Nothing But a Kiss *COMPLETE*

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The sounds of the final battle were still echoing around the castle grounds. Smoke was wafting with the breeze. The sticky metallic scent of blood was still in the air. Voldemort had fallen. Harry had done it. They had all done it. Their combined power and love channeling through The-Boy-Who-Saved-The-Whole-Bloody-World as he cast the final spell had overpowered the serpent like figure of a man.

Hermione could hear someone calling out, asking if everyone was alright, who needed the infirmary, did they need help. Her eyes were wide, her expression slightly glassy as she frantically looked around trying to find the one person she was worried about. She already knew that Harry and Ron had made it. She had already seen Ginny, Neville, Luna and most of the other members of the DA, but she still couldn't find him. The man that had consumed her thoughts and dreams, waking and asleep, for months now; years if she was being more honest with herself. She was becoming more frantic by the second, but not wanting to show her hand, to him especially, she calmed herself enough not to call out to him.

There! She had found him down by the lake. Their eyes caught and his usually unreadable expression was at once harried and frantic to be quickly replaced with relief upon seeing her. Throwing caution to the wind, she sprinted to him at breakneck speed. She slowed enough not to knock him over on impact and immediately threw her arms around his neck as her lips crashed into his. 

Oh Sweet Circe, 'Mione! Why are you kissing him? Wait a second... Is he- Kissing me back?!


Where was she? He was growing more concerned by the second. She had to make it out! How could he go on if she was no longer a part of their world? How could he possibly continue knowing that she wouldn't be going on to make all the discoveries that she was destined to make, to expand her knowledge even further, to right the wrongs and cure the ills of their world? How could a marked man and traitor with nothing but darkness in his past make it, if her perfection and innocent naivete didn't? Severus Snape was unraveling and near the end of his rope when finally-

The relief was immense and made that much sweeter when she ran to him. He opened his arms to her, uncaring about who may be watching the one and only emotion he had ever publicly shown. Once she had reached him, his goal was only to hold her, but suddenly... Their lips met in a heated display of passion. Their limbs wrapped and entwined as they sought the only proof that could truly show they were both still there, still living.

Dear Gods, I'm kissing Hermione. How did this happen? And she's... not pushing me away? Merlin, is she... kissing me back?!

Neither knew who had begun the kiss. Neither cared. The only thing that mattered was the intense heat that slowly built to a loud crescendo as they moved together, seemingly suspended in time. Snape's 'softer-than-they-looked' lips slanted over Hermione's pillowy fullness with just enough pressure to cause her to gasp, giving his tongue the perfect opportunity to slip inside and go exploring for all the ways he could make her lose control. He sucked on the tip of her tongue breaking a whimper loose from her throat. He reveled in the needy tone as she nipped his lower lip in return and he released a chest deep groan. They continued on, bodies nearly writhing against each other, hands exploring, tongues and lips battling, when the need for oxygen became overwhelming.

They broke apart, Snape's hands in Hermione's hair holding her face mere centimeters from his own while she rested her arms on his shoulders, a lazy hand playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Their breathing labored and chests heaving, Hermione raised her eyes to his and simply said, "Wow." nearly on a whisper. Before Snape had time to answer, he promptly fell to the ground with a smile on his calm face as Hermione finally noticed the blood seeping onto his ropes from somewhere across his abdomen and chest. Her face paled as she quickly cast a mobilicorpus on him and went as fast as she could to the infirmary.

He can't leave me now! I won't allow it! Hermione thought bitterly.


She had sat at his bedside in the infirmary for 5 days, leaving only when physically forced to by a flustered Madam Pomphrey. She held his hand, told him stories, read potions journals or just talked to him about what she thought she would do next. Probably onto the Ministry doing something that could utilize as many of her talents as possible, she hoped.

On the sixth day, waiting for Severus to wake was becoming a desperate act so she decided to take a walk on the grounds. Hermione was overwhelmed. The castle battlements, the walls, the grounds, all of it was in an utter shambles. The formerly majestic and somehow stoic looking rock face of Hogwarts had crumbled. Blood covered the grass. She could still hear the screams, the terrified, agonizing and despaired voices all around her. She felt her throat closing, her vision quickly tunneled and her head spun. Everywhere she looked she saw death. Every turn brought with it a flood of memories of people she loved being shot down. She couldn't breath. Her heart was nearly beating out of her chest, breaths coming in panicked gasps. She heard a voice, it seemed far too distant but somehow close by. Who was it? They had to leave! They had to run from all this destruction! She turned to tell the owner of the voice to go, run! but the world went black. Just as she thought she would feel her head hitting the grass softened with the blood of battle, a pair of arms stopped her, carrying her away from her waking nightmare and taking her to safety.



"You need to leave. Get away from all the memories. It's all just too fresh for you. You need a distraction and change of scenery and I happen to be in need of someone with your skills. How would you feel about going on a mission for the Ministry to America?"

"America? Why, what's there?" Hermione had awoken slumped in a comfortable chair in Headmistress Minerva's office sitting across from Kingsley Shacklebot, the soon-to-be Minister of Magic himself.

"Death eaters. We have reason to believe that several of the highest ranking Death Eaters have escaped to the west coast of America and we need someone to capture them. I know you can handle this Hermione. You would be joining the military and on your time away, taking them down one by one. We will provide you with any information we have and any resources you may need. You will be payed very well, in addition to the money the US Navy would pay you. What do you think?" Well, he certainly was straight forward.

"How long will this take?"

"I don't think it should be more than... maybe a few months or so. So?"

"Which Death Eaters?"

"Malfoy Jr., and Sr., Bellatrix Lastrange, and Antonin Dolohov." He knew she wouldn't say no to that.

"When am I leaving and what's my back story?" She answered him quickly.

"Tomorrow, I will come back here to get you and take you to the ministry to do the parchment side of things, give you your information and whatnot. Hermione, I and I alone will be your secret keeper. It should be a short assignment, and we can set it up so you will still receive owls just in case it runs longer than this but I promise you, Hermione, I will not betray you." His eyes were so honest. Hermione felt like she wasn't quite getting the full story with all the pertinent details, but she knew he was being as honest as he could be with her. She would trust him with her life, she just hoped it wouldn't come to that.


The next day, after Severus still hadn't woken, Hermione's anxiety of the grounds got the better of her and she couldn't breath inside the castle walls anymore. She departed from the Ministry after leaving a message to her former potions professor with Kingsley and with a shake of her hand, she was gone. It would only be a few months. What could it hurt...





Ok guys. This is my first fic. I've been working on another one that promises to be quite a bit longer, but life got in the way for a while, and of course the muses were never ending in their pursuit of me writing out a few other ideas.... Let me know if your into the story so far. I know the first chapter was a bit rushed and sort of out of nowhere, but it will make sense. Promise. I'll update as often as I can, but I have a family and full-time job so probably not every day, but i should be able to do once or twice a week. Reviews are welcome!!! Please only constructive criticism. Enjoy!

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