Winner's Circle

BY : Sphynx_and_Roses
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Severus Snape gripped his wand tightly, his lank black hair hanging over half of his face as he glared at Lucius Malfoy square in the eye.
Lucius stood opposite, withdrawing his snake headed wand from his cane with a sudden flick, a twisted smile played upon the corners of his mouth. 
"Get ready Severus, I am not in the mood for games this evening" he cajoled, eyeing him up and down before raising his chin in arrogant pride.
"Likewise, Lucius." Snape retorted "wands at the ready." 
With their wands raised , they flicked them down again and gave each other a small respectful bow.
They turned and strode towards their respective corners of the dungeon.
The flaming torch light blazing against the cold stone walls, throwing flickering shadows  in all directions.
Severus would not lose, he was determined to succeed against his former death eater one way or another. 

He needed this. 

A heavy silence hung in the air for a split second as both men paused before whirling around, yelling in unison.
"IMPEDIMENTA!"  barked Severus, a jet of coloured light blasting from the tip of his wand as Lucius dodged, his cloak swirling elegantly behind him before striding towards him.
They began the circle each other as though they were stalking their prey, their eyes wide in concerntration, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
"STUPEFY!" demanded Lucius as another jet of magic tore through the dungeon, blocked by Severus with another spell, re-directing the beam forcefully back at Lucius, who in turn sent it crashing into the fireplace,  knocking a statue to the ground and shattering completely.
"Oh dear,  some things in this world are simply too fragile to exist" he sighed eyeing the shards of porcelain on the ground before snapping his eyes back to Severus who was now striding towards him.
"I regret to remind you we are still dueling here... " 


"EXPELLIARMIS!" roared Snape, pointing directly at Lucius' wand hand and richoeting off the wall as suddenly he was flipped into the air by his ankle.
"Nice try Severus, but my distraction was your undoing ...regretfully for you" Lucius chuckled darkly, flicking his wand up and down and observing Severus flailing in the air shooting him daggers.
"Alright, you win, release me!" hissed Snape, feeling more undignified and humiliated by the second. 
" know the rules" a triumphant smirk spread across his face as he relinquished the spell and gracefully let Severus  connect his boots with the ground.

Smoothing his robes and hair down, Severus looked at Lucius with a knowing yet reluctant expression. 

Of course Lucius had dressed appropriately for the occasion; his favorite knee high riding boots and slim fit trousers accentuating his long legs, under his cloak a simple white silk shirt tucked beneath an ornate belt buckle and  his long silver hair pulled off his face with a velvet green bow. 
"Well then Severus..." he murmered seductively, closing the distance between them and raking his fingers through Snape's hair, " belong to me" a smug smile spreading across his face as he tugged his black hair, yanking Snapes head back sharply.
"So it would seem..." sneered Snape, his dark eyes narrowing yet feeling a sick sense of excitement and dread welling up in the pit of his stomach. 

Severus removed his socks and boots, placing  them by the wall. Uttering a quick repair charm, Lucius cleared the floor of broken porcelain, the majority of it reforming into a disfigured version of its previous self.
Glancing around the room, Severus saw the same furniture as usual; one large leather couch, one study oak table, an assortment of silk scarves and liquor bottles strewn around the dungeon and of course, the shackles in the furthest corner of the room.
Suddenly Lucius was behind him, an arm draped over his shoulder, his fingers circling his chest "Shall we then ?"he whispered teasingly.
Severus nodded and closed his eyes lightly "Yes my lord".

Severus gasped, he could feel the other mans nails digging into his flesh, raking themselves down his exposed chest.
He couldn't see except for the muted coloured light from underneath the silk scarf that was tied over his eyes.
The sensation was exhilarating as the nails skipped over his ribs and dragged themselves down towards his hips.
His hips jerked and he felt the back of Lucius hand slap against his cheek, hard enough to send the message.
"Be still! This is your punishment, you are not meant to enjoy this." Hissed Lucius coldly, now scraping his fingers over the sensitive skin of Severus's pale inner thighs.
Severus was overwhelmed by lust, his cheeks burning, his breathing ragged. his bulge straining against his underwear.
As hard as he tried to will his body to be still, his muscles jumped involuntarily under Lucius's tantalizing touch.
"I said  be still!" he growled, slapping Severus' face twice more,before ripping off the scarf and forcing to look at him directly into his eyes. 

He wrapped a strong hand around Severus's throat in what seemed like a choking grip, but only forceful enough to make Severus feel euphoric, sending the message that he was at Lucius' mercy.

"Sorry my Lord" he breathed, his eyelids fluttering closed with a shiver of delight.
His mind was swimming, he was losing control, his skin was on fire.
"Stay with me Severus." spoke the low voice of Lucius, loosening his grip upon his neck and capturing the younger mans lips with his in a possessive kiss.
He could feel the mane of sleek silver hair brush against his scratched chest, how cooling it felt, like liquid silk against his prickling skin.


Once the kiss broke, Severus opened his eyes and gazed hypnotically into the cold grey ones stareing back. 
"My lord, tell me how I can please you." he inquired huskily, his heart hammering in his chest, trying desperately to let go entirely.
Those thin smarmy lips broke into a devilish smile and released Severus.
"I am glad to hear it. You will do exactly as I say, word for word my pet" Lucius said now rolling onto his side and propping himself up on one elbow, the other hand drawing lazy circles over Severus's exposed stomach. "You will not protest, you will not deliberate, what I say you will do...otherwise I will chain you up and leave you here in my dungeon till I see fit. Is that understood?" Lucius seductively arched an eyebrow as the man beneath him replied "Yes my Lord".

Lord Lucius gazed down at the man over his pointed nose, reclining languidly against the leather sofa. He felt a surge of supremacy and lust, the two mingling dangerously together in a masochistic wave of desire. Severus' hands were magically bound together behind his back, his wrists straining against the invisible restraints as he worked at the zip on Lucius' tight trousers with his teeth. Inch by inch the zipper slowly made its way down, till Lucius slid his pants and underwear from under his arse and down his legs.

"Lick it" Lucius demanded, his voice dripping with a hunger for the younger mans hot wet mouth against his erection.
He watched as he saw the black hair nestle into his lap, the broad muscles on Severus' back twitching as he began to stoke Lucius's erection with his flat tongue. 
Slowly and methodically, he worked from base to tip, the musky taste and smell overloading Severus' senses. His body moving before his mind could catch up, his tongue licking every dry patch of skin that he could find.
He could feel his brain tingling, all co-herent thoughts fizzing away like bubbles in a cauldron.

All he could do was relish in the joy of his senses, his bound hands, the salty taste of Lucius, the erotic moans escaping them both...oh merlin....


Clenching his fingers against the leather sofa, Lucius closed his eyes and exhaled heavily.
"Mmm simply divine my pet. Now suck it...slowly, I want to feel you earn it" he breathed, feeing the cool air against his dick as Severus withdrew momentarily... only for Lucius to be  plunged into the delicious rapture that was Severus's mouth.

He entwined his slender fingers into the black tresses of hair as the younger man glided up and down blissfully over his erection.His tongue circled the sensitive tip before lowering himself down, lavishing the engorged, hot flesh as it made its made down to the back of his mouth and up again. 

Waves of ecstasy spread through Lucius as he felt his resolve slipping a bit, for he too was being washed away in a sea of passion.
Severus gagged sharply as suddenly he felt a hand push his head further down into the older man's crotch. 
"Swallow me whole..." he moaned through parted lips, allowing the younger man to cough and catch his breath for a moment before ramming the younger mans face in deeper towards him. 
Panic rang in his ears as Lucius erection was forced deeper into Severus's mouth, hitting the gag reflex and easing deeper down into his throat.  Tears leaked out the corners of his eyes, knowing he was completely and utterly defenseless. His wrists were still bound and all he could do was place his trust in Lucius.
He could feel his own erection now beginning to feel tight and sore, in need of desperate release. He choked again as Lucius throat fucked him over and over, slowly but violently. He felt Lucius release his hair and cupped a hand against his throat, feeling the sensation of the younger man's throat expand to accommodate his length.
He could feel himself entering Severus' throat over and insatiably erotic.
"Oh fuuuccckkk!" he groaned loudly , almost on the verge of coming before realising now was not the time and gently pushed Severus away from him. With a quick mutter of a counter spell, Severus was released from the magical binds that held him and slumped on the floor beside the coach coughing.


For a moment there was silence between them, only the sounds of panting and coughing echoed within the dungeon.
Lucius slid off the sofa and sat beside Severus on the floor, smoothing the disheveled black hair into place.
"Merlins' beard... one of these days, I will punish you by having you suck me off all day long and it will be oh so heavenly...." moaned Lucius seductively near Severus' ear.  Deep down, a small part of him knew that Lucius was serious and shuddered at the thought.
"Now my pet..." his hand snaking down between Severus's legs, his erection craving to be touched, yearning for release "follow me.." he kneaded the palm of his hand against Severus, a jolt of pleasure surging through him.
"mmmm" he moaned unconsciously, Severus' face lolling to one side to rest against Lucius shoulder. He felt what little part of himself and his defenses remained,slip away.


Gripping his neck from behind, Lucius brought the man to his feet, walking him over to the low wooden oak table and hissing angrily in his ear
"Get on your fucking knees and bend over "
The younger man complied, feeling exposed and vulnerable, knowing Lucius' masochistic side had come out in full swing.
Slap! a splayed hand rained down upon his arse, whacking his flesh forcefully. He slapped him again and again, each swing accompanied by a small snarl and tense whacking sound. His skin throbbed painfully under Lucius' hand. 

He heard a rustling noise as Lucius removed his black leather belt, holding the snake buckle in his hand and whipped Severus viciously. At first he took it in silence, but with each malicious belting , Severus broke little by little, stifling his sobs as best he could.

"My, my I have made my pet cry!" Lucius spat mockingly, throwing his belt to the floor and unzipping his trousers. 
He ran a finger lightly down Severus' spine and inspected him, "Lower those shoulders...arch your back... arse in the air...and eyes down...good boy" he said with a light slap that elicited a small cry from the man below.
He spat into his hand and slicked up the man's behind, preparing him for the final round.
"You have done well my pet, you have exceeded all of my expectations."
"Thankyou my Lord...I am yours" he replied, Severus's voice trembling in pain and wincing as Lucius inserted a finger.
 He was no longer Severus Snape, he had let slip of his identify somewhere during the night's proceedings.
His mind was blank. He felt a peverse sence of freedom  he sought within the pleasure and pain that came with Lucius' lust for dominance. He needed this so badly, he needed to let go.

He felt the head of Lucius' cock press against his arse. 
"Relax or I will have to make you relax" he heard the older man say from behind. 
He breathed in through his nose and out slowly through his mouth, inhale, exhale. Breathing in the cold chilly dungeon air, breathing out the tension.
He felt his body succumb to Lucius as he pushed his way in.
The pain was intense at first, but quickly dissipated into excitement and greed. It was intoxicating. Severus  closed his eyes and revelled in the sensation of being claimed by another.
Lucius stood proudly, pounding wildly into the younger man on the table. 

He felt high on his own strength and control, gripping Severus by the waist as he penetrated the tight hole again and again.
Both men were slicked with sweat now, panting, gasping, moaning incoherently.

Lucius found this display of subservience to be the most arousing experience he had ever participated in.
Throwing back his head , he savagely thrust into Severus as deeply as he could, nails digging into the flanks of the other man.
He whimpered, black strands now sticking to his sweaty skin, his muscles spasming from under the weight of Lucius as the man climbed over him and continued thrusting.
Their skin stuck and rubbed together, panting in unison.
Lucius felt deliriously on the edge of climax.
"I love you..."whispered Lucius unexpectedly, followed by a stream of profanity and through gritted teeth "...I'm going to come..."
The two men bucked fiercely against each other, Lucius coming hard, his climax ripping through him and gushing into Severus' tight arse. Severus letting out a strangled cry as Lucius tipped him over the edge and came hard against the table.
He continued to ride the man until he no longer had the strength to keep going and collapsed on top of his submissive partner.
They lay there, spent, fulfilled and at peace.

10 minutes later, Lucius and Severus were laying cosied up together on the leather couch naked, bundled up in a luxurious velvet blanket to keep them warm. Lucius kept a protective arm around Severus shoulders as he summoned a bottle of wine over to them, the cork popping magically away.
"Here, you have first drink my friend." he smiled warmly, kissing Severus' soft hair.
Severus took the bottle and drank a few mouthfuls, the soothing liquid coursing down his strained throat. He passed it to Lucius who took a few longer gulps and placed it onto the floor beside them.
"Mmm another excellent and considerably expensive vintage Lucius?" He glanced up with a wry smile.
"Haha of course, only the best for us." Lucius laughed lightly squeezing the mans shoulder affectionately.
A short silence fell between them.
"...just checking that...we're ok aren't we?" his grey eyes softening with concern a little as he stared as Severus.
Looking back up at the older man, Severus ignored the throbbing pain against his arse. 
"Evidently, I wouldn't have stayed if we weren't..." noticing the defensive tone in his voice he added sighing "I needed tonight Lucius, sometimes it is difficult for me to let go...thats why i threw the duel".
Lucius laughed "you threw the duel! And here I thought I had outsmarted you"
The silver haired man paused and thought for a moment before replying a little awkwardly, "I apologise if perhaps, I took things a bit far...ironically I am a slave to in my desires ."

Severus furrowed his brow "You declared your love for me." he replied questioningly.
Lucius chuckled softly reaching for the bottle again "foolish me, I broke character then didn't I?" he took a swig passing it back to his friend.
"I do love you Severus. No one has to know though, it's only within this dungeon that we've agreed to do the things we do. "
"As it should be." Severus sighed contently as he planted a kiss on Lucius' cheek. "My lord."



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