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Title: Forgiveness

Summary: Draco loves Harry with everything he has. In fact he sacrifices his self-respect for Harry who doesn't lift even a finger to prevent Draco's marriage. somehow, Draco becomes pregnant with Harry's baby even though he is a male. Harry doesn't know anything about it. Draco trips down the stairs in shock of being ridiculed by Harry. The baby dies. Years Later, regret, anger and guilt compel them to meet again. Will Draco forgive Harry? Top Harry Bottom Draco. HP/DM. SM/ASP (MA)

A/N: Bondage and Dominance. Top Harry and Bottom Draco. Please be forewarned. This is just a piece of fiction and I don't intend to hurt anyone's sentiments by writing this.

Pairings HP/DM, ASP/SM

Chapter – 1


Draco is furious. He is so angry that he wants to destroy everything around him. But his graceful stride has no trace of his fury.

How can a man be so shameless? He wonders. After all these years, Potter is lying to Scorpius as well as his own kids. He closes the door to his study slowly though he wants to slam it.

What is he supposed to do when his fourteen year old son wants to know why he abandoned Potter?

He settles down on his chair and leans back, joining his hands on his lap and stares at the cream walls, reminiscing the questions put in front of him by not only Scorpius but Albus, Lily and James Potter too.

Why did you destroy Mr. Potter's life father?

Why did you keep a relationship with him if you did not want to marry him at all, Mr. Malfoy?

Are you so prejudiced towards half-bloods that you would betray him like this?

What do these kids know about destruction? There are not even nineteen and have led a sheltered life. 

Did you even love him, Mr. Malfoy?

What do they possibly know about love? Sleeping with one person and going out with another isn't love. Did he love Potter? He wants to laugh at their faces as well as Potter's. 

Did you propose him to have a bit of fun before finally tying the knot with someone else?

Was Mr. Potter nothing for you?

Nothing. They say, nothing. Draco laughs bitterly, his eyes prickling.

While you are happily married, dad has divorced mum. Does this delight you?

What do they know about Draco's so called happy married life

Did you cheat Mr. Potter, father?

Draco's head is spinning from their questions. He was working in his lab, brewing potions for his apothecary when Scorpius arrived and demanded his presence in the sitting room. He was stunned to see him gathered with Potter's children but greeted them courteously.

Honestly, he has no issues with his kids. He just wants Scorpius to keep them away from him. He is neither interested in speaking to Potter, nor his kids, nor his other family members. Except Severus, he is not interested in anyone remotely connected to Potter at all.

Potter is a part of his past, the part that he wants to keep buried. But their questions have brought those memories back, the memories that he had never wanted to relive again.

Draco despises him so bloody much that it's difficult to sit still. It makes him want to shout and scream. 

Unbidden, a memory flicks through his mind and he gets lost in it...

"Harry." I am upset. I am so upset because father has owled me, demanding me to marry Pansy after five days. "Harry. Where are you?" I call as soon as I enter our room. Harry does not answer and I panic for just a moment. Harry has taken permission from the headmaster. We meet here after our classes, not daily of course. 

It's in the Diagon Alley and we travel through Headmaster Dumbledore's floo. 

The panic vanishes when I see Harry sprawled on the bed, his eyes looking hungrily at me. Harry is so handsome and I want to kiss him so badly but my worry does not let me proceed.

"Harry. Father owled me today." I say softly and Harry's expression tightens for just a moment before he murmurs "Come here baby. I have missed you."

"But I need to speak to you. It's important." I press, my fingers trembling inside my pocket. Harry hates defiance and I know that I am infuriating him but I need to tell him before its too late. He is the only one who can prevent the bloody marriage.

"I want you on your knees and elbows on the floor, Draco. I am going to fuck you hard and I do not want you to come until I allow you." Harry murmurs sharply and my cock twitches in response. But I need to speak to him so I speak softly, "I need to speak to you Harry please."

As expected, Harry's eyes turn furious and he crawls out of the bed very slowly. I shiver under the scrutiny of his green and angry eyes.

"How dare you defy me Draco?" Harry asks and I swallow nervously. My trousers are becoming too tight and I really want Harry to take me hard and fast but what I want to tell him is important.

"I – I am sorry sir." I murmur and Harry snaps at me "You should be. You have been a very bad boy Draco. Do you know what happens to bad boys?"

A shiver of desire courses through my entire body and I nod, my heart beats racing "They are punished sir."

I like this game. I like it when Harry dominates me, fucks me, ties me, spanks me, owns me completely. He punishes me and I deserve the punishment for being a death eater's son, for not being strong enough, for not standing in front of my father for my own desires and dreams.

"Yes, they are punished." I look at him and try my best to mask my emotions. I do not like it when Harry makes me call him sir. But that is a minor thing and I swallow my pride because I love Harry so very much.

"Harry, I-" I start speaking, my eyes pleading for Harry to just listen to me once. I try to ignore my own erection in favor of telling Harry. But Harry snaps at me "On your knees. I am going to fuck your mouth first and then I am going to fuck your arse."

I nod, my eyes full of desire and lust and kneel in front of Harry.

"Unzip me." I nod nervously and open the zip and pull Harry's trousers and boxers in one go.

Harry's proud and hard erection bounces and hits my cheek. I want Harry so much that it hurts.

Harry clutches my hair with both his fingers and pulls them. It pains and I moan because I like this pain. I crave for it. I crave for Harry. He is my salvation. I deserved to be punished. No-one wants me except Harry. No-one loves me except Harry. My own father doesn't care about my wishes. I want to keep Harry happy. I love him so very much.

"Harry, please." I beg and Harry smirks before pulling my head back and then ramming his cock inside my mouth until it touches the back of my throat.

My eyes close in relief. I like it when Harry deep throats me though I do not like it when he calls me filthy names. I never tell him and he never notices. He does not notice many things. For example, he does not see that I want to go out with him like other couples do. He does not see that it hurts me when he hides me, when he fucks me behind closed doors and ignores me in front of everyone else. Or perhaps he notices and does not care.

"Such a bad little slut." Harry croons and pulls my hair back before ramming inside me again.

I close my eyes and wrap my tongue around his erection and moan deep inside my throat.

Harry pulls my hair back and I moan throatily. I lick the tip and swallow his pre-cum and he moans "Yes. Draco. Just like that." I lick the shaft teasingly and look into Harry's eyes all the while. I like it when he moans my name.

Harry growls and slams inside my mouth again and again and Merlin! I am so hard. Slowly, I attempt to touch my own erection and hear a command "Don't touch it."

I breathe hard and try to control the need that burns inside me. It is next to impossible because Harry rams inside my mouth again and pulls my hair and commands me "Do not come until I say so or there will be repercussions." But isn't that the point. I like the repercussions and pain and so I unzip myself and start palming my aching erection through my boxers and Harry snarls at me before pulling his red and hard erection out of my mouth "You are being a very bad little boy today Draco. I think that you need a proper spanking."

My eyes darken with lust and I gasp when Harry commands me "On your knees with your cute tight arse in the air."

My breathe becomes labored and I nod, and try to open my shirt buttons. Harry growls impatiently and rips my shirt apart, pinching my nipples hard. I moan and Harry growls "Down."

I bend on my knees and stick my arse in the air. It is such a vulnerable position and I do not know why I get off on being spanked and why does Harry get off on spanking me but we do.


The first spank and I moan in pleasure and Harry murmurs "You like this don't you."



"How dare you defy me?" Harry snaps and I murmur, my voice trembling with desire "I wished to." It's degrading and against everything I am but I am evil and must get punished. I deserve pain. I deserve to be degraded like this.


The resulting spank is hard and tight and I moan loudly, begging "Please. Please."

"What do you want?" Harry says and somewhere deep inside my heart, something burns but I say nothing and Harry spanks me again and again and I finally plead "Please. Just fuck me."

Harry growls at me and I hear his trousers and boxers fall somewhere in the room and I beg "Harry." My voice is hoarse with desire and I want him so very much.

"I am going to fuck you without preparation today Draco. After all you have been such a bad little boy today."

I feel cold hands caress my arse and SMACK. Harry spanks me again and Merlin! I just want Harry inside me now.

"Please Please Harry." I beg again and feel the tip of Harry's hard erection touch my entrance before it slams inside me. I scream loudly, pulling my head back to stop the tears that threaten to fall. It pains so much. But I deserve it. I don't deserve soft and slow. I deserve this and I have to do it if I want to keep Harry. I will do anything to ensure that Harry doesn't leave me.

Harry bends and bites my shoulder before murmuring "This is your punishment, darling" and slams inside me again. This time, he changes his angle though and touches my prostrate and I scream in pleasure.

"Don't come until I say so, Draco." Harry commands and I whimpered "Please let me come. Please."

I feel Harry bite my throat hard and I beg "Please. I am begging you Harry please."

Harry slams again and again and hits my prostrate each time and I moan and groan in pleasure. Finally Harry comes inside me with a loud moan and spills his seed inside me and asks "Do you want to come, Draco?"

"Yes. Yes please." I reply breathlessly and Harry speaks softly "Come for me."

I pull my head back and moan loudly before coming on the hard floor and Harry picks me up gently to place me on the bed. He kisses my cheeks softly and then kisses my lips. My breath hitches and I murmur "I love you Harry."

"I love you too." Harry says softly when he finally places me on the bed. I fall in love with these rare moments when Harry is soft and loving. When he cuddles me and places soft kisses on my head and face and ears.

I speak after a while "My father owled me. I have to marry Pansy in five days. Please do something Harry."

"What can I do Draco?" Harry murmurs blankly, his green eyes sad and fixed on me.

"You can use your influence Harry. Please. I love you."

"We will see. Go to sleep." Harry replies, closing his eyes and spooning me.

"But Harry-" I start but Harry is already snoring.

Draco blinks his eyes and comes back to the present. After all these years, he is still not sure who was the sick one, Harry or he. Draco avoids thinking about his past. But then there are moments like right now when they torment him. After all these years, he still feels used.

Not able to control the urge, he stands up and throws his vase of flowers on the floor. Then he picks up his glass and slams it on the mirror. But nothing works. Nothing is enough to quench the flame of his fury. It's always been there, deep inside his heart. He has done quite a good job hiding it... but now, it seems impossible.

Why can't Potter put his kids on a leash. He hates Potter so much. He wants to hurt Potter. He doesn't think he hates anyone so much, neither the dark lord, nor his parents.

Who gave him the right to tell all this bullshit to Scorpius? His relationship with Scorpius was already so distant.

Draco breathes deeply and tries to calm his racing heartbeats. His looks at his reflection in the broken shards of mirror. His eyes are wide and red-rimmed. His cheeks are red and his face feels hot. He is sweating profusely. All these years he has kept his fury behind bars inside his heart. Why is Potter doing this. It's past. Draco has moved on. Why can't Potter stay away from him?


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