Hidden Gem in the Forbidden Section

BY : WyoRanger
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Curious Beginnings

Hermione Granger felt as if she was on cloud nine as she signed in on the check-in roster for the library’s Restricted Section. Professor McGonagall had blessed her with an all access, year long pass to one of the most guarded areas of the school. Hermione had struggled to stay on her feet when she was handed the slip of paper and even had to pinch herself to ensure she was indeed awake and not dreaming. 

That was twenty minutes ago. Now, she browsed the covers of the magical books that collected dust. ‘It’s such a pity, keeping these back here where they hardly ever get touched, let alone ever get opened,’ she thought to herself as she ran a finger over a thick layer of dust. She cleared more dust off the spine of the thick old book and inspected the title. 

“'Appalling Afflictions of the Anus and How to Cure Them: Pictures Included’? That would explain why it hasn’t been touched.” She continued from book to book, row by row. “'Terrific Torture Techniques of the Thirteenth Century’. Barbaric. ‘Candy Concoctions for the Comical Clowns’? I bet the twins are the reason this is back here.”

Hermione’ fingers brushed over a few more books before stopping and retracing the line in the dust, coming to a stop at a book so old she was sure Dumbledore hadn’t even been born yet when it was written. She wasn’t sure what it was about the book that had caught her attention, but she felt as if she absolutely had to read it. As if afraid the book would fall apart or turn to dust, she gingerly pulled it from the shelf and blew the dust from its cover. 

“'Lilith’s List of Spells for the Lustful’?” Hermione felt her face turn red as the books subject matter clicked in her head. She looked around cautiously to see if anybody had noticed, completely forgetting that she was the only one in the Forbidden Section. The temptation was too much for her and she flipped open the cover and began to read. 

The chapter guide itself was enough to make anybody get hot under the collar. ‘Stamina Spells for Studs’, 'Orgasm Overload’, and even 'Stimulation Spells Without the Satisfaction’ just to name a few. 'Maybe I’ll give it a try…for research,’ Hermione thought to herself. 'But what will the librarian think when I check it out?’

A plan developed in her mind that felt so foreign, so wrong, so…Weasley-like. Hermione double-checked that she wasn’t being watched before pulling out her wand, whispered a few incantations while waving her wand over the binding of the book to dispel any hexes or curses that might prevent it from being snuck out, then transfigured the book into a pen and placed it inside her robes. Hermione was so eager to get back to the Gryffindor tower to read through the book that she grabbed the 'Terrific Torture Techniques’ book without thinking , in order to not seem suspicious for not checking anything out, and hurried off to check it out. 


Hermione rushed up the stairs of the dormitory to the girls’ side and practically dove onto her bed after ensuring that the room was empty and pulled 'Lilith’s List’ out and began reading as fast as her eyes could manage. She was in the middle of memorizing a spell that could supposedly induce a euphoric sensation, a “…micro-orgasm in the target of the spell…” a quote claimed, when Ginny walked in. 

Hermione hid the book under her bed’s covers as Ginny walked by. “Hi Ginny.”

“Hey Hermione,” Ginny replied, walking past towards her own bed. She bent over at her trunk, digging through it for something important. Hermione glanced at the book under the covers, then her wand, and finally Ginny. 

'She won’t know. How would she know? Just a brief second and then I’ll end the spell. She’ll think it was a spasm of some sort.’ Hermione gripped her wand, aimed, and muttered under her breath, “Euphasm.”

She held the spell for only a moment before cutting it off and hiding her wand, but the result was noticeable. Ginny’s body had stiffened, her legs clenched together as her arm snapped forward to grip the lid of the trunk tightly, and a small barely audible moan escaped her lips. Hermione grabbed a random book from her nightstand, burying her wide-eyed face in the center of the book before Ginny could turn around. 

“D-Did you say something, Ginny?” Hermione asked, hoping to through any possible suspicion off of her. 

Ginny turned shakily, her face almost as red as her hair. “N-No. I d-didn’t say anything. I-I j-just…nothing. Never mind.” 

Ginny found what she was looking for and quickly left, her face still a shade of pink. Hermione lowered her book and looked back over at Ginny’s trunk. A small but noticeable puddle lay where Ginny had been kneeling, indicating the spell’s success. Thoroughly excited, Hermione inspected the next spell in the hidden book. With wand in hand, she pointed at herself and said, “Fatunira.”

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