A story of a lamb and a lion

BY : Mansi Jain
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"Are you sure you want to do this?" Blaise asks Draconisa Malfoy as she stares at the hearth. December is brutally cold this year. She spends most of her free time in front of the fireplace in her common room. Sometimes she is alone and at other times, Blaise sits with her.

"Draconisa, you can't avoid me now." He murmurs sharply, her blue eyes boring in her skull as she continues to gaze unseeingly at the fire lit inside the fireplace.

"What do you want me to say?" She replies in a hard voice and he takes an uneven breath before murmuring tightly, "It isn't fair. Let me do it."

"Life isn't fair Blaise. He chose me and I am honored to be assigned this task ." She replies calmly.

Blaise doesn't answer her. He just glares at the hearth once and gets up to stomp out of the common room.

She looks at the calender and realizes that just seven days are left. She has seven days to do what she must.

It will take seven days to fix the cabinet. After researching for months, she has finally found out the way to fix the cabinet.

Sighing she turns to look at the clock. It's eleven and everyone has gone to bed. It's the perfect time to leave. She is tired like hell but she doesn't have much time now. She has to meet the dark lord tonight. He must know that she has finally had a breakthrough.

Sighing for the second time, she gets up and walks towards her room. Being a prefect has it perks. Having a personal room and being able to wander around the halls after curfew are a couple of them.

Tonight is a very important night. Tonight she will make her lord really very happy. She will tell him that she will be done with it in seven days. She takes out her strapless floor-length red gown. It accentuates her curves and does a brilliant job in showing her cleavage off.

She brushes her wavy hair. They are waist length and beautiful. She regards herself in the mirror and smiles a bit. Her lord will be so happy to see her. She is his favorite and he trusts her with his darkest secrets. She applies a bright red lipstick and winks at her reflection before bursting into hysterical giggles.

Lord Voldemort wants her. He needs her. She is the only one who is not disgusted of him. She doesn't flinch when she looks at his lipless face. She looks into his eyes when she talks to him. She has everything he wants, beauty, charm, wit, courage and humor. Additionally, she has her sanity unlike her dear aunt Bella.

He is going to be so proud of her. After ensuring that she is looking perfect, she turns around and walks out of the common room. Flooing directly from here isn't safe. She will floo over from Severus's office.

With graceful and deliberate steps, she walks towards her godfather's office. Once there she simply opens the door. He won't mind. This is not the first time she is doing this and it won't be the last.

But when the door really opens, she freezes because in front of her Potter is standing right in front of Severus. Severus is looking into his eyes and he is concentrating hard. It takes just a second to realize that Severus is teaching leglimency to him. She stays frozen but that doesn't help. Their concentration is broken. Severus whirls around and stares at her, his eyes wide and alarmed.

"Draconisa, what are you doing here?" He asks in a low voice and she shrugs innocently, "I told you about the date I have. It's time. I didn't know you were busy. I'll just use your floo and be gone."

Meanwhile Potter is gaping at her as if this is really the first time, he is really seeing her. It's satisfying to see lust flash in his bright green eyes. She smiles when his eyes rove from her legs to her neck and then at her face.

"No, you are not going anywhere."

Her head snaps in her godfather's direction and she glares coldly at him before muttering, "I am not asking you. I am just informing you."

Gracefully, she walks towards the floo and a moment later, she finds herself in Malfoy Manor which is offically the dark Lord's headquarters these days. Her heels click on the floor as she strides confidently towards his room. Potter's face had been priceless and satisfying. With a serene smile, she knocks the door.

"Enter." A deep voice calls and she walks in. The dark Lord in seated on a couch. In front of him is kept a chess board and he is playing for both the sides.

He looks at her and swallows. Then he tries to intimidate her by glaring angrily. As always, it doesn't work.

"Shall I fix us a drink, my lord." She asks, knelt on one knee. His frustrated sigh is audible. She smiles again, her face lowered. He is fond of her. He has turned himself into a beast but he still has a heart and as black and evil as it is, it still beats.

"As always, you are looking stunning, Draconisa." He murmurs and she replies politely, "Thank you my lord."

Once upon a time, he was a beautiful man. He was called Tom riddle then. She knows that he has done the unforgivable by dividing his soul into seven parts. His eyes used to be as bright a green as Potters. She saw the photographs of young Tom Riddle. He told her everything about the horcruxes that he created.

"Please do. I was waiting for you." He murmurs and she stands up to fix drinks for them. Humming under her breath, she walks towards his bar.

"You have a beautiful voice Draconisa. Sing me a song tonight." He murmurs. As she opens the bar cabinet, and pours red wine in two glasses, she starts singing. This is somewhat a ritual for them. Whenever she visits him, she fixes a drink for him and they play a game of chess. More then often, she defeats him.

She turns around and saunters in his direction. He is looking at her from the corner of his eyes. A moment later, she finds herself standing close to him. She places the tray on the table and places her glass in front of the spare couch. She picks up his glass and places it on his lipless mouth.

"My lord." She whispers and he takes a small sip.

"You are looking nice today." She goes on and he stares at her. She pulls the wine away from his mouth and places it in front of him before bending down and pressing a soft kiss on his forehead and one kiss each on his cheeks. Their eyes meet, his red and desperate and hers silver and soft. Smiling softly, she settles down on the couch opposite to him.

"Play with me." He says, his eyes fixed on the chess board which she subsequently rearranges.

It takes five minutes for her to realize that she is going to lose.

"I have figured it out. The cabinet will be fixed in seven days. Dumbledore will not be in the castle. He is visiting his brother with Potter. The timing is perfect. By the time he will be back, you will already be ready to finish him off. You promised me revenge if I chalked out a way for you to enter the castle."

She smiles when very deliberately, he makes a wrong move. Most people might not notice but she has been playing chess ever since she was three and she knows.

"And you shall have it."

"Check and mate my lord." She drawls and looks triumphantly at him.

Many a time, he lets her win.

He tries to smile and fails. Then he averts his eyes and murmurs in a monotone, "I will see you in seven days then Draconisa. Have a nice week."

He wants to look nice for her. He doesn't say it but she knows.

She gets up and whispers softly, "Owl me if you need me, my lord."

He doesn't answer and she leaves after a last glance at his slumped figure. His red eyes are staring unseeingly at the chessboard as she closes the door with a small click and walks away, content that things were going as she wanted them to.


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