When luck is a lady

BY : Felix_Lucky
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She woke up sweating from her nightmare, it was the third time this summer she had that horrid dream. And every single time it ended the same way, but she couldn’t think about it to much after all it wasn’t the first time that this dream had haunted her. So after sitting upright in her bed for about ten minutes she stood up and got dressed. When she came down stairs she saw her mother making breakfast and her brothers sitting at the table. “good morning Ginny ” her mother said while butting eggs on her brothers plate “did you have a good night sleep?” she asked. “yea sure” Ginny replied, but what Mrs. Weasley didn’t know was that Ginny was thinking about a lot of other stuff then just breakfast. “Morin’ mum” Ron said while coming down the stairs. Ron sat down beside his twin brothers. Ginny thought that Ron looked a lot happier then he usually did, but she it was just because Harry was coming that day she figured. While Mrs. Weasley but breakfast on her plate, Ginny sat across from Ron and her brothers.” At what time were we going to pick Him up again?” Ron asked while still half sleeping. ”in 2 hours Ron” George said with a sigh. “you know that’s the 20th time you’ve asked that question this past week you know”. Fred continued.” And it’s getting very annoying” George finished. ”Fine, Fine” Ron replied while he started to eat is eggs and bacon.

After a while Ginny was done eating and went upstairs to her bedroom to make sure it was not a complete mess when Harry arrived although she knew that he wouldn’t mind, she had to do something to pass the time.

Half an  hour later she was done ‘cleaning up’ her room she was quickly bored again, and with the extreme heat outside she knew it wasn’t a good idea to go flying. But that did make her think of something else she could do, swimming. She put a towel in her bag with some food she had hidden from here family, especially from Ron because she knew if she didn’t hide it then it wouldn’t be long before he would have devoured it all. So with her things packed she snuck out the house to make sure that she would have the pond for herself and she started to walk to the pond.

After arriving at the pond she started to unpack here bag and get ready to take a dive. But then she realised she hadn’t put a swimming suit or bikini in her bag, she thought about it for a minute thinking if she would go back to get it but she didn’t want to stay in this heat for any longer so she took all her clothes of put them in her bag an dove into the pond. The water was still cool but not freezing.

After what she thought could only have been an hour she heard a voice calling her name. ‘’Ginny?!” after a second she realised who’s voice it was, Harry. As quickly as she could she replied by screaming ”turn around!” she waited a second for a response” are you turned around?” she asked dialling her voice down a bit. “yes of course” Harry replied. Then she turned around and made a run for her bag and then further to the closest tree. As quickly as she possibly could she put on her knickers and her bra, then she ruched and put on her pants and shirt. Then she sat against the tree. What the hell was she thinking going skinny dipping and expecting no one to see her. What must he be thinking, probably that you are crazy a voice in here head told her. “Ginny?” She heard Harry ask “are you dressed”. “y-yes” she replied with a stutter in her voice. She heard Harry walk up to her. For a moment he just stood there. Then he asked her” are you alright?” at that point that was the least she expected him to say ”yes” she replied slowly. ”I’m so sorry” she continued” It was just so hot here and I forgot my swim suit and I didn’t want to go back and get it so I just jumped in, you must probably think I’m stupid” she added.

“not at all” he said ”we make mistakes” he said while smiling. “ can I come sit beside you” he asked her. Ginny nodded quickly.

“now let’s stop talking about it before Ron comes here” said with an even bigger smile on this face, probably thinking about what her brother would do to him if he knew that he saw his little naked even if it was just her back.

She started laughing at the idea.” Can we be friends” she asked him with a somewhat sad face. “yes of course” he said. She smiled this was the first time she had a sort of normal conversation with Harry in the past 5 years that she knew him. If only he thought the same way. But without her knowing that wish might be easier to for fill.                        


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