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Disclaimer: All rights to Harry Potter belong to Rowling and the relevant corporations. I make no money from the publication of this "work."

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Rowling and the relevant corporations. I make no money from the publication of this "work."


A Hard Decision

Severus Snape, renowned potions master of Britain and a double spy, stares slack jawed at the green eyed menace standing in front of him. Severus has always been proud of himself for being prepared for everything. No-one ever accomplishes to take him by surprise and Harriet Potter is the only witch in the entire world who can somehow always manage to reduce Severus Snape to this.

"I can trust no-one else with this, sir. Siri is no good at potions and Remus refused to help. He says that I have gone nuts but you understand, don't you. Who would understand if you won't?" Potter insisted, looking at him with impossibly startling green eyes that belong to her mother. With green eyes and long, curly and unmanageable hair, she is as beautiful and patient as Lily but she has inherited her father's courage as well which is required to do what she is about to do.

Severus wants to say many things to her. He wants to get Potter checked for curses but all he can do is stare speechlessly at her.

"I love him sir. I know that you are his godfather and that you still despise me for what dad did though I am not completely sure what he really did. But I really do love Draco and I will defeat Voldemort. If Draco gets marked, where will that lead him. He is too talented to waste his life in Azkaban. I might be able to pull the strings and get him released but his career will be ruined and he will have to waste many years in redeeming himself. I can't have that happen because I want to spend my life with him once all this is over." The girl mutters in a single breath and Severus's eyes widen. She is so confident that she will defeat the most powerful and dakest wizard of all time and apparently, she has decided that he will spend his life with his- his godson. The said godson doesn't even know about that.

"And he won't listen to me and I tried. Believe me I really did. I couldn't just outrightly demand him to meet me so I tried to leave notes and whisper in his ear but he won't even look at me. He said that he wants to get marked and that he supports Voldemort's cause. I won't let him get marked. He doesn't belong to Voldemort"

"Oh! So he is yours. You are so presumptuous as to think that my godson will want to belong to someone like you Potter."

"He belongs to no-one, professor and he never will. I won't let it happen and since he won't listen to me as I am, I believe that the five year old version of myself might be more convincing." She continues, rubbing her wrist nervously.

Severus raises a hand to stop her monologue. Gryffindors and their harebrained schemes.

"All right Potter. If you really must do so, bring your godmother and tell this to her. I won't have her murder me in cold blood because I won't leave her goddaughter well enough alone because of something she did with James more than a decade ago." Severus mutters and Potter opens his mouth to argue, her eyes irritated. Severus doesn't let her utter even a single word and continues, "No arguments on this. Take it or leave it."

The green eyed menace scowls at him and whirls around.

"Before you even think of seeking someone's else help, I will tell you something. I have invented a de-aging potion which will allow you to de-age yourself to a particular age for a specified period of time. But I can modify it to allow you to return to your own age after a specified interval for a short duration if you want. You will stay your age for a few hours at-least. It's my invention. It's better if you don't-"

"I wasn't going to seek anyone else professor. I understand that you are obsessed with protecting me." The girl mutters with gleaming green eyed, her lips upturned in a smirk.

Severus glares at her, "Get out you insolent child and return with your godmother. I have things to do."

The girl leaves, a huge grin on her face and Severus slumps in his chair, rubbing his forehead. She has more of Lily than he had originally thought.


Two hours later, Severus finds himself, sitting with Black in his study. He had counted upon Black to deny but the woman had to go and agree to it. Only Lupin was against it and so the man had refused point blank to be even present. Severus agreed with the wolf.

"It's too risky Potter. Draco might hand you over to the dark lord." Severus murmured.

"He will not even realize that it's me. He will think that I am just a lost child." Potter murmurs. She is sitting on a chair across him.

"With those eyes of yours, it's not bloody likely and we will have to hide your scar too." Black snaps. Her body is entirely too stiff. Her fingers are tapping almost constantly on the table and her hair are curly today.

"Ends justify the means. I just have to do this. Why don't you understand?" Potter exclaims. She seems desperate.

Severus stares at her. He has been doing this quite a lot.

Entirely too much like Lily. That one. Stubborn and ready to do anything for those she loves.

"All right Potter. Let's do this then. You have told Granger and Weasley, I assume?"

Potter nods.

Severus breaths slowly and deeply and looks at Black. She is staring at him, her eyes blank. If Severus had expected some kind of accusation or threatening, he was sorely wrong. All he received was utterly unreadable eyes.

"I am giving this vial to you. Drink it once you reach the Dursley's home. I'll inform your relatives about your decision. I'll talk to them-"

"It's not required professor. They won't dare to hurt me. They value their lives too much for that. They are truly terrified of me now. You have taught me well." Potter murmurs and Severus blinks. He doesn't know whether he should smirk or grimace at Potter's words. For the first time, he is truly afraid of what Potter might do if the Dursleys even touch a single strand of her hair.

"Nevertheless, I shall talk to them." Severus mutters and takes out the vial from his pocket before placing it in front of Potter.

"It will de-age you to five and you won't remember anything that happened after that age. The memories will be there in your mind but they will be buried too deep to uncover them. You will transform to your own age after four days at 12 A.M. at night and will stay like that for precisely five hours."

No-one utters a single word after that. Potter picks up the vial and places it inside her pocket.

"You will stay in the Prince Manor. Black and I will live with you and I'll tell you that I am your deceased mother's friend. If we ever venture out of the manor together, I will disillusion myself. I have chosen Prince Manor because it's near Wiltshire and no-one knows about it except myself. You will stay with the Dursleys for three days atmost. I'll come to pick you up. That will give you more than two weeks to convince Draco."

Potter nods quietly.

"Off with you Potter. You mustn't be late." Potter smiles at Severus. Severus doesn't. He is too conflicted. He knows that Potter is doing this for Draco but it will not bode well for Potter and he doesn't like it.


"Just go. I don't wish to talk about it anymore." Severus murmurs adamantly and averts his eyes. Potter leaves and closes the door behind her, her long and curly hair flowing behind her.

"Thank you." Severus is startled for a few moments. He had forgotten that Black was sitting with him.

"I am not doing this for you. Just leave me alone." Severus mutters blandly and Black stands up.

A gentle squeeze of Severus's shoulders and "Thank you for taking care of him." and black is gone.

Severus leans back against the chair and stares at the ceiling wondering if he has made a very big mistake.


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