Fifty Blue Shades of Harry

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One would never agree to say that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were friends.

Not even close.

In fact, to most, they were as different as can be. And they were.

So why did they find themselves living together as roommates?

The war was hard on everyone. Particularly for these two boys.

One could say it was quite a wake up call.

Harry was forced to come to terms with the fact that, for his entire life, he had been raised to fight and die with Voldemort. Dumbledore had been planning everything the entire time. Harry didn't particularly blame him, he knows it was the only way to win. But his heart was in tatters over Severus Snape. All this time, the man had been doing the most dangerous job of all, and Harry had made his life a living hell. He would never be able to make it up to him. The bitter remnants of Harry Potter were lost. Who was the man behind the scar?

Draco was in a similar predicament. His entire life, he had been raised to be above everyone else. To climb the backs of others to reach the very top. His parents demanded nothing but excellence. When he was younger, Harry Potter was the bane of his existence, the entity that prevented him from earning his parents approval. Now, 10 years later, Draco sees that Potter had saved him from a life of servitude. Draco Malfoy no longer bends to anyone's wishes, nor would he care to climb the backs of others. He appreciates the value of hard work. Severus Snape had been a hard working man.

The Malfoy estate had long been burned to the ground, and he could only imagine where his parents ran off too. He worked as a potion maker from his apartment in Diagon Alley. Unfortunately, he was not making enough to pay for it. It was either live on the street or find a roommate. He grudgingly decided to put up fliers.

Several weeks later, Draco was still looking, and time was running out. Every person that he'd met was either dirty, loud, or just plain stupid. Unhappy, he re-considers Jonathan Sustan. The bloke was as dumb as a shoelace, but Malfoy was fairly certain he could scare the guy into keeping to himself.

A knock on the door causes Malfoy to stir. A small amount of hope courses through him as he moves to open the door. Stunned, he stares into the green eyes of one Harry Potter.

Quickly, Harry begins to speak, knowing that Malfoy was likely to shut the door in his face if he didn't hurry.

"Hey Malfoy, I know I'm the last person you expect to see here, but hear me out." Draco continues to stare for a second before opening the door wider to allow Harry in.

Now it was Harry's turn to be surprised, as he enters the dimly lit room. The place was quite cozy.

Clearing his throat, Malfoy speaks. "Have a seat." he gestures to Harry.

They sit across from each other in contemplation. Draco had grown his hair out, so he looks more like his father. But his face was softer and his frame more humbled.

"Why, pray tell, did you think coming here was a good idea, Potter?"

Harry was ready with an answer "Well, we've both been through a lot since school. I've seen the way you live, you just want to be left alone. That's what I want too."

Draco considers this. The man had a point. Of course Potter just wants his privacy. Harry was certainly his best option.

Not that he would admit to that.

"You make a good point, Potter. But you are still you." Draco says scathingly. "I can barely stand the site of you." he adds.

Harry stares down at his hands. "I'll stay out of your hair, and I won't have anyone over. We can even set up some kind of schedule so we can avoid each other. Your rules."

Something about that last part was quite pleasing to Draco. "Oh, and if I tell you to cook for me and bark like a dog?"

Harry rolls his eyes. "I assumed you'd be too busy wanting nothing to do with me."

Surprisingly satisfied with this answer, Draco speaks.

"When can you move in?"

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