Across the Universe

BY : Marionne25
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The Wizarding World is at the age of recovery after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort.

All is well.

All had been well until a visitor from another realm appears before London.
Everyone is taken aback to find out it wasn't a mere visit but a phase of invasion from legends and gods that Harry and Hermione only read in the books back at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger has a deadline she needs to reach before the whole Wizarding World they've tried so hard to save crumbles at the feet of the god of Mischief, Loki.

The brightest witch of her age must prove that the Wizarding World, if guided accordingly, can prove itself worthy to live on its own and not be ruled by any other realm or god.

The god of Mischief bows to no one and yet agrees with a truce that if he would win over, would mean that the whole Wizarding World would succumb under his rule.

Across the universe, they had found one another - the battle is not only of magic and wits.
Who shall lose first when the war of the worlds soon becomes something else?

For soon they shall discover that nothing is ever fair in love and war - for there is no witch nor god when it becomes the affairs of the heart.










“Who’s there?” she cried at in determination. “Show yourself?”

There was the sound of footsteps that resembled clicking boots and then the shadow of someone – someone tall, someone holding something long like a staff and someone who had something on his head – was that a helmet or horns?

Her brown eyes remained rooted on the spot, heart beating fast and her mouth gasping out the coldness of her surroundings.

A sound and something odd and squishy just below her feet.

She wildly looked down over the ground – no, it wasn’t a ground.

It looked like something of a mixture of grey soil and – was that ice?

A flash of lightning disturbed her thoughts.

She looked up and raised her hands again, wand at the ready.

Another flash – something gold and green – and then there was a voice.

She couldn’t make out the words but someone was speaking to her in a low yet gallant tone.

Something glimmer and the horns or helmet or whatever it was from the shadows disappeared alongside what she assumed was a sort of staff.


“Who’s there?” she called out again taking a few steps back as the shadow advanced towards her. “Show yourself or I will strike!”

“No, you wouldn’t.” the voice had clearly said as the figure neared her.

It slowly came out of the shadows but it was too cold and too dark around her for her to be able to make out what or who she was seeing.

The breeze around her became colder and soon enough, something hit the side of her face and then the skin of her arms.

Shards of ice.

Her eyes widened as she gripped her wand tighter in her hand.

“Last warning-“ she breathed out. “I will strike if you do not reveal yourself-“

“No, you wouldn’t.” the voice repeated and this time the figure came clearer into view. “You couldn’t.”

She could only see a pair of beautiful gleaming eyes, staring excited and daunting at her direction.

She opened her mouth to say something when something blinding like a great white light exploded all over her and she was thrown back over the ground.

Her wand was thrown away from her hands and she covered herself as some sort of hailstorm passed her buy for a very brief moment.

She could hear a cackle of laughter not far from where the figure was.

She heard footsteps near her.


She slowly opened her eyes as the hailstorm subsided and her mouth went dry in awe.

The universe – all the stars of the galaxy, the planets from afar and every gleaming bit of rock, stone and everything else in between – was shining before her eyes – only a few feet from where she lay fearful and shaking in the coldness.

Before she could comprehend what was happening, a gloved hand had reached towards her – seeking to help her back to her feet.

“Take my hand.” the same voice whispered but this time it was warm and almost intimate.

But she couldn’t move, something in her body was frozen still.

The face moved closer and for the first time she could make out the face of a man with long black hair, pale skin and beautiful eyes.

She tried to reach out for the hand when the grounds started shaking terribly as another shattering blow came.

The grounds beneath her started to shake uncontrollably in a quake and everything around her started collapsing.

Her reflexes immediately reached out for the hand in front of her.

It gasped her tightly, protectively.


“Your Majesty!” another voice from afar called up and the hand in hers slightly moved. “Your Majesty, we have to go! Please!”

“I can’t leave her!” the voice that held her hand screamed back in a tone with such fury and command. “I won’t leave her-“

“You can’t take her!” the voice yelled back. “She’s not from our world-“

Their eyes met for the briefest moment as she felt the grounds she were in started to crumble and disappear.

He looked back at her as some sort of light enveloped him.

And then there it was, the panic and fear in his eyes.

“Don’t leave me.” she cried out at the hand that was slackening from his grip on her. “Please don’t let me go.”

And then everything else collapsed, a scream of fury, a great flash of light and she was falling endlessly.





Hermione’s echoing scream filled her whole room and she awoke struggling against the sheets of her own bed.

She was choking in her own tears and her reflexes had managed to grabbed her wand from beneath her pillow and she pointed it right ahead of her, ready to strike until she realized she was awake and was in her room and not some open galaxy with a crumbling ground.

“No.. no… I’m alive, I’m alive..” Hermione gasped as she stared around her gasping for air.

Her eyes settled back over her wand that had a small glow light from the tips.

She was sweating and tears were formed at the side of her face.

That was not the first time this dream and incident has happened in the past few months.

What was going on?

But before she could really understand, she just realized another glow of light and a voice had been calling her name.

Hermione immediately jumped out of her bed in her night dress and went to her window where the light was floating and the voice was calling her.


It was a Patronus – a Ministry of Magic Patronus.


Hermione fidgeted and unlocked her small apartment’s window and let through the Patronus that had been locked outside due to the charms she placed all over her place.

The bedside clock told her it was half past two in the morning.

And a Ministry Patronus at this hour?

Surely something had gone terribly wrong.

She looked up at the Patronus that then slowly turned into a figure of an old woman.

“All Ministry Heads, Employees, Workers and Staff – please immediately come to the Ministry of Magic. In the Great Hall, the Minister of Magic shall await your presence. This is an emergency. This is a level seven emergency.”

The glow of light of the woman and the Patronus itself had disappeared in a haze of smoke and darkness covered the whole room again.

Hermione had barely caught up her breath and had her mind and thoughts back together and in order.

“Level Seven.” Hermione repeated holding her wand tightly and trying to stabilize her thoughts to understand what that meant.


An immediate and dangerous attack at the ministry.


“Holy shit.” Hermione muttered and without another word, she ran back into her bedroom and had only grabbed a traveling cloak and her small purse by the end of her bed and had quickly went back to the Apparition point of her apartment and disappeared in a blink of an eye.





Another large quake and a blinding flash of light gathered and exploded along the Great Hall of the Ministry of Magic.

There were a few wails and screams.


Hermione Granger arrived just in time in the hall to catch Harry Potter who had been thrown backward from the air.

She pointed her wand right at him to slow down his fall and he landed safely right at his feet.


“What’s going on?” Hermione asked as she helped him back onto his feet.

Ministry of Magic officials, employees and staff – some were still in their night dresses and robes like Hermione – were gathered all in the hall and was staring at something bright and shinning at the midst of the room.

“We don’t know yet.” Harry said as he cringed in pain while Hermione helped him up.

They both looked up as the Minister of Magic and some other department heads raised their wands and sealed and contained something at the midst of the room.

“What is that?” Hermione asked Harry as she pointed at what they were concealing in a magical cage at the middle of the room.

“It landed here.” Harry explained to her as they stared at the magic being performed before them. “Just right there at the middle. Out of nowhere. Out of the blue.”

Hermione stared, eyes narrowed at what was now magically contained and caged by the Ministry officials.

It was something struck within a large form of rock – something long, something gold, something shimmering and something with what looked like a stone in it.


It looked highly familiar.

She had seen it before.

“What’s the matter?” Harry asked as Hermione let go of his hand and had slowly walked towards the middle of the room where the object was.

“I’ve seen it before.” Hermione whispered back at him staring at the glowing object struck in the rock formation.

“Seen it before?” Harry asked back trying to grab her hand back to pull her away from it. "Where?"

“Miss Granger!” the Minister called out seeing her walk towards the object. “Please stay away from it – it is unsafe as of now – we haven’t concluded what it is and it seems to have a life of its own-“

“I’ve seen it before.” Hermione said staring at the familiar draw it was pulling and luring her to it. “I don’t remember but I’ve seen it before.”

“Hermione move away from it.” Harry called out at her. “It has struck us already when we come too close towards it – it’s not safe-“

“Give me a moment.” Hermione said pulling her wand out and staring closely at it.


It looked like a staff to her.

She has seen that staff.

“Miss Granger, please.” the Minister warned her again. “We’ll have the Aurors Department check it completely first – please step away from it-“

“I just need to see something.” Hermione called out walking to the side of the guilded cage.

But before any of them could do anything else, something happened.

Another flash of great while and blue lights in a circular forced came out from the sky and struck straight from the walls and ceiling and right a few feet from where the cage was.

People who were nearer the area were thrown backward and Harry was thrown up in the air and landed back painfully on the floor next to the Minister and other witches and wizards.

“Hermione!” he screamed as he watched her – who was closest to the cage – flew up in the air and was thrown back hard on the ground.

Something glowed and some figure appeared as the light from the circular light slowly dispersed.

Hermione groaned from the destructed surroundings she tried to get up from.

She could hear gasps and at the corner of her eyes, wands were being drawn out as the figure slowly appeared and revealed itself as the lights and debris slowly faded away.


Someone tall and in an elegant robes and cape appeared before them all.

He had a long black hair that barely covered his face and he was wearing an elegant set of clothes.

Hermione’s eyes widened at the apparition or figure before her.

The figure slowly looked up right at the mass of people in front of him and his eyes slowly lingered down at Hermione who was just right a few feet from him and was staring back up at him with an open mouth.

His eyes darkened at the sight of her.

“Who are you?” Hermione heard the Minister’s voice demand and she saw Harry and the Minister walked forward, nearer her.

“Hermione, take my hand.” Harry whispered as he raised his wand, pointing it directly at the figure in front of them.


Hermione couldn’t move.

Her eyes were locked with his – his gaze, his eyes were both familiar to her.

She had seen this man somewhere before.


“Kneel.” the figure slowly said slowly raising his left hand and moving his eyes away from Hermione. “Kneel before me, little people.”

“Little people?” Hermione asked in a fearful yet straight voice. “Kneel before you? Who are you?”


His darkened gaze returned to Hermione as if he’s never seen anything like her.

He took a step forward and Harry was quick as he too made a step forward.

But he was different – he only held his left hand up and Harry was blocked from his steps as if an invisible wall had been placed before him and he couldn’t advance another step.

Hermione looked up at him and back at the figure who smiled knowingly back at her.

“The emotional ones are always the easiest to manipulate and move around.” he said in a silky accent.

Hermione fretted for her wand.


“Let him go.” Hermione said as he advanced forward her with such a stunning stance.

“I think not.” he took another step until he was right in front of Hermione. “Tell me beautiful, what is your name?”

Hermione’s full senses were angered then – the last time he was called forth that way was at the forest when they were hunting Horcruxes and something at the memory of it angered her even more.

“You let him go or you will regret it.” Hermione said through gritted teeth.

“Beautiful but foolish.” he muttered staring back onto the ground.

He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply as if savouring that very moment.


He reveled at the feeling of inhaling the air that was being accumulated back inside his lungs as the strong element and sense of magic all around him filled him in and fed his powers within, making him stronger from the exhausting travel he had just been through.


He slowly opened his eyes with a wide smile over his mischievous yet handsome face.

 “I am Prince Loki.” he clearly stated for the whole room to hear even if he was staring only at Hermione. “I have come in peace.”

“In peace?” Hermione repeated still trying to find her wand somewhere near her without taking her eyes off the man who called himself Loki. “I’m finding that hard to believe at the moment.”


His eyes passed her but he returned his gaze back to the mass of people before him.

“Kneel before me.” he repeated yet again. “Kneel before your new god.”

“God?” Hermione repeated incredulously with an undeniable mock in her tone. “I hope you don’t mean yourself.”

Loki’s eyes narrowed and he turned back to her with a mixture of surprise and excitement in his eyes.

She was a challenge to behold.

He moved forward her and Hermione remained still.


With his free hand, he touched the side of her face and drew a trace right at her jawline.

Hermione wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or some magical force but she just couldn’t move right on that very spot at he touched her face.

A tingling sensation passed Hermione’s skin and senses right to the tips of her fingers and toes.

She looked up at the man before her, forcing herself not to blink as she remained still at their very close proximity.

She could just feel the great power surging through him.

He smiled at her as his eyes focused through her brown ones.


“I very well mean myself, beautiful.” Loki said bending a little more forward to move his face a few inches from her.

Hermione could just feel his breath and the smell of something alluring passed her senses.

Before she could react, he had moved away from her and stood straight.


His left hand remained pointed right at his side to stop Harry from attacking him but he moved his other hand right up.

In a flash of light and a great force, the staff from the formed rocks and stoned had flown out from it and had flown straight at his right hand.

There was another glow of light that came from him and slowly, a large gold headgear in shape of horns appeared over the top of his head.

Hermione gasped at the sight of it.

The man with the horn for a crown.


He straightened up completely and smiled at her before turning to the crowd.

He moved his hand and Harry dropped painfully back over the floor in a painful landing.

He raised his staff and a thunderous force came all over them all again.

“On your knees you little people.” he repeated with a dark gleam in his eyes. “Let me give you at taste of real power and being ruled over mean.”

“Oh no, you don’t.” Hermione angrily spat finding her wand finally and taking hold of it. “I absolutely did not camp back at the forest for all those months hunting Horcruxes only to end up beneath your ugly rule.”


His eyes dilated and he looked back at her.

Harry screamed and warned Hermione.

A lot of things happened all at once – he raised his staff towards her and a light glowed, Hermione screamed a strong spell towards him while Harry tried to put a powerful Shield Charm at her while the Minister administered a strong Shield Charm at the crowd around them.

Harry’s eyes widened as through the blinding light he saw the god Loki’s gloved hand grasped Hermione by the neck as he lifted her off the ground.

Her eyes were wide but she had her wand directly pointed right at Loki.

A gleam appeared before his eyes as he turned to Harry with a knowing smile.

“No.” Harry screamed in fear as he knew what would come next.  "Please."

“And they call you, the Boy Who Lived?” he asked as at the very brief moment his and Hermione’s magic connect, he had already seen enough information to introduce him completely to the two people nearest him.


“Let her go.” Harry commanded angrily.

“I think not.” Loki replied with a smile. “Don’t you think a guest like me should need a tour guide into your world?”

There was a powerful surge from his staff again.

His and Harry’s eyes met.

Harry knew what then would come.


“NO!” he screamed at the top of his lungs as a final blast of light and power appeared before them all.

And once it diminished, the staff with stone, the god Loki and Hermione were no longer there and had completely disappeared leaving nothing but debris and a dilapidated Great Hall.


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