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You, a ravenclaw who is muggle born, walk back to your dorm late one night from the library where you are studying.

“Geez, I am exhausted. I can’t wait to collapse in be..*yawn*” Stretching your arms over your head, eyes closed from the giant yawn that takes over your body.

On your way back up to Ravenclaw common room, you are ambushed in the hall by a group of boys in black robes and masks, so you can’t tell who they are. You are startled and hope it is a prank, until the guys start to try to grab at you.

“Hey, let me go! stop touching me! what are you doing?!” you shout.

A gruff voice shoves a thin, taller male towards you saying, “You gotta go first, is the rules.”

You continue your screams telling him to leave you alone. At first, you are hopeful since the male seems hesitant but some power shifts in the air and the male starts ripping at your robes, trying to tear them from your body, along with all your other clothes. He finally gets the robe off you and lifts your uniform skirt and rips down your lacy black thong. One of his friend’s steps in front of you to hold your arms out, so you stop swinging behind you to get him to let go.

Sobbing at him, you scream “Please don’t! I have never been with a man.. please let me go!”

He grabs your bare hip with one hand pulling you back, so he can rub his hard on against your full butt. He snakes his other arm around your front and starts playing with your nipples through the uniform shirt. Your body is betraying you and he feels you becoming wet through his pants. He growls like he is a predator ready to devour his pray, and you are sobbing, knowing there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming next. He lets you go to remove his black pants and boxers, and this just means you get pulled closer to the buffoon holding your hands as he makes you stretch with your arms high above your head, your toes barely touching the ground. When you feel those hands return to your hips you start to scream. His other friend pulls out his wand and silences you. You feel the head of his cock line up with your entrance, and then he sheaths himself fully into you, shredding your barrier. You try to cry out, even muted as you are. The pain of him forcing himself into you is so intense. He doesn’t give you time to adjust, he just keeps sawing into you, very thrust of his makes you slowly lose control of your thoughts, making you slowly go into shock. You feel him cum hard inside of you; it coating you inside and out, making you want to vomit.

Thoughts are racing inside your head: he took your virginity, there is a searing pain inside you, as well as on your hip where his hand was previously.

The male is removed, being told to let others have their turn, and the scalding sensation stops, and you just feel the uncomfortable sense of being used by the other 2 men in the group. You, being in a state of shock over what just happened, can only process simple information. You feel used, the others cum on you instead of inside you; unlike the first, and you don’t know what to do.

Once the men are done with you they leave you alone on the stairs that lead to your common room. You crawl up the stairs and drag yourself into the common room. You are lucky there is no one else awake to see you as disheveled as you feel. You make it to the girl’s dormitory showers where you slink into a stall and turn on the water as hot as it will go, still with all your clothes on, trying to get your head in the right space to clean yourself and decide on what the next step is.

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