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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, the universe, or anything you may recognize herein. I only play in this universe for fun. I also do not make any money from writing this, I do it for the entertainment of other sick-minded individuals like myself.

Harry was facing down Lucius Malfoy again, though this time he was aware that he was dreaming, and he saw the man shoot a stunner his way.


He called up a shield spell just in time, but instead of dissipating as it hit the shield spell, the stunner glanced off the spell and hit some bottles above Harry's head. They shattered, and the contents and shards of broken glass rained down on Harry.


Harry woke and groaned at the memory of that battle, and the Godfather he'd lost all too soon. He felt nauseous and achy, and was about to go back to sleep when Hedwig flew in through the open window with gifts from his friends.


Harry smiled. Every year, like clockwork, Hermione and Ron came through, making an otherwise bleak birthday a happy experience. Instead of going back to sleep, he sat up in bed and took the gifts from her.


“Thanks, girl. You know just how to cheer me up.” He said, stroking her downy feathers. He opened up Hermione's gift and found a book, as usual, but there was a note on top of it. He picked it up and read it.




This is a journal that you can use if you ever get lonely and need to talk to someone. It has a companion out there somewhere, but it's best not to know who has the other one, it gives you the freedom to write whatever you want under the cover of anonymity. It, and its companion, will turn from black to red when it has a response in it, or when the other one has been used.


I’m sorry about what happened at the Ministry, but I know you won’t come to me or Ron when you're ready to talk. This journal will give you an option that you can talk to without them knowing who you are. Please use it. I checked in the Black library, these correspondence books are the real deal, and they're totally safe.






Harry looked the book over and opened it up. It was blank, and he closed it again, shrugging. Maybe he'd use it. It would be nice to have a pen pal that didn’t know who he was that would let him start with a clean slate for once.


He set it aside and opened Ron's gift. It was a selection of sweets, and sitting right on top were two boxes of sugar quills. He laughed. Apparently, they had coordinated gifts.


He wondered when they would get their act together and finally become an item. If they were already getting gifts that went together, they were halfway there.


He was about to open the book when a wave of dizziness overtook him and he swayed, falling backward onto the bed, unconscious.




Harry awoke to a vicious hunger and noticed his other gifts. He went to the loose floorboard instead and pried it up, taking out one of the sandwiches Molly Weasley sent him every week. He unwrapped it and took a bite, then spit it back out almost immediately.


He frowned, looking over the sandwich. There was no reason it should have gone bad, as it was under a stasis charm, but it tasted… Off. There was a wrongness about it. He smelled it, and wrapped it back up, then vanished it.


He opened another one and smelled it. That one, too, smelled wrong to him.


He shook his head and looked out the window, wondering if he had been out more than a few days, and realized that it was night still. Or again. He wasn’t sure which. He ran a hand tiredly over his face, and made another shocking discovery: this whole time, he'd been without his glasses, and his vision was clear as glass!


He grabbed a length of parchment and wrote to Dumbledore, listing the strange occurrences and asking if there was anyway he could talk to someone, anyone, that could explain what was happening to him, as he was fairly alarmed. He sent it off with Hedwig and, for something to do while he waited, turned to the new gifts.




Harry heard loud knocking, then shouts and footsteps on the stairs.


“Sounds like the cavalry's here.” He muttered, gathering up his possessions and putting them in his trunk as the door to his room was unlocked.


Severus Snape burst in first, Remus Lupin right behind him.


Severus cursed and began digging through his pockets.


Remus sniffed. “It's definitely creature, but I’m picking up vampire and two others I can't identify.” He told Severus.


Severus pulled a vial out of his pocket. “Yes, I can see that he’s a vampire now, you mongrel!” The man snarled, unstoppering a vial and handing it to Harry. “Drink. Your skin is blistered and red from sun exposure while you slept. You're healing fast, but the potion will further accelerate the process.” He said.


Harry drank the potion then handed the vial back. “I’m a vampire?” He asked weakly.


“And, since you never do anything by halves, it would appear you are two other creatures, as well. What we need to do is locate your mate—or mates, which is more likely—and get you stabilized.” Severus said. “Grab your things, you’re coming to headquarters.” He finished.


Harry quickly closed his trunk and Severus shrank it.


“Put that in your pocket; it will be easier.” He told the teen. “Come on. It's late; your neighbours should all be asleep. I had to wake your odious relatives.”


Harry winced. “Sorry.” He mumbled.


Remus clapped a hand onto his shoulder. “Don’t be; it’s hardly your fault, after all.” He said. “Let's get going.”


They left the house and headed into the closest alley.


Severus held out an arm. “Hold on.” He ordered Harry.


Harry stepped closer and took the proffered arm. He inhaled and his eyes widened. “You smell really good!” He said in surprise.


Severus snorted. “Of course you'd have a fondness for type O blood. I’m sure we can find you another donor.” He said, then Apparated.


Harry stumbled upon landing, but found himself in a familiar kitchen again. Only this time, Sirius wasn’t there to greet him. He felt a wave of sadness overtake him.


“Harry! You're here!” Hermione's voice called out before the bushy-haired girl was throwing herself into his arms.


Harry hugged her, taking note of the fact that she smelled good, too. Not as good as Snape, but similar. “It’s nice to see you, ‘Mione. Thanks for the gift. I promise I'll use it. When I’m ready.”


“That's all I can hope for. Where are your glasses?” She asked.


Harry shrugged. “Don’t need them anymore, I guess. I woke up with some changes after my birthday.”


Hermione frowned. “What kind of changes?” She asked.


That's what we need to ascertain.” Severus cut in. “Until we do, he needs to be kept away from people and stress. Come on, Potter.” Severus led the way upstairs to a bedroom and ushered Harry in. “I need to take some blood to try and figure out what other two creatures you have in your makeup. Any idea how this happened?” He asked as he conjured a vial and made a small cut at Harry's wrist.


Harry hummed. “It might have happened at the battle where Sirius… I had a few potions fall on me during the battle, and I keep dreaming about it. It could be related.” He said.


Severus nodded. “And since you were in the Department of Mysteries, the vials could have contained anything. Thank you, Potter, that really narrows down my search.”


“Sorry I couldn’t be more accommodating. I'll try to keep away from unidentified potions from now on.” Harry said wryly.


“Yes, do so. How hungry are you feeling? Ideally, new vampires should feed every two or three days.” He said.


Harry flushed. “I could eat a horse right now.” He admitted.


Severus chuckled. “Not likely. Drain one, possibly, but human blood will be much more palatable to you. Don’t worry, Potter. You'll be getting the good stuff." He said. “I'll return shortly.”


Harry sat and waited, pulling out his trunk and re-sizing it as he waited.


After a while, Severus returned with Hermione. “Since you expressed an interest in my blood, we are going to try a donor with the same blood type as me. Miss Granger is also type O, and has volunteered to feed you first. I will stay to ensure you do not drain her dry.”


Harry sat on the bed. “Alright, then. How are we doing this?” He asked.


Hermione came to sit next to him and held out a hand to him. “He says you can drink from the wrist. It's not too intimate, so the vampire might not feel a… Um, a sexual pull. They usually do.” She said nervously.


Harry balked. “And if I do feel the pull?” He asked.


“I will stop you from engaging in sex, Potter. My Occlumency skills will protect me from any influences you try to use to satisfy your urges.” Severus said evenly.


Harry nodded. “Alright.” To be fair, he was starving, and having Hermione's wrist so close was almost more than he could bear. She smelled so good. He picked up her hand and raised the wrist to his lips and bit.


Sweet, heavenly nectar filled his mouth and he swallowed eagerly, sucking to try to draw more into his mouth. His body filled with a strange warmth, and he moaned, feeling his cock take a sudden interest in the proceedings. He cradled the hand he held more gently, sucking softly but insistently. He raised his eyes to Hermione’s and found her watching him with a rapt expression, seeming spellbound by the situation. Harry raised his head and licked the small wounds, closing them. He reached out and ran a tender hand down the side of Hermione’s face.


Hermione closed her eyes and leaned into the touch, eyes opening again and staring into his.


How had Harry never before noticed how beautiful she was? He leaned in and was about to kiss her when he was jerked back and the spell was broken.


“Idiot boy, did you not hear me?! You used your thrall on her! Look at her!” Severus snapped.


Harry was running on instinct, and hissed at the man who had taken his prey from him.


Severus slapped him. “Potter, get a hold of yourself. You are more than the vampire, you can control it. You were doing so well earlier.”


Harry snapped out of his trance and got a good look at Hermione, who was blinking slowly.


“What just happened?” She asked.


Severus sneered. “Potter decided to use his thrall to incapacitate and sleep with you. I intervened when I realized you were going to go along with whatever he had planned.”


Hermione flushed. “Oh! Thank you, Sir!” She said.


“Think nothing of it. It is my job. I suggest that you not let him feed without an adult skilled in Occlumency around, though. His thrall is strong.” Severus warned.


Hermione nodded. “Yes, Sir.”


“For now, Potter, would you like to pick out a few books from the library? You’ll need something to occupy your time during the nights until we can figure out if you will be a danger to anyone here.” Severus suggested.


Harry nodded. “Yes, let me pick out a few and I’ll just stay in here until we know.”


“You may be able to eat regular foods, we’ll send up a plate tomorrow evening and you can see what appeals to you now.” Severus suggested as Hermione left and the two males headed to the library.


Harry picked out a few books and was led back to his room.


“I’m going to lock you in and place Wards so no one can get in save me or Albus. It’s just a precaution. I will go downstairs to the lab Albus set up for me here and I will test the sample I collected to find out what other creatures you are now. In the meantime, just stay put and do not try to get out.” Severus told him.


Harry nodded. “I won’t, Sir. Good night.”


Severus hummed. “Good night, Potter. I will see you tomorrow night.”

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