Mudbloods at Hogwarts

BY : Gandalfs-Beard
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Disclaimer: All rights to Harry Potter belong to Rowling and the relevant corporations--though I doubt they want anything to do with this one. I make no money from the publication of this work.

While working out chapters and plotlines for my other stories, I could no longer ignore the growing number of challenges to push the limits and apply my talent (such as it is) to more extreme smut. This is the result--an abhorrent tale of betrayal of trust and utter lack of consent, a perfidious pandering to the basest proclivities!

I did have my limits--there were some lines that I just couldn't cross. I really don't have the stomach for beatings, extreme torture, mutilation, prepubescent paedophilia, necrophilia... and so on.

The ones I did cross are dreadful enough. Do not attempt them in real life, or you will very likely--and deservedly so--end up in prison for life, castrated, bludgeoned, burned at the stake, or shot in the head. Indeed, in this story, everyone who engages in such atrocious activities will eventually meet a very painful end!

This is exclusive to Adultfanfiction, and is the only story of this nature that I will ever post online. So if this is your sort of thing, have at it.  ;-)

You have been warned, now I need a shower... :P

One more thing, in the first chapter, there are several paragraphs taken from Philosopher's Stone, slightly altered, to anchor the story in canon--plagiarism is not the intent. The rest of the story is, however, wholly AU, in which nearly everyone except Harry and Hermione is pretty evil.

Also, a reminder, this is largely Satire , not only of Harry Potter, but also touching on some tropes to be found in classic works of the S&M genre such as de Sade's 'Justine' and 'Juliette,' and some common Hentai tropes as well. 

Last but not least, I just want to mention that I tend to tinker with my stories for at least 24 hours after posting, editing typos, cleaning up clunky sentences, and adding snippets of narrative for clarity. I've noticed that a few of the chapters of this story seemed to require even more clean up than usual (probably due to sleep deprivation), so I thought it worth pointing out to those readers who read the chapters the moment they get posted. Hopefully those chapters will read better by the time you give it a second read through.


Mudbloods at Hogwarts

Chapter 1: Snape's Revenge

Hermione Granger tried her best to look at the bright side, even though she had yet to make any friends. She had hoped for better since coming to Hogwarts, but young wizards and witches seemed no less disdainful towards bookish and conscientious children than non-magical youths. 

Indeed, she had been rather hopeful that Harry Potter might be her first new friend - his glasses and overall demeanor hinted that he might appreciate intellect and maturity. Not to mention that he seemed a natural on a broomstick - that was the first time Hermione had realised she couldn’t learn everything from a book. She still felt conflicted about the way he had broken the teacher’s order and gone flying after that horrid blond boy, Draco Malfoy; Harry at least had an honourable motivation, standing up to that nasty bully.

But unfortunately, Harry seemed quite attached to that obnoxious, thickheaded ginger boy, Ronald Weasley. 

In any case, Hermione’s first week at Hogwarts had been a mixed bag. She had quite enjoyed her classes, even though many of the other children seemed to resent her. And this morning, Friday, was her first Potions lesson, which she expected to be very interesting. Hermione trailed behind Harry and Ron on the way to the dungeons, hoping that Harry might notice her.

But when she entered the classroom, a little shiver ran up Hermione’s spine and her stomach tightened. The room itself was creepy enough, looking exactly like one would expect a torture chamber to look, though the shelves were laden with jars of pickled animals, insects, eyeballs and other nasty looking things, but even worse, that mean looking teacher with the greasy black hair was apparently the Potions Master.

Hermione tried her best to ignore her trepidation and focus on the lesson, which began with a roll call. With any luck, her fears would prove to be unjustified, but when professor Snape paused at Harry’s name, Hermione’s hopes were dashed. 

A sneery sort of look crossed the Potion Master’s features as he peered disdainfully at Harry Potter and said softly, in a condescending tone, “Ah, yes! Harry Potter. Our new... celebrity.”

Draco Malfoy and his thuggish looking friends, Crabbe and Goyle, all sniggered loudly, but Professor Snape ignored them as he continued the roll call and gazed out across the classroom with those cold, empty looking black eyes of his.

“You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potionmaking,” he began. He spoke in barely more than a whisper, but they caught every word - like Professor McGonagall, Snape had the gift of keeping a class silent without effort. “As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death - if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.”

Anxious to prove that she wasn’t a dunderhead, and to not give the mean teacher an excuse to be mean to her too, Hermione perched on the edge of her seat. But Professor Snape incomprehensibly seemed fixated on Harry Potter.

“Potter!” said Snape suddenly. “What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”

Hermione noticed Harry glancing at Ron, both of them looking stumped; Hermione's hand shot into the air - maybe she could distract Snape.

“I don't know, sir,” said Harry.

Snape's lips curled into a sneer.

“Tut, tut - fame clearly isn't everything,” he said rudely, ignoring Hermione's hand.

“Let's try again. Potter, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?”

Hermione stretched her hand as high into the air as it would go without leaving her seat, but Harry clearly didn't have the faintest idea what a bezoar was and his face began turning pink. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle shook with laughter, though Hermione doubted that the gormless Crabbe and Goyle had a clue either.

“I don't know, sir,” said Harry, who looked like he was trying his best to put on a bold face.

“Thought you wouldn't open a book before coming, eh, Potter?”

Snape was still ignoring Hermione's quivering hand.

“What is the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?”

At this, Hermione stood up, her hand stretching toward the dungeon ceiling.

“I don't know,” said Harry quietly. “I think Hermione does, though, why don't you try her?”

A few people laughed, but it was obvious to Hermione that Harry wasn’t trying to be funny. He looked like he honestly thought Hermione should be given a chance to answer the question.  

“Please sir,” Hermione interjected, giving Harry a grateful look. “Harry’s right. I do know the difference...” 

“Sit down,” the horrid professor snapped at Hermione; she sat down as ordered, her cheeks burning hotly, “and do not speak out of turn! If I had wanted an answer from you, I would have asked you.” 

“For your information, Potter,” Snape continued, turning his attention back to Harry, “asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death. A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and it will save you from most poisons. As for monkshood and wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which also goes by the name of aconite.”

“Now,” said Snape, glowering at Harry and Hermione, “I will not tolerate cheek or disruption in my classes. It would appear that neither of you have learned your proper place despite having nearly a whole week to do so. ... Potter, for speaking back, and Granger, for speaking out of turn, it seems that you both require extreme disciplinary measures! 

“It is also quite apparent that your inherently fractious natures also make you the top candidates to be an example for all newcomers to our magical society, to make precisely clear your true statuses in our world.”

Hermione gulped. She shot Harry a frightened look, shivering and wondering what an earth Professor Snape meant by “extreme disciplinary measures.” The business about making them an example for all “magical newcomers” also seemed particularly odious.

“Wh...what do you mean?” Hermione dared to ask.

“Ordinarily, Granger,” said Snape, looking oddly pleased, as if he had been hoping to have the opportunity to punish her, “Muggleborns are given the first week to acclimate themselves to their new surroundings and to learn their proper place in our ancient, most noble society, and at the beginning of the second week, two are Chosen to be examples for all other new entrants. 

“However, you and Potter have both earned yourselves an early introduction to the ways of the wizarding world.” 

“Now stand up, both of you!” Snape ordered, his voice harsh. 

Shaking with terror, Hermione did as she was told, but noticed that Harry was still seated, gaping at the professor in shock and surprise.

“What’s wrong with being a muggleborn?” Harry looked puzzled. “And anyway, my parents were wiz...”

“You were raised by muggles, were you not?” Snape snapped, cutting Harry off. “Same difference as far as I’m concerned--especially given your... dubious parentage. And your insubordination has just earned you an extra punishment. Now stand up Potter,” he barked, “before you make things even worse for yourself and Granger.”

Harry gulped as he clambered to his feet, wondering what on earth Snape was on about. He couldn't figure out why Snape didn't like his parents. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle were now in stitches, and looking positively eager for what was next to come.

“Now, to the front of the class, both of you!” Snape ordered.

Hermione and Harry both fearfully did as they were told, trotting up to the front of the class, their knees wobbling as they stood before the Potion Master’s desk. An ugly, leering smirk crossed Snape’s features as he lifted his wand and aimed it at Harry.

“I think, Potter,” said Snape softly, his dark eyes gleaming with a decidedly evil look, “that in your case, a permanent adjustment is required to teach you the proper respect for your betters.”

“Feminum Altera Perpetuus,” Snape muttered with a wave of his wand. 

A beam of silver light shot from the end of the greasy haired professor’s wand and enveloped Harry, surrounding the messy haired boy in a shimmering silvery glow. 

Hermione was stunned when Harry began to change before her eyes. His messy black hair lengthened, spilling down over his shoulders, and his face rounded, his lips becoming poutier. His entire figure seemed to be undergoing structural changes under his robes, becoming less angular and more curvy.     

Harry looked horrified as his features and body changed shape. When the transformation had completed, the silvery glow faded and Harry was now a girl.

“What did you do to me?” Harry squeaked, his voice now girlish as well. 

Snape leered nastily at him as Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle howled with laughter. Ron’s jaw dropped as he gawked at Harry.

“Isn’t it obvious, Potter?” Snape sneered, “Or are you really that stupid? You are now the most appropriate gender for teaching submissiveness. You are a girl - and you shall be for the rest of your natural life, as there is no counter-spell to reverse the process. So get used to it!”

“You can’t do this to me!” Harry shrieked in outrage, before the unsettling thought that Harriet was now a more appropriate name crossed his, er... her mind, if what Snape had said was true. “I’ll tell Dumbledore!”

“The headmaster has far better things to do than listen to the muling complaints of the muggle-raised students, Potter! Under wizarding law, and the rules of Hogwarts, I have carte blanche to discipline such students as I see fit! ... Now you’ll shut up if you know what’s good for you.”

Hermione peered at Harriet sympathetically as the permanently transfigured girl pursed her lips and glared at Snape mutinously.

“Granger, Potter,” said Snape quietly, as the class looked on with bated breath, “before your punishments commence, it is time for you to be attired in a manner befitting your station in wizarding society... Now remove your clothing at once - and be quick about it.”

“What?” shrieked Hermione, forgetting herself, her eyes boggling as her head spun, appalled, unable to believe what she was hearing. “You can’t do that...”

“As recalcitrant as Potter, I see,” said Snape icily, cutting across Hermione's objection. “No matter, you will be sharing the same level of punishment as she in any case. Now get on with it - remove your garments immediately, or I will turn you over to Filch for a whipping.”

Harriet and Hermione glanced at each other, their faces twisted with anguish and humiliation. With shaking hands, Hermione began to comply, undoing the gold clasp that held her cloak around her neck, and Harriet followed suit. 

Robes slipping to the floor, Hermione tugged the grey blazer of her uniform over her bushy head and dropped it next to her robes as Harriet did the same, both of their faces red. The expressions of shock and horror on the faces of Hermione and Harriet’s fellow Gryffindors began to change into looks of fascination and anticipation matching those on the faces of the Slytherins. 

Hermione wasn’t surprised to see an eager look in Ron’s eyes as she loosened her tie and undid the top button of her shirt, but seeing the same expression on Neville’s face was hurtful. She noticed Harriet shooting Ron a dirty look, no doubt feeling betrayed by Ron’s apparent excitement. 

Hermione hesitated after undoing several more buttons and bit her lip as her breath quickened, feeling like she might hyperventilate. Squeezing her eyes shut as tears welled, trying to pretend that she was undressing in the privacy of her dormitory and failing, Hermione continued, gulping air.

The tears were freely flowing now as her white shirt and red and gold tie joined her robes and blazer on the floor, knowing that all eyes were now glued to her budding young breasts - those breasts which had begun developing several months ago, growing bigger as she neared her twelth birthday which was barely two weeks away, but not yet quite big enough for a bra. 

Exposed to the cold dungeon air, her smooth skin was broken by goosebumps and her pink nipples began to stiffen. Hermione hesitated again as her fingers grasped the hem of the skirt around her waist.

“Open your eyes, Granger,” Snape hissed venomously, “There will be no escaping into daydream and pretense for you! And you’d better get a move on, or it will be even worse for you.”

With a sob, Hermione’s fingers sought out the button which kept her skirt tight around her waist. She glanced at Harriet again, who was stoically trying not to cry as she began undoing the boys’ trousers she had been wearing when she had still been Harry. 

Hermione was momentarily distracted from her own distress, noting with surprise that Harriet’s breasts were slightly bigger than her own little handfuls. Hermione knew from the history books that Harriet’s own birthday was on July 31st. Harriet was barely a month past eleven; Hermione knew that some people developed earlier than others, but wondered if Snape had also added a charm to enhance Harriet’s breast size.

Her thoughts returning to her own predicament, Hermione’s fumbling fingers finally managed to undo the button, and her skirt slipped past her thighs and then her calfs until it met the cold, stone floor of the dungeon. Hermione stood there in her knickers as she released another sob, her face scarlet, burning with shame, knowing what she was compelled to do next to avoid a whipping or worse. Who knew what tortures wizards had devised to punish disobedient muggleborn students?

She hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband of her knickers, tears dripping from her cheeks. Shakily, slowly, Hermione slid her white cotton knickers down over her hips, drawing ever closer to total exposure. She halted for the briefest of moments and took a deep breath, then yanked her knickers down her thighs, finally revealing her bare pubic mound and slit to the entire class, her cheeks blazing with mortification.

Grins now adorned the faces of the Slytherins, and the Gryffindor boys, despite looking slightly abashed, couldn’t help but ogle in fascination the little triangle and pink cleft between the apex of Hermione’s naked thighs. Their greedy little eyes shifted back and forth as they peered at Hermione’s and Harriet’s slits.

“Shoes and socks, too,” said Snape, his voice full of lechery. 

Hermione could almost feel his cold eyes gazing at her naked back and bum. Quavering, Hermione and Harriet both bent over, knowing that Snape was getting an eyeful of their bare vulvas between the crevice parting their bottom cheeks, and pulled off their shoes and socks.

Hermione noticed that Harriet couldn’t help it now; Harriet’s tears had finally burst the dam and trickled silently down her cheeks, dripping from her chin as she returned to her former posture. Hermione shivered as she stood there, utterly nude as the eyes of every first year crawled across her body, and wondered what would come next.

“Very good,” said Snape. “Now, before we begin your punishments, you will learn your first lesson in submissive poses. Hands behind your heads, stand with your feet as widely apart as you can so the class can get a proper look at you. There will be no hiding of your parts - they no longer belong to you.”

Hermione didn’t know how her degradation could feel any worse, but it did, growing in leaps and bounds as she complied. If her little slit had been barely visible with her thighs pressed together, there was no doubt that the rest of the class could see it properly now. Ron and Neville no longer looked abashed as they openly gazed upon Hermione’s and Harriet’s nakedness with undisguised and barely understood cupidity.

“Lesson number two: Turn around and look at me,”Snape commanded, “keeping your legs wide apart. Then you will bend over and spread the cheeks of your pert little arses so the class can clearly see the rest of what lays between your legs.”

When Hermione turned around and did as she was ordered, her shame continued to skyrocket as she looked into Snape’s leering eyes, his lips curled into a sadistic smile. Her entire vulva was now exposed to all, the little opening between her glistening pink petals twitching as it involuntarily contracted and released.

“That, class, is a vagina,” Snape said matter-of-factly, as if he was simply giving a lecture. “Its only purpose is as a receptacle for the insertion of anything you can think of. Boys, it may be your fingers, it may be your penises, it may be any object of your choosing - the end of a broomstick or the handle of a beater’s bat perhaps. ... With a bit of imagination, you would be surprised how many different artifacts will fit inside a vagina.

“Now, Granger, Potter, the first phase of your punishment will begin. You will remain in that position and keep utterly still while your classmates explore your tight little vessels. Any attempt to repel their advances will be met swiftly and severely. Is that understood?”

“Y...yes sir,” Hermione sobbed, her entire body quaking with fear and disgrace. 

Glancing at the former boy, now completely girl, beside her, it was clear that Harriet was equally frightened and ashamed. Hermione did her utmost not to flinch as the boys lined up behind her and one by one touched the private region that only she had ever touched before. 

She felt fingers prodding and poking, pinching and sliding between the dampening heated lips of her sex, stroking her puckered anus, tugging on the now hard clitoris which had come out of hiding. Hermione couldn’t help letting out a little squeal when the first boy shoved a finger inside her wet entrance. 

This couldn’t be happening! It just couldn’t! ... She was too young, and it was surely illegal. In the muggle world Snape would be tossed in prison for years. Did he really expect her to not tell her parents? 

Another finger joined the first and they burrowed deeply into Hermione’s narrow passage, the fleshy walls of her interior contracting, clasping around the invading digits.

Hermione moaned as the boy began to pump his fingers in and out. The hideous violation continued for several minutes until Snape smirked and said, “That’s enough for now, Draco, give Goyle and the others a turn.”

“Of course,” Hermione heard Draco say, his voice gleeful. Draco viciously drove his fingers deep into her passage once more, his fingernails digging into her fleshy insides, drawing squeals of pain from her. “Nice twat Granger,” he hissed in her ear. “I never reckoned I’d be having a go at this until I was older. But it’s rather fun isn’t it?” 

Then Draco jerked his fingers out of Hermione and grabbed a fistful of her bushy hair, using it to wipe off her own juices. Hermione wept as Snape named each boy who shamelessly probed her most intimate places. Goyle’s fingers were rough and calloused. Hermione didn’t know how much worse it could get, but then Crabbe penetrated her anus with his forefinger and jammed it in as deep as it could go - Hermione screamed.

“Silence!” Snape barked. “There’s no need for you to share your unpleasant attitude with the rest of us.”

Hermione bit her lip, struggling to keep quiet and glanced over at Harriet again, not sure how Harriet was managing to endure similar treatment as the Slytherins took their turns on her. But the worst was yet to come when Hermione felt someone leaning over her backside and reaching his hands around to give her boobs a squeeze and tug painfully on her sensitive nipples. She knew it had to be a Gryffindor now.

Snape practically grinned, “Enjoying yourself Weasley?”

“Er... yeah, actually,” said Ron, sounding surprised with himself. “I didn’t know how much fun girls could be.”

“No doubt,” Snape smirked evilly. “Ten points to Gryffindor Weasley. Take your time - and if you make Granger scream again I’ll give you another ten points.”

Hermione sobbed, sure that Ron would accept the challenge. She tried hard to keep her mouth shut, letting out nothing but little moans as Ron yanked harder on her breasts. Then his hands moved to her bottom and gripped both cheeks hard, squeezing them with all his might. The muffled sounds coming from Hermione’s throat grew louder and she began to panic.

Then, without any finesse or warning, Hermione felt three of Ron’s fingers penetrating her already sore entrance. He jabbed them into her depths with a ferocious intensity, clearly determined to earn ten more points for Gryffindor. 

“Mmm... mmm... MMM!” Hermione grew louder with each painful thrust. 

Experimentally Ron pinched the hard, fleshy little nubbin poking out from the top of Hermione’s pussy lips between his thumb and forefinger; as he savagely pummeled Hermione’s vagina, he squeezed her clitoris as hard as could and viciously yanked it as hard as he could. Hermione couldn’t help it. 

“AAAAIIEEEEE!” Hermione shrieked.

“Tut, tut, Granger.” The smirk on Snape’s face belied his cold tone. “I did warn you to stay silent. I’m afraid that you have earned an extra punishment.”

Hermione just gasped and sobbed as her swollen clitoris painfully throbbed.

“So, did I earn ten more points for Gryffindor?” Ron asked eagerly as he took a leaf out of Malfoy’s book and wiped his sticky fingers on Hermione’s hair.

“Quite so Weasley!” said Snape. “I always keep my word. Now, Longbottom, I do believe you’re next.”

Again Hermione felt fingers enter her sore vessel, and when Neville was done, Seamus and Dean took their turns. Hermione was a blubbering wreck when they had all finished. 

“Well done!” Snape congratulated the boys in the class. “Fifty points to Slytherin and another ten for Gryffindor. Now, for the next phase of the punishment, Potter and Granger are about to learn a valuable lesson which will stand them in good stead for the future.”

Snape leered at Hermione’s and Harriet’s tear streaked faces. 

“Granger, to me.” Snape beckoned Hermione around to his side of the desk. “Potter, to Mr Malfoy.” Snape pointed at Draco.

Miserably Hermione and Harriet obeyed, knowing it would be no good to do otherwise. 

“Closer,” Snape insisted, parting his legs. “You too Potter!”

Hermione moved forward, between his parted thighs, frowning, wondering what other vile thing Snape could possibly do to her. 

“On your knees, Granger!”
“Like he said, Potter,” Hermione heard Draco tell Harriet. 

Snape opened his robes and unzipped his trousers, releasing his stiff penis from its prison. Hermione’s eyes widened in horror as the tip of Snape’s cock bobbed, only inches away from her face. 

She had never seen one before. It was a monstrous thing, at least eight or nine inches in length and as thick as Hermione’s wrist; the mushroom shaped head was fiery red, and purple veins seemed to pulse along the fleshy shaft. Hermione wrinkled her nose at the musky, sweaty aroma.

“Draco...” Snape peered in Malfoy’s direction. “Do you know what I’m doing?”

“Er, yes sir.” Draco actually sounded slightly nervous, apparently afraid to unzip his own trousers while the rest of the class was watching. 

“Then follow my lead,” Snape insisted. “Pay no attention to the others - they will hardly see anything of you, as it will hidden from their view in Potter’s throat momentarily.”

“Okay,” Draco agreed, and Hermione heard the sound of unzipping trousers.

“NO!” Hermione said loudly, suddenly understanding what Snape was about to do. “That’s disgusting! I... I can’t. ... I won’t!”

“Oh yes you will, Granger!” Snape shot Hermione a dangerous look and grabbed her bushy head with both hands, painfully gripping her hair. “Now open your mouth... Cunt!” he added as an afterthought, to drive the point home.

Hermione sobbed. It was useless to resist. She tentatively parted her lips. No sooner had she opened her mouth, Snape forcefully pulled her head closer. Hermione couldn’t stop the violent intrusion, and suddenly her mouth was full of cock, the head pushing towards the back of her throat as the shaft slid over her tongue. 

It tasted as horrible as it smelled. Hermione felt utterly degraded to have a penis in her mouth and hoped Snape wasn’t planning to urinate into her throat. But Snape had other ideas for the time being. 

“Suck Granger! Suck like you mean it! Really taste it! The sooner you get used to it the better it will be for you!”

And she did! Weeping inconsolably, Hermione began to suck as if she had a gigantic gobstopper in her mouth. Snape groaned as he felt her lips tighten around his shaft, and the suction of her wet, warm mouth. 

After several minutes of that, Snape seemed to want something more - he forced Hermione’s head down harder. She gagged as the head of Snape’s penis demanded entrance to her throat.

“Open your throat, Granger, you filthy little Mudblood!” Snape snapped. “Control yourself! I’m going deeper whether you want to or not, and if you vomit on me, you will suffer my displeasure.”

Shaking with terror, Hermione did her best to comply, but she was only half-successful at best. Snape shoved his cock down her throat disregarding her gagging and retching sounds. As the bile began to rise in Hermione’s throat, the best she could manage was to control her stomach, though her esophagus continued to resist the violent invasion.

Hermione’s lips slid further along the shaft until they reached the base, pressed against Snape’s underwear, every inch of the nine inch penis buried in her throat. Savagely, Snape yanked her head back and forth, thrusting his own hips in time, driving his cock deeper into Hermione’s throat with every thrust.

In and out ... In and out! Hermione could barely breathe as Snape continued to lunge into her throat which was wrapped tightly around the shaft. It seemed to go on forever - then Snape stiffened, pressing her face into his crotch as hard as he could. He held Hermione in place as his penis pulsed and began to erupt.

Horrified, Hermione struggled as she felt the sticky fluid spurting down her throat. Without the strength to throw Snape off, Hermione was forced to endure as the gross, slimy semen entered her stomach, and resigned herself to her hideous fate. It went on and on, jets of sperm continued to squirt down her throat relentlessly, filling her stomach to almost bursting.

Finally, Snape seemed to have mercy, slowly withdrawing his penis from Hermione’s throat. But though she thought the vile act was finished, she was wrong. Semen continued to jet from his cock as he retreated; then Snape halted and held Hermione’s head firmly in place, the tip of his penis still between her lips.

Hermione could do nothing as Snape continued to pump his spunk into her mouth, filling it until her cheeks bulged. The taste of the disgusting, slimy, viscous fluid was bitter, and mildly salty.

“Don’t swallow just yet, Granger,” Snape demanded.

Hermione gave Professor Snape an agonised, hateful look. She had been planning on spitting it out, not swallowing anyway. Snape seemed to know exactly what she was thinking, returning her look with a smug gaze. 

“Nor will you be spitting it out,” said Snape. “Any drop spilled on the floor, you will be forced to lick up. Am I understood?”

Defeated, Hermione nodded.

“Very good!” Snape said, his eyes glittering coldly as he pulled the rest of his deflating penis from her mouth and returned it to within his trousers, zipping up his fly. “Now stand and return to Position One at the front of my desk.”

Hermione obeyed, walking around the desk and standing before the class again, hands clasped behind her head, legs spread widely apart, her cheeks bulging with a mouthful of Professor Snape’s semen. She glanced at Harriet who was also clambering to her feet from between Draco’s thighs, wiping her sticky lips.

“Ah, Potter, you may join your little friend at the front of the class,” Snape crowed victoriously. “But Draco, I am disappointed that you did not leave Potter with a mouthful, as I did to Granger.”

“Sorry sir,” said Draco. “I didn’t know.”

“No matter,” said Snape, his lips curling into a half-smile as he reached into his desk drawer. “I am prepared for any eventuality. “Potter, take this.”

Harriet stared at the large glass jar which Snape was handing to her. It appeared to be filled with a viscous, off-white fluid. Hermione glanced at the jar, her eyes widening. Surely not - Snape wouldn’t!

“I keep a jar of human seed for certain potions,” Snape explained. “It is the outpouring of a number of students and staff - including myself - from previous years, preserved magically of course. You will open it, Potter, and you will fill your mouth to its limits with the semen, as Granger has.”

Dejected, Harriet quietly took the jar from Snape and did as commanded, grimacing at the putrid flavour of sperm from hundreds of ejaculations, the donations of numerous unknown providers. Returning the jar to Snape, Harriet joined Hermione, standing in position with legs widely spread, cheeks bulging with semen.

“Potter, Granger, you will remain in place, neither swallowing nor spitting until the end of class.

Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Ron sniggered loudly at Snape’s declaration. 

Hermione and Harriet both endured their humiliation silently as Snape began instructing the rest of the class. For the next hour and a half of the double period Hermione and Harriet stood like that, naked, their mouths filled with fermenting semen, as the rest of the students stirred cauldrons and filled beakers. 

Finally, with minutes to go before the end of class, Snape grinned evilly. 

“Well done, Potter, Granger. Class is finished - now you may swallow.”

Shamefaced, Hermione and Harriet both grimaced and gulped the stewed sperm down, trying not to throw up. Hermione began to reach for her clothes and Harriet did the same. To their dismay, the garments all vanished before their eyes. They both turned to look at Snape questioningly.

“S...sir?” Harriet tentatively sputtered. “Isn’t the punishment over.”

“Yours is, Potter. Granger still has an extra punishment coming. However, neither of you will be needing clothes anymore. You see, Mudbloods are less than House-Elves, and only wear clothes at the pleasure of their Owners. As the property of Hogwarts, you will now both be wearing these, and nothing else for the remainder of your time at Hogwarts.”

Snape handed Hermione and Harriet a leather collar each. They looked much like dog collars, with metal rings attached. Also dangling from the collars were dog tags, but the words on them gave Hermione and Harriet chills. Hermione’s said Receptacle Number 1025, Property of Hogwarts, and Harriet’s said Receptacle Number 1026, Property of Hogwarts. 

“B...but, what about classes?” Hermione whimpered, having hoped it was over.

“Oh, you will still be sitting in your regularly scheduled classes,” Snape assured them, “However, you can both forget any silly notions of learning magic. Your task henceforth is simply to be present and available for whatever the Professors demand of you. And Granger, don’t think you will be returning home to your parents at the end of the year. There is no escaping your fate. Your parents have been obliviated, and all trace of your presence in their lives has been erased...”

Hermione gaped in horror, fresh tears filling her eyes. She was never going home again - would never see her parents again. She was a slave.

“You Potter, on the other hand,” Snape continued, smirking unpleasantly , “will still be returning to your relatives. Your Uncle will be expecting you. He was quite pleased to learn that you would be residing with him under this new set of circumstances - as you can well imagine. He and your cousin will have two months to do as they please with you...”

Harriet’s jaw twitched as she shot Snape a murderous look. 

“Now, place the collars around your necks,” said Snape officiously. 

Harriet hesitated, but Hermione did as she was told, not knowing what else she could do. The collar immediately locked itself into place.

Snape stared icily at Harriet, and nodded with satisfaction when she finally put the collar on. 

“You should know that the collars are enchanted,” Snape added. “They are of course unremovable - except by myself or Dumbledore. And, they will compel you to obey commands, should you attempt to refuse them. 

“There is one more item you should both know - you will show up in the Great Hall for all meals, however, you will not be dining on the fare intended for the students or staff. Such food is only for consumption by humans... and neither of you fall into that category any longer - you are less than human, merely receptacles for the amusement of staff and students. ... As receptacles, can you guess what will be providing your sustenance, henceforth, Granger?”

Hermione looked aghast when Snape’s meaning became all too clear.

“!” she whispered. “But we’ll starve...”

“What? ... Why would we starve? What’s he on about Hermione?”

“Semen,” she muttered angrily. “Professor Snape is saying that we’re only getting semen at mealtimes.”

“WHAT?” Harriet shrieked with outrage.

“Granger is quite correct Potter.” The evil grin was back on Snape’s face. “But never fear - semen is high in protein. And exceptional food source providing all the nourishment you will ever need.”

“I suppose we’ll have to drink that disgusting swill you fed me today,” said Harriet through gritted teeth.

“Not at all, Potter.” Snape leered at her. “You will be ‘milking’ those dining in the Great Hall while they feast. If you are hungry, you will milk as many students and staff members as you can manage in the time available - if you do not, you will indeed starve as Granger aptly put it. 

“That, I leave up to you... the collar itself will not compel you to feed from the bodily emissions of the humans, only your hunger... Though if any student or professor explicitly commands you to allow them to feed you, it will compel you to do so. ... Now, before you both go off to your next class, there is the matter of your final punishment, Granger, or perhaps I should now refer to you by your new appellation, Rceptacle 1025.”

Snape reached into his desk once more, retrieving from a drawer two objects reminiscent of something that Hermione had recently become all too acquainted with. 

“Wh...what am I supposed to do with those?” Hermione asked, having a horrible feeling she knew exactly what she was supposed to do with the two phallus shaped objects.

“Bend over and spread your legs, Receptacle 1025. And I will show you.”

Hermione whimpered miserably, forced to comply by the charmed collar. She grunted and squealed as Professor Snape inserted the nine inch dildo all the way inside her still sore vagina, and shrieked when he buried the seven inch one in her rectum. Her inner muscles clenched tightly around both wide shafts, and Hermione could feel them rubbing together through the walls separating her vagina from her sphincter.

“There you go, Receptacle 1025 - all snug now. Those will magically remain in place for the next 48 hours. ... Enjoy, as I have no doubt you will! Now off to transfiguration, the both of you... Professor McGonagall will be expecting you...”

The first thing Harriet did upon departing Snape’s classroom was promptly throw up on the cold stone floor of the dungeon passage. Hermione heaved, and before she could stop herself, her vomit joined Harriet’s; she doubled over, falling to her hands and knees, retching and heaving until her stomach was empty. Finally, Hermione wobbled to her feet and wiped her mouth. 

Quietly, not saying a word to one another, Hermione and Harriet left the dungeon, their eyes cast down...


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