Through the Son

BY : Marionne25
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Thank you Katy for taking time to sit down and help me out with my story.

I know mostly my writings have been annoying especially 70% of the writing are done at the late hours and with a wine or vodka at hand. Yes, I write that way.

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Broken by the war that has been, the Ministry of Magic is left with no choice but to force upon the Marriage Law in order to reproduce the lives lost at the war.

With scarcity in their race and kind, the Purebloods - despite of all their repugnance to marry and consummate with Muggle-Borns or Half-Bloods - succumbed to the law in fear of becoming instinct with the condition that the Pureblood status will remain dominant in all aspects and above the social status. 

Scorned, abandoned and devastated with all the lives the ones she love she has lost, she is almost left with nothing.
Nothing but her will and wits to survive a world that is now withheld from bloodshed and unruly power, she knows that the only way is forward. 

Consumed and blinded by her own wrath, she will stop at nothing to avenge the loved ones she lost and take revenge to the one man who has made them all suffer.

Lucius Malfoy, elite, wealthy and untouchable - he was able to claim their lives back and reinstate his status in the Dark Lord's good graces by showing loyalty to the Dark Lord before everyone's eyes. 
Narcissa Malfoy's outright betrayal to the cause of the Dark Lord earned her a death sentence that was bestowed by her own husband who unblinkingly took her life without remorse to prove his loyalty and gain the Dark Lord's trust once more. 

Hermione Granger's hatred for the lives she lost has grown strong enough to withstand any doubts, remorse or even fear to hold back in her plans. 

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. 

She will stop at nothing to slit the Dark Lord's most loyal servant's neck and spill the blood it so deserves. 
But she also knows that her plans are futile unless she gets closer to her target which is the most difficult part of it all 

But there is a way. There is always a way. 

Draco Malfoy feels abandoned by the world and his own father who has killed his beloved mother in front of him. 
With a face destroyed by the Dark Lord as his punishment to Narcissa before being killed, he is desperate to find solace and rest for his restless soul. 

Without anything to lose anymore, she will use everything she has to offer to entice the now depressed, alone and devastated self-loathing boy she has grown to hate all her life. 

For the brightest witch of her age knows that the only way is forward. 
For she knows the her plans will only be executed once she is ready to give up everything. 
It wouldn't be easy and she must remain focused in her mission for she only got one shot at it. 

Will she fully succumb to her hatred in order to avenge her love ones and fill the surging emptiness in her soul? Or will she find peace and comfort in the arms of the boy whose blood she is trying to erase from the world? 

There is nothing more painful and dangerous than a woman scorned. 

And she knows that to fully accomplish taking the life of the Dark Lord's most loyal Death Eater - there could be only one way. 

And the only way to the father is through the son.

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