The Lady

BY : Dazzlious
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from JK Rowling’s fantastic books or films, I’m just borrowing and playing with them for a little while and get no monetary reward for doing so.

Arthur Weasley looked at the small card again, turning it over in his hand to read everything it said. He bit his lip as he debated then put the card back in his pocket, turning away to continue with reading the file he was working on — a case to do with a cursed necklace. After ten minutes of reading, he sighed, rubbing his eyes, and pulled the card from his pocket once more, leaning back in his chair as he studied it again.

Jenkins, the colleague who had given him the card, had assured him the service was extremely discreet and a very reasonable price considering the speciality factor. He had also assured Arthur that satisfaction was guaranteed. The clientele was select, the service second to none and the lady beautiful; extremely so.

Arthur sighed. He had been married to Molly for almost forty-five years and during that time he had never been unfaithful, had never even really noticed anyone else. His wife was everything he had ever wanted. Except that sexually she wasn’t quite as adventurous as he would have liked.

She never had been really and now, beginning to age after seven children and twelve grandchildren, she wasn’t even as forthcoming as he would like. Sex was becoming a long distant memory rather than an active part of their lives and as he missed the normal things they used to do together he began also to crave those things that he had always wanted to try but had never had the opportunity to do.

It was during a lunchtime conversation around that sort of topic that one of the other department heads, Alastor Jenkins, had mentioned ‘The Lady’ to him. It seemed she was known only to a select few, those who knew how to keep a secret; those who would have everything to lose if a liaison of the type she offered became public knowledge, and she was extremely highly regarded.

No one would call her a whore although undoubtedly that was what she was; after all, her services didn’t come for free, but rather she was ‘companion’ to those who she chose. She never advertised and it was made clear that knowledge of her did not guarantee the chance to be with her.

As Arthur looked at the card he wondered whether he would be considered perverse in his desires but he knew that not to be the case. From what Jenkins had told him, admittedly not much with regards to the woman herself other than that she was extremely attractive and as talented as she was beautiful, it appeared she was game for just about anything and Jenkins had yet to find an activity she wouldn’t try at least once.

Arthur threw the card in the bin. Yes, he could fantasise about going to see this woman and doing all those things he so wanted to try, but he knew that in reality he would never cheat on Molly like that.

He stood, picked up the file, and walked over to the filing cabinet. He placed the file in the drawer and locked it then went around his office locking everything away, the manual labour comforting him in a way that doing it with magic never would. When he was content the room was secure he waved his wand to douse the lights and picking up his briefcase headed out of the door, closing it behind him.

A moment later the door re-opened and he walked back over to the bin and retrieved the card from its depths.

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