Love Changes Everything

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Title: Love changes Everything

A/N: This is a prompt that I got from Queenofshire405 at AO3. She told me about this plot and I have made slight modifications in it.

Summary: Harry feels tired, burned-out and passionless. He drifts with the current, complying with what people ask of him, and sleeping with anyone that meets his alcohol muddled mind's fancy. Enter Draco, who wants Harry and has kept an eye on the man for a long time... Drarry. HP/DM.





Harry was sleeping when he heard his front door bang loudly.

"Go 'way" He slurred. The hand that was draped over his chest shifted on his stomach.

"Lemme 'leep."

Bloody hell, why do I always have to bring some stupid stranger in my bed every other night?



"Open your bloody door, Potter."


"All right, I am coming. I am coming." He pushed the stranger's hand away and stood up, yawning loudly.

"Appalling manners." Harry had a terrible hangover which was the reason that he failed to recognise the stranger's voice.

"Shut -" Harry yawned again "-up."

The man chuckled and Harry wore his pyjamas and went to open the door.

As expected, Ron and Hermione were standing on his door. They never warned before coming. If it had not been for the fact that the door was locked, they would simply have barged inside his room too.

Harry rubbed his eyes and accioed his glasses and yawned once again. That was when he noticed that Ron was standing in front of him with his jaw dropped and face completely green. Hermione was not looking any better. Her eyes had gone wide with shock.

That was when Harry recognised the voice that had been amused by his supposed appalling manners. His own eyes shot open and he turned back to look at the man who was now sitting on HIS bed stark naked.

"Harry, what the hell is this?" Hermione asked furiously, while still gazing at Malfoy who was not bothering to cover his completely naked and gorgeous body.

"Cover yourself, Malfoy and get out of my house."

"You call this a house, Potter. This is more of a dustbin, a dump. I wonder how you live in this dump at all." Malfoy sneered at him but did cover himself with the blanket, at least his cock which was really looking very delicious.

"What is bloody Malfoy doing in your bed, mate?" Ron yelled at him.

Malfoy smirked at this "Well, I could elaborate if you like Weasel. We started with kissing on-"

"Shut up, Shut up. Shut up." Ron closed his eyes and Harry just stared at Malfoy. When Malfoy had covered his legs and cock, all Harry had felt was a strong desire to uncover the git again.

I must have really been very drunk yesterday.

Suddenly, Hermione changed the topic and spoke very sharply "Harry, I had asked you to take Rose and Hugo to my mum's today. Have you forgotten?"

Just as suddenly, Malfoy's whole demeanour changed. He eyes changed from playful to steel so quickly that Harry just stared.

Harry was about to apologise to Hermione when Malfoy removed the blanket from his legs and Harry snapped his mouth shut because he could concentrate on nothing but Malfoy's legs and prick which was half erect.

"Mate, are you even listening to Hermione?" and then he shouted "Malfoy just cover up, all right." but Harry had eyes only for Malfoy and his gorgeous body.

"Ron, I will just get ready and take the kids-"

A rather insistent mouth stopped him from continuing. Malfoy's erection pressed against his close one and his hands crawled inside Harry's pyjamas, grasping his arse firmly.

"Fucking Merlin. Will you both stop?"

Hermione spoke in a slightly shaken voice "Harry, the kids."

But Harry was busy at the moment. Malfoy squeezed his buttocks and sucked his tongue and Harry wanted to moan loudly. Malfoy proceeded to suck his lower lip and then lick it and Harry did moan loudly enough to warrant a shout "Mate, just stop. You have to take the kids." and then suddenly Malfoy stopped. He stroked Harry's buttocks and then squeezed them once and then removed his hands, pecking Harry's cheeks softly.

"Honestly Weasel, how very kinky of you, watching your best friend make out along with your wife." He sneered and Harry sensed the anger that was still there in Malfoy's voice.

"You bastard-"

"Malfoy, you dirty prick, just shut up. Harry has responsibilities to fulfil even if you don't." Hermione hissed "I am getting late and so is Ron. Just let Harry go. he will return to entertain you later tonight."

"Actually, Granger. I will have you know that Potter is not going anywhere with you."

"I am not going with them?" Harry was still so dazed from the kiss that he couldn't concentrate on what Malfoy was saying.

"I am?" Harry asked and was ignored again, though Malfoy kissed his lips softly.

"Why will he purchase a new home? This is good enough." It was Ron who had asked this question "Will you cover yourself, Malfoy?"

"No for the second question and this is not a house. Now just get out."

"You have no right to throw us out, Malfoy. Harry is our best friend and would not appreciate you throwing us out once he has recovered from his hangover."

"We will see that later, Weasel. Leave and owl before arriving at our place next time."

Harry was still staring at Malfoy, though he was beginning to realize what exactly was happening. It was late, though, because Ron and Hermione closed the door with a bang and left after twin furiously whispered "It's not your bloody place."

"Here, Potter, drink this. This will remove your hangover." Malfoy whispered and helped him drink a cherry flavoured potion.

It was effective because Harry blinked and blinked again. Only the he glared at Malfoy and exploded "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF, MALFOY?" and punched Malfoy on his nose.

"How crass, Potter." Malfoy muttered and healed his nose with a flick of his wand. He proceeded to accio some pyjamas of Harry and put them on as if he bloody owned them.

"You have ten seconds to leave my place, Malfoy."

Harry could only stare because Malfoy kissed his forehead and then his lips before saying "I will give you an hour to pack your things. I would like to sleep some more. You woke me up rather early the I am used to." and then the stupid blonde irritating git proceeded to go and sleep on HIS bed.

"Why, one hour?" Harry asked in a frustrated, yet curious voice.

"One hour, because Mr. Frederick is arriving in precisely an hour to purchase this dump."


"One hour, Potter."


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