Dark Witch

BY : Nescafe
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To all my readers-I apologise for the lack of updates to my other fictions lately. I have had a BAD couple of months lately. I have tinitus and during a space of a week the symptoms drastically changed. My doctor was useless, going from 'an infection' to 'build up of fluid' to 'blockage somewhere' to 'damaged or twisted nerve' to 'benign tumor'. Meanwhile one side of my face is numb and the symptoms continue to change, some so severe I am stuck at thinking it would be better if I'm dead. Beleive me when your ears are creating high-pitched LOUD tones that give you incredibly blistering migraines, the last thing you want to do is write or read. I STILL have problems, however they are settled down to numbdeaf with a kind of....swishing sound, allowing me to go back to my writing. I am currenlty halfway through next chapters of both Dark Chakra AND Mutant Ninja.


He watched impassively as the vampire’s body crumpled to dust. He didn’t know why he bothered anymore, he should just greet the dawn now while he still had a thread of humanity left. But something stopped him every time, a sense of waiting, like Mother Earth was holding her breath, waiting for SOMETHING to happen. So he held on, trusting the mother of all Carpathians to know when his time had come.

Suddenly there was a twist in the air, like something had changed, shifted.

His head shot up, body tensed and ready, at first unsure but then recognizing the sound he had just heard.

A scream. A scream of pure terror and fear, tinged with concern. A FEMININE scream.

The voice was so pure, so beautiful, so...clear and clean, but so YOUNG, it couldn’t be more than a child...However the innocence of it had another effect on him. He grunted and dropped to his knees at the backlash as color, emotion and pure....feeling flooded him, blinding and stunning him at the same time. He struggled under the flood, at least 700 years of repressed or blocked color and emotions drowning him in the flow.

Just when he thought he was going to loose consciousness the feminine voice came a second time, rending the air with the emotion, this time followed by words “NO!! DON’T, PLEASE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? UNCLE REMI!! DON’T!! DON’T HURT HIM!!!” Followed by something he had never heard before. The only way he could describe it was a wolf howl from a HUMAN throat.

Immediately EVERYTHING locked on that voice. It was HER! The one he had waited so long for! The one that made every struggle, every torturous second of his grey existence mean something. His eyes narrowed and his entire world narrowed down to that one, fragile cry. AND SHE WAS IN DANGER!!!

With a furious snarl his white eyes changed to blood-red and he was off faster than he had ever moved in his long life, he had to find her!! He had to protect his lifemate before whatever dared threaten her took her away from him!!! His mind opened to the earth under him, processing all the information he could find of her location. His top lip curled back when he sensed the overwhelming evil ahead vampire, he should have realized! The one he had destroyed was too new, too easy. It must have been a distraction while the master went after his lifemate and this.....Uncle Remi! But what was the strange howl?

When he FINALLY came across the scene he found something he had-in all his long existence-never seen before.

A master vampire stood at one end of the clearing, the ground and trees around him contaminated. At the other end was two figures, one an five year old girl and the second.....the second was something he had never seen before.

It was hairless and only slightly larger than a normal man. the arms and legs were longer and humanoid-as the rest of it-but the head vaguely resembled an wolf, however it was also humanoid. The jaw was too short for a wolf, the ears high and pointed, shaped like wolf ears but on either side of the head instead of on top.

At first he thought that the creature was some sort of mutation the vampire created, but then he saw the way the thing was crouched over the child, snarling threatening at the vampire, posture threatening but also protective of the child and he realized the thing was....protecting his lifemate! As if to prove him right the head lowered, snuffling at the child, smelling her closely before she whimpered and he saw and smelt blood covering the child’s shoulder. Sniffing the liquid the creature raised its head and those amber eyes narrowed at the vampire and it let out an ferrous snarl at it.

Somehow this....thing....cared for the child, protecting her and in such a way despite the power of the vampire, its control didn’t seem to matter. However if it was to bite the vampire, the parasites would infect it, possibly let the vampire control or even manipulate it.

He was about to move forward to face it instead when the child moved. As if sensing the creature was going to attack it, she gripped its leg and whimpered, two words “Uncle Remi.”

His eyes widened, this thing was her uncle? It was RELATED to her?! Could she also become this?! Wait, she wasn’t afraid of it and it knew her, even in this form, which meant that she had seen it before. Any other thought was interrupted as the vampire moved, flashing forward to attack. He couldn’t let this...thing be injured, despite the fact it was an abomination of nature, so he misted his body between them and raised one hand.

Somehow, probably because of the fact it was so fixated on the the creature, the vampire didn’t see him until too late. He impaled himself on his clawed hand, his fingers instantly tightening around the withered black heart and wrenching it free. Before the evil one could do anything to reclaim it’s life he had called down the lightening, burning up the withered organ.

The vampires shriek of pure fury and fear was cut short as he burned its body up next.

Behind him he heard a small cry of “Uncle Remi!!” and spun, just in time to witness the creature collapse, unconscious, body going through what he could only describe as a horrifying transformation as bones seemed to break and move under the skin, moving into new positions, skin shifting and changing color, hair growing and changing color until a naked human male lay where the thing once was.

He was well-built but incredibly pale, sandy brown hair, looking in his thirties and with his enhanced sight he could see long scars across his face, three of them, one starting just before his left temple and down, barely missing the eye,across the nose and halving the right cheek. The second started near the top of the left ear, went just under the eye, halved the mouth and touched the top of the right side of the chin while the last started below the corner of the left side of the mouth and stopped at the base of the chin.

It looked like some sort of wild animal had attacked him, but the scars were too wide apart to be any animal he could think of and were not caused by the vampire, no, these were old.

As he moved slowly towards them, eying the bleeding tears on his lifemates neck, he watched the girl shaking the male, begging him to awaken. He frowned, it was obvious both cared for each other, he would have to examine and heal the male for his lifemate. However her own wound was more serious, he had to examine them for parasites and clean then close them, he couldn’t risk loosing her now he found her.

He was almost within reaching distance of the male when the child’s head snapped up and she looked right into his eyes.
He froze, breath catching in his throat.

She was the most beautiful and innocent thing he had ever seen.

Long wild blue-black hair flowed down her back, streaks of intense red laced through it, reaching just to the tip of the small of her back, framing an perfectly oval face. Her skin was peach, even with the pale flush of shock and tears welled and flowed down cheeks from the most intense green eyes he had ever seen. The only flaw in the perfection of his lifemate was a scar shaped like a lightening bolt one the right side of her head, just above the eyebrow and more towards the temple. But to him, in his eyes, it made her look all the more exotic, not in a sexual way but like an unique and interesting-no fascinating-way.

She, like the male, was something unique and interesting. And those eyes....he had never seen a green quite like it, it even seemed to glow with the sheen of tears in them.

His breath and eyes were caught in hers briefly before her whimper broke the spell. Concerned he moved slowly forward, trying to not look threatening as he spoke gently “it’s alright, Cistri, I will not harm you or your....Uncle. Let me see to your neck, I can heal it.”

“Uncle Remi” she whimpered, looking down at the figure, unconscious, grunting in pain every time his bones or some part else snapped out or back in the proper place. He slowly approached the two, hands out to show he wouldn’t harm them and sending waves of calm and peace to them, hoping to sooth them enough to do what he had to do.  The tear filled eyes looked at him, full of fear but also trust and it was just that level that humbled him. Even though they were lifemates SHE was human and didn’t know that, yet, she was trusting him.

Slowly he reached out and gently moved the cloth away from the wound looking it over. Really it wasn’t as bad as he had expected, her ‘Uncle’ must have pulled her away before the vampire could do more than pierce the skin, however since blood was drawn he would need to clear it of parasites. But he couldn’t stay here, the vampire may have more servants or companions who would take advantage of his distraction to heal them. He couldn’t take them to ground with him either, they were mortal.

“You require assistance?” a voice popped up, using the common telepathic path of all Carpathians.

He froze, a predator ready to strike “who are you?”

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