-one who knows about Draco and his family's deflection is present and they are imprisoned for ten years. 6 months later Harry, Albus and Severus wake up but it's too late. How can they rescue someone who wishes to die. COMPLETELY REVAMPED

A/N: I have completely revamped this story



"Two Twenty"

"Draco." Draco ignores Dumbledore who is standing outside the bars. The man is really persistent. In spite of having been denied multiple times, he is back to force Draco to go back. 

"Two Twenty one."

"You must tell the truth. You must revive the wizards who wronged you so that we can punish them and set you free. No one knows how to heal them. The curse is unknown." 

"Two Twenty two."

Draco doesn't know what to do with freedom now. He doesn't want freedom. He wants death. That will set him free from the nightmares that he has daily. 

"Listen to me Draco. I am sorry. You know that I was not conscious at that time. I had to help Harry. He was weak and so was his magic. I had to employ someone temporarily in my place. They went against my standing instructions." He mutters. Draco wonders when Dumbledore will finally tire of him and leave him alone.

"Two Twenty three."

"I don't understand why you want to die when you have a right to freedom." Dumbledore whispers in a grave voice and Draco finally ceases his push ups to address the man. He breaths hard before walking elegantly towards the sink to wash his face, wishing that he atleast had a towel to dry his face off. The rag is not fit for use now. A second later, a washcloth appears on the sink and Draco snorts before ignoring it completely.

No body had been there when he had needed them. What was even the point now? The ship has sunk.

"I don't need your bloody sympathy." He snaps coldly and the words that reach his ears are softly spoken, "This is not my sympathy. This is an apology."

"Well, I do not need your apology as well. I need you to get out and sentence me to death since I have committed a crime. The curse I used is an unforgivable. No one knows of it because no one's father's name is Lucius Malfoy." Draco murmurs calmly and hears Dumbledore sigh, "You know I won't do so, not when I know the truth. I just do not have the proof Draco. You must tell everyone. Everyone must know how they hurt you and they must be punished for it." 

"I don't need freedom. I need death. Can you give that to me? You have failed in fulfilling each and everyone of your other promises till now." Draco replies and his voice is still very calm.

"Severus and I were with Harry. His magic was weak and he could have died. We had been sedated for so long so that he could share our magic and strength. He has still not recovered completely. He needs you. You are his husband and he has been asking for you." Dumbledore whispers and Draco asks carelessly, "How is your golden boy?"

Draco misses Harry as well. He has been missing him for the past six months now. Six months since he embraced his husband. six months since he saw Harry smile. Six months since he kissed Harry.

"Draco, you have to understand that we were not-" Draco cuts him off very rudely, "Give it a rest and leave me alone."

"He is not in a condition to meet you. His magic and temper are unstable-" Dumbledore argues and it was all so pointless. For Draco, it is over. He can't get over what happened during these last six months.

"You are wrong. Your golden boy is too far important to see lowly people like me, lowly and dam-"

"Don't say that word Draco. You are not damaged." Dumbledore spoke sternly and Draco closed his eyes to maintain some control. "Moreover, you heard Ginevra stand for you. Harry must have told her-"

"Fat lot of good it did, eh? She was taken to St. Mungos to get checked for any curses that I had cast on her. She had no evidence. Moreover, she told the court that she had just heard a rumor." Draco snaps at the man and continues in a rude voice, "Cut it off, eh? Just leave."

The man knows what Draco means by setting free and sighs. Draco walks towards the small cot they had given to him and lays on it, thereafter closing his eyes.

At-least this cell is better then his old so-called solitary cell. At-least they are not behaving like animals with him now. 

To achieve it he had to tell the truth to Minister Shacklebolt. He had apparated to the minister's office after escaping. To say that he was shocked is an understatement. He wanted to set Draco free but couldn't because there was no other proof and Draco didn't want freedom and he couldn't be forced to take veritaserum. Draco had cursed the guards who were in St. Mungos now. Only he could revive them and he refused to do so. 

The food that Dumbledore had brought for him is still lying on the floor, cold and unclaimed. 

Draco would not accept any help from them now, not when they were not there for him when he really did need their help.

"Good bye Draco. Take care." Draco can hear the sadness in Dumbledore's voice but he ignores it. He can't forgive them and he can't forget it.


"Hermione I need to go." Harry yells at the girl angrily and she yells right back at him, "Your magic is unstable. You might blow the whole prison apart. You are weak. How will you go?"

"Harry. Hermione." Ron tries to reason but Harry ignores him, screaming at Hermione, his eyes burning with anger, "I need to visit him. Something must have happened during his confinement that has compelled him to take this decision."

"Well, it is no one's fault but yours, Harry. You should have told us. You should have left some kind of evidence with us. But no, you behaved like your old reckless, unplanned self. I won't have left with Ron for Australia if I had known." She shouts and Harry can't control the fury that overcomes him.

"Harry. Hermione calm down."

"You won't have understood." He screams angrily and Hermione's eyes burn with fury, like they had never burned as she shouts again, "We would have. You should have trusted us to accept you and your life partner."

"STOP FIGHTING." It is Ron who had finally screamed to get his point across their skulls.

They look at him, their eyes glaring murderously at him and he stands there, his arms crossed as he tries to intimidate them.

"This is not the time to fight. We are losing the ferret even as we speak. Fifteen days have elapsed since Dumbledore visited him and Malfoy has refused to meet anyone ever since. He does not even allow Dumbledore near him now and he doesn't eat anything."

Harry breathes hard to control himself. His hands are trembling and it seems that his magic wants to destroy everything.

"Do not let anyone know the nature and depth of your relations with Draco." Hermione snaps at him and he snaps right back, "I am not ashamed of him."



"Sweet Merlin. I am tired of all this. I am calling Snape."

Ron's words go ignored as Hermione shouts at him, her hands clenched and his face red with anger. It seems that she wants to slap Harry.

"MY FAULT. MY FAULT. HOW IS IT MY FAULT?" She asked. It was good that they had cast strong silencing charms around the room. This was nothing new really. Hermione had been beyond furious when she had realized that Harry had hidden such a big thing from them. She had accused him of being a coward and selfish. They have gone back and forth like this in every meeting for the past fifteen days, ever since he has woken up properly and Dumbledore has visited him and they had overheard Harry's conversation.


He knows that he is babbling nonsense and she is glaring at him with narrowed eyes. Anyone else would have started crying but not his Hermione. She is a strong woman and has gone through a war with him.

She hates injustice, no matter who is subject to it. She hates it so much that she would fight Harry till the end of this world if she needs to. Harry knows that she was burning inside with the knowledge that Draco has spent six months in solitary confinement when he should have been enjoying Voldemort's defeat and Draco is not the only one. There are others as well. That is why she is looking murderously at him. He should have told them.

Ron is angry too and can barely talk to Harry without disappointed and hurt eyes. He doesn't fight with Harry. Ron's silence is enough to make his anger clear to him.

Somewhere deep inside his heart, he is relieved to see that his friends support him but he can't stay quiet. He needs to meet Draco. They are not letting him meet him and they are right. Draco had blasted off the guards who tried to take Dumbledore to his Azkaban cell. It was well known that Draco had practiced wandless magic after he was shifted from that solitary cell and the only thing that kept him in Azkaban was his own decision to finish his life.

He refuses to reveal his reasons and he has warned them not to send anybody to meet him, not even his own parents or godfather, Severus.

"Stop all this nonsense." Came Severus's commanding voice and they turn to look at the man who is looking at them with annoyed eyes. As usual, the man doesn't need to shout at them to get his point across. He just has to cross his arms and look at them with sharp eyes and speak, "Stop behaving like this."

Harry breathes a couple of times to control himself and so does Hermione.

"I-" Harry starts but Severus places a firm palm in front of him to stop his rant and mutters, "You are going to meet him tomorrow."


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