Sex and Sorcery: Breathless

BY : Sphynx_and_Roses
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*Just a quick trigger warning for those with anxiety as I have mentioned some anxiety symptoms at the end of the story, please enjoy the story, it's my first! ^_^


Lucius Malfoy set the heavy leather bound book, a first edition of "Sex and Sorcery", down upon his lap with a weary sigh. Tonight he occupied the library room of Malfoy manor and was alone for the weekend.
Narcissa had left on the Friday with her dragon skin travel bag and a faint peck on the cheek "See you in a few days." She said before disapparating.This was not an uncommon occurrence, in fact Lucius quite preferred her leave of absence occasionally ,it gave him a chance to spend time with his son.

However, Draco was rarely home during the holidays, often slipping out at night and returning home in the mornings, as if they were oblivious to his absence. This was not too concerning though , Lucius had concluded that Draco was old enough to do as he pleased in peace and believed his son had most probably started seeing someone. This was evident by the way Draco stammered when he caught his father's eye with the occasional purple blotch peaking out from under his shirt collar.

He picked up a delicate silver goblet off the table in front of him and sipped upon the aged fire whiskey he had poured himself earlier. For a man who had riches most could never dream of, a manor the size of which a select few could ever afford and the finest items that galleons could buy, Lucius had discovered that he was completely and utterly bored with life.
After the war had ended there had been hope, a new direction to be there for his family and to change his ways.

Fingering the goblet thoughtfully,he summoned the bottle with his wand and filled it to the brim once again. His hair glided over his shoulders as he jerked his head and knocked back the drink in one fell swoop. The deep slow burn of fire whiskey eased itself down his pale throat, into the pit of his stomach and spread outward, as though his veins were circulating the liquor within them.

Over the past few months Lucius had grown restless. He was a man of pride and power but for once,he found he was lacking the control he once had. Picking up the book from his lap, he flicked through the pages absent mindedly thinking about Narcissa and how she had been rejecting him relentlessly.

Lucius loved her although was not in love with Narcissa; he was not made of stone as most would have assumed. After the war he reassured her, nay, almost pleaded with her that he would put her and Draco first and protect them with his life. At the end of the day there was no place he would rather rest his head than in her presence. Now he had to regain her trust after risking both her and their son whilst he served the Dark Lord.
So far he was failing as they continued their facade of sleeping in the same bed, eating meals together and polite conversation. 

He recalled one evening in particular, when she had stepped out of the shower. Her tendrils of two tone wet hair fell over her delicate shoulders as she padded softly across the carpet in her bed robes of slate grey. The way her robes clung to her damp skin created contours that emphasised the shape of her hips and breasts, making Lucius pause and put down his novel. He stood up from his chair and crossed the bedroom slowly, confidently, his aura oozing with desire and a hunger for sex. Narcissa,lost in tidying her dressing table ,flinched suddenly as her husband stood behind her and lightly cupped his hand to the side of her neck .
"You are a vision of beauty tonight my pet." He murmered deeply near her ear, now running his fingers along the side of her neck. Narcissa wavered a bit, almost leaned into his seductive touch but snapped out of it, turning around to face him, her eyes wide with surprise.
"Come now Narcissa my dear " he spoke with a kind smile ,unfazed by her demeanour, confident that he was in control and he would get what he desired. "I am speaking the truth. Come to bed...let me open up the heavens above for you and make you feel exquisite."
But Narcissa crossed her arms and glanced away with a mixture of reluctance and resentment.
"I think it's best that I should take the guest room tonight..." her voice strained and barely audible as she turned to leave the bedroom. 
"Do no do this to me again...please...WAIT!" he called out in exasperation .Glancing back, her heard her say solemly "goodnight Lucius." and closed the door, leaving him feeling crestfallen, rejected and once again, alone.

He snapped out of the hazy, half drunken memories his mind wandered to and attempted to shift his focus to the book at hand.
"Sex and Sorcery: chapter 9, seduction of the self".
He smirked wryly, his cat like eyes scanning the pages for a paragraph of interest. He could feel his arousal pressing against his pants at the fleeting scenes of Narcissa's flimsy robe in his mind and the feeling of her soft flesh yielding beneath his strong hands. He could almost hear the tiny whimpers and cries of his name as sounds of sex with his wife echoed to the surface of his consciousness.

He let of a small groan of regret for the aching in his heart was beginning to make him feel particularly empty. His eyes finally landed upon the heading "Spells of self pleasure and power play" and read the following paragraph with a triumphant smirk, for the combination of power and sex was an intoxicating mix indeed.
"...heighten the senses to create sheer ecstasy, the wizard commands the illusion of restriction upon themselves, thus becoming the master and slave to his own desires. To be used only by experienced wizards with restraint and self control. This spell,used irresponsibly has the potential to be fatal."

After reading the paragraph several times,Lucius set the book down on the table next to him and reclined on the sofa languidly and considered this new information.  He was a proud man,but a man after all with wants, needs and desires that were currently being left unfulfilled.

A twisted thought crossed his mind that perhaps he had been too accommodating. He could have taken Narcissa then and there with ease. He could have simply held her slender wrists in one hand. He could have smothered her with his body weight pressing her down into the bed ,his hair veiling around her to obscure her preferial vision so she could only look at him, his musky smell mingling with the air she would have breathed in. He could have consumed her whole.
Yes, well that would have been too easy and he wouldn't have stooped to such malevolent tactics ,for the risk of one nights pleasure would have shattered any remaining trust she had left for him.

Running a hand through his hair , he sighed,poured himself another drink now feeling quite drunk and decided he needed to clear his head, he needed to do this.

He lay on his back reading the spell twice over,  acutely aware that the silken bed robes he had chosen to wear would feel delicious against his skin soon enough. With wand in hand he uttered the spell and felt a faint warmth flood his body. The warmth felt like sunshine, a pleasant glowing from within and without warning a surge of pure joy washed over Lucius. 
He laughed lightly as he stretched his long limbs, feeling very heavy and quite pleased by the effect the spell has upon him so far. He ran his hands through his silken flowing hair tickling the tips his his fingers delightfully. He flicked his wand slightly and felt a fresh wave of euphoria,stronger than the last ripple through his limp body.  Excitement bubbled up within him like lemonade bubbles rising to the surface.

"Oh my..." he uttered breathlessly as he began exploring his body feeling the strong angular contours of his face, the prickling stubble upon his chin and slightly down his neck, his heart pounding within chest as his fingers found his ribcage under the silken fabric of the bed robes. Licking his lips and biting them lightly between his teeth felt incredibly sensual, almost as though someone else was doing this to him.
His hands felt as though they were his and someone else's at the same time. He stared at them, feeling incredibly out of it, his vision a little hazy and his breathing a little ragged. 
Of course he could stop anytime, the chapter lay open next to him, the counter spell lay waiting for him when needed...but he didn't want to.

He flicked his wand again and now the fun was really beginning.  His arousal was now painfully hard in his trousers and he was distinctly aware of his hand seizing his throat, lightly applying pressure between his thumb and fingers. His wand rolled off the couch and dropped onto the floor unnoticed, his other hand hurriedly unzipping his trousers and easing the pressure that was trapped within. Moans escaped his lips and his eyelids fluttered closed as he began to touch himself down below.  His brain felt as though it was melting, his skin was flushed and on fire and all he could think about was domination. His hand unconsciously grasped his throat altering the amount of pressure in time with the stroking of his other hand. Lucius's body lay quivering, his muscles spasming slightly as each new stoke or grasp earned him a shock of elation that took his breath away.

All he could think about was Narcissa, naked and exposed, holding her down on the bed by her slender throat and pinning her small porcelain body beneath his. He could hear her wails as he growled and bit the side of her neck, clawing sharply at the skin of his own throat in succession. He started stroking his erect member, wrapping his tingling fingers around the base and stroking painfully slow.
He could see her in her minds eye, her eyes wide with the faintest flicker of trepidation in them. He ran his hands down her smooth body holding on to her pointed hip bones before lowering his face down to her crotch and devoured her enthusiastically.

"Urgh!" he groaned through clenched teeth as he pumped away, his heart hammering in his chest and a sheen of light sweat gleaming upon his skin. He felt mad, relentless,  torturing himself exquisitely by jerking himself off and gagging himself at the same time. To an outside viewer, it would have been a desperate sight, but he felt intense and dangerous. He had become the master and slave of his own desires without realising. Every dominate action he played out in his mind on his wife, he paralleled in some way on himself,  reveling in the maddening sensations of control and the loss of it simultaneously.  The spell was beginning to make him feel very lightheaded as when he opened his eyes he felt as though he was in an underwater cavern looking up, he was starting to experience tunnel vision yet felt overwhelmed with exaltation. 

His fingers sought his wand but found nothing but the cool leather couch. Another wave of intense lust ripped through his body and experienced a curious feeling of all the tension in his body draining out of him. He was not finished yet,  but he wouldn't be able to hold off for too much longer. A rush of hormones and emotions diminished any thought processes he had left. He began to picture Narcissa beneath him, her limp body exhausted, screaming silently with pleasure and pain as Lucius plunged into her over and over, alternating between deep slow thrusts and quickening the pace again. He could see his raised hand smacking her plump arse heavily as she let out a cry, her strained thighs quivering beneath them.
He stoked faster now,  he could feel it, the crescendo was near.
Clutching tightly at his neck again, he felt his body slacken its control and now his hips were jerking wildly.
He grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her head back violently as she yelped in pain....his fist now tangled in his own hair. 
It was difficult to breathe, his vision was clouding over or did he simply close his eyes?
He could not tell what was real or not, if he was alone or with Narcissa, or was he Narcissa?
A fierce, blazing heat tore through him again, his mouth open wide panting loudly, teeth bared savagely as he felt his mind implode.

With one final stroke, Lucius came violently with a strangled cry. 
Washed away in a sea of glorious light, he surrendered to the indescribable and intangible responses that were happening within him.

After a minute or two, he opened his eyes and groped for his wand, now feeling anxious that he he couldn't catch his breath, that he felt so beyond  the realm of control his mind was overwhelmed. 
Where was his wand? He panicked, his head swooning from lack of oxygen or perhaps too much. He couldn't find it. Fear replaced ecstasy as quickly as it came. His body felt heavy and numb, he couldn't feel his face, his vision was too blurred. His eyes tearing up, he began to sob. These sensations were too much.
Was he passing out?!
What was happening?!
Finally, his hand grasped the wand on the floor and heaving himself into a half upright position, he muttered the counter spell as quickly as he could.
Instantly the tension melted away and the excitement dissipated.
His breathing calmed and returned slowly back to normal.
He sunk back down onto the sofa with a heavy thud and a quick cleaning charm  before his bed robes could be stained.

Although the spell was lifted, his mind continued to race.
He wiped the tears and the strands of hair off that clung to his sweaty face.
Lucius lay there for quite some time,  realizing just how powerful yet cruel he was as a lover.
Did he ever take it so far that she felt like she couldn't breathe? Did he push her to her limit while enjoying watching her suffer?
Was he still, deep down, a death eater with a lust for death and violence?
It dawned on him that he had manipulated Narcissa almost every time she just wanted to go to sleep, make love to him or rest her head upon his chest.
Sure there were times when she enjoyed the control he exerted over her when they fucked, she had requested many times in the past what she wanted him to do to her. However, he was cunning and sly. He pushed the boundaries all too often, he always got his way, he always punished her, slapped her, choked her, pulled her hair, never out of spite but for his own masochistic desires.
After calming down a little, he sat up, readjusted his robes and closed the book shut. 
He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. 
Lucius felt remorseful but satisfied. 
The thirst for lust was sated.

Perhaps when his wife came home again he would greet her at the door for once...
embrace her gently..
then swallow his pride and apologize, lay his soul bare for her to do with it what she pleased.

For she, like him, was also a Malfoy too.


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